New York Gun Laws = Worse Than California – EP68

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  • Frank Johnson of the Liberty First Foundation talks about New York gun control laws and explains the excellent work his foundation is doing to protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

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New York Gun Laws = Worse Than California EP68

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the gun guide. Tv podcast hi. This is Joel persinger. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much for listening to the podcast and supporting gun guy. Tv where you do. I’m extremely grateful that you do that. Truthfully if it weren’t for you I’d be talking to myself. I know I say that a lot but the truth is your the important one here. I’m just a guy that’s bringing you the information but You’re the one that really is the person that does something with it so. I’m very grateful that you listened that you support the way you do. Obviously your time is valuable and there are a lot of other things you could be doing so once again. Please accept my sincere thanks. The interview I’m going to provide to you today was actually done at shot show in January. We did a whole series of interviews with show and this one was with Frank Johnson from the liberty. I Foundation now Franks Foundation is very small but they actually do. Some great work and frank is one of my favorite people. He’s intelligent in fact. He’s extremely intelligent. He’s funny he’s a joy to be around he’s very quick witted and probably most importantly from the standpoint of gun guy. Tv. He’s extremely passionate about the Second Amendment and about the United States Constitution and the saving and preserving of the rights of Americans. That’s one of the things I love about the guy on this interview. Were Myself Pete. My son Nick and Frank Johnson. So we when you hear the voices you’ll know you should be able to figure out who’s who I hope like the last couple of interviews. I’M GONNA produce the entire interview for you on your favorite podcast player. Free. There won’t be a separate part. That’s just on Patriot now. If you’re a patriot subscriber. Please accept my apology for that. I will get back to producing. Podcasts were half is available free on podcast players. The other half’s available only unpatriotic shift with these interviews. I’m of the opinion that the information is so important that every gun owner needs to have access to it so. I hope you’ll forgive me for doing that this time. It’s like the last two interviews. We did this. One is going to be available for everyone and you’ll also find a video version on youtube and the other video platforms where we actually publish videos now. The one where you won’t find it is daily motion and that’s because daily motion out of the blue and for no reason we can quite figure out deleted gun guy. Tv entirely from their site. They’re only explanation was that we had somehow violated their content rules but they gave us no explanation as to what we did and we haven’t been doing anything differently than we’ve been doing for years having never violated their content rules before so. I’m not sure what caused all of that. That said daily motion did not have a huge audience in the first place and not very many people. Watch the show there however if you did I want to apologize to you for particular platform going away you will however find us on Youtube Gun. Streamer have to think about it now. Facebook video the Utah Gun Exchange and bit shoot which I always have to say carefully so I don’t screw it up so there’s lots of places you can find gun guy. Tv unfortunately daily motion is no longer one of them. All right having explained all of that. Let’s get right into the interview with Frank Johnson from the liberty. I foundation at shot show. I’m just thrilled to be here with Frank. Little Liberty I foundation. You Know Nick Franken. There are knock mental Rachel and then I get here and I bump into when the press releases trying to reach you. So we’ve had a couple of life changing experiences over the last few months and unfortunately some of them put a demise over contact information. Oh is that right as such as computer? That got crushed a phone. That got squished battery that exploded in somebody packed up all my business cards contact information and put it in a box that we can no longer find. Oh my after moving from New York to North Carolina. Oh you move a explains a lot. Yeah we we finally made the great escape out of out of the People Social Republican to your yes and Republic and dude. I keep throwing their rope over that over that fence. Trenopolje you guys out. But you don’t WanNa come nick and I mean we’re neither one of a small people. He certainly not small until we had to crawl into the razor wire. Half the guard tower in order to get over here. I’m it’s unbelievable. I New York is. I don’t know if it can be saved at this point. The legislature is gone so far it. It’s just it’s so sad to see that. Eighty five percent of the people that live in the state of New York that have a fundamental appreciation for the constitution are being held captive by fifteen percent of the population that wants to control them and the eighty five percent of acquiesce their ability to fight back out of apathy. They don’t WanNA mobilize. Don’t WanNa get out to vote. That’s not a question of whether can be saved whether the people of New York wish to save will actually netflix effort.

