Should I Stay or Should I go? EP 59

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  • Exploring the arguments for staying and fighting and/or leaving for a gun friendly state.

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Should I Stay or Should I go? EP 59

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition it’s time for the Gun Guy TV podcast. Hi I’m Joel Persinger I’m the Gun Guy Thank you very much for all of your help and all of your support on Gun Guy TV and for listening to this podcast. I’m very very grateful that you do that into shoot us a child some of us do and a lot of us don’t anymore because now the country has become more urban and less suburb urban when I was a kid I grew up in a suburban area and I grew up around my dad and my grandfather’s and they were all hunters and they were all people who love to shoot so out and take your money and your guns with you and go to a gun friendly place or stick around and fight the battle now I’ve chosen to stick around rid of the echo in the hotel room and the background noise and that kind of stuff so forgive me for the slightly different sound hopefully it’ll be okay and the podcast to stay away from politics if I possibly can just talk about the types of shooting that I did as a kid because I’m kind of curious what kind of shooting you did as a kid hopefully you learn serie is in October and so as a result we took a a few days to go on a little trip to getaway for our anniversary which we do every year available on your favorite podcast player and so if that’s where you’re listening that’s why you’re listening to it because it’s available there the second half an hour is available on Patriae on active you don’t mind touchy subjects and this one kind of is when it comes up a lot when I’m interviewing Rick Travis from Zero Pa because he brings it out a lot and he’ll call doing with us at shot show as we’ll Sampras from gun owners of California I’m working with a gentleman named Jordan at gun owners of America and as a result you’re hearing this a little differently because I’m actually using one of our headsets to do this rather than the studio the headset gets away you can click on the link to patron there and join us on Patriot now in this first part of the podcast I thought we would talk about a touchy subject in hopes that someone from them that outfit will come and interview Willis at shown we also have some interviews setup with Nikon and CMG and given that I hear from both sides for you we’ll chat about that for just a few minutes here in the second part of the podcast I wanna do something a little bit more fun and everybody out on it comes up occasionally with Sam Peres as well and others who fight on a daily basis for our second amendment rights not just in the state of California but throughout the I did a Lotta shooting as a kid so we’ll talk about that kind of stuff and what my favorite kind of shooting is today and why I like it as opposed to other things we’ll talk a little bit about hunt has had headset and see how well it works for you all right now today’s podcast is again an hour long the first half hour of which is chance from other manufacturers so hopefully we’ll have some really good audio podcasts from shot show this coming January and in the meantime it gives me an opportunity since we’re doing a little traveling to try out and fight the battle but I’m not I’m not arguing from that point of view or any point of view for that matter I have my opinion but what I would like to do is just lay out the United States and particularly those who fight for those rights in very restrictive states like California and that is the debate between whether you should move out the description now for some reason you can’t find that link then you can just go to our website at Gun Guy Dot TV or Gun Guy TV matter gun Guy any of those will get you there more fun stuff and so I’ll talk about that and how I at this point go out shooting with my kids and what we do that is also Still sound good for these headsets are actually new to us we’re going to be using them in shot show to Do some interviews there Rick Travis from CRP will be kind of akin to what I did when I was a child and how we keep shooting fun and shooting as part of our culture I think that’s the part that sometimes we’re missing shoes you and if not I get it but you know at the same time Gosh Darn it sometimes it’s good to just get away from the craziness and talk about being in that kind of stuff and that’ll get us off of I hope the political agenda at least for one podcast and then we’ll probably have to get back on it it may not seem that interesting to you only so you have to be actually a Patriot patron and helping gun guy TV unpatriotic second-half you’ll find a link for that if case you’d like to do that everybody has an opinion and sometimes people will share those opinions very respectfully and sometimes they will share them in ways that are to put it mildly insulting Dick Matter is gee if I live in a restrictive state should I stay in fighter should I go okay well Youtube being what it is we could actually carry on discussion nowadays without treating each other that way but it seems to have devolved into nothing more than a shouting match on a regular basis some of those are going to be respectful and some of them quite frankly get deleted because they involve a lot of curse words and insults in that kind of stuff I wish listen opinion about whether you should stay or go or anybody on my show does you can be assured that there will be a a lot of opinions shared in the comments section and as I said and demeaning and angry I get it there’s a lot of frustration going on out there and so people do get frustrated with stuff I know I certainly do so if I adding is part of the American culture it’s not just something that a bunch of Weirdos do okay I might be a little weird but that’s got nothing to do with it all right but I and if you don’t fight it where it is then it’s going to follow you wherever you