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  • We must raise our kids and not just grow them if we hope to save the second amendment and the nation.

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the gun guide. TV podcast Hi this this is Joel Persinger. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much for listening to the gun guide TV audio podcast and Supporting Gun Guy TV the what you do. I am extremely dreamily grateful. I as I’ve said many times. I don’t do this for a living. I do it because I’m passionate about the second amendment. It actually is something that my wife and I invest our time and money in because we have a strong belief in the United States Constitution and in the Second Amendment in particular so so I’m very grateful that you listen to the Gun Guy TV podcasts and you support it the way you do. It is growing. I’m very grateful as growing like crazy and enlist listenership. The Youtube Channel is taken off or well over one hundred thousand subscribers at this point and about old depending six to around six hundred thousand views a month which uh-huh some astounding to me and it’s all because of you. Thank you very much for what you do. I am very very grateful now if you would like to support Gun Guy TV just to keep us going financially. We’ll certainly accept that support as well one way you can do that is to go on. Patriae on and support us there. There are a number of things available available on Patriot as far as additional content. You can’t get anywhere else for example there are behind the scenes posts and pictures and things like that about what I happen going to be doing at the time or some of gun related. Some of it isn’t for example. I was in Mexico the other day getting a whole bunch of dental work done so took some pictures from Mexico so while I was there I was out with one of my kids doing some photography we love photography and I put some pictures up there but there’s also some stuff from hunting trips. I’ve been on and other things available plus. There’s the second half an hour of this podcast. which is an hour long that is available only on Patriot in the first half hour syndicated all over the place and that’s free the second half an hour is available on Patriot and then there’s a video podcast that I do once a month in which I offer some training tips as a longtime longtime instructor both law enforcement instructor and a security instructor as well as teaching a lot of civilians the podcast I launched just the other day for example episode Apple? Show thirty seven of the video podcast was on surviving edge to weapon attacks and charging attackers and I used some video from an attack along with some other things we talked about the the reality of those kinds of attacks and that’s on the video podcast which again is available only on Patriots or urgent. Check Back Patriots out and see if we’ve got something up there. That might be interesting for you now. In this podcast. I’d like to address two things first in the first Half Hour I wanNA talk about our kids grandkids and so on the next generations that are coming up and how are we going to involve them in some and fashion in the shooting sports in love for the United States and a love for the constitution. How do we do that and then in the second half an hour podcast I a discussion which is well kind of unrelated but not and that is what is a battery of guns and what does that mean. I have have a battery of guns. I’ve covered this on the youtube channel on gun guy. TV and video form some time back but I wanNA talk about it a little bit here. I’ll explain do you what my battery of guns consists of and how it’s actually changed over the years. Now it’s grown. We’ll talk about that in the second half hour of the podcast right now. I’d like to address the kids whether their grandkids great grandkids kids kids or whatever my wife and I have raised children. We have one who who is not quite out of high school but the other kids grown and We don’t have any grandkids as of yet that shed we’ve helped helped. I guess you could say with a lot of kids at church over the last two and a half decades or almost three decades. We’ve been members of the same church we watch. A lot of kids grow up. Some of them have become leaders in our church in one capacity or another whether it’s leading the campus ministry of the Teen Ministry or Youth and Family earlier whatever it’s been great to watch them grow and to see our friends kids grow and by virtue of my age. I’m older than most of my friends who have kids my kids age. Most of them started much younger than I am so they’ve got grandkids. At this point I don’t but watching their kids grow oh as well and then saying the kids at school as our kids were going through school has been quite an education as well in fact one of the things I’ve come come to as a conclusion is this that children are to be raised not just grown. You could grow them. If you waterman tournament feed them.