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An that’s where the question is. Are they willing to make the effort and are they going to do it? California’s the same way. I mean we have the same problems. you know a lot of gun owners. California three four million of them or something like that. I don’t know eight million eight million eight million gun owners in California. You think we could make a difference but people don’t necessarily want to fight for the rights you can be saved sure absolutely. I I refused. I’ve been in a lot of fistfights brother I can tell you and I’ve never been in one that I didn’t think I could win now. There were a few. I thought I could win. And it didn’t turn out that way but nevertheless okay you know. This is the same way. This is a fight that requires people to get in there. And actually duke it out with the you know in in the courts and at the voter at the voting booth Sean. And those of us. That are willing to do that. Get to help. Try to educate motivate those who are feeling apathetic. And hope that they do but I refuse to give up. Well we’re absolutely not defeatist attitude. It’s just sometimes you look at that cloud hanging over all the work that goes into trying to get people motivated and what is missing. What is that key element that is going to spur people to Action and then we look at what happened in Virginia? The People in Virginia actually did what I would hope that people in New York and California in New Jersey and all these other states have been living the thumb of this. This false notion that gun owners is somehow evil. You know that we are. How somehow responsible for all the ills of the world and they say what what happened in Virginia and what happened was pushed too far. And I believe because we have a governor Virginia who due to some youthful indiscretions that would have ended most of the political careers He chose that he would go after the sacred cow and go after gun owners to deflect the lot of the criticism from him from his Lieutenant Governor from his attorney general and that coalesced the forces of the Anti Gun movement and they said Oh. Let’s forget about those photographs. Let’s forget about those comments and those statements and they just pushed all the way forward and I think with that perfect storm. A lot of the gun owners said you know what you know now. Now is the time to start getting active. This this would not have been happening in any other state. Had this person not deflected as much as he did in Virginia though I think unlike California or New York for that matter Virginia has had for a long time a very strong second amendment community. A lot of people gun owners Virginia they. They’re used to their custom to having their rights intact and then suddenly there writer threat where I think in California. Our rights have been crushed for so long now that there isn’t that initial there isn’t that that already established group of people who currently have their rights and suddenly you’re GonNa flip a switch and take them away and there’s that that kind of like that reaction I call it the inflatable clown you know those clouds with a weighted bottom. If you BOP it all of a sudden it goes back right back at you. And so what I see in Virginia inflatable clown. I mean these folks were just humming along and all of a sudden exactly gun is come along smack in the face. We’re taking a guns away. And of course they reared back came up. Wait a minute. You’re not taking that right. Well that dynamic with the California. We’re the comfortable frog. That’s exactly where the frog that got in the got in the water when it was room temperature and they’ve turned the boiling now and we’re toast whereas Virginia they throw try. Try to right into the boiling water. Boy You know what? I’m mixing metaphors but I think I like yours better than mine. I think that’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. Throw the frog and the boiling water and he complained where we’ve been getting cooked a little at a time and I think New York New Jersey in a lot of these places to the same. They’ve been they’ve been beat down so much demoralized over the last twenty thirty forty years that they believe that this is the norm and the next generation of gun. Owners is now grown up in a set of circumstances where they’ve been born into already having their rights restricted and having to understand the New York City that if you wanna go get a premise permit for your your home to defend your home with shotgun it’s GonNa cost thousand dollars. It’s going to take two years of your time. You’RE GONNA have to go in front of the judge and justify why you need a shotgun to defend your home. You’re listening to the good night. Tv podcast please. Pay No attention to the man behind the curtain. I personally been through it. Getting the concealed carry permanent in New York City. I had to do it as a matter of my job. And that was somebody likened it to printing gold bars. Is that if you’re a private citizen with a concealed carry permit New York City. You can work anywhere do anything you WANNA do. You can do security charge whatever you want because nobody else has got a legal gun as all right well. That was fine. I did it through work then. I know people who try to do it as a private citizen there.

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Three years in five thousand dollars and have been denied approved denied approved. Why aren’t why aren’t we taking this to court music city? It’s it’s five boroughs it’s five boroughs. It’s an infant at some little piece of area in New York State. That is completely outnumbered by gun owners and the rest of the state. But it’s but they outnumber us in the amount of people that believe the notion that guns you’re bad and they’ve just grown up in it. It’s it’s absolutely horrible to see and upstate. New York honors their rights. Were slowly eroded away by the Safe Act The restrictions on capacities magazines of features on rifles just cosmetic. And what? You can what you can’t buy now but the ager aged population of upstate. New York is Bolt Action Rifles. Lever Action Rifles pump-action shotguns. Then coming after my guns but Cuomo came out and said yes we are right. But they’re saying well you know itself for the next generation to fight will the next generation already is use. Them not only begun. It’s not a lot different than than the difference between my dad. My Dad when he got his first gun at age of twelve his dad ordered it for him from the sears catalog. It was bailed to his house and in those days if I if his dad had had enough money to buy an automatic bottoming automatic right headed delivered to the house. I have never seen that. I’ve never had a chance to participate. So that’s four hundred. Eighty No. Yeah we can’t get accessories mail to my house in New York. We can’t get ammunition we have to if I want a bike right there. Yeah if I have to my case of ammunition I have to have it shipped into my local. Nfl than after. Go over there and pay a twenty dollar transfer fee for it and fill out a form before I can take my amunition whole. When did you move to California New York? What I’m saying. I know this is the case when California is spelling. Somehow I don’t know but it seems like it’s the same thing on the right and left coast must be reading my reading newspaper backwards. But but that was one of the reasons why you know after establishing liberty. I foundation with one of the problems that we had was. We have gun manufacturers. That would like to be able to send US firearms for us to do with tests and analysis on they kind of like the way we do it but then they say we can’t send that to you right. Yeah you guys are dealing with it all the time. We know that you have to go out of state to film. So we’re going to. We’re going to go over to SPRAGUE’s ENUMA. Yeah and you have and the gun is now in the possession of the NFL over there. You can’t take it home with you else has got that list. I mean I can go off the property over to another range like this long wrenching. Go to the shoot but they have to send somebody with the gun store with me to do it because they can’t leave it with me. I’m not an NFL so we have to accompany me with her. And that’s I mean we don’t have we don’t have the of model restrictions that you guys have but we have other restrictions of about weight certain guns. They won’t allow because of the weight one of the examples a semi automatic handguns that way above fifty answers well when they wrote the safe act. What they tried to do was individually picked out guns that they didn’t want the public to have access to some of those. Were the MAC ten the McClellan jozy pistol even in the semi automatic variety but because of certain constitutional rights about equal protection. You can’t select one particular company or model or you can single them out. You had to go to a broadband and find something. That was very specific as to why you can’t have that one so they said well what is an Uzi way. And they wound up coming up with determination that fifty ounces is the cutoff. No semiautomatic handguns over fifty ounces but with that restriction came a tremendous blow to the sport shooting competition because many of the twenty two caliber rim fire rifles that are used in bullseye competitions when ordered with full court some components and nice grips in their custom molded coming in a way more than city. So now you have semi automatic rounds with your that are specifically designed for that one aspect of the sport are completely banned and then along with that went the Desert Eagle the Desert Eagle in fifty eight is banned in New York state. Now I bought a Smith and Wesson five hundred magnum. It’s much more powerful round than the fifty eighteen. It weighs significantly more than fifty ounces. Who’s not not semi automatic.

