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Who keeps you safe? Episode 52

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the gun guide. TV podcast. I this is your persinger. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much for listening to the Gun Guy TV podcast and supporting Gun Guy TV the way you do. I am extremely grateful. Just missile that you know the podcast is a one hour podcast the first half of which is syndicated on your favorite podcast player and is completely free for you to listen to the second half hour appears on Patriot only so if you’d like to listen to the second half hour make sure that you join us on Patriot on now before I get started. I also want to mention to you that there are other ways that you can support gun guy. TV One of our sponsors for example is second call defense second. Call Defense provides legal backup for you in the event that you use a firearm to defend yourself whether that’s in your home or somewhere else. I I use them personally because because I found them to be the best company around and I wanted to urge you to do the same if you’d like to use second call defense has your concealed carry coverage or your home defense coverage for your your firearm. Please check them out using our link. You’ll find a link in the description of the podcast where it is posted and there are actually descriptions and if you can’t find that because you’re listening to do it on your favorite podcast player rather than youtube or on Patriae on then you can go to our website at gun guide dot TV and just click on the second can call defense link. I’m recording this on Independence Day and you’re going to hear it probably the day after is when it’s going to be syndicated on the fifth. I’ve been thinking a lot a lot about independence day and what it really means just about every article I’ve read or every video I’ve seen about Independence Day deals with the the actual end declaration of dependence on the independence of the United States but I think to a great degree. Americans tend to think of themselves as very independent folks which probably more so than many citizens of other countries around the world. We are after all Americans and we have an independent streak. That’s pretty wide pretty deep and it’s a streak that I’m very grateful for. I got to thinking about it when I was talking to a concealed carry student the other day and we were talking about how people defended themselves themselves and protected themselves when it was really their responsibility to do it which I believe it still is but when it was obviously their responsibility to do it because there was no police force but then I got to thinking about where did police forces come from in the first place is he. I’m of the opinion that it is each individual’s responsibility to protect themselves. It’s not the responsibility of the state to provide that protection for example this morning. When we got there was a helicopter hovering around our neighborhood and we found out that the helicopter was looking for two men dressed in black? Hispanic men dressed in black. Apparently the police were chasing them and they were letting the neighbors know if you see them call police and they were warning us that these guys could be dangerous. I thought okay we locked the door and we went in the house and I wasn’t particularly worried about it. That’s probably because my twelve gauge shotguns leaning up against the wall loaded in my wife’s Ruger. PC carbon is leading up against all loaded and there’s a handgun in the bedroom and so I know that in our household first of all our doors were locked anybody that wanted to try to crash through was going very rapidly wished they hadn’t but what about the neighbors who don’t have a firearm what about the neighbors who maybe were terrified locking up their doors and worried about these is two guys who were running loose again. The police did not send a police officer to every house to sit in the house and make sure each member of my neighborhood was safe. All they did was fly a helicopter over the top and say by the way we’re looking for these guys be careful. Look out for him. Don’t go outside or whatever they were there to defend me. They weren’t there to defend other people. They were there to catch these criminals. Well I get it and I’m grateful that they were doing that but it doesn’t defend the citizens because it isn’t dare job to defend the citizens citizens job to defend themselves hence the reason among other reasons why we have a second amendment but let’s go back two police officers policing and where we got them in the first place and what their roles were started digging into it searching around on the web and I’ve read a lot a lot of articles about it and they all seem to have a somewhat common theme but I think there is one article written by a gentleman named Dr Gary Potter which I found to be the most informative normative. The title of the article is the history of policing the United States and this is only part one now. I’M GONNA put a link to it in the description of the podcast in case you’d like to you read it yourself and maybe look for part two which I I’m not going to include here but I am going to read part of this article to you because I think he said it and described it in a way AH I just simply can’t I would urge you.

