California legal update with Rick Travis from CRPA at SHOT Show 2020 – EP66

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  • We had the great opportunity to talk with Rick Travis from the California Rifle and Pistol Association while at SHOT Show 2020. Rick spent the better part of an hour with us discussing the status of second amendment rights in California and the road ahead.

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Talking with Rick Travis from CRPA at SHOT Show 2020 EP66

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the gun guy TV podcast by this is Joel persinger. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much for all of your support on gun guy TV. I’m very very grateful for everything you do now. There are few things you may not be aware of that. I’ll start start out this podcast informing you about one is that are shot. Show coverage of shot show. Twenty twenty did not appear publicly. It was all on Patriots. So if you’d like to know what happened with gun guide. TV At shot show over twenty twenty. It’s all on Patriots there for you to enjoy. You just have to subscribe describe the Patriots and help us out a little bit so check it out there. The one exception to that is the guy. TV firearms podcast. Which you’re listening to now now on the second day of show we set up a bunch of audio equipment and we invited a lot of folks to come up and chat with us that resulted in some outstanding interviews reviews which we’re going to make a part of the podcast over the next several months now some of those are very timely and the information needs to get out soon? So we’re going to post owes. I the first first in the series is an interview that we did with Rick Travis from CRP a along with Jerry Clark who joined him from the California rifle and Pistol Association. Because is this information is important. The podcast runs a little bit longer in the first segment. So as a result there won’t be a second segment because the first segment itself runs an entire hour in order to benefit my patriot. Patrons we’re going to release those podcasts about a week early so they can enjoy them before their release on the fifth and the twentieth publicly for syndication. The other thing I should mention is generally on the podcast. I’ll have some little breaks where I talk about how to support the podcast because because the way these are done. That just doesn’t work so I’m not going to do that in these podcasts. Instead will just run the interviews all the way through for you so you can hear the entire tire thing without interruption. Here’s the first interview with Rick Travis and Jerry Clark from the California rifle and Pistol Association. So guys what’s what’s going on with C.. RPA California and like that and we only have half an hour so either speak really quickly or be briefed so so now we have a lot of things going on with crp one of the things that we have our chapters developing. We’ve had for a few years now people in local areas obviously California’s a huge state is Joel. And so we’ve had people saying hey can members of CRP the public together in different areas. And we’re like well why not. That’s that’s helpful gives people chance and so we started off Middle middle of the spring last year and we have ten chapters and by June. We should be at twenty five state. Wow it’s it’s growing very quickly which has been a little bit like holding tiger by the tail but it’s been it’s been awesome on. We got to see a lot of those volunteers. International Sportsman’s Expo just previous week show and that was well attended. It was one of the best shows we’ve ever had doubled. Doubled our membership that we would normally pick up a show like that We’ve also been doing some New fundraisers because I think a lot you know thirty five dollars for us. NRA just about anybody gets your membership but when you really look I think sometimes people go well thirty five bucks. I paid for everything. And it’s like I don’t know it pays for the magazine and all the media services to a degree but there’s all the lawsuits and so that has has been one of the things I’m going up and down. The state is trying to raise funding for lawsuits because obviously the NRA has been hit. hit very hard back east. So they’re having US money that they would normally put out to other states to assist with lawsuits. They’re happening use it to defend themselves. And I’m hoping those are all good outcomes for him because they’ve been around for a long time to a lot of positive things for all of us so what we’re now focusing on raising those funds because we have several cases in front of the Supreme Court and Dan all those take about a half a million two million dollars once they get to the Supreme Court and that’s why a lot of people don’t realize in part of the strategy of the socialist side of California l. a. -fornia has been to try to bleed dry in the courts. What does she okay? So you’re talking about a half a million to a quarter million dollars around here. Quarter million half million dollars level. Yeah Yeah does that include the cost of getting it to the Supreme Court in the first place or is there no additional cost so if you get a court case that is gonNa go supreme You’re looking anywhere from a million and a half to three million dollars. Wow how now so when you look at a state like California and this is one of the things I’ve been talking the people now like. Oh we got all these laws. But let’s look at the worst year ever was twenty nine hundred seventy bills against us. We stopped all but eleven now granted the eleven got through our and.