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So you say well what? What was the big benefit of eliminating these guns under a particular way if I could buy this Canon and bring it home if he was so concerned about the tremendous damage impact? That could be done by one particular round. I’ll go through my house. My Neighbors House next door. Yeah it’s it’s what’s the the rules of the laws in New York at then. Not only the are archaic but they’re symptomatic of disease of ignorance. Oh yes sure. And most of most of the people that they see they see these guns that they want to ban. It’s mostly cosmetic that has nothing to do with the functionality of it and you can buy a New York state safe act approve. Ar Fifteen that is functionally identical to one that you would buy in Virginia or North Carolina South Carolina. Thought it’s missing Bayonet Lug. It’s missing top handle. You can’t have a pistol grip you can’t have this now. Of course we have. Nfa items that were not allowed to put on it. You know for whatever those other ridiculous reasons are but when you look at it was okay. Well I can take this grip off and put this grip on and it’s it’s now it now. It’s a felony. It doesn’t change anything about the gun. Accept a level of comfort for the user. It doesn’t make it more accurate. It doesn’t make The shooter more proficient. It’s just a matter of having the option to say okay. This is my. Do I drive my car with the seat? Reclined a little bit. What do I drive with upright? It’s a matter of preference as a matter of what makes you comfortable? It doesn’t make you a better driver. I if you if you suck it driving. It doesn’t matter what physician you slapping driving whether the Sita’s upper back you’re going to suck regardless you know and if what cosmetic changes there aren’t a gun if you have good intentions for your firearm you’re only going to use it for good purposes and if you have evil intention it doesn’t matter if the gun is pink with a unicorn horns sticking out the top of it and no idea reels I just did. That’s Nixon again. We just got the video on it and I’m going to love watching that on the tastic. It’s up right now. Oh well I wish to God in the last couple of months. I’ve been able to do anything but concentrate on this show and our fundraiser. That would leave. We’ll show you the video weekend. Yeah Oh you got it okay. Before you really are usually we’re done we’ll make sure you get this. I’ve made picking up that little. We’ve had so much fun. Act Worse decision so far beyond two days left the show. It’s would liberty I live. I is on the verge of finally finally organizing our membership driven organization. We’ve been putting together a benefits package for people who want to become members. That is going to be so appealing that you would have absolutely no way to justify not becoming a member and I’m not going to go into many of the details of it but of course there’s going to be discount codes involved with major corporations that are in the second amendment industry. Plus we’re going to have your Certain content that’s going to be specifically available for members but not members still going to be able to get the same content and articles and everything that we’re doing now except we are going to be taking it to the next degree but I can tell you if if our entry level membership is ten dollars for the year and fifteen dollars for renewal but I’m saving you five percent on a thousand dollar rifle. Well how could you not do that? You’re you forty bucks right. We’ve just become the brand new affiliate. Uscca so we’re going to be working with them to try and promote more people to be able to get the insured so that not only because some of the states are going to be requiring that people do it but it is a good idea to be able to protect yourself not only from a financial standpoint from any sort of criminal and other legal standpoint. If you should ever have to feel the need that you have to defend yourself your family or third party so you really should get some sort of coverage now in New York. They have gotten to the point where they’ve banned most carry insurances and then at the same right legislation requiring you to have it. That was the point. Yes that will fail. Because you can’t legislate a requirement that you know you can’t be met you’re located right but the problem is they can make the laws faster than we can take up the court and get rid of when that’s and that’s the point of why they make the laws they know very very well that by the time it gets to a point where you have a final adjudication of the war. The damage is already been done saving the Second Amendment one episode at a time. This is the done guy.

