Take Heart! We Are Winning! – Episode 55

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  • Don’t let the media and the Chicken Littles fool you. Things are much better than they seem!

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Take Heart! We Are Winning! Episode 55

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Get ready for certified. Usda prime gun stuff on the Gun Guy TV test Hi this is Joel Singer the gun guy. Thank you very much for all of your support of Gun Guy TV and for listening to this podcast. I’m very grateful that you listen and watch watch and support all the things we do here at Gun Guy TV. It’s a great encouragement to me personally and I hope the what we’re doing is also encouraging you as a matter of fact fact that is pretty much. My goal with this episode of the podcast is to bring you some encouragement considering we see so much negativity out there so the I they were GonNa talk about in the first half. Hour of the podcast is an experience I had at the range just yesterday with a gentleman who was so negative it was just tough to be around found him and also some things in the second part of the podcast. I’m seeing in my own life as I go to the rain and to church and other places and just meet eight people who were previously antigun who aren’t anymore. I’ll tell you some of those stories but before we get started. Let me remind you that the first half of the podcast the first half an hour is syndicated on your favorite podcast player and we’ll also post a sort of video version on Youtube and the various places where we post videos for gun guy. TV The second part of the podcast appears on Patriae on only so if you’d like to hear the second half an hour that’s where you’re going to have to subscribe on Patriae on an you’ll find the link to patriots and our page on Patriot in the description if you can’t find that you certainly can find it on our website at Gun Guy Dot TV now. Let’s get started. If you’re like me. You’ve gone to the range at any time recently or within the last year to you’ve probably run into some individual with a range who is Mr Negative. There’s a Mr negative everywhere you go. I call him chicken littles for them. The Sky is always falling. It’s never ever a good day and everything is going wrong. Well yesterday. I was at the range just shooting some video on some products reviewing and there was this fellow there who was chicken little he was Mr Negative. When I first got there he was being mister. Negative was some other guy who was shooting next to him on the rifle range and then when that guy left he he came over and tried to be mister negative with me for him. California is a lost cause California’s going to ban semiautomatics California Blah Blah. Ah Blah Blah Blah California’s horrible California he just went off and off off off about California until it was obvious that I wasn’t going to engage in the negativity and then he sort of got the hit at some point and walked away a little later on there was a gentleman who was putting up some targets or whatever that this fellow thought thought he shouldn’t be doing and so he started barking at the guy and you know trying to get him attention to let him know that what he was doing was not the right thing and that wasn’t working so he came over to me to to get me involved and Kinda. Pull me into this negative zone that he’s an I said to him well. Look you know what that’s between you and him I’m just sitting here eating my lunch Russian minding my own business and it wasn’t. I don’t know an hour later. He’s still on a range. She’s run out of people to be negative with so he comes over because I’m chatting with the guy next next to me who was had just moved into the state and he announces hey did you see something on the news whatever stories on the news about about the NRA and Wayne Lop Lafayette off yet and I said well actually slop ear and he well yeah yeah yeah yeah and then he goes on. He tells me all the negative stuff that for him apparently is new. How about the various and sundry violations that Wayne Lapierre’s been accused of where the NRA is concerned over the last month or two again an LOP here. Was this slop here. was that the. NRA is dead the NRA this NRA that Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. The world is coming to an end. The Sky’s falling the sky is falling this guy the longer he talked the more. I was envisioning him shape shifting into a little chicken that you might call chicken little all he was was negatively now. I want to just share with you that sometimes each chip us is chicken little. We all have a little chicken little. Ns I certainly do and there are times. When we have negative day or there are times when we focus on the negative would just do that’s part of being inhuman we tend to go toward the negative human beings and that’s that’s understandable thing we absolutely do that. I know we do that. You know we do that. I know I I do that. Sometimes my wife remind me that I’m being very negative about this and that and then I have to go back and try to change my thinking and and his evidence of the fact that this is a common thing for generations in fact for thousands of years people have been writing things making songs whatever they could come up with to try to talk the average person into changing their thinking and no longer focusing on just the negative because because what we find out is if we stop focusing on the negative we start to see the positive that is actually there.

