What’s New at CMMG? – Interview from SHOT Show – EP 69

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  • Two of the guys from CMMG spent some time with Nick and me talking about the great stuff they have already done and the amazing things they plan on doing in 2020. It’s a great interview. Check it out.

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Whats New at CMMG? Interview from SHOT Show EP 69

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the gun guy. Tv podcast hi. This is Joel persinger. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much all of your support of gun guy. Tv and for your listening to this. Podcast I am extremely grateful. Now I let me apologize to you for being so stinking late in getting this podcast done. It’s the twenty fifth when this podcast was due to be published on the twentieth but with the whole Kobe. Nineteen Corona virus thing. It took some time for my wife and I to make some shifts over to working from home entirely in order to keep our business running. We had a plan B and we have a plan C. for when B doesn’t work. The problem is sometimes. It takes a little bit of time to shift from one plan to the other. It isn’t just like flipping a switch so as a result it took us a little time to get everything squared away. We did and I’m a few days late so please forgive me. I want to get back to gun stuff lately. I’ve been doing videos about the corona virus outbreak and how it affects life in the San Diego County area where I am in California but I’d like to get back to gun stuff in the first part of this podcast and then then the second part which will be on Patriot only gonNA talk a little bit about preparedness and why companies like facebook Golden Goldman Sachs Tesla apple and so on had such a large stockpile of n ninety five masks. And what does that teach you and me? We’ll talk about that in the second part of the podcast which will be on patriotic. Only as usual the first half hour which will be an interview that we did with some folks from CMG at Weill at shot show in January will be available to the public on your favorite podcasts player and then the second half will be on Patriot on only so let’s get started with the interview with C. M. M. G. We’ve got Eric Remainder and we’ve actually got a real. Cmg Guy. Mike. Odell sitting here talking with us about what’s going on with. He’s a he’s a real real soon. Eric’s not a fake guy just actually works for a marketing company sky behind the scenes where everyone’s talking about the product but nobody knows really set it up and I just sit back and watch the magic. That’s why you’re on the PODCAST. Because you want to be exactly the camera. He’s the better looking at I. Do I do a lot of our media and stuff like our in house stuff. I do a lot of the interviews I do the show setups. I do You know our our in house content and things of that sort. So I’ve been familiar with the product for many years and I come in and talk about our products and and have fun was a great segue. Then what okay? So tell me what’s going on. What’s first of all houses? Show going for you. It is going incredible This year we we expanded a little bit. We’ve had the same booth for many years. And this year we were able to expand and actually have a second booth so we have our booth and law enforcement. We’ve have quite some time and we now have a booth in the main hall and I’ll tell you what the traffic is been. Incredible I the last couple years We really really really been kind of turn the corner and I. I think it’s funny when I look back on my first shot shows I think okay. There were times when someone would walk by out. Almost have to grab him by the arm. It’d be like hey come check out this product. You want to see this product and I had to tell them about semen. Gee Now we have people that come into our booth and they come to go talk to me about this. You know so now. People are seeking us out and the traffic flow has been great. I absolutely love it. You still feel like a circus barker every once in a while once in a while you do you know you’ll hey it’s just I? We had a previous employee that I used to jokingly. Call HIM A CARNIVAL. Barker because he he he had it nailed. But you know I it’s I I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love what I do. I love my products. And it’s so easy to talk about the products. And what you do if you love it. So what is what is going on? I’m sorry did you want to Greenland? Okay made sense to me all right. Well I’m just trying not to be rude but I you know it it should. It’s difficult for me. What’s what’s going on new him entry. Oh well I mean our news thing. We actually just introduced this last week So week before shot show is our new air. Five seven conversion magazine. So ill I. It’s kind of funny. We drop that out on social media and we put it out there. And we’re looking at some of the show coverage all the new hotness him Jesus five seven version getting into the the five seven game. I always have to step amulet. We’ve actually been in the five seven game raw a lawyer for quite a while. Yeah I mean we are introduced are Mark fifty-seven in summer of two thousand eighteen. And now we’ve just kind of expanded on that. But last year we had an incredible twenty nineteen. So I’m starting a shot show twenty nineteen. We introduce a three fifty legend We were the first manufacturer to have the three fifty legend. Then we went to forty Smith and Wesson and then you know in our radio delayed blowback operating system and then we did our nine A.