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Tv The ambiguity in the laws going to cause a lot of problems with people gonNA throw up their hands and give up. That’s going to be. The first wave of the second wave is going to be the people say. I don’t have the money to afford being able to defend myself against these things. I can’t lawyer I’m afraid to get locked up. I don’t want no part of it. Then they throw their hands up and then after we win an appeal than wins an appeal the state and when I mean the state I don’t mean anyone of the state. The state as in the government the entity of the body of the government as the state the state has an unlimited supply of funds that they can spend any which way they want and they use our money to fight us while we use our money to defend ourselves and they don’t care how long it takes they know they’re gonNA lose lodged. Continue Picking Your pocket to pay the bill and but they’re going to bleed. Us Dry a hallway there and try to do more or less demoralized. Us As best they can on the way I was just saying In the state of California we just lost the micro stamp lawsuit and the lawsuit was basically. The technology doesn’t exist for micro stamping. It’s it’s an unproven available technology. The gun manufacturers but the state said. We don’t care whether or not it’s available or not it’s required on all biotic pistols and the court upheld they said just because the technology doesn’t exist doesn’t mean the state can’t require and do you know at what at what level of the court was at at. Superior Court level or nightshirt. What do you know No I think it’s the ninety nine struck again which means now it’s got to be dragged all the way to the Supreme Court and you know a very small percentage of those wherever her. We’ll have to wait and thinking about the interesting dichotomy that war when they talk about the Second Amendment they talk about what was available to the population at the time that the Constitution was ratified. What did the founders intends? While they intended on what was available at the time they could not foresee a time in the future. When we would have had this technology that would enable an individual person to fire more than two rounds in one minute so they they look at the past and they say well. We’re going to make our argument based on what they thought would never come to pass now. You’re fighting with them making the decision saying don’t worry eventually technology will catch up with well even though they’re wrong there were there were firearms that were rapid fire back in those they also founding fathers. I think I’m not sure but I don’t remember anywhere in the federalist papers talking about twitter for Free Speech Jeff or Larry Flint’s publication for free speed. You didn’t read the federal. I three twenty one. I must have missed the federalist paper. Where you to protected by free speech? We’ll someone’s leaves reboot the Liberty Bell. Mike will has run instead of Wifi. That is not a that was not an argument. Heard at the time just ridiculous. We have to sit back and laugh sometimes about about how ridiculous this stuff is. Because it’s the only out we have from driving ourselves absolutely mad trying to understand the opposition and do try to fight the opposition. We have to laugh at some prince fine a little bit of the humor but we can never get too far away from the seriousness of the task at hand. I think he made a great point. Even joking around about the Liberty Bell and sort of you is that the problem is that these theoretical applications of history are applied unequally. They’re applied selectively the things that they wished to van or control and not do the things that they argue. And that’ll has to do with the fact that we have judge picking you know you’re not gonNA find certain arguments brought up in front of one judge that you wouldn’t bring up in front of another one. They select whatever case is going to go when they because they understand the logic of an individual judge. A lot of people would courage quality traditional activism. But it’s the perception of that particular judge how they would view a particular argument a lot of times. They’re not really looking at the merits of the case but the value of the argument. That’s being made and certain judges are a little bit more logical. Some churches are a little bit more emotional than not necessarily saying that. They’re taking the context of the Constitution of tearing it apart to fit the judgment looking at it that way to fit their gic and how the argument was presented to them so they leave judge shop not based on the merits of the law but on the merit and the strength of their argument. Does this argument fit this judges compass and they’ll then they do that. Specifically as while you’ll see certain judges on the Ninth Circuit Dental here. One Gun case but another judge another case.