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You know some years back many decades back a gentleman named Norman Vincent Peale’s feel actually re wrote. A book called the power of positive thinking it was one of my grandpa Charlie’s favorite books because it helped him stay focused. My GRANDPA Charlie was a a real estate investor in real estate guy and so on he wanted to stay focused on the things he was doing to help himself become successful so he really liked. Norman Vincent Appeals Book The power of positive thinking in fact he bought me a copy at one point and gave it to me because he felt that my thinking it was a little askew and I think he was right and then they’re you know there’s also been songs written. You may remember the old song accentuate the positive that was performed by Bing crosby and the Andrews sisters they got to the positive view negative latte John and to the dome mess with Mister Inbetween you you got display up to the maximum. Bring Lou now dude amid has all planned random walk on the sea repair that she weighed the positive the man Straw Yup Mr game between US commitment that whole song was all about changing your thinking and beginning. I think in a more positive way that’s the whole reason why the song existed two thousand years ago. I don’t hide the fact that I’m a Christian by the way I talk about it a lot. I’m a devout Christian and one of the things Jesus taught us in the Bible was that we are the light of the world. Nobody takes a light and push it under a bowl instead. They put it up on a on a table and let it light up the whole room so he said let your light shine so I’m going to share with you. A scripture from Filipions for the talks about accentuating the positive and thinking about positive things accentuating the positive is is something that we don’t naturally do human beings as I mentioned and even two thousand some odd years ago the Bible tells us that’s something we ought to do in Philippians for chapter four it says rejoice in the Lord always I will say it again. Rejoice let your gentleness onus be evident to all the Lord is near do not be anxious about anything but in every situation by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present your request to God the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus and then he talks about changing our thanking finally brothers and sisters who says US whatever is true. Whatever is noble whatever is right whatever is pure whatever is lovely whatever is admirable if anything is excellent excellent or praiseworthy think about such things this teaching us that we are naturally negative and we we we really it takes effort it really. Does it takes effort to get up in the morning. Get your coffee. Get your breakfast. Go out the door and decide to try. Try to be positive today because every time we walk out the door. It’s an adventure negativities isn’t it. You know there’s a great line from the Lord of the Rings. I forget which movie but yeah I think it’s Bilbo who says Frodo or the reverse. I don’t remember the old one says it to the young when Frodo my lad. It’s a dangerous thing walking out your front door piece absolutely right. It is a dangerous thing walking out the front door when you do. You’RE GONNA run into somebody. That’s negative now. I do want to let you know one thing about these chicken. littles and this gentleman is probably the same mm-hmm because the obvious tell there was at the range. He didn’t know Wayne Lapierre’s name he thought it was a Wayne Lafayette and I’m not picking on him in particular about that but it is an indicator that he he had no idea what he was talking about anybody everybody in the country who’s been involved in the battle battle for the second amendment and I mean involved not just you know commiserating at the range but actually joining organizations calling their their senators and Congress congresspeople and local state officials and part of Anti Second Amendment Organization if you’ve done anything anywhere to fight in the battle you know who Wayne Lapierre is as you know what he looks like what he sounds like.