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R. Conversion mags which allows you to shoot nine millimeter out of a adapt. You know adapted. Pe Meg in a standard. They are lower and then we really start ten millimeter. Twenty nineteen was a great year. But you know basing it off of the nine millimeter. Ar Conversion we had that allows you to now use. Our Radio Delayed blowback operating system upper on any standard lower. And still she nine mil out of it. We kind of step back. I said well. What else can we do this with? Well now let me tell you a little story about your nine millimeter conversion system. That is absolutely the best thing since the NAPKIN. I know because one was sent to me by the way. This is pretty darn cool but that was my friend would definitely agree with you. She’s likes using a lot of good. She’s GonNa hate me for that. System was sent to me along with some ten ten round magazine and the conversion deal. So if you happen to live in in a Naci state like I do in California you can actually just click the little thing and bring in you know you. GotTa thirty run. That thing runs like a Swiss watch. It is the most incredible thing. Well the Nice thing about it I just want to say I have. I have a lot of uppers and I’m not saying this because you’re sitting here because you’re not paying anything but gotta tell you something that is the highest quality upper. I own thank you and I’ve got some nice ones. That is the highest quality upper. I I’ve been so impressed. Thank you very much that system. You guys are rocking in the stuff that you’re making we’re trying to. I mean we have our our core group of engineers they. I don’t know how they get sleep. they you know we we. We’re bringing on more engineers time because we’re constantly trying to push that envelope and come up with new products with the radio delayed blowback operating system. That really die. That’s been an incredible performer. Forest but now being able to use that technology and breathe a little bit of life back into a standard. Ar Lower is kind of fun thing right now so we’re looking at your standard. They are lower. And we’re like. Hey look now you can shoot all of these different things through your standard. They are lower in people that are fortunate enough to be able to have something. That’s four hundred formed. Ford you know if they have a registered espy are lucky enough to have a transferable machine gun. That’s been in that stale five five six cartridge for a little while and I don’t necessarily mean say five six stale but you know the platform kind of get stuck there with just. That’s the only around. I can shoot well now with the nine conversion they got incredible nine millimeters insanely fun to shoot. You got five seven out of it. Now you can even do go back into to one of our first conversions to the twenty to shoot for pennies on the dollar. Oh by the way I have that too. And that is about as awesome as people. Ask me all the time. Favourite Gun and I’m like twenty two one of my favorite things about this guy sitting next to you is peace me. Watch picking on Eric over a lot of folks. Send me things to review and I do not. We don’t charge for reviews. I don’t ask people to leave things with me. We always tell them. If you want it back send us a prepaid return shipping level where we’re back to you and those two products were sent to me for review and at this point if you send me a label. I’m not sending them back. That there should be a label in your mailbox. When you get home from your mic. If we can we can. We agree that we didn’t see that. I don’t even hear what you just said I. I heard nothing nothing so no outstanding products. They’ve moved and left. No forty mattress because the next thing. That’s right one thing that I’d say about the nine millimeter. Ar Conversion is how fund is to load an easy to load with the P Mac. You know you’ve loaded glock magazines or Colt magazines and your thumbs. Just wear out over time and when you’re loading into a P. maggots snaps right in the top. Just like a two to three or five five six. It’s yeah it’s not to push down pushback. Ashdown push back just snap? Snap snap odd thing to be excited about talk about but when you go to a lot of events and you’re the guy that stands in the back and you load magazines all day long. It’s nice to get one that loads. He’s really good at loading magazines. Your point to your point. He’s probably done it many times to your point Eric. These these are the small things in product design and product engineering which really and the other on the consumer end count for serious kudos because the difference between one product which is thought out that well to that detail and a competing product which is not is huge on the users from the user’s perspective. Yeah it really is and you’re right. I mean those magazines. I I mean I’ve so that you know nine millimeter is cheap and I love to shoot. I have burnt so many rounds through that that conversion kit that it’s it boggles the mind.