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I know you don’t like this word too much. But it was crap and it was the worst of days in fact. I think crops ops to be illegal turnout ticket maybe California law actually legal term. We just go to a guest right and so that that’s part of the problem and part of the problem is I’ve noticed in the public that once we can get people to sit down and start talking they start to realize wait. I mean light you too. But it’s amazing event. Our community people have him put the talking points on what wait that doesn’t you can’t do these things and it’d be legal or constitutional national. You know someone I talk about The big success we just had yesterday which was able to get the city of Los Angeles to drop their blacklisting blacklisting of anybody working with the NRA or other groups like us That’s a huge thing but a lot of our committee was up in arms about but that’s a first amendment violation nation. And as you know on your show before we lose the second we’ll lose the first. This is a direct link to anybody. It’s paid any attention of. Hey we’re going to stop the right to assemble. Assemble your right to do business commerce. We’re going to have the fourth amendment one through ten. They’re going after him. Well I think the thing I I if I may make a suggestion it needs to be changed. If we lose the second we lose them all. Yeah we don’t just lose the first we lose all of our rights. They’re going to chip away at them and take him away one at a time. We can’t lose the Second Amendment we most certainly can’t lose the I. If we lose we lose the first and then they’re gone. Active lava too is we. We have You know I think gun owners are some of the most honorable people that you ever meet. I mean to law-abiding they’re they’re good. People can’t open doors for other people. Help them out to a lot of community service but part of that culture has been modesty and rather. It’s it’s right or wrong. That’s not what I’m here to critique the problem album is you know if I personally did something that helped me save a member of your family’s life. I’m not running around guns. Look what I did. I mean it’s like a happened. Move on but the problem with that is the left media has worked so hard to put everything out. That’s negative figurative that no one ever. Here’s the positive yet when you go to FBI Stats County Sheriff Stats. There’s all these cases of people see w that have used them and use correctly and so part of our hope is start to get people to least call in. We’re not GONNA put your name out there. I mean it’s very easy to say anonymous in Eldorado County anonymous. Listen San Diego County. Did this but to start to let the general public because when I talked to allow public groups especially in politically like this. It’s amazing how many people come in instead. I just didn’t know now that I know that my views different. How much of that is a modesty and how much of it is a fear of retribution? And by virtue of the fact that they live in California. I think it’s both but I don’t think it’s to California is slash summer. I got to travel to Texas Idaho for a couple of hunting conferences conferences. To speak out. And they’re having the same issue and obviously wall Texas especially Austin become in California and unfortunately you know there’s other parts of the state like San Antonio that really aren’t there and they have the same issue in San Antonio people just I think part of our culture like it’s the same idea media one of the guys. I was talking to you. Mow The lawn for your neighbor because he’s fighting cancer. You don’t run around the neighborhood saying look what I did but you know it. S S. testimony to that the recent church shooting in Texas. We lost a deacon and we lost the one gentleman who was part of the security team team and the other gentleman was able to stop it right. And I’ve seen that fellas face on a lot of things and interviews and a lot of areas and every time I see him interviewed. It seems like he’s very uncomfortable. He’s he’s tried to do it but he’s not comfortable standing in front of the camera here in the microphone and I feel for the guy and I you know I’m part of the security team by church right right some central. I’ve asked myself a few times if I were to be in that man’s position would I want to be to get that much media attention. The answer is no and look what I do right right. I’m a guys all over the place all of the time but it’s for some reason or other there’s a there’s a desire to look at it to say no. I didn’t do it for the purpose of getting of having people think I’m a great guy I did it because it was right. That was the thing to do and I think the other part of that too. Is You know the person that is is called into action to do that. Had to take a life and it doesn’t matter the person on the other side could be anything from terrorist to just a really early mentally. Ill individual you still had to take a life and no I’ve never met anybody that wants to glorify you’re you’re listening to the gun guy.

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TV podcast it’s interesting to me that people will say where is an array in California. I’d like you to address that because it was really interesting to me the other day. I got a couple of emails from people saying where’s NRA in Virginia. And I’m like we’ll just went out there and gave two thousand thirty round magazines. This went out and they are working with magpie to do that. Enter just over there doing this or doing that. I just talked about it in a video two days ago whereas NRA in California. I think I think the first thing people have to realize is new and I’ve talked is sometimes difficult for me and I’ll just use probably the easiest area but so the difficulty hunting in California is very hard because we’re fifty eight different counties and a lot of those countries have very different personalities. So nowadays I mean orange in San Diego County side by side yet completely different attitudes on a whole host of subjects. And it’s almost like being from two different states and were literally you and I are. Maybe an hour crow flies apart from each other but when you look at the NRA the NRA a lot of times has its hands actually tied because what gun owners want. One state is going to negatively impact in another set of gun owners in another state so they always have to look at it more like a better terms solid backing of the second amendment slightly homogenized so it doesn’t trigger negatively negatively for another group. And I think that feeds into a lot of people try to fundraise against NRA to say whether or not here not engaged they are the NRA puts thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars into lawsuits and stuff. But right now you gotta realize we’re being outgun moneywise including the NRA. I mean I I would say it’s a fair assessment. It’s about a thousand dollars to one against us. You know if you look at that and you start looking at the successes of the NRA CRP gunners California knows America to groups that are out there fighting all the time and there’s a lot of others I’m not gonNA take a half hour listing them all. That’s what we’re up against Parvo. Realizing people have specialties. The CPA has especially that this is one hundred forty fifth anniversary year. We have done all the competitive shooting sports where the largest broadest conservation group in the state’s history and we’ve been doing legal battles and we do some video work but a lot of times. Sounds I appear on your show because you know what that’s not our expertise and we’re the first one said minute. There are things that the NRA does because that’s their expertise. I mean we trained but we don’t write training curriculum. They do because they’ve been doing for over one hundred fifty years. It’s like people have to realize we each have. Our niches in our specialties. In and it doesn’t take just one and look people all the time and say really think about this. You spent a lot of people have spent thousands of dollars under the firearms collections. And who spent thousands of dollars whether you’re three games shooter. Hunter Trap of whatever and then. They’re like wait. I should I should spend some money on defending those rights. Well here’s the thing. I think that people don’t understand is that they’re they’re spending money fighting against right right every day. I mean every time they do their tax return every time they buy a soda pop every time they buy you know something was sales tax or whatever that money is going into the state coffers which is being used used to fight against their rights. So we’re in this weird position whereas tax payers were fighting against something that we would otherwise choose not to fund that battle battle. I don’t WanNA fund the State’s lawsuits against my rights but I am funding it by virtue of my taxes. I better step up at the same time in fund. The battle adult to stop that. But you bring up a really good point too. I can highlight if you were to look right now Californians and we’ve talked about this on show before there’s about eight million of a set own firearms still in California so think about that from all of us contribute to attacks called Pittman Robertson and I and what the listeners to understand what this is this is gun owners. This is the only tax like this actually in the state of California. This gun owners. Who has said you know what I care about? Wildlife Care about the environment and clean ranges. I care about all these things. So you know what tax me an extra fifteen percent when I buy ammo when bad camouflage clothing when my rifle and pistols so those things can be funded so that equates sometimes to twenty million dollars in single urine California California. You know what we don’t do as taxpayers go. Where did the money go and ninety percent of the time? It’s our governors. Send it back to the General Accounting Office saying we don’t need it. While arranges deteriorate why programs deteriorate the very money that we put in waller wildlife as being obliterated and that’s one the issues that we keep trying to bring up and we have an issue right now with cartels have moved in to the central and northern California area and wiped out over a million acres of land.