go and so you you may move away and go a gun friendly place but that’s only a temporary reprieve from the fight that’s that doesn’t keep you from having to fight the battle it’s unfortunate if you ask me I think it would be nice if people can actually talk but they don’t well that’s a whole subject for different podcast Oh i think so let me lay them out let some point at some point where you live is likely to be as anti-gun as where you’re leaving now I think was a heavy military state and we didn’t have the kind of progressive I guess you would call it or Socialist California it was a decidedly republican state and it was a decidedly conservative state we have a lot of military bases here on feel to it it was not a city it was a city but it was a smaller city in California and it felt like a small town everybody knew everybody there is some validity to that California’s certainly is an example of that when I was growing up here as I’ve said many times I’m in my sixties and when I was growing up here in anti gun type mindset that we have now the particularly in San Diego where I live and Diego when I was growing up was had a very small town for yet here’s the the argument on the side of fighting staying where you are and fighting and that’s exactly what I’m doing in San Diego I’ve been here since I was a child and she’s been here for probably thirty five years or more she had never been on shelter island I circle or motorcycle or whatever that would say San Diego native and if you were a native of San Diego and you can actually do that that was something you were somebody show nice where there weren’t as many really cool things to do and they moved instead to San Diego they wanted to get away from New York no I’m not picking on New York Dago is a place that people travel from around the world to come and see because there’s so much to do here it’s a tourist Mecca really in a lot of areas and we please don’t move here go home thank you very much for your money now go home well those adjutant work by the way I remember those Agean Oregon as well they didn’t work there either and so you know San Diego is one of those places where the weather is beautiful and the the beach is nice and there’s lots of things again the people who lived here wanted to keep it that way but it didn’t stay that way because folks came from other places where the weather was not so nice where the scenery was not that was important I remember when we used to have radio and television commercials commercial ads in the paper that would thank people for coming and spending their tourist dollars here but she had never been to Humphrey’s by the bay she’d never been there’s a few places she’d never been we live here so we actually went to those places for this little anniversary getaway and it was a lot of fun we visited the the Jennings House cafe and we went up and saw the Cabrillo monument he kind of firearm you wanted to buy I remember as a child when my grandfather could go to the gun shop and buy a gun leave with it that was California and not literally but it sure felt that way and actually there was a lot of pride taken in being a San Diego native there used to be bumper stickers people would put on their cars news to do here that I often forget because I live here in fact when my wife and I generally go on these kinds of little junkets like we are now a lot of time oh you well as I said there’s some validity to that when I was a kid and say in California it was not illegal to Cava gun in your car it was legal sunny most of the time and so when you come out to visit here it’s really hard to go home knowing that you’ve got to get back into using your snowblower and all that other stuff and workers I’m just pointing out a this is a fact it’s not I’m not making it up people wanted to get away from cities like New York and cities like Chicago and so on it for quite some time and I can tell you Connecticut is beautiful but they have four seasons snow mud bugs and road construction where you come out here we have one season it’s called Nice beautiful because they wanted to get away from the city not so much as much as they wanted to get away from the from the weather they wanted to get away from the wintertime they wanted to get away from the you know I look I was in Connecticut and and once I lay out the argument also explain there’s some other details associated with it but the argument is that you have to fight the battle where it is they essentially took in many ways the political things they didn’t like in these big cities and brought them with them to California and then began to change Calif- included here and then I also do a video podcast once a month actually twice a month what am I saying to video podcast twice a month that’s available only on Patriots Njit and including this year will do what’s called a steak ation and the reason why we do that is because since we live in San Diego County we oftentimes forget that Sandy I have a a revolver or something in your glovebox they didn’t have center consoles back then but you could have it your glovebox and it was legal to do that it was not illegal to own and into what they had left now Californians we resisted that mightily but it didn’t help us any and all these decades later California has become radio podcast there’s some other things on there too I do behind the scene posts so you can see what’s coming up next for coming features on Gun Guy TV I do some behind the did while at the same time bringing their politics with them and bringing their concerns for their way of living what all those folks left trying to escape a now what are they doing they’re packing up trying to escape what they’ve created and go to the next nice place well we’ll talk about south anyway I’m I’m digressing apologize the argument then is that if you as I said if you stick around you can fight the battle where you are and if you leave the battle will judge this now and deal with all the weather when you try to work for a living so people moved out here for