Topics in this episode:

  • Should we work to re-elect Donald Trump as President?
  • Given the problems at NRA, should we abandon the organization or try to save it?

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Get ready for USDA prime gun stuff on the Gun Guy TV podcast. Hi this is Joel Persinger the gun guy. Thank you very much for listening to gun guy. TV’s podcast and for supporting me as you do on Youtube and other places. I really really do appreciate it. one thing. I do want to mention to you before I get started. Here is one of probably my longest supporters which is optics planet and by the way optics it takes planet is not paying me to tell you what. I’m telling you right now. I want you to know that optics planet started sending me gear to review when I had about fifteen hundred subscribers. I was stunned when they wanted to start sending me things and I said why my channel is so small. I’m not doing any good and the response was yeah but you know what you do. A great job avenue channel will be big at some point. We WanNa start supporting you now so I am very grateful to and loyal to optics planet because they started with me when I was brand new and now that we have over one hundred thousand subscribers that doesn’t mean we’re huge. We’re not but at the same time gun guy. TV has grown a lot and I certainly don’t. I want to forget the company that started with me one of which is optics planet so I urge you if you’re shopping for gun gear or whatever checkout optics planet I you can find a link to optics planet in the description this podcast. You’ll also find it on our website. They’ll be there’s a little banner there and so on that will take you to optics planet. Make sure you use the code gun guy. Five during your purchases. If you do that will save you five percents on all of your purchases at optics planet. Dot Com now. There are two things I I wanNA talk about in this podcast in the first half an hour of the podcast which as you know by now is syndicated all over the place apple podcast Google podcasts spotify and so on we’re GonNa talk about the the foolishness of the all or nothing at all mentality that gun rights organization seem to have have in some respects and that gun owners and second amendment supporters seem to have and why that may well be self-defeating and then after that we’ll talk about the issues going on with Google and youtube and what’s changing their if anything I’ll I’ll give you some. I guess inside baseball as to how Google relate late to gun guy TV in what’s happening with Google and what’s happening with Youtube. Ask they fall under increasing scrutiny by the United States government and certainly by people who simply do not trust Google or any of its properties anymore. There’s a an actual headline today in Breitbart News Google Google slammed for political bias at the annual shareholders meeting what you gotta understand is Google right now is facing antitrust probes in both the FTC and the House Judiciary Committee and so they’re they’re receiving a lot of pressure and they’re actually it seems to me starting to change a little bit so we’ll talk about that. In the second half of the podcast which of course is only on Patriots so if you want to hear that second half you’ve got to be on Patriot all right now as far as the all or nothing at all mentality. I’m seeing this happening a lot and I I have to say I thoroughly and completely understand the emotion of it but from a strategy standpoint that doesn’t make any sense for example. I’M GONNA use Donald Trump as an example president. Trump is not and I’m going to say this loud and clear president trump is not an ardent defender of the Second Amendment in all the bitch areas informs he doesn’t he is not a hunter. He’s not an outdoorsman. He’s not a person who is interested in the tactical stuff that you you or I or someone else might be interested in. He is not a person who thoroughly and completely is going to defend every aspect of second in amendment rights. He just isn’t for that matter. Donald Trump is not a lot of things people think Donald Trump is. I have known since day one that that Donald Trump is a bit of a pragmatist. He’s a businessman and a very very good one and a very successful businessman. He’s done extremely well in his life and he’s worked very hard to get there. I certainly applaud his success and I honor the fact that he did. I mean he did it really really did. He’s one sharp cookies smart. He’s capable and he’s done a marvelous job in his own life of building his own company in his own financial empire if you will and now frankly and a lot of ways he’s repeating that as president of the United States with his new brand so I want you to think about it that way president trump’s brand when he was Donald J trump private citizen was that trump organization brand and you noticed at that was on everything it was everywhere he embraced at one hundred percent and his entire life has been spent building the trump organization organization brand and guess what then he became president and he turned that over to his kids and he took on a new brand.