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And that’s GONNA cost Californians about fifty years an acre to get it back and an unimaginable amount of money. Part of that money being from Pittman Robertson’s to go to stop that kind of stuff and it’s the irony. Is You know you get a governor. Saying they’re going we don’t have the money and you have people like me and San so you’ll talk to later. They’re like yeah you do in by the way gun owners. Put the money forward. No for the purpose of of being used to resolve these particular issues. Prevent these things from occurring. And you’re not using the money for that and that’s why talked gun as I say. Look on a self tax the state’s not using the money where it should. How can you trust him on anything else? I think this is a conversation. Must have once a week. There’s somebody it’s incredibly easy for the legislature to pass as many anti-firearms laws as they want and then we have to go fight them in court and they can they can pass them knowing full. Well that the darn things are totally and completely unconstitutional. And they’re going to sit there and be enforced until we fight them in court. Yeah and then when we fight them in court they’re going to use our tax money from the General Fund to fund the Department of Justice. Fighting US right to you destroy all right right. And then we’re going to expect gun organizations to fund the bill to fight for this right but we’re not going to fund the organization right that makes sense. Yeah and that’s that’s why I’m really pushing this year to get people out and start to realize they need to fight back so I got a question handed to me. Yeah Okay let’s do. They haven’t the voters destroyed the state budget during the non discretionary feel-good propositions. Oh that’s a question. Statement of fact took question. I’ll let you elaborate on it. Go ahead no. The budget has for the most part been completely destroyed. And that’s one of the things. I’m trying to get people to look at is to start to say accountability. And why I use Pittman Robertson’s example on this show is because we we self tax and I think it’s a talking point for a lot of gun owners to start going out there going. Wait who else in cal- of the thirty nine point. Five million million Californians is out there paying for the environment await it’s gonNA use and if that was the only thing we did and I just want to point this out to your listeners. We would still Outpace All I’m talking. worldwildlife funds several biological diversity. All of their work by almost ten to one like ninety percent sent just on Pittman Robertson dollars. Now you drop in all things happen with organizations like Caldera Cal Waterfowl Rocky Mountain elk in ducks unlimited. All right yeah dot number just goes up. And that’s why I look at people saying hey as gun owners. We should be walking. Probably shouldn’t be hiding in the closet. We should be standing not going. No general public realized. This is what we do every day to make California better price and we self-imposed us on ourselves. So why are we the ones getting getting beat up and targeted and maligned and being told elmer fads and where terrorists as an L. A. and San Francisco don’t do business with us. Take away our the property taxes persecutors etc etc when. We’re the ones doing the most as you said earlier. One of the questions. We have to ask as where is that money going knowing because we contribute the money. First of all I’d be willing to wager that the overwhelming majority of California gun owners have no idea when I buy something that that amount amount of money is being taxed. Those right go to those those programs supposedly and if they are aware of the fact that that money’s being contributed they have no idea if that money is not going where it’s supposed to go and go to Arizona. There’s a lot of California gun shows different things like Dan. You’ll go vacation and they go these beautiful ranges in Arizona. They’re open to the public. They’re like Disneyland ago. Yeah so here’s a fun fact Arizonans can it’d be about a ninth of what we do to Pittman Robertson. Yeah but the difference is the money actually goes where it’s supposed to go exactly. Those ranges were built completely with Pittman Robertson dollars in Arizona right so Californians should wait. Hold the door for minute. Those are paid with Pittman Robertson dollars from Arizona. Yeah then why. Don’t we have it because we do ten times out so we should have at least five ranges and in the meantime what’s California doing actively trying to shut down every state can range in the state and quickly as possible right shooting strain and always right on this. This is the gun guy t podcast.

