New Gun Control in California!

New gun control laws in California!!! What’s happening?

Several new anti-gun bills were signed into law in California in June 2016.  You can find detailed information on the bills that were signed by Governor Brown here.

SB 880 – re-classifies various firearms, such as semiautomatic center-fire rifles or semiautomatic pistols that can accept a detachable magazine, to “assault weapons.”  If this bill becomes law, such firearms would be made illegal in California.

SB 1235 – Requires the California D.O.J. to keep a data-base of all ammunition purchases.  It would also mandate that purchasers of ammo undergo screening each time they buy ammunition.

SB 894 – Makes it a crime if you fail to report your gun stolen within 5 days of realizing that the theft occurred.  It also makes it a crime to fail to report that you got your gun back.

SB 1006 – Directs the University of California to conduct gun control research using California taxpayer money.

SB 1407 – Mandates that all newly manufactured firearms have a serial number starting July 1, 2018.  Also requires that anyone who owns a gun that doesn’t have a serial number, like your 80 percent lower, must apply to the California D.O.J. for a serial number starting January 1, 2019.  Old guns are not exempted, since you would have to do this for guns manufactured as early as 1899.

SB 1446 – Makes it a crime to have any “high-capacity” magazine, even if you had it prior to the current ban.

A few bills, like the ones on the following list, were originally written for one purpose and later changed.  After they made it past a few legislative hurdles, they were gutted and turned into gun-control bills.  I’m not sure, but this certainly appears to be a legislative trick to me.

AB156 – Originally a global warming bill, would now place serious restrictions on ammunition.

AB 857 –  Originally drafted to reduce greenhouse gases, this bill now restricts curios, relics, and home-built firearms.  There goes your C&R and 80% lower.

AB 1135 – Originally intended to created the Kings River East Groundwater Sustainability Agency, this bill now serves as an attack on firearms by re-classifying semi-automatic firearms to “assault weapons.”

AB 1511 – This bill was originally written to establish a plan to save energy in California.  However, it has been hijacked in order to restrict the lending of a firearm between friends.  If this bill becomes law, you won’t be able to lend a gun to a buddy for hunting, shooting, home defense or anything else.

For more information on these and other bills, and for a list of the Senators and Assembly Members who voted against them, click here.  It’s important that we thank those legislators who opposed these bills and that we encourage them to continue in their support for our 2nd Amendment.

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