Bad things only happen to other people… NOT! EP 60

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  • The resent killing of a group of Mormon women and children in Mexico reminds us that bad things sometimes happen to people who least expect it.

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Bad things only happen to other people NOT! EP 60

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Get ready for certified. Usda prime gun stuff on the Gun Guy TV test. Hi this is Joel Singer. The Gun Guy. Thank you very much for all of your support on Kyw TV for listening to the podcast watching the videos and if you support me on Patriot thank thank you for that too. I really do appreciate it now as usual. This podcast is one hour long. The first half hour which is syndicated on your favorite podcasts player. You’ll find on G spotify IHEART. Let’s see apple podcast which used to be called I tunes and then then Google podcast a whole bunch of other places. I’m sure you can find it if you haven’t already and you can have it. Just download it to your phone or mobile device whenever you want your car on your way to work or on your way home. That’s what a lot of folks do if you’d like to listen to the entire podcast. The second half of the PODCAST is on Patriot. Well this first part of the podcast. I wanted to talk with you about a concept that a lot of folks fall into which I think is a dangerous concept and that is the idea that bad things only happen two other people they never happen to you or me and that of course is a falsehood by the way I do want you to. I’m using one of our new headsets again today for the podcast. Because I’m actually in a noisy place so hopefully you’re not hearing the noise in the background. I’m not in the The little quiet studio where I normally do this. So these headsets are great for for this. I happen to be traveling around a place. It’s noisy because they attenuate the sound around me so hopefully it sounds good and you’re not hearing the noise you background. All right back to what I was talking about. which is the the idea that bad things only happen to other people now? A lot of folks won’t tell you that it’s not like they walk around thinking to themselves. At bad things never happened to them or or the bad things only happened to the other guy. And they generally won’t articulate it verbally and say well bad things only happen to other people but it is nevertheless a mindset that permeates a lot of folks who live in safe places or what appear to be safe places arguably the United States for example is safe most those two time for most people there are bad neighborhoods and tough parts of town and show on but if you’re a middle class person for example when you live in a Nice middle-class rebelled middle class neighborhood. You tend to be safe Dave most of the time. You’re safe at the store when you go shopping. You’re safe at the movie theater when you go watch the movies. You’re safe if you go visit your kids at school. Kids are generally safe at school. You’re generally safe at work and we are generally safe at night and we go for a walk around the neighborhood or whatever we want to do. That’s just the nature of living in a country like the United States. The vast majority of the time we’re safe and then something bad happens and we’re shocked that something bad happened and we can’t imagine that it could possibly have happened into us. All that happens Just this morning. I was reading a story before I went to the rain should teach. I was teaching today which only teach a little bit now retired from teaching for the most part but I still teach the concealed carry course for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and I’m not the only instructor who does that. There’s a lot of them. I just happen to be one but in any case as this morning there was a news story about a family in Mexico that appears to have been murdered by a Mexican cartel. It’s a group of folks who live even a community that’s been down in Mexico for a long long time. It’s an offshoot of the Mormon Church apparently and it was founded at sounds like a couple of generations. Ago There are a lot of folks who live there and have lived there for a long long time. It’s called La Mora and it’s a religious community in northern Mexico In in the Sonora State State of more Sonora apparently was founded as an offshoot of the Mormon Church and then at some point or other split off from the Mormon Church and these folks live there now a lot of these folks who live there were born in Mexico so many of them because they were American citizens and American citizens now have dual citizen citizenship. Because as you’re centrally American citizens who were born in the country of Mexico from time to time apparently many of them travel back and forth between the United Attestation Mexico and this is what was happening the I guess the other day or whether it was this morning I didn’t catch exactly when it happened in the article. But apparently they were on their way back to the United States h when they were their their convoy SUV’s was came under attack and many of them nine of them were killed and six of those. Apparently were children children why they were attacked by the cartels. I don’t know I saw later story. That indicated that there apparently was a previous individual whom these folks were related to that some years back caused a little stir against the cartel kind of an anti-crime activist of sorts and he was murdered by the cartel. But whether that has connection to what happened now I don’t know I do know this as I read the story.