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The United States of America and his goal has been since day one to expand that brand to grow that brand to increase the returns for that brand to strengthen that brand for the stockholders and you and I are the stockholders we are. The citizens were the people for whom he sees he works. That’s that’s how a businessman thinks they have stockholders. They have people they they. They are the answer to that. They need to increase the business for they need to grow it for they need to grow the returns and so on so he is a hundred percent for the US brand and that’s what you see in him as he travels around the world and he stands up to everyone and he doesn’t care who he makes mad or who you’re tate’s if he has to irritate them he doesn’t care who he has tariffs against or whatever he’s he’s a pragmatist he’s going to use whatever ever tools are available to him to accomplish the goal of growing the United States brand now as a United States citizen in his sixties. Xt’s and a man who loves this country I can tell you. I’m very grateful for that kind of mindset. I am not a globalist. I never ever had been a globalist. I never will be globalist. I’m a capitalist and I’m an American. That’s the that’s who I am. As far as I’m concerned. Capitalism works works. It has been the best system on our planet. It’s not perfect but it has certainly lifted the majority of people out of poverty over any other political political or economic system and the United States is by far without question the best country in the world. Is it perfect no but it’s still the best country in the world. I’ve been to some other ones that I can tell you that they some of them are nice but they’re not as great as this country. I love this country and it’s obvious to me that Donald Trump was the right choice to take this country’s brand and everything associated with it and get it out of the doldrums out of the failure slide that Obama Tom had put it in Obama’s still hates his country and he goes around and other countries and talks about how terrible we are trump doesn’t do that. He is turning all of that around. He wants to make America America great again. He wants to make America strong again. He is all about the American brand. That’s WHO DONALD TRUMP is. That’s what he’s doing now along the way he also wants to defend the constitutional rights of Americans as he understands them and supports them that said he is is not primarily a second amendment president he just doesn’t and anybody who has watched him to any degree in his life life or knows anything about the guy recognizes that no sons hunt and Sean but he’s not that guy carries a gun. I don’t know if he does now but he did. He had a permit from New York which just tells you how much money he’s got but he wasn’t a guy. That’s going to go out and use suppressors or go out and shoot NFL RIFE AGAIN FA guns or go to the range on a regular basis or enjoy the shooting sports or go shoot upset or three gun or whatever he’s not that guy that’s not who he is if we recognize that but then we get to recognize that he’s going to be pragmatic in his support for the second amendment that means he’s going to support those things things which he knows he can accomplish with it and he’s going to be willing to give up some things along the way if he has to do that for strategic chick or tactical purposes hence the bump stock man hence the I believe coming suppressor restrictions or banned because a guy like trump doesn’t see the bump stock as being particularly important because he’s not an ideolog. He doesn’t care about the ideal ism he cares about the United States brand. He watched a secure the rights of the people as the majority of the people use them not the fringe and I I don’t mean to say fringe and a negative connotation but the fact is the number of people who own or would own or want or use bump stocks is extraordinarily small likewise the number of people who own or would like to have or use suppressors by comparison of the majority of gun owners is relatively small and I I would like to have them because it is precisely because of the loud noise of firearms and other environmental noises like that that I have to wear hearing aids and if I’d had the pressures all my life and been able to hunt with shoot with him.

