Second Amendment Sanctuaries – Episode 63

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  • Is the second amendment sanctuary movement a good thing and if so, why?

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Second Amendment Sanctuaries Episode 63

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the gun guide. TV podcast hi. Hi this is Joel Persinger. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much for all of your support on gun guy. TV and all the things that you do to I you know I just. I’m just grateful that you you listen to the podcast and you watch the videos and you do the things that you do. I WanNa thank you for that sincerely particularly right before this Christmas time and wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. And tell you that. I’m looking forward to twenty twenty and producing even better podcast for you and better videos for you and and Doing some great work here on Gun Guy TV and I thank you very much for all of your support in doing that. You know there are times doing this podcast when I ended up recording it more than once and there’s been a couple of times where I’ve recorded a two or three times until I I actually got across what I wanted to get across last night I was sitting down talking about the subject victim to talk about today and I did the podcast at the time and I got done and I listened through it real quick ’cause I was going to process the audio and edit it and post hosted and it just wasn’t right it was just not right and then last night I was with a friend that From Church and we went out and hung out a little bit and I got back it was too late for me to finish up and I thought well I’ll be a little late but I’ll do it tomorrow and I woke up this morning. Bright and early. It’s still dark outside and I got myself a cup of coffee and I thought you know what I’m GonNa talk about that subject again so here I am again recording the podcast for the second can time and hopefully I’ll be able to get my point across this time around what I want to talk about this time on the podcast for the first half an hour is the leave Virginia Movement for Sanctuary County Second Amendment Amendment Sanctuary counties cities. And so on which I will tell you at the outset I wholly and completely I agree with and I’m grateful they’re doing it. I will tell you. I hope that it grows. I hope that it spreads across the nation and a now. I’m going to tell you why uh-huh I spent a lot of time on video and podcast encouraging folks who obey the law rather than break the law. Because I’m of the opinion that as individuals because if we start breaking the law then we have no respect for it but there’s a point at which even Martin Luther King Sat in his letter from the Birmingham jail. There’s a point at which you have to look at laws and decide and whether a law is just or unjust and that unjust laws are no law at all. Because as king wrote he agreed with Saint Augustine Saint Augustine and Unjust laws are not law at all. Now it’s real easy to say. Well I don’t like that law and so it’s no law. It’s not a matter of whether you like it or not. It’s a matter of whether rich just or unjust lately. Just thinking about what’s happening with the Sanctuary Movement for Second Amendment of sanctuaries had to give it a lot of thought because I I totally disagree with the Immigration Sanctuary states and that kind of stuff I live in California and we are a sanctuary very state where people can come into the country illegally and this state will not help federal authorities find them and remove them from the country and as a result we have. We’ve I’ve had many many instances where illegals have been here committed crimes and been released by California authorities back into the society again to commit crimes again. We’ve had a kate. Steinle was shot and killed and the guy ended up walking free over it. I don’t know if there’s any latest news with regard to that but that was a tragedy right there there and yet it happened in the state of California because we’re a sanctuary state and I disagree with that thoroughly because the laws are immigration. Laws are not in my humble opinion unjust every country as a right to have borders in every country has a right to manage its borders and create laws and rules for entering that country the California laws then violate federal law. When it comes to the rules the federal government has shut? Shut up as far as how you enter the country legally and who is allowed to come in the country and who isn’t I don’t find those laws from the United States unjust. I find them to be normal normal and ethical and right and something that a country should do. Words borders are concerned. It’s a matter of many cases of national security so when when I look at the sanctuary movement in the state of California where. It’s an illegal alien protecting mechanism. I find the sanctuary movement to be completely wrong because because it is not dealing with whether the law is just or unjust it’s dealing with the fact that the politicians and leaders in the state of California’s simply disagree disagree with it and it doesn’t fit their agenda. Well that’s not what we have in Virginia and that’s not what we have with the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement. That’s an entirely different different proposition because entering a country.