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First of all it was heartbreaking to think about these young people who were killed and certainly the children and and then you hear the stories of heroism of some of the kids getting away or some of the kids being captured. And you know you read these stories. You don’t know if they’re accurate or not. Because obviously these kinds of things unfold a little at a time and sometimes the stories you get immediately find out later not entirely true but one way or the other. It is a heartbreaking tale to think about these folks just essentially traveling down the road minding their own business with no threat to anyone and finding themselves mm shells being attacked by cartels. And as you know if you watch the news at all cartels are not kind. And they don’t hold back they attack you. They attack accuweather vengeance and they will shoot you and your car full of holes and apparently that is what happened. What got me is a comment by one of the family members members that is in a story that appears on the Fox News website entitled Mexican Cartel Massacre Nine Americans including six children from warm? I’m an offshoot murdered this gentleman let’s have to find. His name is Last name Langford Junior. I didn’t get the first name here but apparently this is is an a person who is related to some of the people who were killed and He spoke to Fox News and he said the following this quote. It’s just huge. It’s just absolutely unimaginable. This is the absolute worst nightmare for our entire existence in Mexico and we never thought it was possible on quote. I read that and I thought wow. Are you deceived. You live in the state of Sonora Machiko. which has been in the news constantly as a result of cartel violence? And you think it’s not possible that you or your family members might find yourself on the wrong end of violence now. Obviously they thought it wasn’t possible because they were people full of faith. Whether you you know our Mormon or believe the Mormon way or whatever doesn’t matter they they were people of faith and they were living in an area where apparently they were by all reports. Sounds like they had good relations with the local people and that they were generous local people and they’d been there a long time. I suspect that because many of them were born there that they spoke fluent Spanish and so they were able to get along and survive there and not seem like foreigners indeed they worked foreigners many of them were dual citizen. Russian ship folks that had citizenship in Mexico so it would seem to me that they would blend in rather well and probably had a great relationship with the local people and as a result they probably never felt that they were endanger from the cartels particularly if they were not picking fights with the cartels as a whole or are trying in some way to protest against them. Now we may find out later the touch what they were doing. I don’t know but at this point it seems that it was not nevertheless even in in that situation where you’re otherwise happy. Go Lucky and doing your thing and living your life. It would seem to me that you understand you live in a dangerous place and that it is entirely possible that something bad could happen to you. I live in San Diego County California. I don’t live in San Diego. I live in in a suburb outside of San Diego which is very quiet. Quite frankly in my neighborhood there is very little crime. The police are hardly hardly ever here. We see the local police officers. Half of US know them. We see them at the local starbucks around the corner where they stop and get gas. I’m sorry stopping to get coffee. I should say we shall see them with local gas station where they start. Stop and get gas just to clarify that. I don’t know what they’re eating is starbucks. You never know they might get gas. But that’s the kind outta gas I was talking about. You know when they’re off duty we see them at the local Gas Station getting gas in their car. We see them as starbucks when they’re on duty getting a coffee. I just bumped opt into the mayor the other day at Starbucks Very Nice Gentlemen and very conservative gentleman and we live in a kind of quiet little town still. It’s entirely. Charlie possible that something horrible could happen to you even in a quiet little town like the one that I live in and frankly bad things have happened. They don’t happen. I’m very often. But they do happen and so if you bop through your life thinking that nothing bad can ever happened to you. Well guess what it just might and then all of a sudden you’re in trouble now I don’t live in Mexico. Mexico is not as safe a place to live by and enlarge as the United States is if you’re of Mexican descent or you’re from Mexico. You’re offended by that. Get over it. It’s just a fact I go to Mexico on a regular basis my dentist it just is in Mexico.