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They’ll grow but they’ll grow in directions that you don’t necessarily want them to grow a lot of the time they need to be raised much in the same. I’m way that if you’re a if you’re if you have a vineyard and you want your vines to prosper you have to take that grapevine and you have to train rain it and teach it and wrap it around where you want it to grow and guide it and raise that vine if you don’t if you just grow at it’s GonNa grow in weird directions and it may not produce what you’re hoping it’s going to produce which in the case of the grapes are is grapes that can be made into wine or grapes that can be sold grapes that can be consumed that are beautiful and delightful in flavor and produce a wonderful product and we’re kids are concerned. Sir and it’s been my experience that kids that are just grown often end up going in very strange directions. We know my wife and I a lot of people who have essentially grown their kids. They were not involved with their kids when they were small. They didn’t set aside time for them. They were too busy working you too busy spending time on career. We’ve known folks in the ministry who spent so much time and so much effort saving the world that they ignored their kids edge and their kids want nothing to do with the church at their part of or nothing to do with Christianity at all nothing to do with anything that their parents are involved it in because what they see is those things. My parents are involved in. My parents thought those were more important than me. I want nothing to do with for those. So there’s this danger in. Just letting our kids be grown that one day they’ll come to resent the things that we love because they see those things as getting in the way of our attention to them. I’ll give you an example when then Nick Nick Eze only child that I have that. I- publicize the rest are we don’t talk about that much because too many Weirdos in the world. Nick is a grown man any six six and three hundred pounds and an expert shot very capable take care of himself so I don’t worry about him being all over Youtube and all those other things but the other kids we we don’t we don’t do that with and you probably shouldn’t either but but that’s a that’s a personal preference. I suppose but I’ll I’ll use nick as a as an example here when Nick because about I’m GonNa say twelve or thirteen. I was a Deacon a Congregational Deacon Church and nick came to me the and said Dad. I believe in God but I don’t I said okay that’s fair. I get it so why do you believe in God but you don’t and and he began to explain that he wanted to believe in God and he sort of believed in God but you can’t see him. You can’t touch him. You can’t hear him. You can’t interact with him. in a in a the way that your senses can pick up so he said well. I I don’t really know if he’s real my wife and I talked about that prayed about that and I immediately called hauled some elders in our church whom we respected tremendously and our church was going through some changes some some growing pains at the time so we were super for busy with church staff in addition to work and running the business that we own and all the other things we talked to them and we said you know what we want to step down and they said why and we told them because Nick needs my attention as his father right now he needs me to help him see God God now. I’m using this example but this applies to hunting fishing the second amendment. Whatever are belief structures are whatever direction we hope hoped to mould our kids to go after we had the discussion on the phone a little conference call they agreed completely and we formally stepped down from that role as a Congregational Deacon we have five congregations here in San Diego County and so we were running all over the place lacewell all of a sudden the meetings went away and Saturday mornings became time for nick and I in fact I I said to him on a Friday night. I said Nick tomorrow morning. I’m GonNa take you someplace special. We’re going to get up at five thirty. We’re going to go someplace I want to show you and then we’re going to go get ourselves a Burrito and he said where we go and I said that’s the surprise. I’m I’m not telling you you’ll find out in the morning so he was all jazzed about getting up early with got up early. We got in the truck and I took him out to my favorite spot in La Hoya where there’s a place where you can and sit on the rock and when the tide is coming in I had looked at the tide schedule. The tide was coming in when it comes in hitch that rock and it comes up in the shoe ooh incredible spray of water. It’s like a it’s a huge wave that hits comes right up right in front of you split as if you’re the Balvi ship and part of it goes to the right part of it goes left.

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You’re right in the middle. You just know you’re going to get drenched but you don’t the whole thing. Misses you and flows flows away and it’s ran in front of you. Get some ocean spray but you don’t get wet so we’re sitting there and the waves are coming in crashing like that and I busted open a Bible. I should let me just read you something because I want you to see something that maybe you haven’t seen before and he said Okay and I I read in Genesis. Were God created the earth and the oceans these various things and that’s all I read and I said son you know what we can’t see God but we can see the things he does. I said You you remember your Grandpa Charley right and he said Yeah and and we have paintings all over our home that my Grandpa Charlie painted because he was an incredible artist. He’s beautiful paintings. I said you know how you look at Charlie’s paintings. You look great GRANDPA’s paintings. What do you see he said well. I see a lot of Greg Grandpa on them. So will you know what God is the same way we can’t. Let’s see him but we can see what he creates and we can see the majesty of what he does and it helps us understand who he is and that was the beginning of a multi year journey of my investment of time and my son were every Saturday morning for about three years we got up every morning and I had to find another unique place somewhere in San Diego County take him so that he could see God now. That doesn’t necessarily translate to everything everything perhaps but it does demonstrate raising your child as opposed to groaning your child growing your child would amount to okay. He doesn’t believe in God. Let me find somebody to spend time with them. Maybe they can help him. Well that has value to but that’s a signing your responsibilities sponsor abilities apparent to someone else. If you’re a parent then you need to parent just as if you’re a vine grower whatever they call that person listen you need to attend the vine now we’ll talk about how that relates to the Second Amendment and our understanding of America in just the minute I mentioned one way that you could support gun guide TV which was on patriotic and if you find that there’s value therefore you that you’re interested in that additional content then I think that’s awesome