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You’ve seen him on television a million times and you know his name. You’re not confused about what his name is or how to say it. This gentleman didn’t know his name and was confused as to how to say which tells me that there’s a strong likelihood that this fellow who is being chicken little under range is not involved in the actual battle to save the second amendment nor has he ever been more than likely. He’s been sitting on the sidelines armchair quarterbacking what everybody does for a very very a long long time so if that’s you gotTa admit at one point. It was me okay not anymore. Obviously I spend a lot of my time on gun guy. TV and it cost me more money than I make so it’s certainly not me but if that’s U I urge you get off that armchair good off that couch get yourself involved and I think you’re doing that simply by listening to this podcast and listening to me drone on I’m grateful so hang in there because I’m going to give you some positive things. We’re going to get out of the negative zone now. I’m GonNa give you some positive things about California -fornia. NRA and the fight for your Second Amendment in just a minute now one thing you can do to help gun. Guy TV is support us in many any many ways. There’s a whole lot of ways to do that. You can shop Amazon using our Amazon link. You’ll find that at our website at gun guide DOT TV you can use second call defense if you’d like as your concealed carry and Firearms Self-defense Insurance it’s the it’s the company that I use and we recommend them and they actually have a an affiliate relationship with us now so someone signs up for second call defense. We actually get a little marketing fee. You can do that as well on our website at gun guide dot TV just click on the Second Amendment Amendment or Second Call Defense Tab and do that you can also if you’re in California and you’re interested in the security business or you want do any training as a security officer for your licensing you can do that at practical defense systems which is a company my wife and I own and that helps us because practical defense systems is the company that is a major agers sponsor for Gun Guy TV all the money that it takes to run gun guy TV aside from things that are donated on Patriots. The other places comes from from the business. We own practical defense system so that’s the major sponsor and I urge you to support us. They’re likewise. I just mentioned if you want to hear the rest of the podcast you can always check it out on Patriots on if you do that then you get not only the audio podcasts awful audio podcast but if you contributed a high enough level you also get the BI monthly. That’s twice a month. I think is by monthly or semi monthly anyways twice a month video podcasts that I do in which I actually do some training and educational videos for gun owners so check all those things out and if you like any of them I urge you to sign up for one or use one or whatever that helps support gun guy TV and helps us. Keep keep the thing going. We would really appreciate your help shooting straight and always right on target. This is a gun guy he podcast and now I promised you that I would give you some positives to think about so that we’re not always accentuating the negative. Remember that song accentuate the positive all right. Let’s look at California first of all now. Yes California is a mess. That’s a that’s the truth. California has some very strict firearms infringements laws in California infringe upon the rights of law law abiding gun owners. It is not the worst state in the union where that’s concerned but it’s it’s running a close second or third there. There are worse. New York is really bad. New Jersey’s really bad and so on but California’s not quite as bad as those places but it is very bad and it’s in the news a lot because we have a brand new governor governor Gavin nuisance okay his name is Gavin newsom but I call him Gavin nuisance because he is a staunch anti gun owner and he is working very hard to destroy the state of California’s just as he helped destroy the city of San Francisco and other things that he has been in charge of at one point or another her so in his effort to wipe out the state of California with Liberalism Socialism and whatever he’s also working very hard to destroy the second amendment however however there are a lot of good things happening in California you just don’t know about them and most people don’t because they’re not really paying attention for example every every Second Amendment Infringing Line California is currently in court. Did you know that I mean California’s being sued for each and every one of these things and you ask yourself well who’s suing. NRA National Rifle Association California Rifle and Pistol Association the Second Amendment Foundation The gun owners of California the Firearms Policy Coalition cow guns. I think there’s a small group here in San Diego where I live San Diego County fold gun owners of San Diego or San Diego gun owners. I could never get it straight eight and I’m pretty sure they’re involved in a lawsuit. I don’t know which one but even like the little local organizations like that are involved. There are groups. There’s a group Ah West covina which is in Los Angeles County.

