What's new with California gun laws

What’s New With California Gun Control Laws

Here are a list of the gun control bills working their way through the California legislature at the moment.  Click on each bill for more detail:

Here is a link to the NRA update page, which has a further update as of 4/27/2016.

  • AB-1663 – Assault Weapons. Classifies any semiautomatic center rifle that does not have a fixed magazine with a capacity 10 rounds or less as an “assault weapon.”  Read the Bill.
  • AB 1664- Assault Weapons (Bullet Button).  Defines “detachable magazine” to mean an ammunition feeding device that can be removed readily from the firearm without disassembly of the firearm action, including an ammunition feeding device that can be removed readily from the firearm with the use of a tool.  Read the Bill
  • AB 1673- Unfinished frame or receiver including 80% lowers.  Would expand the definition of “firearm” for other purposes to include an unfinished frame or receiver that can be readily converted to the functional condition of a finished frame or receiver.  Read the Bill
  • AB 1674- One Gun Per 30 Days Purchase Limit. Would make the current 30-day prohibition on handguns applicable to all types of firearms, including rifles and shotguns.  Read the Bill
  • AB 1695- False reports of stolen firearms. Would make it a misdemeanor to report to a law enforcement agency that a firearm has been lost or stolen, knowing that report to be false.  It would also make it a misdemeanor for someone who is convicted of violating this provision to own a firearm within 10 years of the conviction.  Read the Bill
  • SB 880- Assault Weapons.  Would revise the definition of “assault weapon” to mean a semiautomatic centerfire rifle, or a semiautomatic pistol that does not have a fixed magazine but has any one of those specified attributes.  It would also define “fixed magazine” to mean an ammunition feeding device contained in, or permanently attached to, a firearm in such a manner that the device cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.  Read the Bill
  • SB 894- Lost or Stolen Reports. Would require a person to report the theft or loss of a firearm he or she owns or possesses to a local law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction in which the theft or loss occurred within 5 days, and requires anyone who has reported a firearm lost or stolen to notify law enforcement within 48 hours if the firearm is later recovered.  Violation of would be an infraction punishable by a fine.  Read the Bill

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