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Just because you want to whether that country wants you to enter or not is not a civil right it. It’s just not it’s not a civil right. It’s not a civil liberty so let’s take a quick look at the definition of civil liberties and civil rights. Alright so we understand what the difference is gone webster’s dictionary here online. And I looked up civil liberty and I looked up. Civil Rights and the definitions are essentially essentially the same. Here’s what it says for civil liberty individual rights protected by law from unjust government or other interference won’t that’s that’s essentially what it is There’s another definition that defines civil rights as those rights which are protected constitutionally protected. Did you know for many years. The National Rifle Association whether you like them or not and I’m a life member of NRA by the way but whether you life like liked them or not what’s happening with them or not have declared that the NRA’s a civil rights organization and although that sounded a little funny the first few times I heard them say at the more they thought what about it. The more I realized that is true because the right to life and the right to defend your life is a civil right so as I look at this sanctuary very movement in Virginia and trying to determine if it is the protection of civil rights are the all the laws that we are deciding to disobey gesture unjust. I come to the conclusion conclusion of their unjust because they violate a civil right. And Show in that instance. It’s no different than the kinds of civil disobedience obedience that has come before in this country if I go back to for example the declaration of Independence and look at the the preamble for the declaration of independence assess awesome really wonderful and interesting things. Just read part of it to you. Because I think it’s important to really focus on specific words in it. So we understand why this declaration accusation was written in the first place it says in part we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal that they are endowed down by their creator with certain unalienable rights. That means right cannot be taken away that among these are life life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So let’s stop right there. If one of my rights is life then it follows was that I would also have the right to defend and protect that life if one of my unalienable righteous liberty freedom than I would have the right to to protect and defend that liberty and freedom and that’s why in the bill of rights. We have the right to speak out and speak our minds and have an opinion and Schertler opinions opinions and gather and so on that’s all in the First Amendment and who believe as we wished to religiously were not in the second amendment. We have the right to defend those things. It goes on to say that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men so why are governments instituted among men for the purpose of securing. Bring these rights again to that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends. It is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it. It and to institute new government laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers on such form as to them shall. I’ll see most likely to affect their safety and happiness. And that’s in the preamble of the Declaration of independence. We learned that the whole reason for government is to secure sure those rights and those liberties and now what we find is our government is taking them away. That’s one of the things I think. That is the most telling when I really think about the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement. I look at the letter from the Birmingham jail written by Martin Luther King. I look at the whole essay on civil disobedience audience written by Henry. David Thoreau I look back at the federal papers and what I find is that our founders and the men and and Martin Luther King who if you ever read his letter from Birmingham Jail I gotTa tell you. It’s one of the most profound and eloquent. Don’t letters I have ever had the privilege to read and it’s worth reading if you’ve never read it. I suggest you do so. You can find it online. Likewise Thoreau wrote his subletters. The letters his essay on civil disobedience which is quite telling and quite enlightening and I suggest you read that as well I think. I don’t think you can get online but I think you can get it as a Kendall book like a buck doc or something like that so I suggest you read that too. I’m going to quote a couple of those things and we’ll talk more about my thoughts on that and why have come to the conclusion that the second Atkin Amendment Sanctuary movement is exactly what we need to be doing at this moment.