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I probably wouldn’t need hearing aids today so I’m very much a believer that suppressors are an opportunity to save the hearing of the United States popular so the when they’re in their sixties as I am not struggling to hear their kids or their spouse or their friends or the television instead or whatever but that’s not who donald trump is as a result. I think we have to look at what he does what he’s accomplished and not expect it. We’re going to get everything we want out of this president. I’M GONNA explain more about that in just a minute one way you can support short gun guide TV beyond a patron if you happen to be on Patriot is to use our Amazon link. If you shop Amazon using our Amazon was on link then whenever you shop we get a little bit of a stipend if you will from Amazon’s little marketing fee doesn’t cost you anything everything you do on Amazon Amazon Primary Maria free shipping or whatever works the same way. All it happens is that they pay us a little fee now. This is a another instance of all or nothing at all. Amazon is not a gun friendly company but you can certainly use Amazon to support second amendment advocates like me and Gun Guy TV well if they’re not a unfriendly company at least take the chance to pick their pocket and take some of their money and put it toward something that they don’t support which would be firearms right so that’s an opportunity for you you to help us you can find our link by going to the website at Gun Guy Dot TV and then clicking on the Amazon banner at the top and then every time you shop Amazon. We will get a little bit of money. We out of it. How cool is that saving the Second Amendment one episode at a time this is the Gun Guy TV podcast so what I’m suggesting here as we continue in this discussion of all or nothing at all is that we recognize that we’re not going to get everything we want want and that we get what we can with Donald Trump. It’s obvious that we’re getting a lot. We’ve accomplished a lot. Having Donald Trump is president for for crying out loud. He’s at this point. I believe he has now appointed up one hundred and ten conservative justices to the federal bench that includes includes two Supreme Court picks and if Donald Trump is reelected which I hope and pray. He is in two thousand twenty. There’s a very good chance that Ruth Bader Ginsburg Berg is going to be gone or Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg or whatever you WanNa call her that she’s going to go away so they’re gonNA pass away or she’s GonNa retire because she’s in her mid eighties and at some point. You just can’t do it anymore. She sleeps through half the stuff anyway. So if that’s the case there’s an opportunity for him to have three supreme scream court justices but in addition to that he is essentially taken the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals out here in in the West which has been a kangaroo anger route court which has rubber-stamped every leftist and liberal court case under the sun and certainly every anti gun court case under the Sun. He’s he’s taken that court and he’s turned into pretty much a fifty fifty court. He’s appointed so many justices to fill the vacancies on that court that we now have a situation where it’s no longer a rubber stamp for leftist ideas. It’s no longer an automatic win for anti gun owners now. It’s not an automatic win for the Second Amendment either but now we’ve got I think he’s two justices away in appointments from essentially turning earning that court into a fifty fifty split that is enormous. That’s an incredible change. It’s no longer the nutty ninth. Perhaps it’s no longer the kangaroo anger record that it used to be and if you had told me that that was going to happen in my lifetime. I wouldn’t believe that there are so many positive cases being resolved on our side now in the Second Amendment in the federal court system that stunning and that that right there that is due almost entirely to President Donald J trump and his leadership if he does nothing else but get these justices were they are. That’s an amazing accomplishment for the Second Amendment and for the life of the country to begin with but he’s also done some other things I when I look at him. I said well. This is the most second amendment friendly president in terms of what he has accomplished for the Second Amendment in my lifetime and I’m in my sixties and I’m a big fan of Ronald Reagan and but there’s some things Ronald Reagan did. I don’t agree with at all in fact some things you did here in California. I would agree with at all and relating to the Second Second Amendment in particular but I look at Donald Trump. I’m going okay well whether he intended to help the second amendment or not in specific he has helped us in the constitution tremendously in his work in the court system and that needs to continue.

