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  • San Francisco declared NRA a terrorist organization. It is? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the gun guy. TV podcast hi. This is Joel persinger. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much for listening to the gun guide TV podcast and for all of your support and all the things you do to support Gun Guy TV. I’m very very grateful Foale. I WanNa make sure that you know how grateful I am by the way this podcast is one hour long. Although the first half hour is free and it can be heard on your favorite podcast on cash player the second half an hour is on Patriot only so if you’d like to hear the entire podcast please subscribed patriotic. We’ll find the Lincoln the description. If you can’t can’t find it there you can go to our website at gun guide. Dot TV and you’ll find an entire page. I think dedicated to Patriot on you can go help us out. There does help us keep the podcast going all right the first half of the PODCAST. I want to address something. The San Francisco City officials did in designating the array array a domestic terrorist organization and then in the second half of the podcast. I’m going to talk about something less political and hopefully very encouraging and that is why is hunting which is something I love to do. Why is hunting important for us to do or for our kids to do or rush to know at least something about in our American can culture. We’ll talk about that in the second half but the first half again is dedicated to this article about what the San Francisco officials did and designated designating the National Rifle Association and as a domestic terrorist group and of course. It’s hypocritical as all get out. We’ll talk about that in a minute but the story which I’ll put a link to in the description of the podcast says the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday declaring the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization and urging other municipalities state and the federal government to do the same the resolution calls out the NRA for inciting acts of violence and spreading quote misinformation and propaganda propaganda unquote and encourages the city to assess and limit contracts with vendors affiliated with the NRA that stopped short though of putting in place any enforcement enforcement mechanisms or new regulations of course because if they tried to do that they’d get sued by NRA. They don’t WanNa do that. The article goes on to say and I quote the NRA conspires to limit gun violence research restrict gun violence data sharing and most importantly aggressively tries to block every piece of sensible danceable gun violence prevention legislation proposed on any level local state or federal said this Gal Supervisor Catherine Stefani who apparently is one who sponsored the measure so essentially what Katherine Stefani Reset is saying is that because the NRA disagrees with her fundamentally and fights her for every attempt to rob us of our constitutional rights they are a terrorist organization and by George. She’s GonNa make sure that the city declares them as such okay okay now look. I WanNa just take a few minutes here and talk about how incredibly silly that whole declaration is so first of all there there are five plus million American gun owners who are members of the National Rifle Association. I happened to be one of them. I’m a life member of the NRA. My wife is a life member of the NRA. Are we terrorists if we are. I didn’t know that we’re we’re honest. Law Abiding Americans. My wife is a speech and language language pathology. She works with little kids. She has for almost thirty years. We own a small business. We’re small business owners. I have this little podcast I we’re. NRA members numbers does that make us terrorists now because we happen to belong to the National Rifle Association by the way the NRA has over one hundred twenty five thousand instructor certified by the National Rifle Association as firearms instructors. I happen to be one of those so does my wife so does my son by the way and those sure civilian instructors. I don’t know if that counts the law enforcement certified instructors the ones that teach and train police officers and security officers throughout the United States. I happen to be one of those. Are we terrorist because we’re firearms instructor certified by the National Rifle Association which by the way in order to be a certified. NRA member yet AH instructor rather you sort of have to be an remember. Oh I should also mention the eight thousand some odd generate coaches who are certified coaches just to coach competitive shooting teams some of the host compete at the Olympic level. I happen to be a certified shotgun coach with the National National Rifle Association and I rather enjoy coaching shotgun sports trap and skeet and that kind of stuff does that make me a terrorist. Did you know that there are two thousand two hundred training counselors actually more than that that are certified by the National Rifle Association. These are the instructors instructors of instructors.

