Shooting Straight to Save the Second Amendment – EP 57

Topics in this episode:

  • The Left is freaking out as they watch their plans to destroy the second amendment unravel.
  • There is a new “plain speaking” style among those in government who support the second amendment. That’s a good thing, but will they do what they say?

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Shooting Straight to Save the Second Amendment EP 57

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Hi. This is Joel persinger. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much for all of your support for GunGuyTV, both the video version and the audio podcast version. I am extremely grateful. This podcast is one hour long. The first half an hour of which is available syndicated for free on all of your favorite podcasts players and we also post a video version on the various video distribution places such as youtube. The second half hour is available only on Patreon. So, you have to to become a patron on Patreon of GunGuyTV in order to get to that. So, I encourage you to do that. You will find a link to our Patreon page in the description of this podcast. If you can’t find it there, all you have to do is go to Patreon and then searched for GunGuyTV and you can become a fellow Patreon patron. You can hear the whole podcast as well as some other things: posts that we do; exclusive video podcast that I do twice a month that is exclusive in which I do some training videos and that kind of stuff and commentary videos on self-defense subjects. You can find all of that on Patreon. All right now. Let’s get started with the subject at hand and that is the wall for lack of a better description. I’M GONNA say the change. I’m seeing in the way people talk about things for example. We have Beto Beato whatever his name is Rorick. Who’s been running around the country saying we’re going to confiscate your. Ar Fifteen yes I believe in confiscation were taking away the ar fifteen and went when asked her you gotta send the cops door to door. No I think people will just obey the law and turn them in yeah. Well fat chance that’s not. GonNa Happen You know for decades gun honors about saying come and take it and made a flag that says come and take it for a reason Mr Beto so. I don’t think if you go if you want air fifteen turned in that they’re gonNA just do it but I think you’ll have to go door to door and send cop store door to do that. Of course he doesn’t want to face that fact because he’s ignorant he has no idea but in any case the fact that he’s willing to honestly come out and testify in public to what the left anti gun political left what their whole agenda has been forever since Dianne Feinstein once said Mr and Mrs America turn them all in this guy is just being very real about it and very honest about it and he’s coming out and saying saying yeah this is a this is the goal. This is the goal of the left. This is the goal of the anti-constitution Anti Gun Anti American Progressive Left and that is their control every aspect of your life. We’ve got a politician in California. I’m Deanne now. She’s talking about the government having to change the diets of of Americans in order to save the planet so not only do they want to take the guns away and your rights away. They want to control every aspect of your life right down to what you eat what you’re allowed to eat because if you don’t eat the right things maybe you’ll be like cows and far too much and you’ll destroy the planet. I have no idea what his thinking is where that’s concerned earned but the fact that these folks are becoming more and more open about what they truly feel and truly think is right. I think is awesome because now we we can point at it and say see I told you so now. The interesting thing about that too in my mind is that not only is it happening on the extreme and liberal left anti gun anti American side but by virtue of the fact that those folks are now being more honest and more open and more overt and more plain speaking about what they actually believe rather than trying to get cover all the time or sneak it pasture. What’s happening is now the right for you know. I hate to define them as left and right but now the folks that have a desire to protect the second amendment have a desire to protect the bill of rights. They’re they’re feeling comfortable about getting out and speaking very very clearly about what they believe and speaking clearly in a way I have not heard politicians mention attention regularly in quite some time very recently. There was a press conference held by some house members about the second amendment there were several Oberland spoke and if you wanted to sit through the whole thing you can put a link in the description so that you can look at it if I can find it again and you can watch the whole press conference. I found the entire thing to be very interesting but I I pulled out soundbites from representative Andy Biggs and representative chip Roy and precisely because both of them mentioned and specifically the American people’s right to defend themselves against tyranny tyrannical government. I was stunned to hear these. Federal Atarot politicians in Congress actually say that in the Public Forum and not just one of them but to well. Here’s the first one here’s Andy Biggs. It’s really honored to be with with you today and talk about one of our God given rights the founders of this country stashed and recognized established but they recognize the second second amendment the bill of rights and the what they said basically is you have a right to defend yourself against wrongdoers and also against a tyrannical government but that’s what the Second Amendment was about you know what drives the evil and the mass killings that we see from time to time in this country.

