(Video) Mid-term election recap – What now?

While it is tempting to freak out and declare California dead and the battle for the second amendment lost following this week’s mid-term election, nothing could be further from the truth.  The fight for the second amendment and constitutional conservatism in California (and in the nation as a whole) was going to be a long and hard road regardless of the outcome of the November 6th election.  Anybody who doesn’t live in a cave knew that.  Additionally, the fact that Gavin Nuisance was most likely to win the governorship of California was well known.  Why anyone is surprised by the fact that he won escapes me.

The plain fact is that absent a more energized pro-second amendment population, California is only going to restore the second amendment rights of its citizens if it is dragged kicking and screaming into constitutional compliance by the courts.  States like New York and New Jersey are no different. Therefore, the power to change the makeup of the federal judiciary is the power that really matters for the long haul.  Not only did President Trump retain that power, he managed to increase it significantly by enlarging the Republican advantage in the United States Senate. The meme below sums up the incredible victory that many gun owners seem to overlook.

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