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These are the folks that teach and train. NRA instructors so that they can teach students effectively early on shooting disciplines. Ra is absolutely outstanding at doing this. I got you know it’s kind of curious about this and I looked up the NRA website in the about section. There’s a little blurb there. I thought was very interesting and I’ll read it to you. It says this is a quote from their website while widely recognized today is a major political medical force and as America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights the NRA has since its inception been the premier firearms education organization in the world but our successes would not be possible without the tireless efforts and countless hours of service are nearly five million members have given to champion Second Amendment Rights and support and are a programs as former Clinton spokesman George Stephanopoulos once said quote let me make one small vote for the NRA. They’re good citizens. They call their congressmen. They right they vote. They contribute and they get what they they want over time unquote that doesn’t sound like a terrorist group to me. I know it’s not a terrorist group. I’ve been an remember forever and a day. It’s ridiculous regular to think that the NRA is a terrorist organization. That’s the nuttiest thing anybody’s ever accused. NRA being and by the way so does she know the NRA is not an organization station in and of itself all by itself some loan thing the NRA’s made up of five some odd million American gun owners who happen to be members of the NRA array. I happen to as I mentioned to be one of them now. If you want to accuse someone of belonging to a terrorist group you would assume that that group promotes silence which the NRA obviously does not and that the members of that group carry out the violence that group promotes and yet rush limbaugh not too long ago made the statement not a single mass murder has been committed by an NRA member unquote. Do you know as far as I know Mr Limbaugh is right. Not a single mass murders ever been committed binary member. Wouldn’t you think if they were territory innovation. They would be doing terrorist things but they’re not however this is interesting to note. NRA members have stopped mash shooters. Stephen Wolford heard a plumber and NRA certified destructor stopped the mass shooter at the Sutherland Springs Texas Church and he was instantly famous having done now my understanding is that he still struggles goals emotionally with having to do what he did with the violence. He had to bring in order to stop the violence. Is that sound like a terrorist to you. I gotTa tell you it doesn’t sound like a terrorist to me. Sounds like an honest law-abiding American citizen who saw a heinous act being committed committed by a lunatic and stepped up to try to save as many people as he could in the process. He had to shoot another human being and that’s not something nothing. That’s sitting well with him. Shouldn’t I’m glad it’s not he would probably a Christian think less of himself if if it were if it didn’t bother him apparently it does and I’m proud of him. He is a member of the NRA was an NRA certified at instructor at one time certainly not a terrorist and certainly not a member of a terrorist organization. You know there are roughly flee estimated to be over eighty million gun owners in the United States eighty million over eighty million. That’s an amazing statement. That’s a lot of gun owners. That’s about one third of the population eighty million gun owners are they terrorists what about them now not not all of them belong to the NRA. That’s true but many of them a lot of them identify by themselves as members even though to not and that’s a fact when surveyed a lot of them will say I’m NRA member because they support the the Second Amendment and in their minds the number one defender of the Second Amendment is the National Rifle Association so they associate themselves with it even though they haven’t paid dues and become a member. Are they terrorists to. I don’t think so how about America’s hunters by the way I happened to be one of those according to the CNN news which is the this is the latest figure I could find in two thousand eleven there were thirteen point seven million hunters in the United States and that number went down for awhile seems to be coming coming back up and oddly enough a lot of the folks that are getting involved in hunting. Now are women a lot of the new gun owners in the United States are women a lot of the new concealed carry permit holders in the United States which without question are among the most law abiding people in the country and that has been proven over and over and over again concealed carry permit holders there gun owners obviously many of them members of the National Rifle Association.

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Are they terrorist to I don’t think so and you know you don’t think so and the truth. Earth is the city of San Francisco doesn’t think so either this is just an effort to try to bankrupt the NRA. They WANNA make sure that they’re taking every step they can to see that bids for contracting or that companies had happened to do business in San Francisco where there might be affected by the city refused. I used to do business with the National Rifle Association if they can possibly take the money away that will hurt the National Rifle Association in a big way and they know it. That’s why they’re going to do. This is not about declaring them a terrorist organization. They know full well. They’re not instead. It’s about the money follow the money. I’ll give you some specific perfect examples of what I’m talking about. In just a minute I wanNA point out the fact that with Walmart making the decision that they made recently to not sell guns anymore not sell amunition all those things that they’re doing that. We we might as gun owners want to start supporting retailers who actually support us and not the retailers who you don’t so if we’re going to buy ammunition. Let’s buy it from a retailer that supports the second amendment. If we’re going to buy guns let’s buy it from a retailer that supports the second amendment if we’re. GonNa buy hunting hunting gear or anything like that that is outdoor sports related or has anything to do with firearms or the second. Let’s do it with a company that supports the Second Amendment and I want you to know that sportsman’s guide has been supporting Gun Guy TV on Patriot fan for I think almost a year now. It’s not a a huge amount but it’s it’s more than most people do and they didn’t. I didn’t ask them. They’ve never ask for anything but they have a whole special deal now that they’re doing that is it’s really kind of cool and we’ll save you. Some money are urge you to check out sportsman’s guide. You’ll find a link in the description but you can also just search for them on duck duck. Go or whatever you news. I don’t use Google anymore and look for sportsman’s guide and I urge you to support