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I think they’re called. West Covina concealed carry or something like that they get involved in these things lots of groups like that that are involved in and filing suits against the state of California or for that matter against local cities and city councils and so on those battles are ongoing. We’re actually having some victories victories now. Some of the victories I gotTa tell you did not look like victories but the results of having these lawsuits occur and the cost associated associated with them have yielded some outstanding results. I’ll give you one example that is the Peruta case in which Ed Peruta sued the San Diego County Sheriff’s department because he had applied for a concealed carry permit and been denied because he was only a part time resident of the county well He. He took that case all the way almost to the supreme in court quite get there got to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which we call the nutty ninth or the Kangaroo Court. I’ve got some good news about that as well here in just a minute and then at some point or other the sheriff loss and the sheriff one and Ed Peruta loss and that Peru one and it got to the point where the sheriff just didn’t WanNA spend any money on it anymore and he said look. I’m the last time he lost you so I’m not fighting this anymore. I’m going to do whatever the law says well. Eventually Peruta loss that case at the at the ninety ninth however what’s happened since then and I think in large part because of that case is there are a tremendous number of county sheriff’s from the State of California who are now issuing permits to carry concealed to their county residents on a pretty much a shall issue basis. Another law has not changed in California. It’s still a May issue state which essentially assigns the concealed carry issuance to the local law enforcement authority which by and large is the sheriff and says the Sheriff may issue a permit to a resident of their counties law-abiding over twenty one and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. If the sheriff wants to pretty much is what the law says well. Most of the sheriff’s now are issuing for simple self-defense. Go in your resident of the county. You’re over twenty one year law-abiding abiding citizen. You’re not a prohibited person and you apply for the permit and you get one for simple self defense in San Diego where it was very restricted before in this county the sheriff now issues not for simple self defense but darn close. It’s nowhere is difficult to obtain a permit from the San Diego County Kenley Sheriff’s department as it used to be. I Credit Ed Peruta and his case against the San Diego County sheriff’s department for that none of these sheriffs wanted to to have to face the bill societas with fighting a case all the way to the Supreme Court which is what the San Diego County Sheriff’s department had to do now it didn’t make it to the the supreme court but it’s still cost them a fortune and they just didn’t want to fight it anymore. So as a result in California if you’re California resident there are only three or or four counties that do not issue the rest of them do and there are fifty eight counties in the State of California now to answer the obvious question case. You don’t have to be in California or you. Don’t know when you get a permit issued by Your County Sheriff that permit as valid throughout the state so while the county of Los Angeles does is not issue my permit issued by the San Diego County Sheriff’s department and I can lawfully carry in Los Angeles however if you’re a Los Angelino resident of Los Angeles County you cannot permit and so you can’t carry so that’s the that’s one of the reasons why this is also working its way into in and out of court because to any any sensible person that is a violation of equal protection under the law but again. It’s the courts that make these things happen sometimes when we can’t get them change at the ballot box. I should also mention that this battle by Peruta also caused some sheriffs to retire someday change their mind and some quite frankly to be replaced by the voters voters so that in most of the counties of California concealed carry permits are fairly simple to get now. We’re not a constitutional carry state. The law hasn’t changed aged shall issue but from a practical perspective the issuing policy of the sheriffs has changed dramatically and that is a very positive thing is a win now on another subject recently judge. Benitez put a halt to the enforcement of the magazine Band. We very recently had as part of a gun. Magadan the ban on magazines come in a completely for anything over ten rounds. Previously there was a ban on them but if you had them prior to the ban they we’re still legal to possess and then they changed the launch. I Dunno even those grandfathered ones Ozora legal to you have to get rid of those well Benitez through that out and so honestly every law enforcement individual. I speak to tells me that the current magazine ban is completely uninformed and honestly most cops don’t care and don’t even bother they’re trying because millions of those things were brought into the state during the one week in which Judge Bananas Stay on the enforcement of the law was in effect back now.

