Defensive shooting drills

How to practice drills with your handgun on a square range

While we would all like to be able to shoot out in the open all the  time, many of us live in cities and large metropolitan areas.   In those cases, shooting out in the open is a rare event that takes planning and usually lasts all day.   It’s a wonderful experience, but it requires so much time and preparation that it simply doesn’t happen often enough.

Most the time, we end up shooting at public ranges.  It might be outdoors, but it certainly doesn’t allow us to move or shoot cool stuff like soda cans, steel targets and other fun reactive things.  In my case, the range where I teach most the time is an indoor range.  I shoot there a lot.  It’s large and accommodating, but it still requires me to stand in my lane and blast away at a stationary paper target.   If you are in a similar situation, don’t despair.   There are some very simple things you can do on a square range that will make your shooting more fun, interesting and productive.  I demonstrate just a few in the accompanying video.