that reason and and that indeed was something that they they just did one on why police officers tend to accidentally shoot civilians and what’s going on with their training and what can be done with it as a did not always have the anti gun and short progressive leaning philosophy that it has now I remember in Oregon a guy who’s trained police officers and security officers and whatever and I own a company to do that I can tell you I have a little bit of insight into their training and I shared that on that people carried guns all over the place and carrying a gun in a concealed fashioned as far as I know was completely legal because just about everybody to run into was either carrying one open it was a a resident deputy up there well during that time you’d see people carrying guns all the time open carry it’s quaintly called now was a standard thing for example in getting out of Colorado in Oregon when I was a boy my dad was a a sheriff’s deputy up there in Columbia county he lived in Class Guy Oregon and he do things on Patriot available to you there that you can’t get listening to the podcast in its syndicated form obviously the second half of the podcast is included on Patriots forget that and then when we take some time to to look around we’d go oh wow we’ve never been there we’ve never been here in fact my wife discovered on this little trip that all the time we’ve lived early or concealed hunting was not objectionable people gun rights were considered to be obvious I mean isn’t it obvious that you have the in stuff on what I happen to be working on at that particular moment or what part of the country I’m in a put up posts and pictures and use it in some way as a place for my patient moving around and changing things I think it is arguably obvious that that is happening to cities like Denver Denver Colorado and Colorado in general that will take you right to our Patriot page and you can check out what’s there and if you’d like to you can subscribe on Patriots the opinions on patrons to enjoy some content that can’t get anywhere else well if you’d like to check that out you can find the link in the description for this podcast and if you can’t find it they’re just go to our Web Washington are all very left leaning now win as a child I can tell you for a fact they once we’re not well where did that come from again site at gun guide DOT TV or Gun Guy TV dot matter gun Guy that will all take you to the same place and you can click on the Patriot on banner they were punished with higher taxes there they had less freedom there they they escaped those places to go to places like Oregon to go to places like Washington to go to places like remember visiting my dad in Oregon and hearing the ads on the radio that said thank you very much for visiting Oregon now please go home g that sounded familiar to me I lived in San Diego right to keep and bear arms they would think in Oregon Washington was very much the same and yet you see these Pacific States California Oregon Wall each state of Texas in the lone star state hard to believe but it’s happening why well because what’s happening now is people are leaving the some of those places in just a minute among the things you can do to help gun guy.

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TV stay alive is obviously join us on patriots I wanted to know I wanted to let you know Nick San Diego California another nice places of California when they did they brought their philosophies with them and they came and change these states into what they had run away from so win the argument comes out that says hey you know what stay and fight the battle where it is because you can run away can only run away for so long because it’s gotta catch up with you at some point there is some actual validity to that argument now we have to take into concerned in Arizona you look at Maricopa County Anders on it and it’s going decidedly a liberal it’s moving that way pretty fast that’s where Phoenix is that’s where the big city and we had similar ads will they didn’t work any better in Oregon than they did in San Diego and folks moved from other parts of the country that were higher taxes he is you look in in Texas you’re gonNA find that the big cities are becoming more and more anti-gun more and more left leaning even in the ground because you know you would think that gun rights would be inviolate in Texas there’s no in a world you’re going to change anything in Texas Arizona’s the same way what are you going to change oppressed by the gun guy are always right unless they’re all well we get back to the subject at hand which is people you may hear a little bit of a difference in the podcast this time around because I’m a day late for unfortunately it’s the twenty-first and this is supposed to come out on the twentieth my wife and is and consideration I think the stage of life we’re ended of the things at the same time but nevertheless there is a lot of validity in that argument I give you another one ah look at certain cities intact high tax states like California where the the cost of living is ridiculously high the taxes are overburdensome the regulations are over forbearing the stint and they’ve essentially the states have become terribly over-regulated and folks don’t want to put up with that so they leave cast optional there really was there was one guy who was there each and every time this went sideways for you and suddenly the light bulb went off and I realized the one person who was always there the individual who was present every time the one he was trying so hard to point out to me matter well the problem is yes they can and yes they do they move from place to place and everywhere they go they ruined was me it was at that moment that I realized I was my own problem was at that moment that I really woman who was helping me a lot in fact I had a few of them who were helping me a lot to change my life to apply biblical teachings to my life allies it was me who was screwing it up it was me who was messing it up it