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Don’t tune out. You need this basic information so we can discuss why police departments are formed. I think it’s going to be an I opening experience for you. It’s certainly has been an eye opening piece of information for me so as you read the article. Please stick with me. We’ll get to the conclusions at the end. Here’s the article from Dr Gary Potter the development of policing in the United States closely followed the development of policing in England in the early colonies policing took two forms. It was both informal and communal which is referred to as the watch or private for prophet policing which is called the big stick. The watch system was composed of community volunteers whose primary duty was to warn warn of impending danger. Boston created a nightwatch in sixteen thirty six New York in sixteen fifty eight and Philadelphia in seventeen hundred the nightwatch was not particularly effective as a crime control device watchmen often slept or drank on duty while the watch was theoretically voluntary very many volunteers were simply attempting to evade military service where conscript forced into service by their own town or were performing watch duties as a form of punishment. Philadelphia created the first day watch in eighteen thirty three and New York instituted a day watching eighteen forty four as a supplement due to its new municipal police force augmenting the watch system was a system of constables official law enforcement officers usually paid by the FI system for warrants they served constables had a variety of non law enforcement functions to perform as well including serving as land surveyors and verifying flying the c the accuracy of weights and measures in many cities constables were given the responsibility of supervising the activities of the Night Watch now obviously before I continue continue reading these kinds of law enforcement activities were very informal and frankly they really didn’t accomplish very much. You had the guy who went around and shook the doors at night and fell asleep drunk doc in a corner and that was about it and even the constables were really not full-time people. There were people a repaid on a piecework basis. If they served a warrant they got paid if they didn’t serve one they didn’t and that’s kind of how it works and obviously there’s opportunities for corruption there. The more warrant served the more money you make so you wanna serve as many as you can and you might try to concoct cocteau along the way nevertheless that’s kind of the way it was back then and during that time obviously citizens like you and I had to take their own defense in their own hands because there was nobody nobody there to rush to their defense or this warning systems which is all it really was but going back to the article he writes these informal modalities of policing continued. You’d well after the American revolution it was not until the eighteen thirties the idea of a centralized municipal police department first emerged in the United States states in eighteen thirty eight the city of Boston established the first American police force followed by New York City in eighteen forty five Albany New York and Chicago August eighteen fifty one New Orleans and Cincinnati in eighteen fifty three Philadelphia in Eighteen fifty-five and Newark New Jersey and Baltimore in eighteen fifty seven and by the eighteen eighties all major. US cities had municipal police forces in place. These modern police organizations shared similar characteristics one they were publicly supported and bureaucratic and form. GonNa talk a little bit more about that. In a minute and how that gamed about about two police officers were full time employees not community volunteers or case by case fee retainers three departments had permanent on and fixed rules and procedures and employment as a police officer was continuous. Four police departments were accountable to a central government authority in the southern states. The development of American policing followed a different path. The Genesis of the modern police organization in the South is the slave save patrol. The first formal slave patrol was created in the Carolina colony in seventeen o four slave patrols had three primary functions first to chase down apprehend and return their to their owners runaway slaves second to provide a form of organized terror to deter slave revolts and third to maintain a form of discipline for slave workers who were subject to summary Judgment and summary justice outside of the law. If they violated adulated any plantation rules following the civil war these vigilante style organizations evolved into modern southern police departments primarily as as a means of controlling freed slaves who were now laborers working in an agricultural caste system and enforcing Jim Crow Segregation laws designed assigned to deny freed slaves equal rights and access to the political system.