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Has He done some things that I don’t agree. With of course has he banned bump stocks. Yes is that going to stand up in court I. I don’t know I doubt it but it may is he considering banning suppressors. Yes I don’t know if that’ll stand up either but he might do it anyway but I don’t care who you vote for. You’re not going to find someone you agree with one hundred percent of the time and there is no way that we’re going to elect a president the United States who is going to give us everything we want. I’ve heard people complain well. How come he hasn’t passed right to carry reciprocity well. That’s got nothing to do with the president of the United States and everything to do with the United States Congress. He didn’t assign it because it never was put on his desk by the Congress. There’s a whole lot of things like that. That never got to William so there’s only so much he can do. This is an exercise in going back to your high school civics class and remembering how government works and if you’ve never had a civics class and you know maybe you gotta worry ah go back and studied civics and find out how the United States government works powder’s a bill. Go back and look at school house rock on their little thing on. I am a bill and find out how L. A. Bill becomes a law and then you find out that you know the president is not a king he can only do so much. I hear people get mad at president trump because he has not swooped into California Gornja and forced California to obey the second amendment well that’s because he doesn’t have the authority or the power to do that. That’s why hasn’t done it because he can’t do it. That’s not how our government works. It’s not how our country functions president trump is the president of the United States. He is not a king. He is not as czar. He is not a an emperor. He’s the president of the United States is the chief executive of the federal government. Not The state government the the federal government and within the federal government. We have fifty states. Each one has a chief executive called governor and each one has a legislature in Acacia California. It’s comprised of the assembly and the Senate just as the federal government has the House and the Senate and the chief executive who is the president. They’re very similar systems. There are state laws are federal laws state constitutions or federal constitutions hodgepodge mix of things that has honestly worked extremely well and it was designed by our founders for that reason has lots of checks and balances in it which limited the power of each of these different branches of government met each of these different sections of government both state and federal and as a result the president of the United States has limited power can only do so many things my point to you. Is that what he can do for the second amendment. Not only has he done but he is doing and if we throw throw him out because we don’t like the fact that he banned bump stocks or if we stopped supporting him because he may ban suppressors. I’m going to tell you right now that we are being not only incredibly foolish but downright stupid because you know who will get Joe Biden or Kamala Harris while she doesn’t have a chance but you know we’re going to get some wacky crazy or crazy Bernie. What’s going to happen to our Second Amendment right then and yet. I read these articles like I read in Breitbart eight Barth this morning. Which boggle my mind? The seven reasons suppressor bandmate caused pro gun voters to abandon trump if you I’m gonNA just I may may offend you here but I’m GonNa say if if you are a person who is upset with trump over the ban on bump stocks or the proposed perhaps ban on suppressors. I absolutely one hundred percent agree with you. I get it I think bump stocks are useless. Personally I have no desire to have one and can’t find a practical use for one but I also support the fact that people like them and would like to use them and they’re probably a boatload of fun and that would be fun to take to the range. I think the NFL ought to be gone gone entirely and you ought to be able to buy a fully automatic rifle or whatever at their machine gun if you want one just before the NFL but in spite of that I will tell you that that I am not going to walk away from the single best thing that has happened in the White House for the Second Amendment in my lifetime because because I didn’t get everything I want and neither should you if you do you’re being very foolish and you are essentially the throne the baby out with the bathwater so I want to encourage you don’t do that now. I want to thank you again for all of your support of this podcast. I’m grateful that you listen. I’m grateful that you you put up with my ranting from time to time like today. I want you to know that the podcast it is broken into two half an hour segments. First half hour is syndicated on a whole bunch of different places so you can listen to it on your favorite podcast player. Wherever that may be you can can actually listen to it on on Internet radio too.