was me who was causing these things to happen over and over and a single person that was always there when this went wrong what in the world is he referring to he said over again it was my decision making it was my thought processes it was my own pride arrogance and selfishness it was I mean you know good grief list of her and will not see that wherever they go they screw it up and then they run away to the next place leftish and acids and Socialists cannot see that everywhere they go they destroy and then they hate it and they run to the next place that they love and reloading supplies you’ll find firearms accessories targets holsters gun belts slings it’s different reasons one I was screwing up my life it was me anti gutters simply cannot every time that went wrong who was there each and every time it went wrong and I really had the new London I couldn’t think of a single person who was there every time that went wrong I’ll never forget talking to one of them about some things that had happened in my life and it seemed like every time I did this this went wrong and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and I would say it never fails I tried California mindset with you you can’t change us in Texas or you can’t change us in Colorado or you can’t change us in Utah you can’t change us in pick a state does and once they’ve ruined it they can’t figure out how that could possibly have happened to them and they move to the next place on ruin that you know there was an old that place ought to be cut off in the United States hopefully it’ll break off one day and sink into the ocean and take all those rat California’s with them and whatever you do if you move anywhere don’t bring your you’re to run away from that’s why I’ll get comments all the time I mean I get a lot I’ll get comments quite frequently on the Youtube Channel from people who say stay in California that’s why there’s such a strong argument made on behalf of the folks who fight this battle every day that we have to stay and fight the battle where it is so that it doesn’t spread elsewhere for every time that went wrong and I I looked at him and I thought about that and I shall well nobody he said well no there was somebody now we’ll talk about the other side of the argument in just a minute along with our website at Gun Guy TV we have a store the Gun Guy TV store in fact if you go to gun guide dot TV click on shop it’ll take you to the Gun Guy TV store you’ll find all kinds of things there you’ll find reloading equipment now the other side of the argument is I’m an American citizen why should I have to suffer we to destroy that one too in every time they do it they are the only ones who were always there that’s that’s what they do and Steve and hope that the economy in that state struggles and eventually collapses and maybe at that point those folks ah when I became a Christian I’m not GonNa go all Christian on you here but I do because sometimes I do I get it you know tell you tell you I’m a Christian I’m under the kind of oppression unless just call it that that’s what it is under the kind of oppression that robs me of my God given it up to well I have to admit I think there’s some validity in that argument as well because states like California do struggle financially optics of all sizes and shapes whether you’re looking at something that’s a telescope or some sort of magnified optic for your hunting rifle or you’re looking for this and this goes wrong and I do that and that goes wrong and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah I went on to my long whiny Complain Complain Complain Lament Che’s and buying things in that state and fuelling its economy I’d rather take my money and my wallet and vote with my wallet and Lee Her and then some of them come from New New York and Jersey and these other places and they moved to to Florida which is now struggling in these areas as well in some cities or they moved in constitutionally protected rights or if you want you could say the my natural and constitutionally protected right now I believe the nine a Bible reader and I am a faithful Christian so I talk about that a lot but I’m not GonNa talk about that so much here is just to give you an instance when I became a Christian I had a these other states which have been very very free and what you get well you get this change in the law because they are bringing with them what they are so for a one x optic like the Nikon p tactical staff or whatever the case might be that you want for maybe your defensive rival or for judy gear their gun belts and duty belts duty holsters and that kind of stuff urge you to check it out it’s the Gun Guy TV store you’ll find it if you just go to gun guy dot TV burdened right killing state and so a lot of folks will go for that reason and when they do one of those reasons one of them is and click on shop shooting straight and always right on target this is a gun guy to heat podcast shotgun for Turkey hunting or whatever the case might be or maybe for your handgun you’ll find those things there you also find knives and because we train security officers shroud state of California you’ll also find some much money on that property because if you think about it my wife and I have rattled properties okay we bought them twenty years ago and so as a result the income that we generate on properties when they’re going to have much higher payment and so when you try to pencil it make money on it chances are they’re going to be upside down so then what happens is instead of making money they’re losing astronomically high that most folks can’t do it likewise if they are wealthy if people are very successful in there in this state they’ve built a business or whatever and they want to difficult for me to enjoy the things I wish I enjoy that I have constitutionally protected rights to be able to enjoy like hunting or whatever and then I pack up and I leave because folks with money leave and that’s what’s happening right now the cost of living in California is so high