The importance of quality gun belts

The importance of quality gun belts

Gun belts may not be exciting, but they are the foundation upon which your gun carrying gear is built.  I have seen many a student arrive to class with an expensive gun, high-end holster and a cheap and flimsy gun belt that is all but useless.   There are several reasons why buying a high quality gun belt can make or break a carry rig. Here are just a few:

  • Comfort:  A quality gun belt is built to support the weight of your gun and ammunition without twisting, binding, pinching or otherwise making you miserably uncomfortable.
  • Stability: Your gun belt is the foundation of your gear.  It’s what holds your gun, ammunition and other gear in place.  Not to mention the fact that it also has to hold your pants up while bearing all that additional stuff.
  • Functionality:  A good gun belt will make your holster and ammo pouch shine.  If you have a quality belt, your holster and other gear will be held close to your body and stay in their proper positions.  This is vital to a smooth draw and presentation of the gun when you need it.  I have seen many a student whine and complain about holster problems when it was actually the flimsy belt that was the culprit.
  • Reliability:  A gun belt, unlike other belts, is designed to carry extra weight.  Gun belts are typically made from stronger materials and beefier designs.  As a result, a good quality gun belt will last longer and give you better service than a less sturdy choice.
  • Options:  In today’s world of armed citizens, there is no excuse for buying a weak and flimsy belt.  With concealed carry sweeping the country, manufacturers have created high quality gun belts for just about every type of clothing.  You don’t have to sacrifice fashion in the name function.  You can have both.  The gun belt may cost a little more depending upon what you buy, but the benefits are worth every dime.

So, if you’ve been lugging your gun around wearing a cheap belt that doesn’t really do the job, give that cheap belt the boot!  Buy yourself a high quality gun belt.  You’ll be very happy that you did.


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