and I would encourage you to do that and I’m a little different on patriots than some folks. I don’t do drawings and mail things to people. Give things away because frankly with with work. I just don’t have the time to do it. I’m also not trying to make a fulltime living out of Gun Guy TV. I I make a good living from practical defense system so this is a a labor of love not necessarily labor labor of of capitalism. If you WANNA call it that so I don’t do that. I provide the online content but if that doesn’t work for you another way that you can help gun guy. TB that doesn’t cost you a dime is to use our Amazon linked to shop Amazon. If you’re shopping Amazon Anyway Amazon I like like Amazon prime and some other things even though Amazon itself is not a second amendment friendly company we can pick their pocket a little bit and support. Second Amendment causes and I know a lot of people ask you to do this. I’m going to ask you to do it occasionally with our link. If you want to do it all the time with our link won’t complain but if you use our leg what happens is when you buy something from Patriot or buy something from Amazon Rather. They give us a small marketing fee. It doesn’t cost you anything. Your pricing is the same your Amazon. Prime orcher shipping’s the same. Nothing nothing changes for you is just a little fee that they pay us because you went to Amazon through our length so you’ll find the link in the description of the podcast. If you’re listening where you you can see the description if not if you go to gun guide DOT TV or you can go to gun Guy Tv.com Gun Guy TV dot net. It will all take you to the same place on the top of of our website. There is a banner for Amazon if you click on that it will take you to that link then you can bookmark that link and label it Gun Guy TV and whenever you want to use it you can and it will benefit us. A little bit doesn’t make a lot but you know what every little bit helps and we are very very grateful for it. You’re listening to the EH TV podcast. Please pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Once you get the concept of raising in your kids as opposed to growing them you begin to see where you succeeded where you’ve failed and I’m not speaking about you in in particular. I’m using the word you metaphorically because as a father I can tell you there are areas where I’ve done well and areas where I just really have done Orley and those memories in the things of the mistakes that I’ve made with my kids are very painful because my children are extremely the important to me just as they are to their mom.

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They’re extremely important. When I’m gone when she’s gone our children will carry on if you WANNA call it this the legacy of our family and like a lot of people. I didn’t have the best childhood in the world. My wife did not have the best childhood world we my parents had a lot of issues in her parents had a lot of issues and they did a lot of damage. They did some things right too. I think every parent makes mistakes and also does things well but our real hope was that in raising our kids we would not repeat the mistakes that our parents may now in the process. We made our own. I’m sure in fact I know we did but we wanted to. Try to end that cycle of treating your kids and raising your kids exactly the same way you were raised because sometimes when we do that we share things that just really don’t work and the do harm so we were really working not to do that and I think in large part we’ve succeeded in those areas and like I said we’ve made our own mistakes but one thanks for sure or we could never be accused of growing our kids. We’ve actually taken the time and made the effort to raise them and as a result when nick was coming up. I got him into shooting early because to me the Second Amendment is the amendment that protects all other amendments. It’s the guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms which allows us as Americans to protect all the other rights. If we don’t have the right right to keep and bear arms then we essentially have constitutionally protected rights with no teeth with no consequences where politicians Titians and unelected leaders and bureaucrats and so on will feel free to do whatever they wished to us knowing that they were. There’s never a situation where we could ever ever resist. This is why the Second Amendment is in the Constitution and this is why it’s extremely important. This is why as the kids were coming up. We went went to the trouble to educate them on their own country to help them see how the United States was formed armed why it was formed what the grievances were at the time and why we have a bill of rights and why those rights are important my kids. It’s it’s a funny thing. You know. We’d be sitting watching. I’d find a video or watch Gotcha man on the street thing or something where people would act ask people on the street these elementary history questions and they didn’t know the answers and typically they we’ll do it right next to a college campus where they were asking people who had or we’re in the process of studying for Bachelor’s degrees master’s degrees. PhD’s Yes they would ask them. Simple questions like who fought in the revolutionary war and they couldn’t come up with it who fought in the civil war. I will never never forget that where somebody asked he’s people who fought in the civil war and they would say well. Germany and Italy or some stupid thing like that and then I would turn to my kids and I had asked them that question and they would look at me at middle school and high school age and be able to answer the questions immediately and I’d say hey. Where did you learn that and they look at me and say from you because unlike when I was going to school I’m in my sixties. These these things are not clearly taught in school anymore at least not in California California’s school curriculum is really pretty bad as a result. We you have to train our kids because we cannot just drop them off at school and expect that school’s. GonNa do it any more than if we’re whatever religion we believe in we can’t drop them offers the equivalent of Sunday school and expect them to learn about God. We have to do that now. Sunday school is going to help and to the degree that you drop your kids off at a decent school. All school will help and maybe that’s a private school. Maybe it’s a public one but at the end of the day the actual education on how to be a contributing member number of society and how to understand what makes America the greatest country on the earth or whatever it is. You’re trying to teach your kids. Edge is really dependent upon you in order for the kids to learn why they should care about the second amendment. It’s going join parents and grandparents who care about the Second Amendment to explain why I learned these things growing up not from school but from my parents from my father who was a deputy sheriff from my grandfather both of my grandfathers. Actually I learned a work ethic. I I learned a strong work ethic from my Grandpa Bob who was a machinist and work very very hard.