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It isn’t the instrumentality it is even the hearts of somebody and that evil is allowed to corrupt and corrode because we are attacking persistently the institutions which are designed and recognized by the founders by the framers and until until Oh sixty seventy years ago. We’re respected throughout this country. I’m talking religious institutions. I’m talking familial institutions. I’m talking the family in churches. If you want to see a renaissance of a period of time where you’re not gonNA see mass shootings. You’re not going to see the alien nation that comes into that seems to be the cause of some of these these evil these evil Ex. You have to acknowledge that. The institutions in this country needs to be reformed as much as anything else. The Second Amendment deserves to be protected. I deserve to have my rights. Everyone here deserves to have their right to carry and Barron arm and with that I’m going to stand with my colleagues who are here today and there are many more in this body body. They’re going to stand and fight for the Second Amendment. Thank you now. Representative bigs came right out right out front and said hey you know what this is the right of the American citizen to defend themselves against criminals but also to defend themselves against a tyrannical government but now he goes on to speak about faith based institutions churches and the societal breakdown. We’re experiencing in the United States and I would argue around the world old which is driving a lot of this violence and frankly. I believe he’s right in that. I think the violence is a symptom. The disease is the societal breakdown the the fact that we’ve removed God from everything and all these other things now. You may agree with me or not agree with me but it’s my show so I get to say that and so I just did. I’m a devout Christian and I think God needs to be involved in our lives and if he were on we stopped excising him from everything we wouldn’t have nearly the problems that we have have but from a second amendment perspective the fact that he busted out the citizens right to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. I thought was absolutely the inspiring so much so that I was even more fired up when representative chip Roy from Texas busted out and said the same thing basically a a couple of minutes later. Here’s representative Roy thanks. Thanks for gathering this group together. I’m glad to be with everybody up here. In particular my fellow Texan as a Texan obviously we’ve been dismayed by the tragedies of late and Odessa El Paso our hearts in prayers. Yes our prayers. Go out to the families and to the people associated I was in church in Baptist Church in Austin Texas and the the pastor of the Church in Odessa where one of the congregants had been fallen. They called US specifically and asking us to join in prayer air so these communities do want that. They do want that support. Let me just tell you from the standpoint of a Texan. I can tell you for the people that I represent and I don’t represent then I don’t represent gun owners of America. I don’t represent any constituency other than the eight eight hundred thousand plus people that elect to be to come here and stand up and defend their rights to defend themselves to protect themselves against any eh intruders or people who don’t follow the law that might risk them and their families but also against tyranny against the size and scope of government the ones look at you and tell you that like a certain. Democrat candidate that they’re gonNA come. Take your God given right to bear arms to defend yourself. This is why the founders gave us this power. It is the last bulwark against tyranny in the world everywhere we have seen in the history of mankind signed a disarmed population results in tyranny tyranny over the mind of man tyranny over our liberties. I was was a federal prosecutor. Especially the United States attorney tasked with going after people who misuse weapons felons in possession people using weapons is to move narcotics and I was very proud to prosecute a lot of and put him behind bars.

