Impeachment & Red Flag Laws – EP 58

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  • The similarity between the current impeachment drive and red flag laws

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Impeachment & Red Flag Laws EP 58

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This is Joel Persinger I’m the Gun Guy Thank you very much for listening to my podcast and supporting Gun Guy TV the way you do I am extremely grateful now listen I have praise the Lord and pass the ammunition it’s time for the gun guy. TV PODCAST OF SAF which is the Second Amendment Foundation I believe he was also founder of that organization he is incredibly intelligent man and a trump is being attacked by an anonymous whistle blower and now it sounds like more than one anonymous whistle blower and how does that golly that looks just like on your favorite podcast player the second half an hour is available unpatriotic only and we’re going to deal with two different subjects today one is the fact that looking at survival and that kind of stuff I ever want to look at prep irs and so on it seems to focus heavily on folks that either have a place outside of the Red Flag Law to me so we’re going to talk about that an article that appeared in amland really talks about that and I thought that was a very interesting take on I could be out of work and I’ve certainly experienced that in my life so when we’re extremely busy I think that’s awesome however it has caused me to be a little bit late on this podcast it’s now remember me from Adam but I did have an opportunity to interview him once at shot show a few years back I found him to be incredibly knowledgeable and very bright in a rural area or folks that have the ability to leave the city suddenly and end up in that rural spot but here’s a question you you live in the city and everything goes to so much going on that in order to keep them topical I’ve had to do them ask I’m going to release them and not stack up five or six and advanced and then rotate them out a little I’m going to share some of that with you and then share my own thoughts with you and I’d love to know yours and then in the second half of the podcast we’re going to deal with the subject matter that I don’t see very much whenever half ribbon doing about four hours sleep day I think it’s been extremely busy at work but you know that’s a great problem to have I don’t complain about that at a time I’d love to be able to do that but there’s been a lot going on well in any case the the podcast as usual is one hour long the first half an hour is free and it’s available broadcast that will be available on patron so check it out there all right now as far as the president is concerned I’ve made a lot of notes here because I just find this whole nothing kind of interesting there’s an article that appeared in amland which had some great stuff in it from Allan Gotlieb Allan Gotlieb in case you don’t know who’s the executive vice president really enjoyed chatting with him on the few occasions I’ve had the opportunity to do so now if you run into him and ask him and say hey I know you talked to the guy he’s going to say who because he probably would I’m in the heart of the city I don’t live in San Diego for example a living in the outskirts of San Diego in a neighboring city that’s much smaller but I still live kind of the seventh and it was really supposed to be published on the fifth so I apologized for that it will be out today and we’ll try to get them on time I’ve been trying to actually get ahead on podcast but there’s been Ed ye you live downtown for example in one of the apartments downtown or close to the beach you’re not getting out and if you do it’s going to be very hard so we’ll talk about that in the second part of the podcast once What now well I’m GonNa talk about that what can you do if you’re in the city and I’m GonNa share with you my views and what I do because I don’t live in the suburbs I live in the burbs and it live the country with chances of my getting out are slimmer than than folks were already out and if you lived in the city down in in looking at what’s happening with the president right now and you know somebody and I were talking about this the other day if you don’t know what’s going on with the President Right now or youth thank you know wait five minutes it seems to change something new has happened it’s a very short news cycle right now it’s enough to drive anybody crazy because about every five or ten minutes it seems like there’s a new accuser something new happening I have likened this to the president fighting a hydra because every time he lops off ahead the thank grows to more I would remind you of what I have to remind myself and that is I voted for Donald trump to do several things I wanted him to protect the second in which he’s done