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WE’RE GONNA be talking to Dennis. I Roman from the Rangers coming in later today. Wonderful what they go through in their battle with the state of California on an everyday basis and not just California but the county of San Sandiego that mean you name it. They fight that battle every day and the amount of money they have to pour into attorneys bills and everything else just to keep the lights on. It’s automation and and what’s crazy is the different ways to stay throughout the state. I’ve talked about this earlier attack so I know a lot of things Peachy K.. House to go through Lemon Grove also down to. Yeah but also you took the range up in Redding California diabolical opposite end and this is a kind of junk junk they throw out on last year. The waterboard came out. It had been raining. You’ll remember the reins we had last night. Yeah yeah they go and take a water sampling off off. The fifty yard pistol bath barrier outside the check for parts per million of Let. Okay so right away not fair. No that’s skewed is it’s possibly ever going to be. What was amazing? was eight had a massive cleanup in the water was actually potable. Wow which which I gotta tell you right now. The inspectors of the government did not expect no they were hoping to be able to shut that down but then tried to down because they told told the range on her. Yeah we’ll Fiji water which is one of the most purest waters on the planet still better than this potable water weight. That’s not the standard in this is what listeners. I have to realize the rain still had to go get an attorney to make that argument. There’s a cost to that. Okay now. Let’s talk about that. Not only surro- cost to that. But you understand I have I have an attorney business attorney right. Hey our business attorney in when I ever want to use him cost me five hundred dollars an hour. You’re right now that’s not hugely people. Say what that’s not a lot. That’s that’s a decent. That’s actually a relatively inexpensive cracks but really quality a business attorney. You WanNa hire an attorney to these firearms. Thank your talk at twenty five hundred bucks an hour right. That means if that attorney talks. Did you on the phone for fifteen minutes. He’s billing you for a quarter of an hour if he thinks about you after a while he’s sitting on the CAN. These Bill Uber quarter of an hour. So you know. These ranges can be driven completely out of business by this and who’s funding the opposition as taxpayers. We are right this. This is why people don’t want fund shell out a little extra money to contribute to sharp or inner air. What what they’re doing is they’re actually elite? They don’t realize I don’t think they realize you’re funding the opposition. But they don’t want to fund the right folks we’re on our side and they don’t want to hold the state government accountable. Because you’re us is on our Pittman Robert Reich just illegal acts I mean went you know government Ronald Reagan said you can never trust whenever the government shows up at your door and says I’m here to help you. You should close the door because you can’t trust them and I think we’ve got to remind people of that that’s right. They were the eight most dangerous. Most frightening words assistance from the government. I’m here to help. That’s what that’s what Reagan said and I think we’ve we’ve got to remind the current generation out there that that’s a fact it’s not it’s not just some like quote it’s surreal our founding fathers intended for us to have a limited small government for the sole purpose of being administrative administrative and securing our rights. Right if you look at the bill of rights that’s what it says that we form a government for the purpose of securing those rights and whenever the ever the government is becoming opposition those things we have the authority and right to disbanded or changing. Or whatever we want to do. And if you’re listening and you want to look that up slip up to the United States bill of rights and read the preamble right now. We’re in a position where we’re now having to defend our rights against the very government which was instituted by our founding fathers to defend our right right right I think part of that comes because if you ask the average person on the street what are we. They’ll say well we’re a democracy and we’re not we’re representative republic right. Yeah and S.. Len people know that this idea. I just need fifty one percent to do anything I want to do. And enslaved the other forty nine percent. It doesn’t work that way. No it ED precisely by design right this when they want to get away. They want to do away with certain things that are really key like the electoral college so they realized you know people say that and thank you. Don’t you don’t have no idea what you’re hoping for hoping for a huge disaster. Yeah that’s really really strange. What else is new Jerry? WanNa say something she can say. You’re actually here. I’m actually here. You’re actually here. I haven’t actually no. I agree with Rick a lot of everything that we are seeing now and people calling us and asking these questions. Don’t feel bad to call us and ask because a lot of folks are uninformed and I think it’s important for them to actually call us if they have a question it doesn’t matter you know we always said years and years ago No question is stupid so call us.

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Ask US it’s important important for you to understand what we’re trying to do and a lot of folks will say. Well you didn’t do this. We’ll look at everything else we’ve done. John and I think a lot of people are nearsighted. And don’t see everything that’s happened along the way one of the gaps that I see is that folks will get upset about a single thing that didn’t get fought to a successful conclusion or where money wasn’t spent on that but it was spent on something thing else right but what they miss and perhaps what I can help do on this show or whatever is they miss the fact that there was a strategic reason for that right that there’s X. except for example a simple version of that would be this X.. Amount of dollars available. Do we put it into this or do we put it into that to fight these battles because if we put it into this and and we lose that then that is going to cause a snowball effect that we’re GONNA lose more whereas we lose we do it the other way round. That’s the other way it’s a smaller loss. This is a bigger victory. That staves Dave’s off bigger victories down the road. I mean that’s that’s one view of it but there are a whole lot of strategic things that go into figuring out what battle to fund and what and and what to fight this way or what to fight that way and unfortunately the general public of gun owners not always aware of those strategic decisions because they can’t be first of all sometimes. It’s not wise to to show your hand in the middle of a battle show. I think sometimes that works against us. Don’t you think there is like without exposing too much. The hander is a good way to to help educate the listeners. On what’s going on so let’s just take take an area known. Nick you and I both hunt from time to time. But we’d probably both have friends because I know I do like that’s your thing not my thing and I don’t want anything to do with it and I get that and I respect that everybody has their choices but what people don’t realize is so safer arguments. You’re just a three gun shooter. So you’re like I don’t do the hunting thing. You guys have fun with that. Well here’s the problem. Three gun shooters used semiautomatic firearms or the number one ways we get a lot of Republicans and Democrats I would say are centrists to vote with us is because they’re like. Oh wait if I don’t let you have the semiautomatic a firearm. You guys don’t have somebody on Max when you go small game hunting and do you know I’m not going to do that to the hunters. Well you’re win was because of the hunting inside the house and so sometimes people will look at the NRA CRP gun owners and go. Why why were you? Why were you defending the hunters? Hey that was so we could defend you. It’s easier to go to someone in central and go. You know you’re taking people’s ability to to put food on the table away from them when you do this a house. Divided against itself cannot stand Abraham. Lincoln said that too you may have. I don’t know but that’s actually divided in the Bible. He basically the nation but that is actually in the Bible. Here’s here’s something that’s biblical saying that if we are divided and we’re fighting amongst ourselves then there’s no way we can fight the enemy that we really have right shorts. I think it’s important for example. I love duck hunting so I I’m a fan of ducks unlimited. I’m not a member at the moment but I probably should go pay my member now that I’ve opened my big fat. Yeah I got to do something about if that get that cool my buddy sack will be calling me. He was president of the local chapter while. Hey wait a minute. You didn’t but you know I’m a fan of duck hunting bird hunting nick and I. I love bird hunting. We Love Shotgun and so I guess I could say well you know I love shot getting but I don’t I don’t partake small game hunting so you guys who cares about you but the truth is has gun owners as lovers of the Second Amendment right whether it’s because we hunt or because we’re concerned about the self defense aspect of it and concealed carry or because we want this as opposed to that or we’re in competitive shooting. If one of us falls we all fall right. We’ve got to start to St- we’ve got to understand that and stop fighting amongst ourselves if we want to develop energy of fighting energy toward anything. Let’s develop it against the folks that are trying to take our rights away and I think the other thing is we’ve got a I think an honors tend to be more like you’re at times from the Disney that’ll l.. Deborah were right there right and they don’t take pride in when we house some wins so like here. We are in California. I mean and I hear all the jokes when I go other parts of the country.