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The key question of course is what was it about the United States in the eighteen eighteen thirties that necessitated the development of local centralized bureaucratic police forces well. One answer which you commonly run into is that cities were growing. The United States was no longer a collection of small cities and Rural Hamlets Organization was occurring at an ever quickening pace and old the informal watch and constable systems were no longer adequate to control disorder. Did you notice that he wrote no longer adequate to control disorder disorder. He did not right no longer adequate to control crime that is a key distinction and he actually covers it in just a couple of seconds so we’ll go over that and continue with the article in a moment. I want to thank you again very much for Supporting Gun Guy TV the way you do i. I also want to suggest that you listen to the entire podcast and the way that you can do that is by joining us on patriotic. It’s not a terribly large expense but it does help us tremendously and keeping Gun Guy TV going obviously this is not what I do for a living and it does cost quite a bit of money to syndicate podcast produced them do videos and that kind of stuff youtube on the video front is constantly demonizing videos and refusing to advertise on them so the money that we get from. They’re very very small and really. We just need the funds to keep on going God. TV is not self supporting most of the funds come out of my wife and is checking account so if you’d like to join us on Patriot would certainly I appreciate the help it will help us continue to bring you great content and certainly it will also provide you with some content you won’t get here like the rest of the podcast and also show exclusive videos and posts and pictures and behind the scenes context you can’t get anywhere else so please do join gun guy TV on Patriot the opinions expressed by always right unless there are now returning to the Arctic anecdotal accounts suggest increasing crime and vice in urban centres mob violence particularly violence directed at immigrants and African Americans by white use occurred with some frequency public disorder mostly public drunkenness and sometimes prostitution was more visible and less easily controlled in growing urban centres editors than it had been in rural villages but evidence of an actual crimewave is lacking so if the modern American police force was not not a direct response to crime then what was it a response to more than crime modern police forces in the United States emerged merchants response to disorder and what constitutes social and public disorder depends largely on who is defining those terms and in in the cities of the nineteenth century America they were defined by the mercantile interests who through taxes and political influence supported the development development of bureaucratic policing institutions. These economic interests had a greater interest in social control than in crime control all private and for profit policing was too disorganized and too crime specific inform to fulfill these needs the emerging commercial elites needed a mechanism to ensure a stable and orderly workforce a stable an orderly environment for the conduct of business and the maintenance of what they referred to as the quote unquote collective good these mercantile interests also wanted to divest themselves selves of the cost of protecting their own enterprises and transfer that cost from the private sector to the state in other words the business people all of the time didn’t want to have to pay to protect their own interests and they wanted to control the citizens so they transferred the cost of protecting their own interests wish in the form of private security to the tax payer in the form of a police department so that the Police Department could control the taxpayer at the taxpayer’s expense expense if that is an eye opener. I’m not sure what is you know what I found fascinating about this article as I read it I realized that nothing has changed in a very real way the elites in our country certainly in my state of California US law enforcement and the creation of laws not for the purpose of stopping crime or dealing with crimewave but instead for the purpose of controlling the populace they use it to you get control. They need to achieve the goals they want. I’ll tell you a prime example of that is in new set in the city of Portland Oregon right now when you have these protests with antiques and so on that beat people in the Public Square and the police do absolutely nothing when that amounts to essentially a violent crimewave and the police do absolutely nothing you have.