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That’s where they should be. Everybody’s standing up here. Wants soon forced salon sure those who want to do us. Harm don’t have access to weapons that are behind bars every single one of stood up to do that but we should not confuse stopping those who are looking to harm us who have harmless who are felons lawbreakers with interfering with our God given rights this lies at the the core of who it is who we are as a people as Americans his with the core of our founding it is critical for the future of this country the future freedom they stand up and defend this core right that is God given not man given to the Second Amendment and this is the right to be able to defend our her family’s defend our freedoms and to be able to stand up in defense of our nation our liberties. You’re listening to the the gun guy. TV podcast chip Roy just like Andy Biggs is they’re both congressman their representatives in the United States House of Representatives. I you know I look at the house a lot and I think the anti-gun Irs Liberal left progressive folks. They’ve got a a they’ve got a lock on the House because they’ve got a majority there but they don’t have a super majority there. They do have a majority but when you start talking about the second amendment what happens a lot is a lot of these folks particularly the more conservative legislators tend to walk away from that and say no no no no no my folks back. Calm are not going to appreciate having their firearms rights stripped from them or any of their rights stripped from them. I found a few things that chip Royce. Shed very very interesting. The fact fact that he talked about tyrannical government as being one of the things that the Second Amendment provides the citizen the ability and the means to defend against honest he also talked about the size and scope of government and he was very impassioned all this the referred to wear the Democrats and where the Liberal Progressives WanNa take our government right now and he said the Second Amendment this is a quote it is the last bulwark against tyranny Aurigny in the world. We are so fortunate as Americans to actually have a constitution in which the framers placed a second second amendment now. I’ve talked many times on this podcast and and elsewhere as to why they did that so I’ll refer you back to those. I don’t have to drone on and bore. Are you to tears but the fact is we have a right to assemble and a right to speak our minds. Those are in the first amendment. We have a right to defend end that right in the second amendment. We have a right against the government. Garrisoning troops in our house are taking over our house to park their own employees at it and the third amendment we have a right against the government unlawfully unreasonably searching and taking things from us in the fourth amendment we have a right against self-incrimination nation and some due process rights in the Fifth Amendment we have a right to legal Kaushal in the sixth amendment and right to hear and see the people who are accusing us of crimes and have a speedy trial and all those other things in the sixth amendment. These are things that the framers put into the constitution than in other countries trees. You don’t find so we are extremely privileged. Well privileges around word I would say we we are blessed because it’s not a privileges or rights. We are blessed in that our framers understood what tyranny was they had to live under it and then they had to throw it off and getting rid of the English king and tyranny of that king and then develop a new government that was not terrific tyrannical and protect the citizens of that government. When it gets to you you went. I I need that protection. I need them to provide that protection over two hundred years ago to protect me and my family to protect you and they did battle. RAR can run around and talk about. Can you know taking away. Ar Fifteen so he wants to but the actual process of doing so is a lot more difficult than it is simply to say now these particular government officials these representatives were not the only ones to speak out. Senator Kennedy did the same when he was in an interview on Fox News and I’ll let you hear that one here in just a second as you may or may not know. I do not make a living on this podcast or a living on gun guy TV. It doesn’t doesn’t quite pay for itself. It’s getting there at some point it will and I’ll be grateful for that. At the moment is a Labor of love on my part my son’s part and we’re grateful to do it where I actually make. My living is from practical defense systems now primarily practical defense systems is a company that provides the required licensing training for I security officers in the state of California because in order to be a security guard in California you have to have certain licensing training and continuing education and that’s basically what we do.