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I have friends in Tijuana and you know my church helps out with some orphanages there and so on a few weeks. But I’m going to go back again here pretty soon for some more dental. You work because I’ve got a a an implant that was done and I gotTa have the habit finished so I’m fairly familiar with Mexico worked in Mexico for a couple of years and I. I speak Spanish marginally well and certainly not fluent in Spanish but I can get along. I could get a job and I could. I could do. Okay and fumbled my way through it and improve who’ve my Spanish there and I’d be just fine so I can. I can get along in Mexico and I don’t feel particularly unsafe there but I’d be a liar if I said that I felt as safe in Mexico actually co as I do in the United States for crying out loud when you walk across the border at the Tijuana border crossing one of the first things you see after your passport support is stamped are Mexican. Soldiers standing there with assault rifles and decked out in their camouflage gear at the border. Now now. That should tell you just walked into a dangerous spot right did in the air and it does however I still you know limited. The things I can do is try to take steps to be safe because I realized I mean not in a safe place and that’s something that you would hope that these folks would have done. I hope they did do I. Maybe they did. And it just didn’t pan out but the idea that we never thought this was possible to me is very very foolish and yet I yeah I do hear it from people on a regular basis so let me tell you how I feel about that more detail in what I do in my life to to make sure that even though I don’t think it would happen. I’m as prepared as I possibly can be in case something bad does happen. I’ll tell you more about that in just a second one of the things you can do to help out gun guy. TV which costs you absolutely. Nothing is to shop Amazon using our Amazon link. Now if you buy things from Amazon anyway you can use our Amazon Lake and then when you buy things from Amazon nothing will change for you from your perspective. Active everything will be the same. The cost of the item. You purchase the same. The shipping is the same your Amazon prime. If you have Amazon prime will work exactly the the same way. The only difference is that by virtue of the fact that you went to Amazon through our link Amazon will pay a little bit of a marketing fee. That’s all it happens but it doesn’t in cost you anything now. If you’d like to do that you can use our Amazon Lake by going to gun. Guide DOT TV Oregon Guy gun guy. TV Dot Net and clicking on the Emma’s on banner on the top. And then what you have the lake there you can book market and anytime you go to Amazon. Just go to that bookmarked link and shop to your Heart’s content. It doesn’t matter what you buy. You could buy gun related stuff or you could buy just household items towels or occurred toothpaste or toilet paper or whatever doesn’t matter whatever you buy from Amazon on they will pay us. A small marketing fee doesn’t sound like much but it actually adds up and it helps out quite a bit so if you would please shop Amazon using our Amazon on link you’ll find it at the gun guide TV website at Gun Guy Dot TV shooting straight and always right on this. Is The gun guy. He podcast many years ago. I discovered that the idea that they always always happen to other people is a fallacy. Now that doesn’t mean anything horrible ever happened to me really. I’ve never had people try to hurt me that’s happened many daytimes. After all I did own a security company we did explosives narcotics tape detection with Canine teams and we did executive protection and that kind of stuff and so when you’re doing that kind of business then every once in a while you end up Natasha with somebody or somebody’s trying to hurt you in some fashion or other and that has happened with me in a number of occasions in the past in addition I worked. There’s a bail bondsman for awhile. And that’s a relatively safe job until you’re forced to go get somebody who fails to appear and if that person doesn’t necessarily WANNA come along with you you have have a an argument on your hands. Sometimes those people can be violent and sometimes they could be violent in ways. That could take your life and I’ve experienced that not at my life being taken but I’ve experienced people being violent with me and trying to hurt me with weapons so I’ve been in a position where I’ve had people try to harm me. Fortunately for me I have never actually been harmed in other words. I’ve never been shot. I’ve never been seriously injured while at work or anything along those lines. Now I’ve been hurt martial orch practices and broke my hand dislocated my shoulders. You know water skiing and stuff like that. That happened to a normal person but as far as people hurting me. That’s never her happened to me. Likewise I’ve never had a fire in my house. I’ve never had my house burned down. I’ve never had a car of burned down in the street. I’ve never been in a major. Is your traffic action.

