CA Concealed carry questions answered

How to get a concealed carry permit in California

One of the questions I get most often from students is, “How can I get a concealed carry permit in California?”  If you like guns or simply want to have one to protect yourself and loved-ones, California can be a very frustrating place.

I’ve been through the process in San Diego County twice.  The first time I obtained a California concealed weapons permit was under Sheriff Jim Roache in 1991. I kept that permit current until 2009, when I foolishly let it go .  I went through the process again in 2013 and received a new permit.  In both cases, my permit was issued for business purposes.  The process has become a bit more challenging, but the reasons the sheriff will accept for issuance are pretty the must the same.  The Vlog below gives some detail on this subject that you might find helpful.

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  1. If my ultimate destination is L.A. (for work or pleasure), can I first live in
    a permissive county to get a permit, then move to L.A.?

    Otherwise, you have no carry permi

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