them because they support you and that’s important. Let’s work with the people we know. Unlike entrust sportsman’s guide is certainly among them. This podcast needs your help. Send entire wallet to the Gun Guy Thirteen thirteen eighteen mockingbird lane translator now when it comes to robbing people of the money to shut them down look what Youtube Youtube for example does to gun channels or conservative channels or any channel that they disagree with they demonize the videos and try to pay them as little as humanly possible possible because they hoped to starve them out. They found that cancelling the channels doesn’t work. It blows up in their face. They’ve found that demonizing the video and embracing video co doesn’t work at blows up in their face but what can they do. They can say well. You know our advertisers. Don’t like to advertise on that content so we’re just not. GonNa put ads there but you can put the content up if you want. They figured out they can’t make you go away one way so they’ll starve to death and make go away another. That’s exactly what this attempt by. The City Council of San Francisco is because look at it logically. What about Antiga for that matter look. Let’s face it if you unless you live in a cave and you don’t look at the news you know that Antifa riots and commits violence on a regular basis they call him protests but I can’t tell you how many Antigua riots I’ve seen and and how much footage I’ve seen of them beating up people and abusing people and attacking cars and all kinds of things as the city of San Francisco declared Antifa a terrorist group. I don’t think thanks Oh not that. I’m aware of and you gotta ask why not in fact the San Francisco Chronicle published a pro ANTIFA OP ED in September of two thousand thousand six seventeen entitled. We are all ANTIFA that was the title we are all ANTIFA seriously that was in the San Francisco Chronicle. This is the same city that has now declared you if you’re an NRA member or you if you’re a gun owner. Are you if you simply disagree with them a terrorist that’s nuts. I don’t see an array members committing terrorist actor causing violence or even calling for violence but of course you know the left never calls for violent. They never do that right well. How about that time. Eric swallow well well. Democrat from California running for the presidency of the United States threatened to go nuclear on gun owners literally how about Maxine Maxine Waters Democrat from California Representative in the House of Representatives. She said this anybody that Cabinet Iraq department store gas station.

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You yeah ask to my knowledge. The city of San Francisco is not labeled either of them terrorists nor should they. I don’t think they are terrorists but they certainly have espoused violence. They certainly have called for violence. Both of them not something. NRA does not something NRA members do that. I’m aware of maybe there might be an individual remember. That’s done it but I know an awful lot of NRA members. There’s an I’ve been a member a long time and certainly the National Rifle Association as an organization does not call for violence the anti-freedom Anti Anti Second Amendment anti-constitution American hating left are constantly blaming others for the very things they regularly do and I think sometimes we lose track of that. We lose sight of that but here’s some examples that I’ve already given you. I’m just going to work a different way. NRA members are not rioting in the streets. They’re not beating up people. Who Disagree did you notice that. Butt Antifa does it all the time remember not threatening to use nuclear weapons against fellow Americans skins but Eric Swale welded it. He’s a Democrat from California. NRA members are not calling for people to Harass Casto’s with whom they disagree chasing them out of public places and terrorizing them in their homes but Democratic Congressional Representative maxine seen waters not only did it but she does it in a later speech. He said and I quote I threatened trump’s supporters all the time. She’s proud of it. These folks are completely totally utterly hypocritical and there without shame in their own hypocrisy they accuse you and I are doing things they themselves do and things they know. We don’t do why the general public false for that scam. I don’t don’t know but a lot of them. Do It’s important that you don’t. They’re not the only ones by the way I really get a kick out of the Hollywood types who do it. They do it all the time. It’s not just the politicians gosh that I mentioned. I mean the Hollywood types. Do this stuff all the time you just all. You have to watch the news for day. You’re going to come up with a great example of how outlandish and totally hypocritical they can be and the statements that they can make about gun owners the second amendment that make no sense at one guy. WHO’s really that way silvester stallone now? I have not heard Mr. Stallone alone make such statements lately but he’s really made some crazy statements in the past and when you look at what he does for a living and you hear what he says. Is that Dude Dude. You’re a hypocrite your hypocrite. I I think it was back in nineteen ninety eight or ninety nine or two thousand or something he was in an interview is referring to criminal action talking about some personal experience. He’s had of some sort or other and criminals using firearms and this is what he said. It’s ending talking about the Second Amendment right to own firearms. It’s ending its over. All bets are off. It’s not two hundred years ago. We don’t need the second amendment anymore and the rest of the world doesn’t have it. WHY SHOULD WE UNTIL AMERICA DOOR TO DOOR TAKES EVERY HANDGUN. This is what you’re GONNA GET UNQUOTE. That’s Silvester. Stallone wait a minute. Isn’t this the same guy who has made an entire multimillion dollar career out of using violence and guns in movie after movie after movie after movie after movie am I am I missing thank something or is it just the same dude now. He’s just an example but I mean come on we could come up with myriad examples from Hollywood to these people who make their money in promoting violence and and on violent things on television movies and then go out and decry gun violence when that’s all they do for a living. Isn’t this the same rich dude who is surrounded by security everywhere he goes. Oh and you can you can absolutely bet security. Guards are what armed but he doesn’t want you to be. It doesn’t matter that you might live in a bad neighborhood or that. You don’t mega rich and you can’t afford that kind of security. No what’s important. Silvester stallone is that you shouldn’t have a gun because you might just be violent. This gets into that whole elite ISM of the elite only get to do these things. The maxine waters the Eric swale wells the governor. Gavin nuisances are Gavin newsom. I know I call him. Gavin nuisance the Silvester Stallone’s. These are the folks that get to do those things so you you average citizen me.