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I’ll talk more about that in just a minute. I thank you at the outset for supporting gun guy. TV and being such a great great supporter of the podcast and the videos. And all the things that I do and I wanNA thank you again for that at the same time I wanNA give you a way to support gun guy. TV because it does cost money to do these things and while I hate to be asking about money all the time. It’s sort of a necessary evil if you will in order to keep the thing running so i WanNa give you a a couple of ways that you can support gun guy. TV If you’d like very simply one obviously is the podcast is broken into two sections the first section first half an hour. This one is syndicated on all kinds of places you can find it just about anywhere iheartradio. Uh stitcher spotify and so on and then the second half. An hour is on Patriot only for Patriot supporters. So if you’d like to hear the entire podcast you can subscribe on Patriae to do that. And I think at that level. 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If you would to and there’s a couple of different ways that you can do it there are others and I’ll I’ll explain some of those a little later on in the podcast. You’re listening listening to the TV podcast. Please pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Back to what we were talking about with the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement. I think there are some examples in our history which really clarify why this makes a lot of sense in the Bible in Ecclesiastes. He’s I think it says says that nothing. Nothing is new under the sun that everything that is happening has happened before and everything that will happen has already happened it will happen again. It’s I don’t remember exactly how it says it but it’s very very true. There’s really nothing new under the Sun. We’ve seen these kinds of usurpation these kinds of abuses of government before in our own country. Now we also you see them in other places but we’ve certainly seen them in our own country in fact we saw these kinds of abuses in our country before its founding which is why we founded the country in the first place. Why our founders? I did what they did to throw off the leadership of the of England and start their own country but even censh- then these things have come up again now. I don’t know if you know much about Henry David Thoreau. I’m not exactly an expert on him but I have read quite a bit of his poetry and I’ve had the time and chance to read a lot of the things that he wrote one. One of them is an essay on civil disobedience which is very very famous they read in school a lot now. I didn’t read it in school. I read it because I chose to. I went to college and got at stellar grades at a four point. Oh average but I didn’t graduate because I got busy and I decided to go to work as a result there are some things I didn’t get to do and one of those things. I’m sure is have a class in which I was required to read his essay on civil disobedience. I’ve read it since and I found it very enlightening throw was a guy who was kind of of an oddball. He didn’t live as a lot of people did he lived off the land for a while he was gone. He was our freedom nuts. If you WANNA call it that and I love guys at our freedom not some kind of freedom nut myself and so he was of the opinion. That government was really good when it didn’t do very much he didn’t like the fact that we’ve gone to war with Mexico. He was not thrilled about out to slavery. He was not thrilled about any of those things and so he wrote this whole essay on civil disobedience to encourage people not to do things Josh asked to do them and not to go along with the crowd but instead to follow their conscience and do what is right along. The way wrote a couple of different things in here which really applies. There’s a lot actually actually in that essay that applies to what I’m talking about now but obviously for time I can’t go through and read the sat you. But I’ll encourage you to read it when you have time. But he made a couple of statements right at the beginning in the early part of it that I find very interesting he said I heartily accept the motto that Government is best which governs least. He also went on to explain something. It’s happening happening now. So thorough was of the opinion that small government that did very little was the best thing and it didn’t get in people’s way didn’t get in the way of industry it didn’t get in in the way of business it didn’t get in the way of individuals doing what they needed to do for their lives. He was of the opinion that the the character of the American people and their hard work and diligence is what created the country and what made the country great not government. Government oftentimes just got in the way and it got in the way not only of the people’s freedom but also of the progress of the country.

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And we see that happening now. The larger the government is the more in the way it is now. Our current president understands that having been a businessman as entire life and so as a result he has worked very hard to shrink the government and to kill the nanny state and get out of people’s way lies a businessman. My wife and I own a small mom and pop business. But it’s a successful business and as a businessman I can tell you that I want government out of my way. Most of the time I can achieve so much more with my business and be more successful if government just simply he gets out of my way. Frankly government sometimes can’t get out of. Its own way the interesting thing about government. Though that I that throw pointed out which has been a reality see for us in California and I think is now a reality in Virginia is that government functions in such a way that unscrupulous people in government government can use government to harm people