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He’s sense has stopped his decision from carrying forth long enough for it to be appealed but nevertheless all those magazines purchase during those times are legal and there’s no way to tell them. Am from whatever magazines somebody may have had before whatever magazines somebody may sneak into the state in the meantime the bottom line regardless is that the law is completely completely uninformed at this point unless you’re a prohibited person and you’ve got them got a gun. You can’t have and then they’ve also got the magazines and yeah okay. They’re probably going to try to do something with that but other than that. If you’re a law abiding citizen there’s you’re not. GonNa get in trouble because of magazines. There’s no way they can do anything with it. Also last week there was a motion filed requesting questing an injunction against the recent amel restrictions overpass to require you to do a background check and all that kind of stuff and believe it or not as far as I could read this morning that injunction. Shen was filed with the same court that gave us the victory over the magazine so it’s very likely that we may see victory there now. Let’s talk about courts arts share just because this is a big bright spot to president. Trump is still president now. You may not like president trump if you don’t. I’m I’m astounded because I’ve gotten to the point where I actually like him quite a bit but whether you like him or not here’s the truth of it since taking office. President Donald J trump has nominated one hundred ninety three individuals the federal judgeships one hundred and forty six of whom have been confirmed and are now sitting Federal Judges Watch this in spite of all of those he is appointed one hundred forty six that have been confirmed there are still as of July thirty first of this year one hundred and twenty three vacancies in the Federal Enroll Judiciary for the president to fill it is vital that president trump be reelected for a second term if for for no other reason than he can fill the remaining vacancies in the federal system. Why is this important well. I mentioned the nutty ninth the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Appeals and how crazy it has been. It’s been the most overturns court of appeals in the nation for a long long time well donald trump is appointed an awful lot of people to that court as a result hold. The landscape of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has changed dramatically rather than being a rubber stamp court for every Liberal whack-job anti-gun anti-american American thing anybody wants to do it is now a fifty fifty split court which means it’s fifty percent whack-job Bob fifty percent conservative constitutional justice. It’s no longer a rubber stamp and as far as I know there are still a couple of vacancies or maybe a few vacancies on that court for Donald Trump to fill and he’s no longer following this blue chip nonsense blue slip nonsense where he’s got to get approval for these justices this from our wacky senators Kamala Harris or Dianne Feinstein he just two points that we want to point and Mitch McConnell who I’ve not particularly elite enamored with but I will say he’s a great job with justices has been ramming these justices through the Senate the entire time. The president has been the president so it’s super important that Donald Donald Trump reelected and that we maintain control of the Senate under Mitch McConnell because he’s getting this job done. Republicans have got to hold the Senate now the other thing I will tell you to is that trump. He’s he promised initially to secure and protect the Second Amendment Rights of Americans and for the most part I would say with exception of the bump stock and some other issues. He has done that now. The bump stock was a big mistake if you ask me on his part but he did it. I don’t know that it’s really taken much effect as point is working on it but in this whole aftermath of essentially three big shootings in Aerob- one right after another many people harmed horrible terrible incidents incidence and all the call for gun control and all the call for universal background checks and all the call for banning what people WANNA call assault weapons and semiautomatic firearms virus and so on it is true that Donald Trump has made some statements where it sounds like he might be slightly interested in looking at some of those but there have been some recent stories on the news several of them that I’ve read over the last couple of days that have shown that Donald Trump has lost interest in doing that after confirming conferring with NRA talked to Wayne Lapierre not not Lafayette by the way on the phone. He’s spoken to other second amendment advocates. I’m fairly sure that he spoke to the Second Amendment Foundation and others his this view on. This apparently has changed. There is a story today actually three or four. I’m just GONNA mention this one story today in the daily beast which is entitled after mass shootings trump loses interest in gun control quote. He’s started to move on unquote officials say so apparently White House officials have let it be known that the president is not interested in gun control.