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Oh from Socialist California. Oh you’re behind the Iron Curtain. How’d you get out and slots funny but if you were to look at where we were a decade ago and CCW’s statewide? Oh it’s different totally and I had you. I had a permit a decade ago. But I think if I found the other guy in San Diego County that had one we could afford the club right but but there just weren’t that many. That’s what I’m saying you’re looking at people going. If you look at we have upstairs have come up with APPs to apply right. Orange County right And Fresno Margaret Williams up there I one to develop it. You look at counties that had a hundred that’s all ever had now they’re up at two thousand in it and people like that. I was telling the two thousand eight stop if I opened up a business and instead I hold one hundred widgets and I made this new game plan and then I sold next year two thousand widgets. You’re the man could be investing money right right happily Sir doc as like no you need to realize not only that. But it’s being done in a backdrop up where we actually have an active assembly and Senate and governor’s office trying trying to destroy our culture and we’re pushing back and we’ve got some amazing wins. The people aren’t watching. You’re listening to the gun Ed. TV podcast please pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Just got an email the other day for Michael Schwartz of San San Diego County gun owners a great little organization in San Diego and they work pretty closely with With the Sheriff there by an Michelson. Great guy he sent me an email the other day to let me know because Senate to all the instructors. I’ve been an instructor before ever today the CW that the sheriff is considering strongly only making a change from allowing three guns to be listed on the permit to six. Now you might say to yourself well that WHO cares. That’s that’s not. That’s that’s not a big enough change. What I have seen sheriff door do who at one point was decidedly anti issue? It really made it hard issue these things things. ’cause I’ve been teaching the class forever and I’ve had a permit for since one thousand nine hundred so I can tell you it was a very different world to see him. Incrementally obviously moving the county to shall issue which is where it changed. He’s going is incredibly encouraging. But it’s not gonNA happen like a switch that gets flipped. It’s going to happen more like a real estate. Return it up to light a little bit at a time and this is an excellent example of different groups working on the same problem. If you look at how Gore or got there you have to look at a bigger picture of not just Sandia Cam. You have to look at southern California. We had other than Riverside County at the time and San Benito which had surf sniff at the time. This is going on McMahon respectively. They were issuing a fair amount of. CCW’s not a lot but they they weren’t being restricted. But you had an Orange County sheriff Hutchins who came out of Bob Goes Bang. La and she’s like not happening she actually pulled the CCW’s and that was a big issue. You had gore down to south. NOPE NOT GONNA do it. What happened the Peruta case? CRP and the NRA a a ton of money into that fighting now. Everybody’s like yeah but you know what Rick it got stopped it paused for them then. Local groups like Samuel Kanta gun owners for meeting with Gore. We kept suing kept pushing. It took all of that coming at different angles and in Hutchence was the first one to break and she met with us and said okay. How do we do this? And ironically part is the wait. Wait or she made her move what she said. So I do believe hunters it should be able to have CCW’s and I looked at her and said but there’s nowhere to hunt and Orange County. You’re right she goes you can’t be a felon and have have a hunting license. And she goes and there’s a group of people that do mean things like puncture tires blow engines do stuff like that to hunters thunder out she goes. I don’t want to Orange County Hunter. Being left in harm’s way where they can’t defend themselves so she started issuing now. They went from a couple of hundred over twenty thousand it shall issue right and now she before she left office and share. Barnes tick up along with others are pushing we we have a massive. CCW Conference with all the sheriff saying all the different people in and so we’ve got sheriffs in the bay area issuing which you and I a couple years ago debuted at told me that will happen. I would bet you thousand dollars in adult and you’d be thousand dollars. Richer lost among the sheriff. Solano County is the one hosted do the conference for the second year in a row. Who Right I mean? And you look at the Patchwork there is no longer a patchwork. It’s becoming having a solid line with the majority of the sheriffs.