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It’s going to take time and effort on part on the part of the the members it’s GonNa take getting involved and figuring out who these board members are and getting rid of some of them it’s going to take making a loud noise a publicly loud noise of necessary enforcing the NRA to be open transparent and ready to listen to its members the NRA is a very large ship were they very small rudder and changing its course is not going to happen in a blink. It’s not a sports sports car. You can turn around and just by turning the wheel. It’s going to take time and effort and it’s going to be painful and it’s going to be ugly. It needs to be done but destroying the organization is not the answer the other day. I had a guy post because I still postal link for people to join an array. I want people to join. NRA guess what I also want them to join gun owners of America. I also want them to join local organizations. I’m a life member of the gun owners of I am a member of California. They don’t offer a life membership or I would be. I’m a life member of the California rifle and Pistol Association also a life member Venneri and I’m saving up money so I can be a life member of Joey and and I’m a life member currently of the Second Amendment Foundation. I support these various organizations. I don’t necessarily agree with all that they do all the time but they do an awful lot of good and are as the same way okay so. I think as gun owners. We have to get out of this all or nothing mindset. That’s the first thing I think in addition to that. We’ve got to stop OPPA listening to paid Internet trolls. Do you not think that our enemies pay trolls to go on social media idea and pretend to be second amendment supporters and then urged the rest of us to abandon NRA or to abandon this gun in group or that. Do you think that they don’t pay them to stir up dissension. They absolutely do now. Not Everybody who posts a comment like that is a troll all but I gotta tell you. A lot of them are a lot of them. Are you and I can not be swayed. CanNot I mean we can be swayed. What we’re we cannot afford to be swayed by that kind of tactic. We’ve got to be people who are strong enough to have our own mind. The people regularly tell me I need a drop in a you know what I’m not a guy who’s ever succumbed much peer pressure and I’m not going to start now I had a guy yesterday say for the sake of of the gun rights and for the sake of my subscription to your channel take down that link to the NRA which what is that. That’s a threat. I’m going to unsubscribe from your channel unless you take down that link well first of all. I’m not a person who bows a peer pressure secondly. I don’t respond well to being threatened. That doesn’t doesn’t go well with me as you can. Tell by the tone of my voice and third. I don’t make my living on Youtube so if you WANNA unsubscribe it doesn’t take a dollar out of my pocket Luckett. I’m trying to do this because I love. The country loved the Second Amendment. I own a business. We’re doing just fine. We’re not in financial straits if Youtube shut me down tomorrow and said you can’t make money on Youtube. I’d keep doing what I’m doing because I’m funding the channel. Youtube isn’t but that’s what happens people act in that way and they say say those kinds of things in a lot of those. Some of them are really second amendment supporters who are are upset but I gotta be honest with you. A lot of them are not a lot. All of them are just trolls and a lot of them are trying to change the opinion of anare and crush. NRA right before a presidential election when they want want to have tried to pull out every stop to accomplish the removal of a man they hate and that is Donald J trump. We we can’t afford to go down that path. So I want to urge you. Stay strong support the National Rifle Association at least by maintaining containing your membership. You don’t WanNa give them a dime. That’s fine give it to if you’re in California. Give it to the California rifle and Pistol Association that money does not go to. NRA GETS USED IN CALIFORNIA CRP if you don’t like CRP because they are an NRA affiliate fine give it to gun owners of California. Sam and Laurie Peres is it gonNA order to California are awesome in every state. There is a state association that is actually working hard. It doesn’t matter whether it’s California the Oregon or Washington or whatever now I don’t know who the who they are and all of those states because I’m in California I know who some are but I don’t know and and there are battles in these states that a huge that these local organizations Sega’s Asians are working to accomplish a victory for us in Washington key one right now. There’s a big initiative up there that needs each to be fought. I think the Yankee Marshall on Youtube apparently put out a challenge to youtubers the other day to support it. I haven’t seen it. I don’t I to be honest with you. I have a Lotta time to watch television or youtube so I haven’t seen this video but that’s what I’ve been told by a gun guy TV viewers.

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Will you know he’s right. If that’s the case like we need to support them up there too and if you don’t want to do it on a national basis do it on a state basis or local basis but get in there and support your local Second Amendment Association and recognize that we’re not going to get everything thing we want. We’re not going to win every time and not everybody we support is going to agree with us on everything that’s the way the world works and we gotTA. Stop being childish childish and wanting to abandon somebody the first time they disagree with us. It’s the most idiotic thing world. It’s extremely foolish. It is going to cost us our constitutional rights. H If we don’t stop there you go now. You’ve heard my rant. Thank you very much for listening. If you happen to be on Patriots stick with me. We’re going to wrap up. This part of the podcast asked here and he may never wanNA listen to be again after this podcast. I get it but I hope you do. if you’re if you’re on patriots stick around we’ll get into the next subject tournament right which is the kind of behind the scenes inside baseball view of what’s happening with youtube and Google in like that as far as I can tell being a youtuber and if you’re not not and you’re listening to the syndicated version of wrap it up here and thank you very much for everything you do. Thank you so very much for listening. Thank you so very much for your support. Please don’t stop. Stop have a wonderful week and wherever you go whatever you do please be safe. You’ve been listening to the GunGuyTV podcast.

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