faster than people can use government to correct the problem. And I’ll give you an example of that in California -Fornia the California legislature is so anti gun show leftist so completely off the rails in that direction that they pass crazy insane. Shane laws that oppress Californians with great speed. They pass them all the time. And now we have a new NUTJOB governor Gavin Nuisance. Who will will sign just about any of those without any problem at all? It doesn’t take very long for the California legislature to write a law pass along for the government to sign it and then suddenly becomes law but it takes forever for Californians to drag the state through the court system the third branch of government in order to correct that abuse will throw actually pointed that that out he said the government itself which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will is equally liable to be abused and perverted. It’d before the people can act through it. It’s been happening in California for a long time. It’s been happening in. Oregon has been having an washing. It’s been happening in these very restrictive states for quite some time it takes forever to go through the court system to fix these things but it takes very little time for the government to be abused and to create abusive laws in the first place. Suddenly Auden lay. The state government in Virginia becomes decidedly Anti Gun when the People Virginia obviously are not and suddenly there’s this threat of these incredibly abusive antigun regulations violating the Second Amendment hither and Yon and the people of Virginia relies. It’s GonNa take them forever to fight this battle battle if they do it the traditional way so they decide not to instead they decide you know what these laws are unjust. We’re going to get our county officials together. Our city officials together. Lauren is a city or county. Or whatever we’re going to decide that we will not enforce them are they gotta fight them in court of course sure but in the meantime they don’t intend to enforce them. It’s much much like New Zealand right now with the whole confiscation thing. Are they going to fight those legislatively. Probably if they can’t they’re gonNA fight those at the ballot box. Probably if they can. But in the meantime they’re not turning the guns in. This is civil disobedience. Now what I admire about it is that it is entirely peaceful it is looking at a legal structure and saying this legal structure is unjust and so as a result it is really no law at all. It’s an unjust law. Martin Luther King when he wrote his letter from Birmingham jail was writing that letter because he had been arrested for of all things. This parading without a license. Let’s see what I mean seriously. And even he wrote in the letter that he doesn’t have an objection to the necessity of a license in order or to parade but he did have an objection to the fact that that law was used in a as a manipulative way to shut down a civil discourse and he was right it was also used a manipulative way to abuse the people who were in the WHO were marching and they were abused and he described some of the abuse in the letter. So I encourage you if you’ve never read Martin Luther King Junior’s letter from the Birmingham jail. It’s it’s something that you should read. I think every American frankly I think every human and being should read that letter because we learned so much about the abuses of the past and where sometimes those abuses still exist So I’M GONNA I’M GONNA pause right here and just share with you a couple of things. First of all. In my humble opinion there’s only one race and there were call the human race. We come in different sizes shapes and in colors and we have different histories and we have different cultures. And we you know as my one of the guys in my church is fond of saying we all make our rights differently which makes food very interesting and fun But we’re all and we all you know. Many of US speak different languages. Many of us come from different religious beliefs and backgrounds. But we’re all human beings we all bleed bleed red if you cut us. We all have emotions and we all hurt and we all think and we all are conscious. We’re all just human beings we just may look differently. Your sound differently or have different ideas.

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That doesn’t make us less human. There is only one race. The human race and society has done an awful lot to try to divide titus into into groups. That don’t like each other. Give me an example. I’m half Italian and when I was raised I was taught I was an American of Italian in dissent. I was not an Italian American. Because I’m not Italian. I’ve never even been to Italy now growing up. I learned to speak a little Italian and I can. I can speak enough Italian alien now to order a meal and can ask for directions. But I don’t know what they are given to me so it’s not very functional but I I learned a little Italian kid but I’ve never been to Italy and I don’t speak the language it’s not my my primary language. English is my primary language And I don’t I’m not from the Italian culture. I’m out I’m an American. So I’m really an American of Italian descent and yet since the time when people used to think of it that way. Now we’ve become Italian. Americans African Americans Hispanic Americans were hyphenated Americans and that divides adjust and makes us less unified. That was an aside. I’m sorry drifted off in the desert. There apologize let me get back on subject back to what I was talking about. which is Martin? Luther King’s letter. There’s some interesting things in that letter. which really point to the validity of? What’s happening right now in Virginia and I’m going to explain? Explain those to you in just a second once again. I want to thank you for all of your support here and I wanNA give you one more way that you can support Gung TV many years ago. Well