Why buy a Saiga rifle?

Why buy a Saiga 7.62×39 rifle?

I picked up my Saiga rifle in 7.62×39 a while back and have become totally sold on the design for a few reasons.  I thought you might like to know what my reasons are, so I produced the video above and wrote this short article to go with it.

Here are the reasons in outline form:


The rifle is incredibly reliable.  I have tried to make it jam and have not been able to do so.


This rifle is more accurate than your average junk AK.  It will hold rounds on target to about 1.5 MOA (that’s about a 1.5 inch group at 100 yards).  It’s not a nail driver, but it’s plenty accurate for my purposes.

Simplicity and ease of use:

Learning to operate this rifle takes about five minutes of instruction.  Cleaning it takes about ten minutes of instruction.  You can break the rifle down very quickly for cleaning without tools.


I like the 7.62×39 chambering because it’s ballistics similar to the 30-30 Winchester.  That makes it an excellent round for medium sized game such as deer and hogs.  It is also an excellent defensive round at reasonable distances.

California compliant:

The hunting version of the rifle is 100% California compliant.  Even though I live in California, this rifle gives me the ability to have a solid defensive rifle that won’t get me arrested.

There are a few more reasons that I like the rifle, as well as some negatives associated with it.  I discuss those in the video and talk about some modifications I’ve made to the rifle as well.  Let me know what you think.

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  1. Excellent review. Fair concise, exacting yet comfortable in your delivery of it’s mechanical components, it’s reliability and ” practical application” in the state of California with it’s usual **”DRACONIAN** restrictive gun laws” not seen in any other of the 48 Contiguous U. S states. A job well done Sir. Keep your powder dry ” metaphor” for be prepared. Blessings to all and long live our great FREE republic ( for now). Commander. Dr. “.Bob” Matthews.-+ Former U. S. Marine as well.

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