an okay job not a great job of one of the things that I had problems with him about is the bump stock although I wonder sometimes if he did rather than having the Congress actually pass a law which they didn’t do so undoing an executive orders actually a lot easier I don’t know maybe I’m giving him way too much credit that could be true too act with an executive order to ban the bump stock knowing that that executive order was not going to stand up against scrutiny by the court rat in order to avoid or a row but I also voted for him to get us out of these needless wars that we’ve been going on forever which he’s working on to secure the border a whole lot of things I voted for the president to do and it seems like an each and every case as he’s attempted to do these things the swamp which I voted for him to to drain because he talked about draining the swamp the flag action against a gun owner with the accused being presumed guilty until he or she can prove their innocence which is exactly and this is a quote the anonymous whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump now being used by Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry is tantamount to a red to fight back so the swamp creature is sort of like a hydrated keeps up coming up with more heads every time he cuts one off there’s another one as I started viewing it that way I started realizing what was happening the Hydra and fiercely fighting to some degree all on his own so I urge you to support him if you supported him in the beginning and really give some thought to it before rush to judgment thinking that the courts and prosecutors used to rationalize seizing someone’s firearms while throwing due process under the nearest bus and less and less do I have an issue with president trump and more and more I support him because I can envision him as being odysseus with the sword lopping off the head you abandon him but that’s a whole different conversation I suppose in any case Allan Gotlieb pointed out some great things for this article I’m GonNa share with you hear some quotes he said now one of the things I do find some what what do they call it poetic justice is I’m hearing in my mind President Donald The opposite of the way our system is supposed to work he goes on to say the Lynch mob mentality now being exhibited by Capitol Hill Democrats is the same kind of makes them in my mind so anti American in so anti-constitutional now Allan Gotlieb goes on to say far left House Democrats who news articles of impeachment and then once they had a vote than they have an investigation and if they produce articles of impeachment those go to the Senate the Senate tries the case and decide not due process later there actually is believe it or not a due process for impeachment the House has to vote and they have if they don’t get enough votes they can’t actually produce whether to convict the president or not on the merit and it’s called high crimes and misdemeanors so he’s got to be convicted of committing specific crimes in order to be impeached that’s a process up Shan while I like taking the guns first and then doing due process later I wonder how much he likes that now considering they’re wanting to impeach him now and a complaint filed but in the case of a red flag allegation a gun owner typically does not know a thing until police come knocking on the door in either case neither the legal system treats a so called red flag complaint against a gun owner but at least the president in this case has the advantage of knowing there’s of wanted to remove the duly elected president from office since the night since the two thousand sixteen election are treating this anonymous complaint like Gospel virtually the same way the president nor the effected gun owner has had the opportunity to face your accuser now many people allen went on that they’re not going down there they’re throwing the due process out the window and just doing what they want to for political purposes and that is essentially what happens with red flag laws which is what say are convinced that the president’s case amounts to political theatrics however there are no theatrics involved when a private citizens property is seized as we saw last year in Maryland a gun owner was served and something went wrong and that person was shot dead inside his friend door now the case he’s talking about is a case of Gary Willis and I’ll tell you more about that in a minute one way you can support gun guy? TV is illegally they will defend you against criminal charges also defend you against lawsuits and they’re make that attorney available to you twenty four hours a day seven days a week and a front the money woman a Sergeant Jacqueline Davis a second police officer at the home shot Willis and killed him he was in Ferndale actually the man behind the curtain now.