00:35:02 – 00:40:01

I mean fifty. Six of the departments are showing up to this conference. So we’ll have fifty eight sheriff right right so there’s two guys missing they be right but when you start to look at that that is that’s changing the game in the also have to realize that once you have that permit you can go in any county and so without causing people in places like La San Francisco. Wait a second. There are people on the border counties are coming in and they’re protected. I’m not what you mean if you who live in L. A. County or up there in the San Francisco area you cannot get a permit with those speed the two places that maybe if you live in that area you might WanNa make some noise about. Yeah yeah definitely hit hit hit right and I think that’s important. I think it’s also important for those on the outside of those carries to make noise on behalf of brother. Because you know I remember back when we got prop sixty three shut down our throats and people are like well. San Francisco’s a lost cause. Fifty thousand people in San Francisco had the courage to go to the polls and vote against it. Yeah and you know it was a very small area. During the airlift in Berlin. When some people at the table here weren’t even born? The rest of us were little toddlers best but I mean we as why do I get the feeling. He’s talking about a little concerned about that. I agree if you look at it. We spent millions of dollars. Airlifting food took group by DA LA Times. I’m on the road I say we got brothers and sisters. Definitely the belly of the beast. They’re fighting back. They have group meetings in San Francisco. They’re trying to do it. And so when I’m GonNa County that is not as restrictive as the bay. What’s your excuse because these people are at risk because they can’t meet anywhere without everybody knowing implying a lot of pressure? Well you know. Here’s this brings up another subject. which is we talked about the division of gun owners among different Hobbies that they like within the shooting sports or whatever it is about shooting that they’re fond of gun ownership they’re funded. We also have sort of a weird division because of cultural differences and I try. I’m going to bring up a pig. Pistols for example which is an awesome organization in a fight very hard the second amendment. But we we so. I think we’ve got a gun owners. We’ve gotTA stop having stigmatizing groups because we disagree with him politically right where we disagree with them on a lifestyle basis or we district with him. Look we’re all Americans and particularly in California we’re all Californians and we. We come together as gun owners owners for the purpose of of rescuing our Second Amendment in our rights. Do we need to be messing with each other. With regard to what color hair is or how we live or whatever now ah you know. We have worked with several organizations pink. Pistols is one of them. We both work with black guns matter and go to the advance beheld. Two Years Road Vincent Compton and people like what and I’m like. Yeah and you know what there’s no difference I mean when I had well you know Astoundingly Rick The folks at Compton or America wreckage they have rights to really. Yeah you know when I had your moms with three or four kids and you know something’s happened to the Dad They’re sitting there going. Hey I’m scared for my children. I need to have gone but I’ve been told I can’t buy one. I mean the same miss perpetrated. Mark traded on them are the same ones or perpetrate. Anywhere else in the state. You know we got no. That’s not true. No that’s not true. This is how you do it. You know we have a range and a couple of F.. Els working with them and at the end of the two hours we had forty new gun owners. Now how fabulous now and it’s like that’s that’s incredible audible one of the things that disturbs me about the cost of gun ownership the cost of carrying a firearm. CCW and those kind of things when we do have a right that says the right of the people to keep even bureau shelby shall not be. Infringed is the fact that while I make a good living. You know we’re sitting at this table. I can afford to pay from the CW. I can afford afford to buy the gun. I can afford all those things but you know you live in a lower socio economic neighborhood first of all sometimes the crime rate in those neighborhoods are higher and you really need to see. Cw Right maybe maybe more than I do because in my neighborhood there’s hardly any crime the cops if they get called up there feel like they’re on vacation for a couple of hours they never get to go there. You know what I buy these laws really restrict and infringe upon the folks that make less money or live in tougher neighborhoods. Don’t they oh yeah they definitely do and I. I think there’s an overall economic viewpoint on you know especially if we’re going to limit its CW argument of people understanding economic choices. Now is you brought it up. There are certain sports. I don’t do because I have a couple of things that I do like. I hike camp back. Pack Doc does have costs.

00:40:01 – 00:45:03

My car choice was made primarily support that so I don’t do other sports now. I have friends that play play with all these cool camera. Things like you’ve got I just I can’t play in that thing and do everything at once and I think that’s one thing you gotta look at as not CCW’s not not a sport but it is a lifestyle choice and that’s one of the things that we’ve talked to them and you know we raise money We’ve helped out with some people as far as being able to find F.. L.’s that we’re going to work with them and put things on layaway stuff like that and amazing because you know one of the. NFL’s was like that will never work. Because I’ll never come pick it up. That’s never been the case. I don’t believe that because if you’re the single mom right and you got three three kids to raise kids on one income and you’re in you’re in a tough neighborhood and let me go back to that. It was interesting because we there was a reporter there. Fire away because it’s kind of that cultural Cognitive dissonance that we get of you know I’m supposed to be the white supremacists because I’m a gun owner and the reporter is supposed to be like mister or miss like I love everybody but we’re incompetent and one of the least you said Hey I have two kids. I’m a single mom. She’s talking and reports. Ikea probably a deadbeat dad and the fact was sir husband died in Afghanistan. Right can we. We assume plea and I was like okay number one. That’s just flat out wrong but number and reported never apologized just kept going on. And I’m like okay so this is just multiplying in this woman’s have to deal with life. After her husband she had to move back into the old neighborhood because of economics like that was never her game plan but this is where she’s ended up. Yeah Yeah you know why. Because her husband served his country right and he lost his life doing it and then she was trying to understand why you know. She lives in Compton Compton and her sister lives over in cerita center sister can have a CCW. She can’t and she said literally been fired. My sister over to my house sometimes. So there’s there’s somebody there because of the things that are on the neighborhood and I might. How crazy at Scott Saving the Second Amendment one episode at a time this this is the gun guy? TV Pot to give idea though how far we’ve come which is very good in it just to Kinda to give us a bridge so people understand. We’ve come a long way. Yes we have. I’ve had a CCW for a long long time. Because I’ve been a business owner for a long time. Practical Defense Systems have owned real estate eight brokerage. I’m one of those guys. I could never get a job so I had to make what nobody would ever hire me Schmuck so I always had naked job but as a result I’ve had a permit for many many years I had a very good friend named Perry say his last name to Deputy Sheriff and at the time with the sheriff’s department you were Shantigar you’re either correctional deputy or you’re out in the field feel right up years prior you were in the jail for three or four years and then you went out of the field wanted to but at the time at that time I don’t know what it is now they had changed that policy and you were you made a choice you were in the jail or you were out on patrol. He had decided to stay in the jail. Well as your correctional deputy. The Sheriff we had at the time made the decision at the correctional deputies. Because they’re not out on patrol they don’t run into criminals that might hurt them somewhere show. They had carry off duty. Which of course is I? Don’t even need to explain how stupid you do. Because it’s interesting when when talking to the general public. I don’t think such gunners but John Public like oh well that makes sense because the bad guys in jail. Yeah the bad guys. That correctional deputy had to keep under control who those people that didn’t want to be kept under control. took notes are the same. The people that when they get released are looking for that correctional deputy for payback today. Shame at a restaurant with his wife and they kill him and his wife to okay so Harry would call me and say hey brother would you go with me to such and such. Because it’s kind of you know. Run it it’s kind of town. I’m afraid I might run into one of these people actually in the jail so here here. I am with a business owner without having to go with a sheriff’s deputy right to make sure I’m there to defend my friend if he gets spotted by some crook right who he happened to have to deal with in the San Diego County jail. We’ve gone from that to where we are now which is an enormous leap in the right direction direction. You and I agree that the Second Amendment is your permit. You shouldn’t have to have a permit right to carry and you shouldn’t have to genuflected front of Government Authority or pay them to exercise a constitutionally really protected right correct so that we don’t need argue about that but we can’t. We’re not going to get there with like I said at the flip of a switch. Were getting their incrementally uh-huh because we were foolish enough not to pay attention and we lost our rights incrementally.