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I have to ask yourself are the police being used to deal with a crime wave or are they being used for political purposes and for monetary purposes by the government officials who control them well. I think the answer there is fairly obvious they’re being used by the politicians and political officials who control him and the people who have the money who control those politicians otherwise the mayor of Portland would would actually have the police go do something shut that stuff down and arrest those people who are injuring innocence but they’re not. They’re just letting it go now. I don’t want I’m not picking on individual. The Jewish police officers here and I’m not saying that all police departments are corrupt or any of those things. That’s not the point. Here’s the point. We’re celebrating today while I’m recording this. We’re celebrating celebrating Independence Day on a classic note. Independence Day is the celebration of the independence of the United States from the country of England and the forming of our own country. That’s that’s essentially what Independence Day is all about as I understand it but nevertheless I said at the beginning Americans are fiercely Salihi independent people but we’ve lost some of that haven’t we you know through the entire history of human existence distance up until the very recent time of eighteen thirty three when New York instituted a day watch or let’s go back a little further sixteen thirty six and sixteen thirty S. sixteen fifty eight when Pennsylvania and New York actually started a nightwatch in the big big cities up until that time people were responsible for defending themselves up until that time an average person on any given day needed to be aware of their surroundings soundings they needed to have good situational awareness. They had to be concerned about marauders and criminals and wars and pestilence and disease and all kinds of things and so they were aware of what was is going on around them more. I would say that American citizens on average are today because they had not taken the responsibility for their own safety of their own own wellbeing and seeded that given that assign that to a government organization which by its very reality of existence existence cannot fulfill that role. The police cannot be were. You need them to be when you need them. What does that old saying saying. When seconds count the police are only minutes away. How often do you hear of a police officer having rescued somebody at the very moment and they were being robbed at the point of a gun or a knife or some other weapon. It doesn’t happen now. It may have happened sure. I’m sure if we search through every possible example. We’re GONNA find one but the truth is there aren’t very many because while criminals may be foolish and choosing the particular mode of making a living that they’ve chosen. They’re not so stupid as to try to rob someone right in front of a cop and those that are that stupid. I need to find something else to do for a living because that’s not a good choice of employment for them. They’re too stupid to do that but the truth is most people that are criminals. Try commit crimes out of the view of law enforcement. The one just seems to go well with the other. Let’s be a little sneaky because we’re criminals. That’s what they do so the chance of a cop actually protecting a citizen from crime is very very very small when you add into that the fact that the politicians are regularly early releasing criminals from prison and back society again or the fact that we now have politicians who want to have open borders so that we can let every criminal from from every South American country country in the world come floating into our country and do whatever they wish you realize that it is not in the states interest to protect you any more than it was in the states interest back in the eighteen hundreds to protect the citizens of the time it was in the states interest to control those citizens and to bring about what in their terms they consider to be an orderly society for the purpose of conducting business not for the purpose of protecting the citizens. That’s why the Supreme Court has come out and said police departments no particular duty to protect a citizen. They have no responsibility to do that. Even though the side of the car of time says things like protect and serve that’s nonsense. They’re not there to protect me or you so what then is the difference between the time before the institution of any kind of Nightwatch or day watch or police department and the time afterwards well.

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TV alive live shooting straight and always right on target. This is the gun guy to podcast and when you think about this stuff you come away with the realization that your safety your well being and the safety and wellbeing of those you love is Aalto your responsibility that while there are many many many well meaning police officers out there who would love to be there to protect you. They’re not going to be able to do it even if they want to and while there are many well-meaning police chiefs police sheriff’s. I’m sure they can’t have they don’t have enough resources to assign a police officer to every citizen and even if you have a well-meaning police department the fact is police departments. Were not formed to protect you in the first place. We just discovered that and you know what they do not exist to do that today. They exist to establish and maintain order and that term order is defined not by you and I who are the people being controlled but by the politicians that run a muck and define that order in any way they please and no matter how many times you vote or how many times you try to contribute a little bit of money order is going needed to be defined by politicians who exists for the sole purpose of being re-elected and can only be reelected if they accept large donations from organisations organizations and businesses that have a particular bent of particular motivation behind that donation and they will exact their favors in whatever way they they can so ultimately the system has not changed back then it was the businesspeople mercantile interests. Were controlling