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I learned a powerful work ethic from my Grandpa Charlie who was a a welder and a welding forman both of them during World War Two both of them born during the turn of the century from the eighteen hundreds of nineteen hundred both of them incredibly the hardworking men I learned about investment and real estate investment and that kind of stuff from my Grandpa Charlie. I also learned how to hunt how to fish. I learned the value of those skills I learned the ethics of hunting and the ethics of fishing from my Grandpa Charlie I learned firearms firearms and firearms usage from my father who was a deputy sheriff and from my grandparents. These are things that I learned from them. I learned how to be a man an from men who men and now we in our society to some degree. We’ve lost a lot of that. My son is is a man and if you ask him why he is a man he will tell you because his father is a man and taught him how to be one now. Now that doesn’t mean men never cry and men never show emotion and meant and all that kind of non Chan. That’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is Nicholas. Lewis is an honest forthright hard working American. He cares about people. He’s not afraid to show it. He’s diligent agent. He’s persistent. He’s a guy who understands as much as he’d like to give up. That giving up never accomplishes anything. Where do you suppose expose. He learned this stuff in school. I can tell you didn’t now. It’d probably helped in that. He played sports for a long time. You get team sports that helps but a lot of this. He learned because these are things that we taught him as he was growing up. These are things we teach our kids now by comparison I and and I I’m not picking on people but it’s just the truth by comparison. I can tell you that one of my children started high school. Ooh And came home to tell me about. I don’t know six months in that. The only child in the clash with both parents still living at home happily married married was my child that the only child in any of the classes and you know in highschool. They move from class to class just like you do in college. The only only child in any of the classes with bullpens living at home happily married was my child and that is a tragedy to this day. I am told by hi my children on a regular basis that they cannot understand why their peers are terrified of guns because they’ve been around guns their whole life. I remember I’m again. I’m using nick as an example. Nick came to me one day and said Dad. Can I see the gun. Ge- and I said sure which was you want to see. He said all of them. I said okay well. We’ll have a seat he sat down liberal and I opened up the gun safe and I want a time I took each firearm out of the safe and I showed him mm-hmm how to pointed in a safe direction how to make sure it was completely unloaded and safe and then I had him do it once I’d showed him how and then once as we knew it was safe. I shut it on the coffee table and if he wanted to pick it up he could do that but he needed the mind. The basic rules keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. Keep your finger off the trigger. Make sure when you first pick it up and it’s unloaded completely those go back to those basic three R. A. Rules which are very very simple always keep. The gun pointed in a safe direction. Always keep your finger off the trigger and always make sure the gun is unloaded until it’s ready to use now. There are other rules and lists of rules that you can use but I use those with my kids because they were very simple. My kids came up watching Eddie Eagle so they can learn simple things like stop. Don’t touch leave the the area. Tell an adult I bought the tapes and my kids loved them growing up because there was a cartoon and to this day they’ll tell you oh yeah those are cool. I learned a lot and and they had gone to people’s houses where there was a gun and they just left it alone because we had already taught them now back to nick again after I showed him. The first guy went and got the second we literally literally did that with every single firearm we own. He was able to touch them all. Hold them all look at them all he was taught how to you make them all safe how to safely handle them and then when he was done. We put them all back away. Do you know that as he was growing up he never ever once again asked me to see all the guns and he was never curious about guns because I took into the range when he was five years old and I taught him how to shoot a twenty two. I have taught my children at the age of five how to shoot by taking them to the shooting gallery at the range and teaching them how to shoot a twenty two rifle under my very close guidance.