00:45:03 – 00:50:10

We’re going back the same way that costs money and it takes time and it takes persistence right. We can’t we can’t just work a little and then give up and expect everybody else to fight for right and like you said earlier. I think where a lot of people is again. One are those mics. It’s like cabinet if I cross the line to help an insert. Whatever group if it’s a local group that space in a county like you said Sandy Kinda gun owners if it’s a big group like the NRA or a statewide group like the issue that I think we’re facing all the time as people think well I have to give up like forty hours a month? I know a lot of times. We’re asking for like an hour and three months if we could get it. It’s like hey. Can you make this phone to be thrilled to have that right right. And you do this. And what people don’t realize then they tell themselves the second line which is okay rick. If I did that it’s it’s not going to have any impact no as a huge impact because if I get a thousand of you to give up an hour that’s a thousand hours and a thousand hours will move the needle. I’M GONNA admit my complete complete ignorance because the truth is as supportive as I am of CR. PA NRA owners. California Sam’s GonNa be here later on today. It’s not. I never did that math now. I never thought about that. In fact say that again because hosting an important right there our from a thousand people so thousand hours and that’s why that one hour is so important it’s so vital to the movement now. What how many hours do we have in the state of California eight million million? Yeah right do you gotta be able to carve a thousand people out there somewhere. So that’s why when people look at me and go. Well how can we lose to Ma. Ah just money. It’s your money from Amanda option which we all know comes from Michael Bloomberg and things like that and I might yet but we can stop that just I I need an hour and people like but that will have an impact. Yeah it does ask the same thing with building well. My vote doesn’t count you. Not Voting was for the other side. So thank you you do two things. Though and given our we can push back not voting is a double negative right okay That explains it now if you vote then you’ve cast one vote if you don’t vote you’ve negated in your own vote and in process empowered the vote against you correct. So you’ve really voted twice by not voting and you voted twice Chirac stated direction so. It’s extremely important that you vote especially at the lower level because you know there’s all the big names but you gotta remember Gavin Newsom Dune just walking become governor. He didn’t just walk in become there. At one point. He was a low level candidate but there were people that probably didn’t care farm but went at that never happened. And that’s why I tell people all the time the person’s if you know they’re anti the Second Amendment I amendment into rain for Dogcatcher the health insurance they don’t get elected. You Bet because at personal end up being mayor who will be and being the county supervisor or are they or the assembly or whatever and the next thing you know. They’re running running for governor or they’re or they’re running for the House of the Senate and people go well. It won’t go without out. Well Galvin’s talking about twenty four running for president. Oh my goodness Gavin Gruesome Gavin nuisances. Yeah what was his last name again. I mean how dare somebody that has is come up the food chain that the people are trying to right now in this election. Twenty twenty that’s local politics or some part to watch WHO’s coming up for us as gun owners just to say hello. No no no no I know him now. Maybe I wasn’t a a rotary club. No he’s not a friend of ours because they’re not gonNA come out and say that because too many of the local elections other non-political I don’t belong to a party. I have no belief. Please seriously please. I have no opinion. Vote for me. Yeah please so this podcast needs your help send your entire wallet to the Gun. Die Thirteen. Thirteen mockingbird Elaine translate congratulations for being here you know. He’s he’s so respectful respectful of his father. He lets me ask all the questions so before I get. Do you have anything you want to chime in about. I find it very interesting. That just is being the youngest person in in on the in the round table. Yeah one of the things I discover with with people. My generation is that we find ourselves either too broke to even think about these things Or if we do think about these things. It’s not the norm so my I can’t tell you how many friends of mine that will jump on any bandwagon that makes your heart feel kind and warm and gentle and it’s just it is so against the norm to even think you say.