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I’m an average citizen. I’m not particularly special yeah. I got a podcast and a youtube channel but that doesn’t make me special. I’m just some guy who’s got you know over time. I built a little bit of a following and I’ve got a platform to talk about the Second Amendment but I’m not a celebrity. I’m just a regular average working stiff. That’s all I am and they figure I shouldn’t have a gun. No that’s something they get to do because because they are the elite you and I don’t get to do this but then I look at stallone and I have to ask isn’t this the same guy who lives behind a giant fence and a gate and a mansion protected by his personal security but like I said he’s got security everywhere he goes. I mean if you if you believe it just watch video of him going someplace place somewhere and you’ll see the guards standing around him all the time. He doesn’t have to worry about his personal. Safety pays people to worry about that. What’s the difference between him and a politician who when they’re at work in the House of Representatives or the Senate are surrounded by Capitol Police. Are you surrounded by police officers protecting you when you’re at work. Are you surrounded by security everywhere you go. Are you like Nancy Pelosi one of the richest people pulling the United States Congress who can afford to live in a mansion and have personal security. Are you for that matter. Nancy Pelosi is the speaker of the House. She’s third in line to the presidency. Are you like like Nancy Pelosi. You have secret service protection any of that or maybe you do. I don’t know but I know I don’t and I know the average American simply does not not we have to live every day in what is for the most part a wonderful country in a safe country but that doesn’t mean we’re always safe. That’s obvious when you look at what happens in the streets periodically that’s obvious when you see the mass shooters come along or these terrible crazy people that do these is horrible things and innocent. Sti- who might otherwise be able to protect themselves but they can’t because elitists it increasingly WanNa make sure that they can’t when you you get into states like California. It’s very difficult to get a concealed carry permit to take it with you in most parts of California so you’ve got to leave the home. You can’t take the gun with you now. What I had a guy contact me the other day it was a viewer and subscriber of the video channel on Youtube asked me that very question. What do I do them. In California. I’ve tried to get a concealed carry permit and they won’t issue unto me because they don’t issue. How do I defend myself like I said stallone is surrounded by people with guns to protect him and he makes X.’s money exploiting violence in motion pictures he has become a multimillionaire by virtue of the number of people he had shot and killed on the movie screen as the city of San Francisco declared Sylvester Stallone terrorist or any of these Hollywood types of terrorist. No I don’t think so they absolutely haven’t now in reality the fact that the city of San Francisco did this really means nothing but if it were to happen all over the country in other her cities or in states that could be a problem. We’ll talk about that in just a second one way that you can support gun guy. TV is to join us on the Patriots on that does a couple of things one. It supports us so we can keep the videos coming. We can keep the podcast coming and at the same time it also provides you awesome content. You can’t get anywhere else I do a an exclusive twice a month video podcast in which I do some training films and some other things and discuss topics that I don’t discuss any place else. I do those on Patriot and they’re only available on Patriot. There are pictures and behind the scenes photos and discussions that happen only on patriotic end this podcast. Outcast is an hour long. The first half an hour is syndicated and free the other half. An hour is only on patriotic. I do those things as my thanks is to you for your support there so I urge you. Check it out and see if it’s something you’d like to do if it is you can help out. Gun Guy TV and help us keep it alive by joining us on Patriot shooting straight and always right on target. This is a gun guy he podcasts as I mentioned this kind of approach of declaring the National Rifle Association or gun owners in general or other organizations nations gun owners of America or whatever declaring them terrorist groups for the purpose of frightening companies away from dealing with them or doing business with them could be extended beyond the National Rifle Association. Certainly it could hurt the National Rifle Association certainly it could hurt gun owners in general but at the same time it works with the National Rifle Association simply because these politicians and left leaning folks disagree with them. Wouldn’t it work with anybody else. They disagree with what about the contractors who are helping build the wall at some point you declare.