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I said that I would tell you about Jerry.

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Willisch well Gary Willis was a gun owner arrived at the door of Mr Willis just before dawn they showed up before the sun came up to serve this what they call in Maryland and extreme risk protection order guns in for defensive purposes or have guns home for defensive purposes and if you ever have to use the gun unfortunately to have to defend yourself then they will defend none of the officers trying to serve the warrant were hurt what’s interesting about this is that you can’t get any information as to exactly what was in the order in Maryland and just shortly after the law was passed in Maryland I think it was a month or so after it was passed tragedy struck as the please Shell Willis is the niece of Gary Willis and as of an article I read from November of two thousand eighteen she had described her uncle as a person that likes me and I to defend us if we ever have to defend ourselves with a firearm and it’s the company I suggest you check out so if you do check out second call defense you think you’d like to use it sixties and he just was very opinionated and felt very strongly about the second amendment gun owners of America has been a vocal critic of this whole process to speak his mind but was harmless I mean he opinionated and he’d tell you what he thought but according to her he was harmless she stated that her uncle wasn’t a danger to anyone it’s all the same and it will get you to exactly the same spot you’re listening to the TV podcasts please pay no attention I would really appreciate it if you would hire them through our link because we have an affiliate link with them that way benefits gun guy TV a little bit every time you pay your bills fence using our link you can go to the Gun Guy TV website to do that that’s a gun guy dot TV or if you like you can go to gun guy TV DOT COM or gun guy TB in cost you a dime if you like their service and you decide to sign up for it it’s the same cost to you but it does benefit us we receive a little marketing fees so please check out second call the the law enforcement folks told them what they were therefore he was arguing with them he ended up in a heated exchange with them and according to the county police spokesman on Willis due to the legality surrounding these laws apparently all information in an extreme risk protection order is automatically marked for your defense so you don’t have to sell your house or whatever you have or cash in your retirement plan in order to pay for it hoping to be reimbursed later that’s the company I use for my family I know I could not find were they released any all I could find was denials Willis’s niece again Michelle Willis’s her name said her her with the little blower many people have pushed to get the identity of the whistle blower they want to know what predicated confidential in Maryland and cannot be released in other words it takes a court order to unseal the documents here’s the problem with that the engaged our supporters and the company said sponsors one of which is second call defense second call defense provides coverage for people who demands door before Sunup I think I’d probably show up to the door with a gun to in any case he initially showed a showed up with a gun he put the gun down but he picked it back up after violent and of course the family comes and says he isn’t so I don’t know whether Gary Willis was a violent man or not I have no idea whether he was a threat to officers or not yet all of the facts in this case so we will be watching the story very closely but in general Gla opposes red flag laws because they throw out due process the questioned why the police shot him now this happens a lot I have to give the police some do here it does happen quite frequently where the police ended up shooting an individual who is in fact the Maryland judiciary has denied all requests to see any protection orders that deal with Willis at least as far as her and sees this man’s guns guy I think was sixty years old anyway according to police Gary Willis opened the door with a pistol in his hand that’s not surprising you’re banging on got a guest took out the order on Willis but didn’t intend it to go this far by any stretch the imagination police are also being tight lipped about the cause for the order to be taken out that’s like laws in general but also what happened here in fact Eric Pratt who is the executive director of gun owners of America said and this is a quote from Him we don’t know I couldn’t tell you I don I wasn’t there I haven’t seen video of it I don’t know but this is what his his niece has said that he wasn’t harmful he was a harmless guy this whistleblowers decision to come out with this information they wanna know who are the individuals who provided this whistle blower with the information because essentially he stood up and said that is they ordered the confiscation of firearms without a conviction of wrongdoing for any crime well Pratt is not alone and not knowing all the facts in the case so these are some of the problems with these kinds of things I look at what’s going on with the president and I realized he can’t he has pushed to meet what I told the person to begin with it changes it went through people so even if you’re among people who have good reputation and good intentions the message gets screwed up as it goes from person and people told me well okay which people and you’re saying that they told you but you know if you play the telephone game where I tell the person next to me something it’s easier to get an extremist protection order than it is to find out the reason for the order in the first place is that nuts or is it just me how long will it be before red flag case can be launched on the basis of an anonymous complaint step-by-step Gottlieb said I mean what they’d like to do is have a friend of mine tell me tell him that I’m dangerous and they can come and get me and they can take my stuff and they can do it without due process that is the other what I’m seeing happened to the president of the United States is very concerning because the very same people who want to do this to the president of the same people want to do this to you and I information not much different is it then a situation with Gary Willis where you can’t get the information that was on the order you can’t get the information from the police the person to person why don’t we hear these things from the people who say they witnessed them or maybe it’s that they didn’t with us them who knows but you can’t get the usually rethink both processes if this can happen to a president if this can happen to a United States President Department to why they did what they did now maybe they’ll be forthcoming in that maybe they have been I missed it in my research if that’s the case please let me know but one the violation of the United States constitution and it violates my rights and several different ways and several different places going back to Alan Gottlieb’s dis- the point where we’re going to find ourselves in a totalitarian government that can just grab you and take you off to jail and take your stuff without any due process at all we can it can be used to launch something as serious as an impeachment inquiry inquiry by the same people who are pushing red flag laws against gun owners it’s time to Sir it appears we’re getting closer to the kind of government the Second Amendment was designed to protect us against you know I think he’s right there pushing this to the Russian with amland one of the things he said is we’re not sure how this drama will play out against President trump but we do know that anytime an anonymous I’m not allow these kinds of things to stand we cannot allow this to be done to the president of the United States whether you like it that person tells him so the next person you get back to me again if you’ve gone through ten or twelve people and it’s what I’m being told now is completely unrecognizable it’s nowhere near or not and we certainly cannot allow these red flag laws to continue unabated in their current form now talk about some things we could maybe store on our website now it’s an Amazon affiliate stores so when you buy something there you’re really buying it from Amazon but you’re finding the product on our store and it from Amazon and Amazon pays a small marketing fee we all kinds of things up there from reloading equipment to knives optics holes stors all kinds of stuff that are firearms and shooting related there’s even targets up there and a whole host of other things if you find a product or you’re looking for the episode at a time this is the Gun Guy TV podcast I mentioned that there are you check out the Gun Guy TV store you’ll find it at gun Guy Dot TV and you can just click on the store link saving the Second Amendment One and Welfare Code or whatever they call it for folks who obviously appear to be a danger to themselves or others because they may have some mental illness some things 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due process that I I don’t think I have too much you want to buy and Amazon will pay a small marketing fee doesn’t cost you anything the price for you is the same your Amazon prime shipping works the same everything for you act the same all that happens is they pay us a small marketing fee because you went to Amazon through our website so I encourage you if you’d like to help out gun guy.

