Israel At War With Hamas! – Is America Safe? Episode 123

Rick Travis of CRPA, Sam Paredes of GOC/GOA, and Peter Gunn join me to discuss this alarming question – Is America Safe?

Two Dozen New California Gun-Control Laws!!!

The anti-gun left in California refuses to respect the Supreme Court or the U.S. Constitution. They continue to pass unconstitutional laws knowing full well that such laws cannot withstand a court challenge. Attorney Chuck Michel explains why.

Benitez vs Newsom – VICTORY!

California took it on the chin. Judge Benitez struck down California’s firearms magazine restriction as being unconstitutional. Sam Paredes from Gun Owners of California joined me to explain.

Our Favorite Military Surplus Rifles – Episode 122

What’s your favorite military surplus gun? We’ll tell you about ours in this podcast episode.

CNN Goes After New Mexico Tyrant – Watch This!

Amazingly, CNN took New Mexico Governor Grisham to task over her recent executive order suspending firearms carry. Grisham seemed surprised by the hard questions and unprepared to answer them with anything other than boiler plate answers. This video captures the essence of the conversation.