I shouldn’t so long ago I’ve been carrying a gun for a long time. I think almost forty years now every day of my life. I don’t expect a need it but I take it anyway. Sort of like having a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. I don’t expect to have a fire in my kitchen. But I do. Have a fire extinguisher there and because I can legally carry a gun. I’ve carried one for a long time partially for work. And then just because I believe that a human beings should be able to defend themselves so I have that ability that being said if you were to use that gun to defend yourself you’re GONNA this horrible lawsuit and I would say that’s been the case for probably about fifteen or twenty years. Fortunately there are now insurance policies that will provide you with legal protection lawyers and and bail and that kind of stuff. If you happen to defend yourself self using a firearm one of those is called second call defense. It’s the one I used to defend my family. I’ve actually had an account with second call defense for a long long time. And for many years because I liked the structure and electric company I referred them and recommended them to my students in concealed carry courses and various different courses and then some years into it they offered to to have me as an affiliate. So we’re now an affiliate and have been for a while for second call defense which means if you sign up for second call defenses your concealed carry or or Home Defense Insurance for firearms. Then what happens is every time you pay your bill. We get a little commission. Doesn’t cost you any extra. It’s the same for you. It’s kind of like the Amazon thing. So if you’re considering getting that kind of insurance I’d encourage you to look at second call defense and if you could do that through the link on our website than we get credit for it if you choose to sign up you’ll find the link in the description. PODCASTS perhaps but also you’ll find on our website at Gun Guy Dot TV shooting straight and always right on target. This is a gun guy. He podcast and Martin. Luther King’s letter from Birmingham jail. He explained the reason reason why they took what he called. Direct Action and it goes into great detail about it and which. I don’t have time to go into here but I think it’s important to look at least part of his explanation so that we can see again that what has happened before is what’s happening again. He says you may well ask. Why Direct Action Why sit ins marches arches and so forth isn’t negotiation a better path? Well you are exactly right in your call for negotiation deed. This is the purpose of direct action. Nonviolent nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis and establish such creative tension that a community that has consistently refused to negotiate is forced to confront fronts the issue it seeks to dramatize the issue that it can no longer be ignored. My friends I must say to you that we have not made a single single gain in civil rights without determined legal and nonviolent pressure. History is the long and tragic story of the fact that privileged groups seldom l. them give up their privileges voluntarily. We know through painful experience. The freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor it must be demanded mandated by the oppressed. That’s from Martin. Luther King’s letter from the Birmingham jail. Now there’s a lot more to it so I do encourage you to go back and read that. But his point is when nothing else is working. Direct Action is necessary. Well we are taking direct action in the coach and actually there. There are some great eight victories. We’ve had and we’re waiting for the Supreme Court to hopefully hand us another one and there are some other cases going to the Supreme Court but these things take years and in the meantime states like California -Fornia and now Virginia Pass laws so quickly that they’ve oppressed people so rapidly and stolen their civil right to Self-defense.

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Defend their families that it just takes years to restore and people get frustrated angry because they don’t think it can be restored so you have you’ve two groups of people the other people who don’t care or the people well three groups yeah. The people don’t care of the people who have been oppressed for so long they’re just used to being oppressed. And then you have. People get angry about added in fact king disgust those three groups of people in his letter so it makes it a very interesting thing to read short lead us leaves us in a country that was founded by people who are being oppressed and got tired of it that leaves us in a country that has repeatedly were government has repeatedly stepped beyond its bounds and oppress the people faster than the people could could actually respond through the government and fix it. That’s why thoreau brought that up. This leaves us in a country where usurpation and abuses have continued continued in certain ways. And we’ve had to grow as a country to get past those and segregation was one of those. It was a horrible thing. And it’s still. I mean there still arsim issues there but because of the work of men like Martin Luther King much of that has changed and I’m very grateful for that now. We are stack. You is gun owners in a country where the second amendment is the red headed stepchild of the constitution. No amendment is supposed to be the red headed stepchild of the constitution attitude. I read to you. The preamble to the Declaration of independence would says it among the unalienable rights that we have our life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness and they put in the constitution and the bill of rights specifically a tool with which we as citizens as we as the people who consent to be governed and empower the government. We citizens can defend ourselves and defend all right and that is through the keeping and bearing of