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I’ve I’ve just run so many to it and it’s it’s a breeze. It’s fun to load. It’s incredible fun to shoot. It’s cheaper to shoot in my five five six day long. Oh yeah and I still get to practice with the same platform. The other nice thing about it I like is I’m practicing with the same platform and the same MAG type so I’m not practicing and I don’t have to buy a different. I didn’t have to go buy a nine millimeter dedicated lower. I’m just swapping have a chest rig or pockets your bags you’re right. You don’t have the stick MAG spoken out so everything fits in muscle memory when doing your mag changes you know. It is the same. That’s one of the things I was about to refer to so you have the people that are there training for you know defense or you know you have law enforcement or something that wants to train a little bit cheaper you know. They have those scenarios where they have their muscle memory. And they need that Cheswick and stuff and shut sealed closer. Then you’ve also got the whole world of like three competitors you got these guys that have their race guns that have their fast trigger their stock everything is set up to fit them perfectly including where they’re mag holders are on their body. Well now they can venture into a class not change gear and all this stuff still have all that same muscle memory. All they did was just changed to a conversion magazine in an upper. But everything else still feels exactly the same and they can keep the optic shame anything on that upper. They can keep up with all the going five six to nine millimeter and now they’re entering the whole new world of classes you’re listening to the TV podcast. Pay No attention to the man behind the curtain. One thing. I would like you to address because I don’t quite understand how it works and maybe I don’t maybe getting too technical here is probably not a good idea but there is an there is a a easily defined if I pick up that upper and I run through it and I pick up my wife’s Ruger. Pc carbon which by the way I love and I run. The recoil is totally totally different. So we’re talking about radio delayed blowback versus standard. That’s exactly what we’re talking about. And I you know I know. The immediate response will nine nine millimeter. Doesn’t have any recoil anyway. It’s not the nine millimeter. It’s the it’s the bolt slamming back with great award. He ever snake way the ball. I was talking to somebody earlier. And you all the years that I’ve been into the a our world now I had my first. My first they are was g way before I even started working for C. N. N. G. and five six and I go out to the range on my man this shoots. Incredible has no recoil. I took some friends to arrange one time. I didn’t have my error with me and all the wall was an AR. Mike Hey let’s rent that let’s shoot it and the Hammy this straight stick MAG. I’m like what is this and I’m like oh the nine millimeter and we shot it and I was blown away by the recoil impulse of a nine millimeter in an Ar. Compared my five five six it felt significantly more because you have so much more reciprocating mass I mean. A standard blowback bolt on a are has a heavy blowback bolt it has a heavy buffer to negate just that operating system. So you have a lot of mass moving. You have a lot of Russia you have just the velocities with that heavier system. Well with our radio delayed blowback operating system if you look at that bolt compared to standard blowback ball. It looks like a five five. Six bulk carrier group. I mean it has the separate bolt and carrier as opposed to you. Know One cohesive unit so if you look at the nine millimeter for example you have about six ounces less reciprocating mass so that means that recoil impulse is GONNA be down. You have a lot less moving. Wait less moving inertia and it just it translates to very smooth operating faster. Follow up shots off the other thing. You said I’m going to say it again is. I’m just swapping uppers Max. I’m not having to change out my buffer tube might offer spring. I’m not just watch swapping uppers Max. That’s it makes it real easy. I mean like a Michelle here. I’m not you’re not paying anything. But but and it’s not a matter of you sending me product. People do that all the time. The fact is the product is just awesome. Thank you. I can’t tell you how impressed with it. I’ve been it’s the American N. P. Five. It actually has the roller delays roller up. You’ll have it’s expensive twenty. Three two thousand five hundred dollars. I’ve had the privilege of shooting at. Yeah Knick’s over there holding his heart. It’s a smooth shooting gun. I love the fact but yeah proprietary magazine. It’s a little bit heavier with the cement G. It’s an air platform which every American loves air platform and it’s our radio delayed blowback operating system so the recoils significantly less just like the fight but at fifteen hundred dollars for the high end we also offer the two hundred and one hundred series which is going to reduce the cost a little bit. So you’re not spending twenty five hundred you’re buying an ar fifteen platform with real delayed blowback for a thousand dollars less than you the wall.