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We we used to do that live and then we push the majority of it online on demand so if you’re interested in security training it’s a way for you to do that over your with your phone or your tablet or your mobile able device or your computer. If you want to very easily from home and then you can accomplish all of your licensing training there. What’s interesting is since? I started gun guide TV. I’ve I’ve been getting a lot of requests from people for me to put up video versions of firearms courses such as basic pistol shooting basic rifle shooting those those kind of things or target shooting or trap shooting or any of those kinds of things along with some more advanced courses well because apparently there are a lot a lot of folks who live in the inner cities or live in places where they can’t get to a training course where they can’t get to arrange as often as they’d like or they can’t find a qualified instructor. Dr Or frankly sometimes just can’t afford to take a live class that is going to give them hands on training so they want some basic theoretical training so when they go the range they can practice those things with a friend well. I’ve gotten so many requests for that and I’m going to start producing those this next month. It’s going to take several months to to do but I’ll let you know when they’re ready to go so you can check those courses out on practical defense systems. We’re going to price them very reasonably so anybody and everybody can afford Ford to take those courses and get that information. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of saving the Second Amendment one episode at a time. This is the Gun Guy TV pot now. I mentioned Senator Kennedy before I was talking about something else. I WANNA WANNA make sure that you get a chance to hear what he had to say. Which I thought was very very interesting because you have the house and you have the Senate. The Senate is a safer place for us right right now. It’s not it’s not safe but it safer. The House is not so safe that place is full of looney tunes honestly but but there are some folks who are not looney tunes is certainly representative. Andy Biggs and representative chip Roy Sound like folks who are straight down the middle pretty straight shooters are are going to support our second amendment and there were a host of other house members there at that press conference who feel the same so. I think it’s going to be difficult for the House House to actually pass something. That’s overly restrictive or maybe pass anything at all because these house members are fighting diligently against it then over in the Senate. You have a safer place but you have some senators who are taking no prisoners as well one of whom is Senator Kennedy. He had a very interesting interesting interview on Fox News so I pulled the soundbite for you thought I’d give you a chance to listen to it. They’re they’re two groups of people behind these bills there. There’s a group of people that I think in good faith honestly believe that further curtailing our second amendment rights will enhance public safety safety but there’s another group that just hates the Second Amendment and I wanNA thank Congressman Beto Award for for being being honest. I mean is honesty refreshing by that by that senator. You’re referencing him. Doubling down on his controversial stands that he’s willing to confiscate guns gotten here. Here’s the congress own words. Let’s get you to react to this. Here’s better or are you in fact in favor of gun confiscation. Yes us when it comes to air fifteen’s. AK47’s weapons designed for use on a military battlefield senator Kennedy. I want to thank the congressman for being honest because that I don’t I don’t agree with him. Bertos copy of the bill of rights goes from one two three. My mind includes the second amendment but there are a whole host of people here in Washington. DC Not all of them democratic friends but many of my Democratic Democrat friends they don’t believe in the Second Amendment they would be happy to confiscate America’s gone and if you don’t if you don’t believe that then you probably also still believe in bigfoot boy I mean it’s the fact that everybody up here Mosey. This was a key statement on Senator Kennedy’s part at some great one lines one liners in here sure and I really deeply appreciated them. I loved his thanking better work for being honest because if you you think that Senator Kennedy and these other pro second amendment conservative leaders don’t understand that better rourke has just smashed the the anti gun left into pieces by exposing them for what they are. I think you’re wrong as would I be. They do understand that and this is exactly exactly what Senator Kennedy was pointing out.

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I loved his statement. That beddoes copy of the bill of rights goes from one to three let Senator Kennedy’s includes the Second Amendment. These are great things that are leaders are now saying now my hope is that their actions will follow their words which you and I both know is not always the case case but we can hope for that. I also want to back up to something that ship. Roy said because now that we’ve talked about the fact that this is happening. I want to illustrate to you why I think it’s happening first of all. I think it’s happening because the the progressive left aft the Anti American left has been working for forty years or more to destroy the United States to take the United States and turn it into something that it was never meant to be now all of a sudden. We have a President President Donald Trump whether you like Kim personally or not I don’t know whether I like him. Personally or not never met the man but one thing is for certain he has spent an awful lot of time looking for loose threads in this mosaic that the left has this big gigantic change the left has been working on for forty years and he’s been pulling every loose thread and watching that whole thing unravel right before his eyes and right before there’s now he’s not been perfect about the ways pulled the threads. Sometimes he’s pulled some that needed to be pulled. Sometimes there were others that needed to be pulled and he didn’t pull them but one thing I have noticed is no matter how frantically typically they try to so the thing back together he keeps Jerkin on threads and making it fall apart and that’s what we see in all these court battles that the left it keeps dragging him through which by the way he keeps winning for the most part. They just recently had a I just saw story. Yesterday I think in the news saying that this whole Oh thank California’s trying to do to require presidential candidates to give their tax returns and up so that they can beat him up about his tax returns or they can’t be on the ballot while California lost that in court. It’s still in court. It’ll be appealed but in the initial court decision that was thrown out so president trump does not not have to release his tax returns to the left can try to beat him up for making money which is all they WANNA do really. They just want to beat him up find ways to beat him up for being a rich guy. He’s a rich guy who cares bears. You made a lot of money good for him. I hope you do too. I mean that’s that’s a good thing if you can be successful why anybody complaining about that but that’s what they wanna do nevertheless he he won that battle he was down here in. San Diego looking at the wall on the southern border. He’s won that battle and he’s building that while they keep whining and complaining about it but at this point there’s really the nothing they can do to stop him. The Department of Defense just okay to whole bunch of new contracts and cleared the way for another hundred and some odd miles of wall to be built one hundred twenty nine. I think to be built a brand new wall not replacing the old wall and so now they’ve replaced the old wall for the majority of it and they’re now building brand brand new. Walworth new wall has existed. I’m in Mexico quite frequently. My dentist doesn’t WANNA speak Spanish and French down there and show. I’m there periodically we have a church sister church and to WanNa and I can tell you that every time I go down there. I marvel at how much construction is being done to secure the border so he’s winning their. He’s winning winning in a lot of areas because he’s that guy no matter what you present to him as an obstacle he’s GonNa find a way over it around it through it under it somehow or other. He’s going to get the job done and I think this comes from his business experience of having to develop large properties when you’re trying to develop land in some large capacity city. You have a lot of governmental nonsense to work through it takes time it takes years. It takes perseverance. It takes persistence and it takes an understanding that you can’t always get it done the way you you thought you were going to get it done to begin with the have to go work away around it or find some obscure way to get the job done. He’s been doing that for a long time so now he’s the president of the United States and he’s continuing to do the same thing. The left is not winning and they’re freaking out about it. That’s the problem I’m GonNa talk more about about how he’s winning where he’s winning where you and I are winning and why we should focus on that and be happy were winning and the second part of the podcast because I think as Americans pickens for the last forty years we’ve been we’ve been taught and conditioned to get used to losing. We have been taught and condition that Americans you don’t win. We’ve been taught and condition that gun owners don’t win. Every time we get a victory in California rather than celebrating the victory people will comment to me a send me emails. Leave me a voicemail or whatever to remind me that we’ve lost so much in California that California’s utterly lost that we can never win anything anything in California.

