Gun Safes or Gun Cabinets? The Answer – SecureIT Gun Storage

Gun safes have always been a troubling item in my book. The main issues I have with them are that they are both expensive and BIG.  Unlike some folks, I don’t live in a great big house.  Our house was built in the 1950s.  Back then, at least in San Diego County, California, houses tended to be smaller and yards tended to be bigger.  So, we have a small house and a big yard.  Now, if I could keep a gun safe in the yard, I’d have all kinds of room.  The problem arises when I try to put a great big gun safe in the house. Enter the SecureIT Agile 52 Gun Cabinet.

God’s timing is always perfect and he is always surprising me with just how perfect it is. Recently, I have been casually shopping around for a smallish gun safe or gun cabinet for my office. I have a few rifles and handguns that I want to keep there.  The problem is that my home office, like my home, is small.  There simply is not much room to put a gun safe in.  About the time I was getting frustrated by the whole affair, I received a call from the owners of the mail box place where people ship things for me to review on GunGuyTV.  He said, “Hey, Joel.  Can you come get your mail please?  There’s a huge package for you and it’s getting in my way.”  Partially to comply with his request and partially because my curiosity about the huge package had been ignited, I jumped in the truck and headed over there.

When I got the roughly 150 pound box home, I had no idea what was in it.  I thought, “This will make a cool video! Who doesn’t love a good mystery?”  So, I shot the video that accompanies this article.  As it turns out, SecureIT had sent me their Agile 52 Gun Cabinet to review without my knowing it was coming.  As a point of clarification, I knew SecureIT was sending me something, I just wasn’t entirely sure what.  As you will see in the video, I opened the box and assembled the cabinet.  The rest, as they say in cheesy movies, is history.

The SecureIT Agile 52 Gun Cabinet is a true blessing.  It is built extremely well, was easy to assemble, keeps my guns very secure, is light enough for me to move around my house on my own and fits neatly in the exact spot where I was thinking of putting a safe.  I had five long guns and three handguns that I wanted to store in that spot.  The SecureIT Agile 52 Gun Cabinet does that and more.  It comfortably stores six long guns and four handguns.  Plus, it’s modular construction and almost endless number of configuration options allow me to customize it on a moment’s notice.  As a result, it is now sitting in my office, securely bolted to the wall and safely keeping my firearms.  Bueno!

If you are thinking about a handy way to store your firearms, keep them safe and maximize the room you have to work with, I strongly suggest you check out the many options from SecureIT.  You’ll find their website at


  1. But what about ammo storage?

    I’d really love to find an affordable way to secure my ammo that was also able to be humidity controlled. I don’t need a safe – that would be overkill. Unfortunately I haven’t seen anything close to what I’m looking for. How do you store your ammo Joel?

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