Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

On my way down the mountain after a three mile predawn hike with some friends for Thanksgiving morning, I was thinking about the many things I’m thankful for.  I stopped on the trail and made the short video message embedded below to share my gratitude for those things which are most import to me.  Among them are:

  • God and his incredible grace in giving his son Jesus as a sacrifice to save me.
  • My wife and children, without whom my life would seem almost meaningless.
  • My family and friends.
  • This incredible country we live in.
  • The United States Constitution, which safeguards our God given rights.
  • The 2nd Amendment to that Constitution, which puts some teeth in those safeguards by ensuring that the people have the means with which to defend and protect those rights.
  • And you, for taking your valuable time to watch my videos, read my blog and support what my son and I do at GunGuyTV.

I am truly grateful.  Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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