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We’re never GONNA win. We could have ten victories in a row and California and when we have the eleventh one lose people are going to complain and tell me that we can’t possibly doubly win. There’s nothing we can do and I think that’s because we have become so conditioned to losing that. We’re afraid to win. We don’t think it’s possible and when it looks like it’s possible. We don’t think it will hold. I remind you if you’ve ever played football and in order to move the ball from one end to the other end of the field you have to move the ball down the yardage and sometimes you might gain ten yards then lose three then gained six and lose for then gain a then lose to but you end up making progress moving down the field. That is what we are doing. We’re moving the ball and we’re moving moving in the right direction. That’s what these senators and representatives are seeing and that’s why they’re happy to step up and say I’m with you. Were moving the ball. That’s what the left the progressives the anti gun owners are seeing and that’s what’s scaring them to death and that’s why the likes of better rourke are willing to get up been rant and rave and say we’re coming for you. We’re GONNA take your ar fifteen because they are so used to us being so used to losing. They don’t want to ever feel comfortable that we might actually win. I’M GONNA get into that more in the second part of the podcast and go over for you so that you you can hear it and no it exactly where we are winning and why the left is so terrified and why the left is so happy to be honest about about how frightened they are by coming out and being show extreme you see it more and more as you look at the contenders for the presidency on the left every day they are more extreme than they were the day before and you’ll notice that those who are starting to wane those who are now down the numbers Kamala Harris for example Beto Beto O’Rourke for example boot edge that nutcase for example to lower they get in the polls more extreme they become the more donald trump is winning winning the more gun owners are winning the more extreme the opponents become. We’ve got to finally get a grip on that. Let me give have you an example of why were winning and wear and I’m going to give you that in just a minute now. I’m very long in this segment. I apologize for that but I do want to mention one company that that is supported me for a very very long time and that is second call defense. If you happen to have to defend yourself God forbid and you use a firearm to do do it. They’re going to pay for an attorney to defend you in Criminal Court at an attorney to defend you in civil court. There’s a lot of different things that are going to back you up with plush providing you with an attorney journey twenty four seven three sixty five so that when this happens in the middle of the night you’re not without some representatation. I’ve had an account which I pay for. was second call defense for years at this point because I found for me. They were the best choice of the ones that are out there. I still think they are so along the way we became an affiliate of second call defense if you have an interest in using them as your concealed carry coverage. I urge you to use our link to do it because that way gun guy. TV gets a little marketing fee if you do you’ll find a link for second call defense in the description. You’ll also find a link for them on our website the Gun Guy Dot TV the opinions expressed by the good guy are always right unless they’re all a moment ago. I mentioned to you that there was an area in which we were winning. You may be unaware of or maybe you missed so I’m going to point it out to adjust in case and I’m going to play just a small quote from representative chip. Roy here in a second just in case you missed it because I thought this was incredible as you are. No doubt aware I think everybody is at this point the NRA has had an internal struggle. That’s been going on for a while and a lot of folks have been calling for Wayne. Lapierre’s appears resignation or removal. I’m one of them. I’m strongly of the opinion that the old guard at NRA needs to take a hike because although they’ve done some great work in the past there’s there’s obvious corruption there and it needs to be removed and until the cancer is removed from an array. I don’t know how successful they’re going to be in the future however the idea that if the NRA is not able to do the job. WE’RE GONNA lose. Our gun rights. I think is absolutely absurd. It’s a fear tactic for fear funding that’s been. I used a long long long time. It’s not the national rifle association that scares the tar politicians. It’s America’s one hundred million Elian gun owners that it is. It’s not the NRA is nothing without five million members. All it is is a group of guys sitting around in a boardroom trying trying to figure out how they’re going to pay for their coffee in their lunch without the members.