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That’s a little different won’t go in front of the same judge because they the anti gun people know well. That judge is going to look at all argument a little differently than he did. The other argument is taking. It has taken a very long time. I learned that and I think we have learned it in a great way. Most recently typically in California with Judge Benitez because we know that Judge Benito’s is going to rule in a specific way was specific case and show the Second Amendment Community California specifically the California Rifle Pistol Association gun owners of California with tampered as walking by season and and NRA and whatnot. They Pacific tried to get that case for the magazine Band. Ten Round Plus magazine banned in front of Judge Benitez because they had a strong suspicion that they win and they did and so now every second amendment case. You’re trying to file in such a way that it lands squarely on his desk well anti gutters have been doing this for decades. And it’s take. We’ve been kind of slow on the uptake figuring out how to play this game now. Did we learn how to play the game all of a sudden they don’t want the game to be able to be played that way because we now understand what they’ve been doing. We’re starting to do it. And we’re starting to get some victories in certain flavors which means that what some point they want to change the rules. All you can’t do that because no longer is is a benefit to them. Matto until it’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out so you you’ve got yourself out of New York and you move got into North Carolina just about a half hour outside of Charlotte you live in the United States. I live in the United States again. I’m now is North Carolina. I gotTa tell you it’s I really. I thought it was a culture shock moving from New York City the Brooklyn area to upstate New York. I was a flatland or from the moment I got there. I mean you know I’m going to resort to my not so non-regional accent for a moment when you kind of sound like this new walk around in upstate. New York everybody looks at Ya. Was HIS MOM. Aluko via this guy out of here. This game want us and now all right. I finally got accepted for what it was worth being a flat-lander then I got out and now I’m in North Carolina and I’m here I am expecting to hear y’all and this the only thing I’m actually hearing is please and thank you and I’m hearing it in New York accents. There are so many New Yorkers North Carolina to get away from it and they also the same thing they say we did not come down here with New York values. Well it’s like it’s like getting past the Berlin Wall from east to West but so so far even doing pretty good. It’d be down there since July and nobody has told me. Well bless your heart. Well aren’t you sweet? Bless your heart. No one’s told me that yet so I’m GonNa talk that up as a victory. Archie sleet is a look at a city. It you know it’s usually something completely different so the fact that no here. I was being nice obviously worth Carolina. Well you want being used what we what we would assume. He’s a meaning of Islam. Medical spelling came right but we didn’t capture the. Ssi didn’t get the whole thing. But so far I’ve been banned thousand. I’m loving it in North Carolina. The only problem that I’ve had so far is finding someplace to shoot that has been the biggest challenge for Carolina is. You can’t find a place to shoot. I am really dumfounded. I am too. I am completely shocked. I am appalled with it. I actually had to write him. You should move to South Carolina at this point. Well that’s what a lot of people have said that there’s a lot more land in South Carolina. We Ain’t been ranging relief and it’s it’s still would be a forty five minute drive from my house to get to the nearest range in South Carolina over the border and shoot over there. Fortunately I’ve made a couple of friends that have a private training facilities that I’m able to go to their land and do some shooting with Within a half hour the house. It’s about the same drive as I was doing up in New York to get some of my outdoor ranges. I can’t really do reviews on indoor range very often not only be because you get a lousy audio and video. It was horrible. But because you’ve got twelve the guy standing next to you in a stolen. Nobody wants to wait two hours for you to be done filming a video. We shot ten rounds. You know because you have to do some angles and takes and you can’t go down range and put cameras the other way so you wanna be able to do it outside. Try and find some place to put cameras either way I could. We could Bob and waving back. My daughter bought me a small drone to practice with so we get the big one and you know she says you know if you bring that to the rain. Somebody’s GONNA shoot shoot. Maybe not if as long as they have like an Amazon package hanging from the bottom of it it might survive the trip. You know. There’s no freebies if they shoot that one down just going to be a really ticked off gun owners here.

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Fifteen hundred eighty and then everybody every like a cool dude. While I did see the I did see the drone with the flame thrower on it and I really tempted to to pick one of those The opinions expressed by indirect. Always Bright. Unless they’re all of my girlfriend just today folding while I’m a Chacho when she says I’m going over to the airport today I’m going to start taking flying lessons and then this is a woman who five years ago would I had almost drug her to get her on her first plane ride and now how she calls me back a little while later she says I just flew a plane is pretty good. Yeah well she also yelled at me. That I’m spending too much money on food and Vegas and then I found that she spent two hundred dollars for why a plane for three seconds with somebody. You’re spending her plane money. That’s what you’re doing what it is. Yeah you’re eating. I’m foolish to be fed meeting the plane. You know you need to knock it off. That’s the thing we all got across the bed. I don’t care what I don’t care what she does if she’s happy I’m happy. I want to support her and everything that she does. She’s a wonderful person wonderful woman. She’s been really backing US UP. A hundred ten percent from day one. She doesn’t want to consider hamburger. Fan Now my My by partner the Liberty I foundation my co founder. Mike Washable. Who for the last three years? We have been working hand in hand. I spend more time with him than I do. Just about everybody else via electronic and the very first time if the three years that we actually met in person was here and we both lived in we both lived in New York state for the first two and a half years of what we were doing but it was four hours away so we never really had a chance to drive up to one house of the other schedules could never you know work outright and then I moved to North Carolina and Mr. I let that say we gotta get together this year. You’ll coming through Shochu. Michael you gotta get there. And now he came to shot show when we met for the very first time. What does that Joel and I live in our apart. I spend more time with him in Vegas cumulatively than I get to one of them at all. I live at home and he spent. I don’t spend that much time with working. Won’t let by choice. I was your name again because from what I understand this video. Going AROUND ABOUT YOU. And His gun. That’s a little questionable. Yeah it might be a certain level of embarrassment collusion with and they’ve got the rony gas. I’ve kind of cool. You drop your hanging in there and you make whatever you want right so nick wanders around looking at the ruining and he finds this rony you. Could you describe it? I found this Rony. That had a really cool paint job on it but similar new a mixture of like a my little pony and spongebob squarepants. Somewhere there’s a Unicorn on here I don’t and I grabbed a hold of it and pizzas snap photos out of nowhere. I wasn’t ready. I I knew I should not be touched. It heard the word not photo photos video. He’s just wanted to let go they. Ps MOMENTS OF EMBARRASSMENT. They’re always caught in in multiples there. So what are some goals of yours for liberty for first year? What’s the what are you trying to really strive We’ve been very very very effective in staying below the radar and one of the end to our detriment and but to the advantage of the Second Amendment community. A lot of the the words that you’re going to be hearing written in some of these sanctuary city policies have been taken directly out of letters and writings from the liberty. I foundation we have been contributing to a lot of the a lot of the argument making suggestions doing research trying to find historical things that we can look back and say okay. This is how you can justify these things when these counties going for it we. I’ve always felt that we didn’t care who got the credit so long as something. Good done because we’re not about us. We’re about you know. The community unfortunately financial burdens. Do not always play out that way. Is your both well aware that if well nobody knows you. Warren you’re not getting any support it’s Kinda continue to continue doing what you’ve been doing. I sold my business liquidated everything two and a half years ago and have been funding the organization Michael Marshall. My partner has been working probably an additional twenty hours a week for all the time so that they could both facilitate making sure that we’re paying the bills keeping the lights on getting travel expenses and everything else and we tried reaching out to the community community.