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It where I could have been killed? Those things just never happened to me. In those cases where I’m concerned those have happened to other people likewise I’ve never been seriously seriously ill. I’ve been hospitalized a couple times for small things but I’ve never had cancer or had any serious illness but I shouldn’t fool myself into thinking that those thanks cannot happen to me. They absolutely can at some point or other. I will if I live long enough to have some serious illness at some point or other. Something’s you’re GonNa kill old shoulder the gun guy’s not going to be here anymore. You lose a magical thing that happens you each and every one of us whether we like it or not and that is called dying. We’re all all at some point or other going to pass away now. It’s not that I’m not trying to be want model. I’m here and I’m not trying to be depressing. It’s just a fact at some point or other. We’re all GonNa pass away thatched just away works and if we try to deny that well we’re not being very smart. I don’t think likewise as at some point or other we’re going to experience tragedies in our lives if we think we won’t then we’re being foolish if you live long enough. Tragic things are going to happen to you or they’re they’re going to happen to someone that you love so the general idea that bad things always happen to other people whereas this guy expressed here. We never thought it. It was possible is incredibly naive. I I say that with with no intention to being insulting to this family. What they’ve gone through here is incredibly tragic and I? I don’t want to in any way. Appear to to diminish what they have gone through and what they’re going through they’ve lost little children and Wives and mothers and loved ones and in the most horrific way and I can’t I mean I can’t even come to grips with the idea of what they must be going through. So in no way do I want to come across. She’s being flippant about it. I don’t mean to seek to to sound that way. I think it just astounds me that they felt that this was not something that was possible that this was unimaginable to them given where they lived it would be as if to say. I live in a rotten neighborhood where I hear gunshots every night but I cannot imagine that at one time or one place somebody might actually shoot at me. Well that’s a level of naievety that I don’t think thinkers particularly healthy when I go to Mexico. I don’t go there thinking that I’m not coming back. Of course I go there because I’m going to the dentist or I’m going to see a friend or whatever the case might be but I still plan it out in such a way that I try to keep myself as safe as possible. For example I want to go to Mexico. I take the appropriate cab. I’ll generally walk across. I don’t generally drive in Mexico although I have most times. I’ll walk across the border if I’m just going going to someplace in Tijuana and I’ll take a cab if I’m going to the dentist for example I know I’m to take the white cab with the with the green stripe because that’s the cab company that my dentist has a deal with and as a result I know they know the dentist. I know they make extra money by taking me there. And that I’m going to be. I have have a better chance at least of being safe and getting to my dentist safely. Also know where the dentist is. I could drive there myself and have many times when I could walk there if I had to. So so. If the if the Cabbie search taken a weird direction getting there I already know. I’m in trouble and I would know that before I got there so when when I come back I take the cab that the dentist. It has shitting waiting for me in the front of the dental office before I leave so I know that Cabbie is either going to take me to one border or the other one which ever of the Don Davis I wanNA take and I can tell them the new one or the old one. They’ll take me to the appropriate one and I know how to get there and I always have a nice conversation in Spanish with the the driver along the way and I always tip them a little extra now not a whole lot of extra. Because I’m not an incredibly wealthy man or whatever but I wanNA make sure that they know I really appreciate them and they take good care of me and they do now at the same time. If I’m going someplace else. I try to stay in the tourist areas. I try not to leave the tourist areas because I know that in the tourist areas of Tijuana for example they have policy at least they have the tourist police and the tourists police. Their job is to make sure that the tourists are safe and happy because there’s a lot of tourism in Tijuana and they need the money down there so you have the the beautiful little car that they drive and they’re very snappy in fine looking uniform they always look very nice and their job is to present a nice presence for the police department in the city of Tijuana a show that the tourists feel happy and safe about being there because they don’t want to have them harmed or robbed or whatever because in the tourist dollars go back to the United States. I’m also mindful of the in fact a lot of the tourism medical tourism people.