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My kids are not over curious about guns because to them guns are a daily part of life just as they were when I was growing up and as a result they’re not so fascinated that they’re going to sneak over and try to get into the gun safe. I have to look at go. Daddy’s guns or take them and go places with them or whatever the case if they WANNA see. The gun says I told them when they were small and I asked me about this if you ever WanNa. CNN The guns all you have to do is ask me and you have to look at them. While I’m there and we’ll meet you can look at any of the guns you want anytime you want as long as I’m there and as long as you asked ask me I well now. It’s no longer forbidden fruit and my kids were raised around firearms. I started nick hunting. When he first expressed an interest when he was about I think he was just old enough to take the hunter safety courses at ten years old and we went out and we did some hunting and he he was into shotgun sports anyway so I really enjoy I doing that now. I have other kids who expressed a desire to hunt at different ages and so you get them out there and you get them to do that but again it goes back to investing investing the time and having the patience to raise the kids not just grow shooting straight and always is right on target. This is a gun guy he podcast now. I WANNA clarify Rafael before I go any further with this that I am by. No means trying to lecture anyone. It may come across away and I apologize. I think it’s because this is something nothing every passionate about. We have to take care of the next generation. So if you feel like I’m lecturing you I apologize. It is certainly not my desire to do do that but I I’m very cognizant of the fact that the vast majority of people I meet as I go through my life grow oh they’re kids. Raising kids has become a lost art if you will a loss skill. I don’t see that many people doing it and I don’t see that many people engaging with their kids at all. My Wife is a speech language pathologist. She deals with little kids all the time and and she’s been in the school districts birth pretty much thirty years and she will tell you exactly the same thing few and far between are the parents who actually invest the time to raise their kids. They invest time to be emotionally present for their kids or investor our time to answer their kids question. You’re GonNa say what do you mean by answering your kids question. Whether or two great books about that one is called captivating and the other one is called. Auld wild at heart so you may want to look for those captivating and wild at heart one of the things I learned it from wild at heart was that young boys need to I know from their father that they are strong that they’re capable that there can grow up to be men. Young boys are full of adventure. That’s why when Nick was small all everything was a sword or a gun or whatever a bow and Arrow or whatever and I didn’t stop him and say that’s wrong. Everything was those I think I’ll never forget nick coming home one day and saying to me while he was in elementary school. That kid was picking on him wanted to know what to do. I should well. Did you talk to your teacher. He said Yeah I said did you talk talked to the principal. Yeah I said as the kids still picking on yeah. I should well try it again. Talk to your teacher and tell him he’s still picking on you. That doesn’t work talk to the principal telling me still picking on you but at the the end of the day if he ever puts a hand on Ya slug him knock him down. I’ve got your back. He looked at me stunned. He should really I should yeah. I’ve got your back on you. Defend Yourself. You’re a young boy. You’RE GONNA grow up to be a fine man. You don’t need to be doormat. I’ve got your back well. It wasn’t a couple of weeks later and the same kid decided to pick on him and he knocked him flat and of course I got got a call from the principal. Who’s who his name was bill. I won’t say his last name and I knew bill and he knew me pretty well and he said well. I’m calling you because nick hit this boy in Blah Blah Blah and I said well I get it. Why did he hit him. Well you know he has reported. The boy’s been picking on him a lot and I said well. Did you do anything about it. Well we did talk to the boys parents and so I said okay so what you’re telling me the answer’s. No you didn’t do anything about it. Yes but we don’t condone violence in the school. I should find and protect the kids if you’re not going to protect the kids and they need to protect themselves. I said where did this happen. He said well they were on their way home and we heard about it and and we just wanted to talk to you about it. I said okay so what you’re telling me is this did not happen on the school campus. Bush he said No. It happened while they’re on the way home I said so. Why are you calling me well. We’re responsible for the kids. From the time they leave the school till the time they get home and I should bill. Oh that’s absurd.