the situation now. It’s businesses of all sorts and that’s why you see the mainstream media do what they do. That’s why you see facebook twitter and and Google and these large companies manipulate the way they manipulate. It’s not about keeping society safe or making a better America. It’s not about any of those stings. It’s about the Almighty Buck. That’s what it’s about follow the money as my father used to say and you’ll find out where the success is coming from one the main reasons. I’m GONNA bring trump up here one of the main reasons. I really really like president trump. I don’t know about personally I’ve never met the guy but one of the reasons I really do appreciate that guy is he keeps he’s unbreakable. When you’re worth you know five ten billion dollars and you have your own business and established and you’ve got more money than you can ever spend in your life who what special interest group is going to be able to bribe you into doing what they want you to do. Willer isn’t what he’s totally unbreathable. He’s unbiased able. I don’t think we’ve had a president like that in a very very long time in fact I can’t remember one. I think his motivations are to do for the country what he he is motivated to do and in many respects that aligns with what I’d like to have done so. I’m GonNa vote for him again. In Two thousand twenty I voted for him the first I I I’ll vote for him again and I’m not gonNA say well sometimes. I don’t agree with him but I’m GonNa vote for a minute. That’s a cop out of course sometimes I don’t agree with him. I’ve never met a human being in my life. I agree with all the time you know. I’ve been married for a long time. I absolutely totally and completely adore my wife. I really do absolutely adore that woman. I’m so grateful that we’re married. I can’t tell you I don’t know why she married me but I’m grateful. She hasn’t figured out she shouldn’t have done it but that doesn’t mean we always agree because sometimes we don’t you know sometimes we have to agree he to disagree well that happens. That’s part of being human and that certainly happens with somebody. WHO’s a political leader but I am going to vote for trump again. I urge you to do the same I I think he’s our best shot at restoring our country to what it needs to be but in the meantime I think it’s also important on this independence day and the days that follow to realize that independence is not just the independence of a country from another country.

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Our founding fathers wanted freedom. They wanted liberty. See that’s what they fought for. They fought for independence because they knew it would give them a chance at freedom and liberty and I say a chance for reason because they were fully aware if you read various different ridings from they were fully aware that this country could runamuck and the very short span of time they were very full aware that large special interests might dive in their insured carving up the country for themselves and forcing the citizens in the doing things they couldn’t do or taking the rights away from the citizens hence the reason for the bill of rights hence the reason for the constitution hence the reason for the First First Amendment which oddly enough is I which allows us to express our views whether some politician likes it or not and hence the Second Amendment which is second which allows us the ability and protect our ability to defend the other amendments to to fight back to resist. That’s why those are there. That’s why we have them. You know we have the third amendment so that the government can’t park government government troops in our house. Take our house away from it we have the fourth amendment to the government can’t just go pell mell through every house. They want to and take whatever they want. That’s why those are there. We have the Fifth Amendment to protect our right against self-incrimination. We have the Sixth Amendment that tells the government. You know what this citizen has a right to have an attorney present anytime you want to question them about any criminal matter and you cannot drag out court proceedings. They need to happen within a swift rapid pace so that this citizen gets justice as quickly as possible. That’s why we have these amendments much because these are the very violations that were brought upon the founding fathers and the citizens of the early colonies by the British government. These are things they didn’t want to have happen again so on independence week since you won’t hear this until probably after Independence Day independence week. I want you to think of yourself yourself the way the founding fathers thought of themselves as independent free people. You are an independent free man or woman. That’s what you are human being with your own rights given you by nature or God however you WanNa look at it I look at it as God. You can look at it however you want and those rights should not be trodden upon or destroyed by government and to the degree that they are that’s when we need to stand on that. First Amendment and stand on that Second Amendment and realize that the founding fathers gave us an opportunity an opportunity and the capability to resist now we just need to have the historical Oracle context and the education and the will to do it now. If you’re listening on Patriot. I want you to stick with me because I’m GONNA wrap up this part of the PODCAST DOC gas here and for the rest of the podcast we’re going to talk about what is it really look like in today’s world in today’s time to be an independent American what what does that actually entail and I’m going to give you some ideas and comparisons. We’ll do that in the second half of the the PODCAST. If you’re listening on the syndicated part of the PODCAST GONNA wrap it up here. Thank you very much for listening. Have a wonderful week and wherever you go whatever you do please be be safe. You’ve been listening to the GunGuyTV podcast.

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  1. Great podcast, filled with history, commonsense, 2nd Amendment rights,& many other things we have in common, from LE&Security to Christianity. GOD BLESS YOU!
    Keep up the good words.

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