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NRA is nothing now. I’m not picking on a life member of NRA. I’m grateful to be I’m proud proud to be a member and my hope is that NRA can get their stuff together and Wayne can move on and we can get the thing going again so that it can become again the powerful powerful organization that has been in my lifetime and which I hope it stays however I want you to hear something that representative chip Roy said listen listen to this and I don’t represent then. Ra I don’t represent gun owners of America. I don’t represent any constituency other than the eight hundred thousand plus people that elect to let me to come here notice that he said he was not there representing the National Rifle Association and he was not there representing gun owners of America yeah well. What does that tell you. I’ll tell you what it told me. It told me that gun owners of America with two million members has become quite the arm twisting organization -sation and these politicians are as afraid of Geo a as they are of NRA and they darn well ought to be because it’s at St American gun owner that matters not the organization that they support that helps them stay organized and focused a lot of folks folks have left NRA and joined. Geo a now just so you know I said I’m a life member of the National Rifle Association. I am also a life member of gun owners of America. I have been for many years as a recruiter for the National Rifle Association in fact for a few years. I was among among the top ten instructor recruiters for NRA. They even sent me an award and a plaque and if you look up my name and instructor recruiters on and Google let you will find that I was in the top ten more than once I go out of my way to try to support firearms organizations well. I would love to be recruiting recruiting for NRA right now but I have no idea what he does with the money when it gets there and I don’t WanNa pay for twenty thousand dollars suits for Wayne Lapierre so I don’t. I don’t recruit for Renner anymore. What I’ve done is I’ve shifted my recruiting effort to. Go a why because gun owners of America terrifies the tar out of politicians and it’s obvious because because chip Roy mentioned it so if you’re concerned that NRA’s wavering. I think that’s a valid concern and I’m concerned about too but I want to let you know it’s not about out. Nra It’s about you. It’s not about Jiahua. It’s about you. It’s not about any of these organizations. It’s about you the American gun owner without the American gun owner being involved none of these organizations would have the capability of accomplishing anything and none of them frankly would exist in the first place so if you’re concerned about in Iraq did it. I would encourage you to at least maintain your membership if you already have one but shift your focus and you’re giving over Jiawei because they’re twisting arms and ring hands and make an impression on Capitol Hill and that’s exactly what we need them to be doing and they are. We’re winning. We can’t be chicken little. We have to recognize the win when we see it. We have to know that we’re moving the ball down the field when it happens and when we receive a loss when we lose some yardage we have to get back in the huddle. Get back in the scrimmage and gain that back and take more. That’s Chow. We’re GONNA win and that is how we’re winning. We’re in the right place at the right time with the right people to get this done. Don’t lose heart. Well well that about wraps up this part of the podcast. The next part is not syndicated. You actually have to be on Patriot to listen to it. So if you’re on Patriot stick with me we’ll get into that. We’re GONNA talk about some areas where we are winning and why I think it’s important that we focus on winning and I will give you the details of what we’re winning and how in the next part of the podcast asked if you’re listening to the syndicated version. I really appreciate everything you do for Gun Guy TV. Thank you very much have week. Thanks again for listening and wherever you go whenever whatever you do be safe. You’ve been listening to the GunGuyTV podcast.

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