Is the 2nd Amendment your CCW permit

Is the 2nd Amendment Your Concealed Carry Permit?

The short answer is, “Yes, but not really.”  In my humble opinion, the 2nd Amendment is all you should need in order to keep and/or bear arms.  Unfortunately, it simply does not work that way from a practical standpoint, particularly in restricted states such as California.  That would seem fairly obvious, so you might be asking why I brought it up.

From time to time, I receive comments on my YouTube channel emphatically declaring that laws mean nothing and that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is all that is needed to own or carry a gun.  These posts seem to advocate violating gun laws simply because such laws are unconstitutional.  While I am in complete agreement that the laws are unconstitutional, the truth is that violating them will not change them.  It will simply result in the violator ending up in jail or prison and losing his or her gun rights permanently.

Since this issue has come up a few times, I produced the video log (Vlog) attached to this article to respond to the comments I’ve received on the subject.  Make no mistake, I am in full agreement that the 2nd amendment is plain in its meaning and that it squarely lays out the rules when it states, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  Nevertheless, I repeat my statement that I don’t think violating the laws, no matter how unconstitutional they may be, will accomplish anything other than landing the violator in the clink.  When and if the day comes that some form of peaceful civil obedience seems required to address changing these laws, then I may change my opinion.   In the meantime, I strongly advise using the courts and the power of the vote to accomplish the goal.

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