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He might have talked about it but he is not interested in it and so the chances are that has the memory fades a little bit and the news has other things to talk about that. The president has conferred with his allies. You and I are among them and was second. Second Amendment supporters the Second Amendment organizations he made promises to and at this point he has no interest in gun control well the Senate and the house can pass whatever they want. If the president won’t shine it then sorry about that. It isn’t going to happen now. I’M GONNA be right back in a second and let you know the good news about the National Rifle Association that you’re not hearing and then we’ll wrap up this part of the podcast but just give me one second to remind you of one thing and that is is that Gun Guy TV is here for you. We do this for you. This is a labor of love on the part of my son and I he is an electrician by trade so oh he’s working a lot a lot of times. I have to do this completely on my own but wherever he can help me and whenever he can he does and I’m very grateful for Knicks help. He’s a fine young man and he loves the the Second Amendment loves his country and you know frankly he’s hard worker to Gerald construction trade. You Work Pretty hard and lately he’s been. He’s been working pretty hard right. He’s back in school again as well so wherever he can help me he does but I do want you to know that it does cost money so any support any of those ways. I ask you to support gun guy. TV that you’re are willing to do we certainly do appreciate you’ll find links to all of those on our website at Gun Guy Dot TV the opinions expressed by the Gun die are always bright unless they’re all getting back to the national rival association and and Mr Wayne Lapierre all right first of all Wayne Lapierre whatever you may think of him has done some tremendous things at the NRA. If he is guilty of the many things he’s been accused of the fact that he’s done great things at the NRA are not an excuse for malfeasance or for moving money around and directions. You shouldn’t be moving it or getting your wife’s hairdo taken care of or are taking care of some chicken a condo somewhere or burning up twenty thousand dollars dollars pursuit or funneling money here here and there and the other places the fact. They’ve done a great job in some respects. Do not excuse these other behaviors now. I don’t don’t know Wayne Lapierre’s. I have never met him. I don’t know anything about him other than what you know what I see in his public appearances and what I’ve read Ed in the accusations against him. That’s all I know so. I don’t have any inside. Info here but I can tell you that at this point it certainly appears that regardless of whether other Wayne Lapierre’s guilty of these things are not he has become a liability to the national rifle association and he needs to go there. You are now. I’m not being negative. I’m just stating the obvious and it seems like he’s hanging on doesn’t want to go. I get it so he probably will have to be dragged out of the building kicking and screaming coming all the way. It doesn’t sound like he’s GonNa step up to the plate and then volunteer to go. I hope he does but maybe not but here’s the deal the National Rifle Association Asian and Wayne Lapierre’s are not synonymous Wayne Lapierre’s one man and if you take the board of directors of members of the board who’ve been accused accused of nefarious things they are individuals a very small group of individuals among an association made up of five plus million the people. I am a life member of the National Rifle Association. I am one of those five plus million people you probably are too and just because he NRA NRA leadership is screwed up doesn’t mean that the five plus million members are screwed up to just because he NRA leadership is a mass S. and some of it needs to be replaced doesn’t mean that the five plus million members aren’t engaged in the battle. It does not mean that the five plus million members are not going to be on the phone sending letters doing all the things they normally do attending rallies and that kind of stuff now what it may mean is up to five plus million members are not sending the money to the NRA when they ask for it. I’m not I’m a life member of NRA. I’m proud to be a life member of NRA aben member of array for a very very long time. My wife is a life member of NRA. We Are you know we support. NRA as a as an organization as a concept do I support Wayne Lapierre. No I think he needs to go. Do I support not people who’ve been accused of these things. No I think they need to go but the NRA is still the National Rifle Association and I and the NRA in fact frankly the as a life member of one of those one of those five point whatever million members I’m more important than Wayne Lop here because I’m not going one anywhere and I haven’t been accused of any improprieties so I’m still engaged in the battle on.