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ABC contracting a terrorist group because you don’t want them to build the wall but they are building the wall and the next thing you know they can’t get a contract from any government agency and the next thing you know other companies don’t want to do business with them because they’re afraid of being designated terrorist groups can you can see right where this is going. California has already tried this. If memory serves me correctly the wall is concerned again. It’s a strategy energy of trying to starve out the companies and organizations with whom left leaning anti constitutional anti-american politicians nations and groups disagree if they disagree with you. You’re a terrorist you’re a racist. You’re a white supremacist. I don’t don’t care what color you are. You are a homophobic your whatever label they can throw at you. They’re going to throw at you and if it can possibly cause you to lose money in your business dealings or lose money in your organization. They’re gonNA make that happen. That’s why the race been attacked by in good grief. How many times have financial institutions been threatened if they don’t stop processing credit card transactions for firearms retailers or firearms manufacturers for that matter everybody does business on credit cards. I mean that could cripple a business certainly would cripple ours if we couldn’t take credit cards in our online learning system it would be very difficult for us to stay in business so yeah could that cripple us and put us out of business sure small it would they could do that to me if they could get. The company should stop dealing with me. We’d have trouble that we’d have trouble making a living. That’s what they’re trying to do and that’s what they’re trying to do with ray right now. NRA’s doing itself enough harm it. It doesn’t need any help from the city of San Francisco but I think that’s the other thing is these folks are like sharks they they smell the blood in the water of all the issues going on with Wayne Lapierre and the NRA board and the NRA and all the troubles that they have and they’re seeking to do every bit of damage they can do in hopes of destroying the National Rifle Association Association so having discussed this a little bit and before we move onto the next topic. I do want to make a plea if you WANNA call it that as I said my wife and I are both NRA life members. My son is an NRA member and so on right now. I’m not sending money to the NRA because I’m I’m not sure that I can trust at the money’s going to go to what I intended to go to and that is fighting for the Second Amendment defending the Second Amendment Constitutional Rights when I hear about John Wayne Lapierre’s twenty thousand dollar business suits and and junkets here and there on private airplanes and some chick put up an supposedly in a condo somewhere and else other stuff now. I don’t know if he’s guilty of any of that but I do know he’s been accused of it and he has not addressed those accusations publicly and he needs to so. I don’t know we’re I don’t trust where the money’s going but the one thing I won’t do is dropped my membership. The one thing I won’t do is say I’m not going to associate with any more I am a national rifle association life member and I’m proud to be an NRA member the NRA and Wayne Lapierre not synonymous Wayne Lapierre’s the guy who has come and he will go the an arrangement around for a long long time and many people who have worked there have lived and died because the organization has outlived them and my hope is that it will outlive Wayne Lapierre and the board and the people there in me and my son a bunch of other people in for the next two or three hundred years however Berlanga last show over-long this country less. I hope the National Rifle Association is their strong and fighting to defend the second amendment to the Constitution and the firearms arms rights of law abiding Americans in order to do that. It has to have members and so I’m not gonNA ditch the NRA. I urge you not to do so either. Even though they have caused themselves a lot of trouble and they have caused a lot a big mess internally there are also being heavily attacked from the outside right now and it’s important that we as gun owners don’t pile on that’s my opinion. Now you may disagree with me and I get it. We’ll have to agree to disagree and I respect your your right to your opinion but that is my opinion. It’s my show so I’m GONNA. I’m GONNA feel free to send me an email of you disagree. I’m happy to read your opinion as well and we can agree to disagree and still move forward and fight the battle well that is about it for this podcast or Lisa’s first half hour of it. If you are with me on Patriot I want you to stick with me. WE’RE GONNA launch into the next part of the PODCAST. We’re GONNA talk about why why hunting is a very important part of American Society American history and American culture not just in the past but in the future and currently as well and I’ll explain why and why it’s such a great thing to be part of in this next part of the podcast you’re again. If you’re on Patriot. I want you to stick with me if you’re listening to this on a public podcast the player and you’re just going to listen to the first half three.

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I thank you very much for all of your support. I hope you have a wonderful week and wherever you go whatever you do please be safe. You’ve been listening to the GunGuyTV podcast.

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