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And we’ve we said we don’t want to just ask for a donation even the we already giving back to the community with the website and all the social media platforms and everything. We didn’t want to. Just say hey. We could use some money because people are well. What are you doing forever short memory? Everybody’s hosing short memory. So we decided that we would do a fundraising effort this year and offer prizes and do it as sort of a a raffle so to speak and we enlisted the help of Keith. Berry who owns fifty one fifty rifles? He’s the gentleman who made the liberty rifle for shelf last year. Guys remember we had the article about the liberty rifle for randy couture’s extreme code tour foundation like the extreme gi couture foundation. I gotta get that right if Randy is we get it wrong. I don’t WanNA GET POSITIVE. You’ll get told about it. Yeah so When we saw that rifle we saw that we we decided back. Then that if we will ever going to have a rifle commission that was going to be BIF- Keith. Burying fifty one fifty rifles. So we did just that well chose a great opportunity. Because Keith Barry who’s making a rifle has got six of his other rifles on display here at the show in various booths and the boots are owned by the companies that he’s gotten the base products from uni top precision. The helping us out with a we have. I’M NOT GONNA plug everybody’s name because there’s a reason I’m not gonNA plug everybody’s GonNa say no because I want to plug the website because our bill list for the ten thousand dollar rifle is on the website and we’re linked on the website to every one of the companies. That’s helping us out. You said you’re not a social media g no out of genius. I’m I’m just a little spot. But what what we’ve what we’ve done is we have. We have the parts. The parts are not being donated. The parts are being purchased. The libra is not being donated. The Labor is being paid for. We made sure that everybody was going to be a part of this. Was Getting what they earned for the work that did doing so we have to pay for this rifle. Barrel is is taking two and a half months custom cut. The rifle has named. It’s called the legend of Liberty. Oh that’s the legend of Liberty is a bolt action legend. Three fifty winchester cartridge being fired out of a twenty inch stolid stainless steel bowl barrel while with a seventeen to one twist ratio that is going to push out the effective range of that cartridge from three hundred fifty to five hundred yards. We selected this base platform due. To the fact that it’s straight wall big bore round with a straight walled cartridge. It is legal in every county in the United States that allows hunting so we weren’t going to go with a shoulder cartridge like agreed more round or two to three or five six or any of those. We wanted a straight while cartridge. That could be used everywhere because liberty should be everywhere. You go now are. Rifle is going to be absolutely spectacular in appearance. It’s going to start off with looking from the muzzle down a gold is muzzle brake. That is being hand caught high polished to a backup role back. We we have we have a. We have a heavy bull barrel and stainless steel. That was being high polished to a mirror like sheen. Now want you to see one of the things. I love about Frank. The Dude could sell refrigerators to ask those. Aren’t he? Okay so he sees Pete’s face and immediately I’m focusing somehow selected my target. I’m going in for the kill when we come out of the barrel we get to the body of the rifle. The body of the rifle is going to be syrup coated in the stars and bars. The Red White and blue of America starting with the top of the rifle where it’s going to be the fielder stars. No eating into red and white stripes and in the red and white stripes is going to be laser engraved the constitution of the United States featuring the second amendment prominently when we get to the stock of the gun. The Liberty Foundation logo is going to be on both sides of it with the title of the Gun Legend of Liberty. One of a kind because this rifle is never disabled to be duplicated. Every single component. Now you can buy the individual components but are components after they are in house Keith. Various having every single one of them laser etched laser engraved.