the cost of property if you want to buy a home here is so ridiculously Lynn Walsh grilled up my forehead and I just thought about it because I thought you know he’s trying to make a point here I don’t WanNa seem stupid but I cannot come up with and that’s one of the many reasons why do well does it hurt that state to take all that money out of the state I think the answer is arguably yes and so there gonNA move to a Free State and the argument is also if I stay then all I’m doing is I’m helping out that oppressive government by paying tax sixties and you want to retire California will tax your retirement benefits but other states don’t so you may want to sell your house or whatever the case might be gather up you stuff fight and part of it comes down to time money routes if got him I give you an example we stayed wake up to the fact that they’ve made horrible decisions in that state will change or maybe that state will become in such bad shape that those people will learn if they move someplace else not to screw it then they are helped by it so a lot of ways I can see the argument it does make sense that you pack up and bail take your money with you I don’t like the fact that this state will try to try to take away my free speech rights tried to take away my second amendment rights works very hard to make it San Diego County and secondly our churches here we’ve been members of the same church forever and when you have a belonging to a community in California not just to fight the battle we’re here anyway and probably wouldn’t move anyway and a lot of that is because our kids are here first of all some of them were multimillionaires and they go some of them you know they’re selling properties and bagging it and Belan and somebody else’s now stuck with the property and can’t make move to a state where when you’re drawing your retirement you don’t pay state income tax on it there are a whole lot of reasons to leave an over-regulated tax there is a great deal of validity to the idea of packing up and leaving I in fact a lot of folks do they take a lot of money with them when they go and he asked me a simple question he said well let me ask you how many years have been happen I said I don’t know seems like all my life he said okay well who was there get out of here well if they keep their business here they pay an awful lot of taxes but if they move they don’t or let’s let’s look at it a different way if you are at my age I’m in my money which gives them a tax deduction they end up paying less taxes to the state then we would because we actually have the those properties are cash low positive for us they actually help us something called proper prop thirteen here which limits how much they can increase your taxes every year and they’re trying to get rid of that so they can raise property taxes a lot so they’re just buying a home sure our bills and that’s income that we have to pay income tax on so in a lot of ways packing up and taking your money and leaving does make a difference now if you’re many many times higher and the cost of maintaining them is the same but the cost of buying them as higher so if they buy them with any kind of alone what’d you say well no I’m not going to move I don’t wish to move and by virtue of that if I’m not going to move anyway well I’m GonNa stay here and fight sure cise our second amendment rights so my point behind the whole thing is that we should not must not and really we we gotta stop at some point or other we’re sitting here retired our kids or elsewhere grandkids are elsewhere or whatever and maybe they moved to another state and we think to ourselves she would like to see the grandkids once in a while I guess at this point you know at some point or other you kind of have to look at the yen and the Yang of it you gotta go well you know which is better do I leave and hurt the state that way or do I stay and these things were given to us by by God but we you may not believe that so we’ll say natural rights and will leave it at that how about that and so you say well I don’t have to put up with this why should I have to put up with this decisions and not to criticize either because there’s a lot of life involved in those decisions and it’s not necessarily a one maybe the state gets a little bit more tax money out of it but I think honestly in the long run the state is hurt more by large groups of people particularly people with money leaving the state bye they’re buying a home yeah okay they’re buying a home they’ve got to live in it yeah there’s property taxes that are going to go to the state and the state’s GonNa get more money out of the property taxes because we have start all over again trying to make new ones you don’t WanNa leave and have to go to another church and start all over again you just don’t want to do it and to some degree you get to a certain age you just don’t WanNa move I like that and that’s where your friends are your relationships are you have deep roots in a place we don’t necessarily want to leave our friends and you get to a certain age where you don’t want to have to leave your friends here our kids are here our life is here and if we move just ourselves our life still stays here and it takes a long time we could sell our properties we can move to another state we could cash out by a small place maybe a condo or something in a town that we like an in a rural or semi rural area so let me just put it this way if you are in California you decide to stay and fight that I want you to know I’m right here with you and we’ll fight it together on the move over there well I probably would be dead of old age before we managed to do it now let’s switch a bit my wife and I if we find ourselves retired after twenty years is quite a bit quite significantly more than the income that someone who bought them from us today would generate from it because the cost of the properties is many well yeah but you’re not here and you don’t have to make that decision

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