00:50:10 – 00:55:01

Hey I hate by the way I owned guns. It’s like you dame like okay so I find at least personally personally I find it very interesting. It’s like okay. Well I’m sitting here. You’re listening to you talk like wow you know what. I’m not a kid anymore. How many I can’t can’t tell you? How many of my friends? Who are going to thirty or thirty like Oh you know what I like? It was weird. I had to go rent my own car today. Like I haven’t had to do that it before. It’s weird growing up in It’s I don’t know why that is but it’s it’s a sense of taking responsibility for for our own country like by. Hey you know what I am a citizen here. This is my rights. I’m you know at some point. These laws won’t affect aren’t aren’t just GonNa Affect My parents or my family members ahead of me. It’s actually going to affect me for the longer run. I need to actually step up and say something do something what kind of like how do you. What would be some ways to I guess to empower or a hate US network because everyone says empowerment doc but You know I think a lot of it comes down to you. Know I have three wonderful kids your age range To Go from twenty to thirty two and and so one because we have these family discussions. ’cause I’ll politically aligned perfectly. They have their own beliefs. And that’s the way after Momma I raised dump and one of the things that we talk about. All the time is every generation. It’s not just the millennials that did this gen-x did it boomer’s did it. There’s a period of time timed. You’re coming into like yeah. I really am an adult and struggling with wires. Mom and dad and people their generation moving out of the way and that’s because the people that generation channel like. Hey we’re in our fifties maybe even sixties waiting for our parents to move out the way because they’re still calling us kids so that’s like a generational struggle this went on yawns and we’re not GONNA fix out part but I think a lot of it is learning how to take subject matters in making personal friends. You know and so as I was coming up and I’ve shared with your dad about this. I’ve always invited people over for barbecues especially if I’ve taken a pig in the field because I helped him go. Oh Wow and then I was able to say hey. You know while hunting takes a bad rap. You know all of us here haven’t as barbecue. Somebody in our background was one hundred. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. This is kind of like going back to your family roots. An all the sudden that takes away like you said that initial negative reaction because people start start going. Nobody wants to sit in and go. Yeah my GRANDPA was a total weight. Mike Great GRANDPA was cool. Oh this is something and personalizing. I think what’s happened is as each generation comes up it takes time for them to realize this is a part of the fabric of who they are and making a personal. It’s really easy from you. Say Love the Coffee Cup because it’s really cool. Okay because it’s an immediate feel good thing but it just takes a little time to talk and I think Our attention spans are about the same as the goldfish anymore. Because we just get pounded with so much that we have to really think of how to do that It’s the same thing of you know looking at women. I’m and I say this all time and California. I’ll try to finish up on this point but it amazes me California. I might Mo- most precious thing that my wife ever help provide for me. Was Our daughter you know I was one of those guys sons. I was blessed to have a daughter. I and she’s one of my best friends and she’s everything to me and I told my little girl growing up she could be anything ever wanted to be. NC State that gives her an incredible assortment of rights but not the right to defend herself and we talked about that and she she’s a schoolteacher in inner cities in La La and she has shared that with the schoolteachers and said think about it firmament. We have the right to do this this this this. What good are they? If we can’t defend their own life yeah yeah and that has caused within her school other young women in their twenties and early thirties to say. Hey that’s an issue. Yeah I got a friend right now. He’s a really good friend of mine. Who’s Mt and he’s actually voiced several times? Just lick on the job. We get mistaken as cops and we’ll have guys come at us and we’re trying to save their buddies life who was shot right and they don’t and they’re trying to come Edison we. I don’t feel safe. How like talked to that they? Hey how do I. How do I get this? W W. and he stopped pursuing it because his job or he’s just found out. Hey you know you’re too young to even think about that type of stuff or you’re on the job doing this. EMT You should have a firearm firearm or even off duty.

00:55:01 – 00:57:54

You shouldn’t even like like he got his paraded with that type of stuff and he has no idea how to really fight it and I. It’s like one one of those. It was very I opening for him. It was like well. You know you can vote. You know there’s you can call. You can complain. Those are things that you can do because we need to do do it. Because aunties and paramedics guys firemen. They should be able to carry. Because you know people are weird and part of it too is. I think helping teach the people in generations. I mean you know. They’re fair weather fans in sports and then die hard fans and the die hard fans tried to teach the fair weather fans. No you always stand the team. Even when they’re they’re lousy yes you know just do that and I think that’s part of the growth process to is teach Mike. Hey you’ll stand up for your football team or basketball tumor hockey occupy team not your rights. Oh you know about the whole. EMT firemen firemen thank you county. Sheriff is issuing permits for them but the it can work. Yeah and again I think. Part of that’s part of that’s a national issue because you have a major companies that are actually owned by the Canadians. Like Amar our That’s more of a national fight that we’ve got to get that through because a lot of first responders are okay first. Problem problem is going after law enforcement and trying to kill them. That’s just absolutely wrong. I have a son who’s a law enforcement officer like one of my experiences a dad but I’m a former paramedic and so I know was like to be on our side to being mistaken because you’re wearing a dark blue uniform. It’s at night and people think. Oh light stark lead. You’re the bad guy and there was a big controversy when some in certain areas just start wearing vests thinking well at least if he gets shot we might survive it but but couldn’t carry same idea. I mean you know it has air force was the first one came out with the true combat medics or they could actually fight back and that was like so controversial when about startup because they were like wait a medic shooting back but one of the things and this is a good example one of the arguments that the air force made I thought they did effectively they said Yep but think about it. That medic is covering a soldier a sailor who was dying. They can’t fight for themselves so they’re fighting to protect our patient and all of a sudden people in Congress took a step back and went. Oh that makes sense but it was because there was a stigma that if you’re saving a life you can’t be called to take a life when it was like oh you’re saving life and you’re protecting the lifesaving. Oh that make cents. Thank you very much for listening. I really do appreciate. I have a wonderful and safe week and wherever you go and whatever you do please be safe. you’ve been listening to the gun guy. TV podcast.

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