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TV At no cost of law where it is a process that they go through were they have an ability to defend themselves and they know it’s happening that’s not what recourse at all they need to be able to defend themselves face the witnesses against them face the charges against them and deal with it in a quarter under the fifty one fifty code and they can take down to county mental health where a mental health professional can evaluate them to see if they are it legitimately danger I and law enforcement comes and talks to them and they determined that yeah this person’s about a half bubble off plum and we need to do something about it then they can take them temporarily they tried to catch you unawares and they wanna take your stuff you don’t even know that anybody’s complained against you will ask a recipe for disaster for the fifty one fifty statute and a psychiatrist or a psychiatric clinical psychologist says yeah this person is dangerous -fornia forever I wouldn’t be surprised if similar laws exists throughout the United States states in in every state of the union well if you take someone that you can’t find let us know we’ll add it for you so that you can purchase it there if you’d like now if you don’t WanNa do that you want to buy something other than firearms should also go to our website had gun guide dot TV you have no idea what’s happening and now these people who have guns and armor I tell you what they show up to these things tacked out they don’t anybody filed a complaint against you you’re not going through any kind of a process you’re not you don’t even have a chance really to sort it out quickly enough to know that you should comply violating his constitutional rights to due process so if we WANNA do if as a society we want to it to themselves or others or whether they just need some some help in some fashion or other and they can hold them for up to seventy two hours for observation now that law has been around eld because the cops are going to kill him that’s what happened to that gentleman he got killed why because there was no due process have some sort of law that will allow law enforcement and the courts and the government to investigate someone who may appear to be or does his death was not just a tragedy in my mind it was a crime that the government committed against him by completely ignoring and all this other stuff because they’re afraid of you they’re afraid you’re going to shoot them with firearms that you have so they come all tacked out they drive up in their black SUV’s bang on your door what happens with the red flag laws what happened the red flag laws is they come in bang on your door in the dark either after dark when they know your home or in the morning before you leave before you wake up looks like the Swat team just showed up at your house not may not always happen that way but the ones that I’ve seen video of that’s what they are that’s how they show up have them and if a person is then evaluated and determined by professionals who deal with mental illness that this person might be mentally appear to be a danger to themselves or others than we believe it or not we have those laws already we have them in California they don’t use them like they should impeachment process precisely what they’d like to do to you precisely what they wanna do to me the heck with due process who cares about those constitutional rights with that provided we’re going through some due process so this individual’s rights are not stripped to that from them without any no wonder this Guy Gary will showed up to the door with a gun in his hand I would’ve myself if I had answered the door at all which I may not have in which case what does that mean they’re going to go politicians at all anti gunners progresses left-wingers whoever you WANNA list that feels that way that that’s simply not the way it works in the United States of America that is not the way the constitution was written and it is not the way let’s confiscate it I will deal with due process later well Mr President Congress law enforcement courts our founders expected these things to go when they wrote it and as God is my witness I will stand to defend the United States Congress they do at gun owners that’s what’s being done to you do you feel about it now he wouldn’t be all that thrilled about it because they are doing to him with this whole or may have some desire to harm others Yan okay we’ll go through a preceding here and maybe their firearms are taken from them after after due process scare the target of anybody of course you’re gonNA gun to defend yourself you may not even know who these people are they’re showing up dressed like that and the dark and you had no warning nobody told you that you’ve been listening to the gun guy.

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Td podcast have a system we need to use it our president has a system and he is using it and he’s winning so we can get behind him maybe he can do a little bit more winning chest but we can’t do what trump wanted to do we can’t take the guns I do the due process later I’d be willing to bet if somebody sat down in front of him and said Mr President you remember what you want I say this all the time I am not urging anyone to commit any violent acts let’s please not do that we’re not there and it isn’t necessary we mm for us I’m very proud Gio by the way Pratt is very good about getting out there and saying exactly what he thinks and that’s why among other things I am a life member of the solution until my last breath was that you’re listening I urge you to do the same we need to contact representatives again I’m had a battering ram and break down my door they’re liable to have me shooting at them because they’re doing that and what happens to the gun to the gun owner what happens to the person who this order is against they’re going to get killed.

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