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Go Down there for the dentist or the doctor or whatever because it’s cost less to go down there someplace else. The dentists astound there. That I go to see are awesome. They do a phenomenal job. And it cost me about one third or less what it would cost to have dental work done in California and and the quality is the same. Sometimes honestly it’s a little better and certainly the service is often better in Tijuana because very service oriented so. I don’t mind going going down here but again if I’m in the tertiary whether I’m shopping or whether I’m going to the dentist or whatever I know I’m surrounded by the tourist police Police and what they do is keep an eye on the tourists and make sure that they’re safe and that they’re not harmed while they’re shopping. So that’s pretty cool that they’re they’re. I don’t go areas. That are not tourist friendly. Because I don’t want to you know Tijuana’s like any other city and Mexico’s like any other place place you consider when you should have sagged and you’re in a terrible neighborhood. Show I stand areas. I know I have a better chance of being safe there now. There are some other things I do when I travel to a foreign foreign country that I give me an ability to at least fight back a little bit if I happen to find myself in a position where I’m now in trouble and I have have to do something to try to take care of myself. I’ll tell you what those things are in. Just a second. I mentioned earlier that one way you could help out with gun guy. TV Shoe Shop Amazon link. But I want to mention affiliate relationship. We also have with second call defense now second call. Defense is a concealed carry coverage company. I’M NOT GONNA call him an insurance company because I don’t think that’s entirely accurate because they do have insurance but my understanding second call defense is it’s more of a foundation which is fully funded and then the insurance insurance the foundation so as a result when you need help the the foundation fronts the money ahead of time for your bail to bail you out of jail if necessary for your criminal defense for your defense against a lawsuit food for all these things that will happen to you. Potentially if you have a defensive shooting they front the money for that and then if you’re defended successfully. The insurances Frenchtown reimburses the foundation. That’s my understanding of how it works. Some insurance companies. Don’t front the money they expect you to front the money and defend yourself and then if you’re successful successful in defending yourself at that point then they will reimburse you through insurance. Well I’m not exactly a millionaire so I can’t afford to shell out the money to defend defend myself. I need somebody else to do that. That’s what I’m subscribing to their service for. That’s the way second call defense works. So that’s why I chose them to protect me and and my family and that’s why I’m suggesting that you check them out and consider them to protect you and yours now if you choose to use second call defense as your concealed carry coverage or your firearms defense coverage I would suggest and ask you to use our affiliate link because that way we get credit for your having done. That doesn’t cost cost you a dime again. It’s like Amazon. They provide us with a little marketing fee. If you go through our link to pay for a second call defense now if you don’t have our link or can’t find it you can go to our website at Gun Guy Dot TV and you could look for the second call defense selection the menu or the little banner ad for them. Either way you’ll get it there or if you just want to go directly to second call defense and you would be kind enough to let them know you heard about them from us. Any of those things will work so check out second call defense. It’s a great option for coverage in case you have to defend yourself with a firearm. The opinions expressed by the dire always right unless there Obviously the world is not a perfect place was would need to defend myself at all and I wouldn’t need to carry a gun when I do carry a gun in the United States which is most of the time however because it’s not a perfect place in other countries. I can’t carry a gun so I have to see if I could figure out some other way it to defend myself even within the United States areas right can’t carry a gun because it’s not legal for me to do so I can’t walk into a courthouse with a gun for example I can’t walk into the Into a federal building with a gun. I can’t a lot of places I can’t go with a gun at Indy. There are some states like New York or wherever where I can’t carry a gun But most of them. I can well if I cannot take a gun. I generally will take a knife because I practiced Filipino martial arts and that is a knife and stick type culture so I’m fairly good at fighting with a knife. I’ll take a knife with me. Well yeah unfortunately. There’re places you can’t take. I can’t carry a knife around in Mexico. Just it doesn’t go well and so I don’t do that. And there are places buildings or whatever federal buildings like that. You can’t take a knife okay. Well if I can’t take a knife I’ll take something else so for example apple when I go to Mexico I cannot take a gun I cannot take a knife.