00:40:04 – 00:45:03

They’re all GONNA be handwork. Hand fitted hand polished and everything so not a single component of this rifle will be able to be purchased with the exception of the trigger and the trigger is going to be an adjustable trigger. That is going to be from six pounds. Su Three ounces. So this is going to be a magnificent. You’ve just you’re just enter repeats world. He has a trigger under two pounds on any rightfully are over two pounds on any rifle he has. I’ll be stunned right now. Got a couple that I think six or so but you never. You never doing well. You know the kids to shoot shooting straight and always right on target. This is a gun guy to heap. Podcast we figured that we wanted to have a rifle that was going to be an outstanding display piece because we had hoped that if we sold all thousand tickets at twenty five dollars now. Here’s here’s work at people say. Oh that’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of thick. It’s twenty five thousand something like dude. We’ve got thirteen thousand dollars in prizes that we have to pay for that leaves. Us twelve thousand dollars rent but out of that twelve thousand dollars. We’ve only in two thousand dollars for the liberty. I foundation the rest of the money that we raise with donating to the second amendment organizations. We’re going to be done any money to the well-armed woman we’re going to be joining donating money to black guns matter with donating money to armed and safe we’re donating money to Second Amendment Foundation. We’re donating money to the most important one of all in my opinion is hold my guns whole Mike. This is a suicide prevention organization. That is going to help us take. The place of Red Flag was so that. If you know somebody who’s got mental defect or deficit that needs help. They will help us. Provide us with taking that individual securing their firearms in the possession of NFL or another qualified gun owner until that person is able to seek and find the treatment that they need to get over the depression where they can once again be trusted to not do something stupid. Because suicide is an extremely temporary solution for what he usually very temporary problems for me permanently. Jared temporary problem yeah. I’m a little dyslexic today. But it it gets me to use a phrase that might get as friends use. I lost my brother-in-law to suicide and it. When we knew that he was going to raise depression. We did everything we could to secure the firearms off premises and he was such a brilliant individual that he could have figured out sixty thousand ways to kill himself on any given day but he chose us a rifle. I have my own reason why I believe he did that in that particular way. I won’t get into it. It’s a it’s a family minutia that you don’t have to nothing bad but I think he was trying to spare my sister-in-law some egregious errors and even though we got all the firearms out of his house is the very first moment that he had the opportunity in my sister went out to deliver meals on wheels and he got in his car into a porn store and not porn P. O. R. N. P. A. W. N. And bought a used rifle came home. Went down the basement chops off and we. This is not the first suicide in my family Certainly not the first death in my family. But this is one. That was very impactful for me because my brother-in-law was an idol. To me I never met somebody who is so absolutely incredible. He would read. Omni magazine like I would read the funny papers. This guy who was just beyond the beyond the Pale brilliant choice say he could have figured out a thousand ways to kill himself does he didn’t have to go this route but this was the easiest one and when we deal with organizations that do suicide prevention we have to get somebody to help for the easy way out first and then always after that the only do that is by getting the treatment we have to secure them get treatment but we also understand that we don’t want destroy somebody’s lives by putting that scarlet letter around the neck that the government is going to do with these red flag laws. It’s really a red-letter law. Because they’re hanging that ’em for mental illness around somebody’s neck and in most of the Times that we’re going to see what these red flag was. The Red Flag will be filed against somebody without any justification of course already happening. Yeah things at once. It’s done is so it’s so difficult to undo that in some cases tonight and and that’s now if somebody can prove that they’re not a threat or prove they have not committed a crime where they have no intention of committing crime. That’s fine eventually. If you can get to the point you find but there’s not gonna be any real. There’s I’m an arrest record because this is a civil order that the judge orders when they come and get your guns. It’s not a criminal charge so people don’t realize you do not have the right to legal representation provided you by the by the state you have to pay for your only representation now.