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Are you going to walk with my son from the moment he leaves the school until he walks all the way to my house. Are you going to get it. Put Him in your car and drive him home. Are you going to patrol troll over there and make sure those kids are safe so we don’t have time to do that. I said then get off my phone and that was the end of that and what my son learned from that is dad has his back back first of all and secondly is he doesn’t have to be a doormat. He can defend himself now. He also learned along the way that if you’re out of line if you’re wrong dad’s GONNA call you on it and he’s not going to have your back and defend you about something that you did. That was wrong if you’re wrong. You’re wrong that in high school when one of his favourite teachers contacted me and said that he’s not doing well in class and wanted to know how I I wanted to address it and I stood there and said well. Jeremy Jeremy Hirsch was his name the instructor I love him. He was great. I said Mr Hirsch if he’s not doing well in the class. Failing Nick was standing there. I thought Mr her she was going to fall over in a dead fade. He said you’re twenty years of teaching. You’re the first parents who has ever told me to fail their kid. I said you know what some of the best lessons are learned through painful failure if he doesn’t learn what it is to fail he’ll never know what it is to succeed well. He succeeds because he’s learned what it is to fail now as a result he didn’t fail the class but Jeremy Hirsch has told me many times as I run into him over over the years that I was his favourite parent but again this comes down to how was that acceptable to my son because my son and I have always he’s been like peas and carrots just as I’ve been with all my kids if he was interested in basketball than I was interested in basketball. He was interested in karate than I was interested in karate if he was interested interested. I got one child WHO’s interested in photography while I’m interested in photography. I don’t care what they’re interested in. Whatever interesting find I am interested in that because I’m interested in my child and spend time with them with it because I’m fascinated by my kids. I love them and I want them to to grow and be great people all so I’ll spend the time and spend the effort so well my wife and this is part of raising kids rather than just growing them and that’s why I’m illustrating illustrating the point. I think it’s very very important that we’re involved with our kids. Were involved with our team with our with our grandkids that we spend the time and that we don’t who was it that one said nobody goes to their grave and says gee. I’m happy I didn’t spend any time with my kids are G. I want to spend more time at work no they. They have regrets saying and she. I wish I had have spent time with my kids or I wish I would have done so and so or such and such. We didn’t want to have that happen. We wanted to raise strong a powerful confident Americans who were law abiding contributing members of society and the only way you get that is if you spend the time to raised as a result. My kids know what the Second Amendment is. What the First Amendment Second Amendment Third Amendment Amendment Fifth Amendment six amendment. They know what they all. Do they know what they say and they didn’t learn at the school. They learned it from us so I encourage you likewise if you’re raising your kids or your helping raise your grandkids or just spending time with them. I wanted right to share with you what the influence was my grandparents had on me and I mentioned my grandfather’s. I didn’t mention my grandmother’s but they both had a huge influence on me. I mentioned mentioned my dad. I didn’t mention my mom. I should have my mom had a huge influence on me. It was very positive. Did she make mistakes that he made mistakes sure they all did. Do we make mistakes of of course but that’s where we get to grow apologize. Learn and go on like I’ve taught my kids from. They were very very small. You win or you learn you only lose. If you refused to learn something around along the way that’s that’s how we grow human beings we win and if we don’t win then we have learned something and go back and try again and feel. Oh free to apologize to our kids and say you know I really messed that up and then what they see is that dad or mom is an honest person who admits their mistakes and keeps keeps on trying and they learn to do the same anyway. I know that wasn’t specifically gun-related but sometimes we have to talk about how we’re going to save. This is country by saving the family because if we don’t save the family if we don’t raise the next generation of Americans who understand their you’re right on are willing to defend them than we have already lost. I encourage you if you’re not already doing that. Well this is an opportunity for you to to to learn and grow and go do likewise amen so there you are now if you’re listening on the syndicated podcast. I’m going to wrap up this part of the podcast here. If you’re patriotic stick with me because we’re going to continue we’re gonNA talk about a battery of guns and what it means to have a battery of guns and I’ll tell you about mine.

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That’ll be kind of cool up. Thank you very much for listening once again. If we’re wrapping the PODCAST I WanNa thank you for listening. Please check us out on Patriot where you can hear here the balance of the podcast anytime you’d like if you want to help us out there in the meantime wherever you go whatever you do please be safe when you’ve been listening to the GunGunTV podcast.

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