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I I encourage you by letting you know that the other five five million plus folks who are members probably use well are also still engaged in the battle so NRA’s and organization is just an organizational channel structure under which five point whatever million of US come together and agree and and work and do things well that still still exists now if you don’t WanNa send NRA money. I don’t send them any money because I’m not sending them money until they get their act together but I’m not I’m also not going to abandon them and lose and lose my membership. You don’t want to send them any money. That’s fine guess what when I was a kid when I first became an NRA member. Ra was pretty much the only deal in town. I mean they were the Second Amendment Organization available to join on a national basis but that’s no longer the case. There’s gun owners of America. Do you know the gun owners of America’s first. I I know has two plus million members. I remember when the NRA had two plus million members and they wanted to grow it and there was Charlton Heston trying to make that happen. Jio A has two plus million members by the way I am a life member of gun owners of America so I am one of those two plus million members of of gun owners of America Justice. I’m one of those five plus million members of the National Rifle Association and gun owners of America is growing so let’s say you’re upset that was NRA. Don’t kill your membership. If you’re a member. Keep your membership current but go give your money. You’re going to give money. Give it to g away because they’re not screwed up there. You’re you’re not. GonNa get squared away. We can give money back to them again. If that’s what you WANNA do there’s also the Second Amendment Foundation. They do a tremendous job in court court. They have won so many great victories in court for the Second Amendment if I can’t I don’t have time to list them all for you actually overtime a little but right now. I think and I and I just don’t have the time to listen for you but let me I want to let you know I am a life member of the Second Amendment Foundation. You should be a member of SAF AF two. It’s very very inexpensive join and they need all the support they can get. They do a lot of lawsuits. You WanNa give some money to somebody. Give it to the Second Amendment Foundation. You don’t like them. Guess what there’s a national shooting sports foundation yes. I know you’re hearing it coming right. I am a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation now now. I’m a media member. I used to be a member member now. I’m a media member. I don’t know somehow I became part of. The media got me on how that happened but it did so now. I’m a media Liam member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. I’m still a member and NSF does great work on the part of members of the Second Amendment Community who owned gun stores and shooting ranges and manufacturers and so on a represent them but you can also be a member if you’d like and you certainly can contribute their look back in addition to these national organizations which is what those are an Ira Geo a SAF NSF. Those are all national organizations but there’s also local organizations in your local area in Myers. I said earlier there’s San Diego. Gun owners are gun owners of San Diego. Never keep a straight. I’m not a member of that organization station. I’ve not really pursued it. Perhaps I should I have it but but you know if I get a chance between work and everything else I will look into that but I am a member of the he’s California rifle and Pistol Association as a matter of fact. I’m a life member of the California rifle and Pistol Association. I’m also a member of gun owners of California. Which is the local affiliate of gun owners of America. Now I’m not a life member of gun owners of California and only for one reason and that is that they don’t offer a life membership but I’m an annual member number which is the only kind of membership they have and contribute to them periodically additionally the company that my wife and I own we contribute to different electoral campaigns pains if we have the money to do it now that makes me sound like a millionaire or something. I didn’t say we contribute millions. I mean maybe we contribute one hundred bucks. Maybe we contribute two hundred bucks. Maybe we contribute fifty bucks axe but we’re gonNA contribute where we can because we’re in the battle so want to encourage you that just because. NRA leadership is having trouble right now first of all NRA members are still strong. They’re still powerful. They’re still faithful. They still love this country. They they still love the Second Amendment and they’re still involved and you are probably one of them and even if you aren’t and you don’t want to join. NRA NRA’s no longer the only a game in town. There’s a lot of other organizations which are awesome gun owners of America Second Amendment Foundation and SF in my home state of California gun owners of California California rifle and Pistol Association even the Firearms Policy Coalition. They’re great organization as well and in California. We also have CAL guns. There’s a view pick.

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The one that you feel is doing a great job and join it. You don’t WanNa be that chicken little guy at the range and whatever you do wherever you go however you’re doing things. Try to keep on the positive end of things. I know it’s tough because we’re looking at the news all the time on the news constantly negative but don’t forget the words of that song accentuate the positive eliminate the negative latch onto the affirmative don’t mess with Mister Inbetween. You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum. Bring Gloom. I’m down to the minimum. Have faith or pandemonium is liable to walk on the scene. If you’re still with me on Patriot I want you to hang on because we’re going to do the second part of the podcast the first part the syndicated podcast. We’re going to wrap up here so let me remind you one more time. Stay positive and be safe the you’ve been listening to the GunGuyTV podcast.

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