00:45:03 – 00:50:05

Imagine having a bounded depression and somebody comes from the government and they take your guns. It doesn’t matter if you’re ever given a diagnosis or prognosis. That says you’re one hundred percent. Fine you’re never gonNA get guns back. Now they’re gone. They’re gone forever now. If we can have an organization that can step in the place of the government and put a hand up and say no stop. You’re not coming any further. This is one of ause. We’ll take care of this and we police our own community by helping our own members and we be there bridge between somebody doing something bad and getting them the help that they need all the better even if that gets to the point where they say you know what. I’m still GONNA be dealing with the depression. I don’t want my guns back anymore because I’m afraid of might hurt myself. You know what good thank God we got there. Thank God that Sarah French from whole by guns. We’ll be able to do that. Somebody because that person can instill go get a job. They can still have a background check without having something on it. That says that they were involuntarily committed or involuntarily treated whether they had their guns taken away from them by the government. We can get them the help it out ruining their lives. And that’s one of the reasons why we trying as hard as we can to support that group and that’s what when people say well y you helping all these other groups because that’s what the Lady I foundation was founded to do. We weren’t founded to collect money from members and buy guns and have fun no into the range weird founded to provide a positive outcome for people in the Second Amendment Unity by finding finding unique solutions to very difficult problems. I think it’s important to highlight that for you guys to because there’s every time I turn around there’s a new Second Amendment Organization. They’re all trying to reinvent the wheel and they don’t like the fact that this organization does this this way. I’m going to start my own. The problem with that is that we end up dividing the support and the monetary support among many organizations. Who don’t work together. And then we’re not achieving anything. And so the fact that you’re using your marketing prowess and Andrew Organization for the purpose of not only funding your own organization but helping these other organizations that are doing such great work without necessarily feeling like you have to reinvent the wheel and do it. Yourself is a huge thing. Well we’ve re we. We’re trying to reinvent the fundraising apparatus by coming out with something. That’s completely different and reinvent the grand prizes so that that’s completely different but trying to reinvent. The level of participation of people in the Second Amendment community is something beyond our control. We have to hope that. The Second Amendment community is invigorated on their own accord to come out. Come in step up and be supportive not only of our organization. We are extremely small fish in a very big pond extremely small but that little fish is might be the one that swims up. You turn by onto but tiresome someplace else. Hey like okay. Where’s the plate? But it’s not one of the South American ones that we’re going to go to we we do. We do pack a wallop because we can get in and do things that a lot of other groups can’t do because we are really we ourselves as America’s only no compromise Second Amendment Organization. Even though we’re not a second amendment organization were a civil rights organization that happens to specialize in the second amendment. Because we will be there to fight for any other cause if we feel that it’s a violation and we can be there to help and support. We’re going to do it. Just being able to specialize in the second amendment. Well that’s because that’s all passion because without it everything else false. Podcast need your help. Send your entire wallet to the Gun Die. Thirteen thirteen mockingbird lane translates. We’re at a time with a thank you so very much for coming. I’m so glad we bump into each other because I was wondering you know. Are we GONNA see Frankish? Your oh you wouldn’t have been the same if we had the shingles I’m GonNa come back on you. You don’t expect it you know. It doesn’t matter how you’ve been on yourself if you’ve been to shot. Joe wants you now susceptible to the French. We’re going to keep coming back. But if I if I can just one woman any people is and we have a good time talking ritual and we have a great time coming to shot show. But there’s a real serious element of what we’re trying to do and we could really use everybody else so if you guys can jump on a phone or a laptop whatever electronic communication device you have and look up on the Internet l. One F. Dot. Us You’re gonNA find some really cool articles or youtube channels and all the rest of us. Social media is there. We’re are trying to make a difference what we need you guys out and by the way. Ps If who wins that rifle. I gotta get this out. The Beretta Long Distance Shooting team is going to be zeroing that rifle in once it’s produced.

00:50:05 – 00:53:03

We’re GONNA be firing that rifle at special ops fitness and Mooresville North Carolina. That’s owned by our good friend. Cody Nicks Special Forces. And we’re going to have the breaded team down the world’s going to have pat McNamara coming out and giving a couple of shots and before it’s delivered to whoever wins it every single person that we possibly get going to fire an autograph. The case with a photograph of them. Firing it. So you’re GONNA have a gun with a tremendous provenance that nobody else has. Frank thank you so very much the same show without humanitarian. Hopefully we can do this more and more often. Podcast is going to be starting up in about two months. Oh yeah let me know. Yes absolutely have you guys on his inaugural guest. Yeah absolutely I can be a guest. I suck as a guest but I’ll do my best. Don’t you you’ve been on camera with me before you tastic? Everybody loved the interview and then everyone was like Woo Hoo i. I don’t know that guy well because you’re living under a rock out there waiting is what do you think? I do what I do. Is it because you know these off because of me? That’s why not just ask just show Leon ahead beach over there doing sound effects blowing up a balloon expanding. GotTa get some testing guys. Thank you very much. I really appreciate you guys have enjoyed arrest of shot. Show all right bye bye. Thank you again for listening to the whole thing if you’re still with US you’re a faithful guy. Tv that’s for sure. I’m very grateful that you’ve listened all the way through if you wouldn’t mind supporting s by using our Amazon link really appreciate it. That’s the way that you can support gun guy TV. It costs you absolutely nothing. You just shop Amazon for whatever you want to buy. It doesn’t matter what it is and we get a small commission. The way you can do that is by going to our our website which you can find it. Gun Guide DOT TV. You’ll also find it if you just go to gun guy. Tv Dot Com or dot net. It works either way and when you get there. There’s a banner on the top of the website for Amazon. If you click on that banner it will take you to Amazon through our affiliate link and then if you bookmark that Lincoln and just use that bookmark every time you shop Amazon. We make a little commission. It doesn’t cost you anything but it does do a profound job of helping to support this podcast. The video production and all the other things that we do so. If you wouldn’t mind doing that we really would appreciate it. I know Amazon’s not really a very gun friendly company but you can pick their pocket a little bit and provide a little funds to help gun guy. Tv stay alive. Well there you are. Thank you again for listening. Have a wonderful week and wherever you go whatever you do please be safe. You’ve been listening to the TV podcast.

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