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I don’t WanNa find myself inside a Mexican prison. I try to stay out of trouble in mind my own business and be polite to everyone. Everyone there are some things I can’t take so for example. I will take my cane. I have a fighting Kaine. That looks like a regular Kane but it’s made out of hardwood and it’s it’s balanced in such a way that it’s like a long screaming stick and so I know exactly how to use that and while the Crook on the came can sometimes be a nuisance. When you’re using it like you would at screaming stick? There are actually some wonderful techniques that you can use fighting where that creek becomes a a huge benefit so I practice the use of the cane. Because that’s a tool that I can take with me and at my age. I’m in my sixties. I don’t look like it’s an old look like a guy carrying a cane for no reason people ask me why I got the can I I tell them the truth. I do have a bum knee. That bothers me from time to time and honestly when it’s really bugging me a lot there are times. I actually take the cane because I really WanNa take the came to take the pressure off my my knee so an answering that way. I’m telling you the truth now if you’re twenty years old and you’re in great physical shape taking Cain with you probably is going to look a lot but if you’re my age wjr it looks normal. Oh there you are. I can walk around to WanNa go anywhere I want. I can get on an airplane. Take my cane with me because let me get on the plane with it now. I also have a couple full of really nice high quality cross metal pins. I don’t know there’s steel or aluminum or what they are but I got one of my hand right now. There’s silver I really like these. These pens to write with either my favorite pants. I have two of them and I take them with me when I go to foreign countries or when I go into a building where I can’t take a weapon or whatever I’ll take my I pinch because metal and it’s a great stabby stabby pokey pokey tool not show terribly different than my knife. Except that doesn’t have an edge on it but it’s very good for stabbing because it’s metal and it’s a pin well like I said I’m a guy in my sixties. So what’s so weird about my having a cane and an thank pin that sorta normal for somebody my age and I can take those things that going to help me when somebody’s shooting at me with a With a rifle or or with a machine gun with a handgun or with from technical vehicle or whatever no of course not. That’s where my knowledge of cover and out are important everywhere. I go teach my students. I was telling my students today in class that the important things that you want to know where they are wherever you go or cover and out out were. Can I get behind cover. Something that will protect me from a bullet. And how do I get Outta here so if I find myself in a cartel shootout I’m going to be moving to cover and then trying to get myself out of there if I possibly can or hunkering down behind cover until it goes by and hoping I don’t catch around along the way I mean like I said the world is not a perfect place I first of all all try not to put myself in a position where I’m of interest to criminals. I don’t go to areas where I’m going to be of interest to criminals and to the degree that I can. I want to stay in areas where it it is a politically expedient thing to do for the Shitty to provide police officers whose job it is to keep me safe because I’m a tourist and they want my tourist money’s not because they wanna keep me safe they couldn’t care about keeping me safe. They want the money and so I get it. That’s fine if that’s the case I want to stick around where those cops are because because those are the cops that are there they’ll take better do a better job of keeping me safe because not that there are any less crooked probably the cops in Mexico because a lot of them are are worse than Crooks but at least they do have a job and that is to keep the tourists Safin from what I can see they do a pretty good job of it and then in case I get caught. You know somebody trying to Mug me or whatever the case might be. I have my cane my pen and I train a lot so when I you know. I’ve practiced a lot this last period of time. But I’m back into it again and I do practice actress martial arts a lot so I know that. Even though I’m old I might if they take me for granted I might just be able to defend myself and and be able to get away so they are so. That’s what I do when I go into Mexico now. Would that have helped these folks who got killed in with the family that was murdered. I don’t know maybe maybe not maybe so perhaps for them it would have been an exercise in planning their traveling a little differently or understanding standing that because they live in a dangerous place it is possible that they might be in the wrong place at the wrong time and they could get hurt or that perhaps apps some cartel might mistakenly think that they are members of another cartel by virtue of the types of vehicles. They drive the road that they were on the way that they traveled. Or who knows what else I don’t know I do know that for you and I though we’re still around and so for us it’s something to consider. What steps do we take? How do we think about? Where are we go? Do we consider the fact that bad things could actually happen to us. And if so what are we doing about it. And to. How’re we ensuring assuring that we’ve taken as many steps as possible to make sure that we can be have the best possible chance of being safe now in the United States that means carrying a gun I think and I do and then being very careful about your surroundings wherever your surroundings and all the other things I talked about in Mexico? Don’t go to places that are dangerous this show on but Kerry something that you can use to defend yourself and as I’ve said many times if you’re in a state that won’t let you carry a gun or you’re not old enough to be able to get a permit or you’re not old enough to carry one but you’re in a place where you can carry a knife and carry a knife and learn how to use it.

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A knife is a very deadly and devastating tool in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. And if you can’t carry that learn how to use as a stick. Take a stick fighting class. Learn how to use a stick and carry a stick with you you know that McCain is a stick but guess what shows my pin and so you can use all kinds inch of different tools common objects to defend yourself you trained to learn how now I know. These things are perfect solutions. I get it but it is important to. I know that things can happen even when we think they can’t and things don’t always happen to the other guy. Sometimes they happen to us now. I’m GonNa talk a little bit more about being prepared for those things along with some information I got from a book called emergency. This book could Save Your Life Life

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