arms and that’s not about guns per se. It’s about whatever the most efficient and effective arm of the day. He is if the if we were living in thirteen hundreds. We’d be talking about swords and spears and and a mace or battleaxe or whatever. But we’re not we’re living in the year. Two Thousand Nineteen soon to be twenty twenty and the most effective weapon of choice is a gun. And so. That’s why the right to keep and bear arms afford Josh and protect our right to be armed with whatever. The most effective arms of the day are in the year. Three thousand five. I don’t know what those are going to be. There probably won’t be the kinds of firearms. We’re looking not now but today we’re talking about firearms in common use as Supreme Court said which means air fifteen. AK47’s handgun shotgun small-arms basically of all types mm sizes and descriptions and frankly. I am of the opinion that that that includes. NFL Type IRA firearms that the NFL should be done away with because the second Akkad Amendment has a very interesting phrase says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Well when you start telling telling people I’m sorry you can only carry a battle-axe that show big or so sharp you’re starting to infringe upon that right so when you tell someone you can only carry a sword. That’s this short. It has to be dull. You are infringing upon that right when you tell somebody you can only carry a gun that carries this many bullets. You are infringing changing of on that right. Those are all infringements and those laws have been passed faster than we can make them go away and so now there’s a multipronged approach. There wasn’t wasn’t before our current approach has been trying to vote in better people. Well it doesn’t always work because the politicians cheat we’ve seen that in California among the politicians who developed a jungle primary which is a disaster and robs the people of California of their vote essentially and of their ability to change their own government. And we’ve seen it also in California -fornia in the thrust to give illegal aliens the right to vote and they actually do vote anyway without that right because the voting system is so screwed up in California that it’s very easy you do and so you get them on the Dole and they’ll vote for you because they need whatever you’re giving them for free so we see these politicians cheat to maintain power well and then you can’t make the laws go away the only way you can do it is to drag them through the court while the courts were oftentimes legislating from the bench. So we had the nutty ninth circuit which fortunately our president president has changed dramatically. And we couldn’t win through the courts at some point. You got to take the win where you can get it and right now. I think fighting it through the courts and hand some form of civil disobedience peaceful civil. Disobedience is warranted the most effective form of civil disobedience that I’ve seen in is sanctuary county sanctuary state sanctuary city where the Second Amendment honored and where these Antigun laws are not going to be enforced.

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So you can pass all you want to but in Virginia. They’re not going to enforce them. What are you GonNa do now? You GotTa send out the National Guard. Well they might. Who knows my hope? Is that the second amendment. Sanctuary movement moves so fast and so powerfully across the entire country that it’s just not tenable to send doubt National Guard but it’s not a localized single state issue anymore. It becomes a national issue. And that’s where we’re going to see change so if you’re in a state where you think you you can make this happen. I encourage you to do so. I’m in a state where it would be extraordinarily difficult but I think as it moves across the country. There’s even a chance it could happen in California. Actually we have one sanctuary city. He which is needles California very proud of those folks. They’ve stood up against a state and shed. No we will not enforce these laws now they need help and they need surrounding communities around them and certainly the rural communities in California to step up and try to do the same thing. Perhaps that will drive these big cities into a wedge into a corner where they actually have to do something as well. Well I will support that in every way I can because I think it’s right and I think it’s something that we need to step forward and do it gets back to what throw was talking about. It gets back to what king was talking about it gets back to what the founders of the country were explaining that we had the right to do so I get the question all the time do I agree with the The Second Amendment Shanks Jewelry Movement in Virginia. Well here’s the answer absolutely yes. I’ve given some great thought to it and come to the conclusion of the laws are unjust as Dr King would say and that unjust laws need to be opposed host and we are opposing them from several different directions. But at some point we have to decide as thorough would say what is in our conscience and that are only obligation. Asian is to do that which is right. That’s what we’re doing. Thank you very much for listening. If you’re listening to these syndicated part of the podcast. I’M GONNA wrap it up here and thank you for your time and wish you a very merry Christmas. If you’re on patriots stick with me. We’re going to talk about toxic masculinity and why the whole concept up toxic masculinity is destructive to the family and is therefore destructive to our rights our country and our second amendment. We’ll talk about that on the second half of the podcast which is available on Patriot on so once again. If you’re listening on your syndicated player to the first half the podcast thank you again. Have a wonderful week and please. You’ve been listening to the gun. Guy T._D. podcast.

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