New AR 15 build review and test

What about the AR-15?

I’ve talked a lot about other rifles: the Ruger Mini-14; Saiga 7.62×39 Rifle; M1 Garand and so on.  The question that keeps coming my way is, “What about the AR-15?  I’ve actually had people question whether I even like ARs or even have one.  Well, I do and I do.

I talk about other rifle platforms for a few reasons.  To start with, I like them.  Additionally, I live in California and suffer the fate of a person who does not live in a free state.  Thus, my AR-15 is rather limited.  It has a fixed magazine with a “bullet button” that can only be actuated by the use of a tool such as a pen or the tip of a round.  My other rifles (the Mini-14, Saiga and M1) do not suffer from this deficiency.  For that reason alone, exploring the use of other defensive rifles in California makes a lot of sense.

That said, I love the AR-15 platform.  It is the Lego of rifles, so it can be made into just about anything you wish.  The picture that accompanies this article is a shot of my personal rifle.  It was built by my gunsmith, Mike Hagen.  It’s in 556/223, but I plan on buying uppers in .22 Long Rifle and 7.62×39.  I’m even considering a 6.5 Grendel.

So, there you are.  I do like ARs after all.  By the way, since posting this picture I’ve been asked about the specific components of my AR-15 build.  The rifle was built by my friend and master gun smith, Mike Hagen. Here are the various parts.:

  • Doublestar Lower
  • Daniel Defense lower parts kit
  • Bushmaster 6 position stock and buffer tube
  • Delton upper receiver and bolt carrier
  • Yankee Hill Machine barrel and flash hider
  • Midwest Industries free floating modular hand guard
  • Magpul MBUS sights
  • Stark Industries grip
  • Stark Industries tactical mag well (added after this picture was taken).

The rifle was built for me as a security patrol rifle for use on the rare occasions when one of our security clients hires us to provide security and protective services for which a patrol rifle is warranted.   It’s not common, but does come up from time to time.

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