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I can’t do it in California because California’s you know we’re behind enemy lines here in order to get to show nick and I had to crawl under the razor wire. Get past having problems going through customs getting back. It’s GonNa be pretty tough now. Did you bring your passport? Shall we cannot have a or pistols California anymore if you had it you registered it. You’re good but you can’t have another one that I’m aware of other than I think. Somebody MAKES ONE. That’s it that’s weird and legal single shot or something but we don’t we you can’t. You can’t have one but if you’re in another state you’re buying the shorter conversion kit and applying it to your Air Pistol Yup. And now you’ve got an air pistol in nine that could be swapped from nine to five six to whatever other uppers that you have. So we have them so in the pistol configurations. We have five or eight inch barrel combination so you can get the complete firearm in Glock Fed magazine or the Ar Conversion Magazine. You can get just the upper build onto your lower We even sell the components for the builders out there so the nice thing about the nine. Ar Conversion magazine is. You know there’s a lot of builders out there that don’t necessarily want the proprietary parts. They won’t they. Don’t want that Glock fed magazine. They don’t want anything special on upper ’cause a lot of the blowback uppers have small injection ports and stuff you have to get these specialized things. Well you buy our radio delayed blowback Bolton Barrel and the nine air conversion. Use A mil. Spec UPPER IS MIL SPEC lower us. You know carbon spring carving buffer. Whatever trigger it? Is You like whatever hang argue like and you’ve got it you know so you have racial front door. Because if it’s Dr Phil Exactly Yeah. Yeah you know by a p Mag if you have I have not met at Eric. Guy Doesn’t have to be the first night so pretty. This is not even a good start. That’s just the beginning. We spent a lot of time on that conversion kit. What else is new? Well I mean the biggest thing ten million we’ll ever want so and everything goes back to radio delayed blowback so radio blowback was introduced the two thousand seventeen at the NRA show with at the time was the guard for the forty five ACP which makes a lot of sense to have less weight less felt recoil with a forty five ACP. It’s more recoil than you’d get with. The nine millimeter. Absolutely helps with Miller makes very fun shoot but it makes forty five. Acp even more pleasurable to shoot ever since that delayed blowback was actually derived out of necessity. Yes to be able to get forty five. Acp to operate correctly because of the gas pressure. It couldn’t run blow back because it was just slamming the carrier back so violently but it had nowhere near enough gas to be able to run a gas system like some early testing. We actually had a gas system like three quarters to an inch in front of the shoulder. Oh my good. Yeah like a point. Once you five gasping for like three quarters of an inch in front of the shoulder running the gas system you know just to try to make it work. We were trying to figure out how to get forty five. Acp to work and that was one of the early assistance. We were looking at trying to do. I’ll tell you what with that. Large report that close to the shoulder. I’m we’re getting copper. We’re getting brass. We’re getting all kinds of crap coming through that gas system and it was up so horribly. So we’re like we need to figure this out. This doesn’t work. This doesn’t work and in Radio Delayed blowback was the answer and it. It got to be a good answer for a lot more calibers. I mean we. We went weird. You know we already had the mark nine. The Standard blowback called Fed nine mil magazine and everybody got on that. Trend of the Glock magazine Fed stuff. And we’re like okay. Glock Fed forty five. Why not you know. We are engineers a bit of a challenge and they were up to the task. And then we’re like okay which led to ten millimeter. Which is the the minute? We released a forty five. Everybody was like. Where’s the ten? Make it work with the forty five. Acp You ain’t making it work with a ten and almost immediately started working on the Tim Hill. After forty five people were actually looking into it during the forty five and then really it progressed. Wants Forty five okay? It’s done. It’s working one hundred percent of the time it’s out there on the market the minute we got the forty five done. We immediately started looking at nine five. Seven forty and ten MIL. So we’re like all right these are GonNa follow and they got shoveled from time to time like okay. This is now the priority. Now this is a priority. You know trying to figure out where we’re gaining ground. You know where. Where could we get the most advancements quickest to be able to get the next product out there But you know the TIM L. I mean it took two years of product development to get it to point that we were happy with releasing it The problem with ten Mil not the problem. You just have a wide variety obstacle exactly as you have a wide variety of of loads and ten right.

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It’s all over. The place could be a watered-down forty up to some stuff that will just dump a deer. Thumper bear here than some of the lightest ten millimeters off the huge buffalo bore to forty grand or whatever it is huge pill and we live in a world where consumers want to get a products opening out of the box. And it worked with everything whether it’s the cheapest ammunition that they can find which is usually the case because you just spent a lot of money on a firearm so you then you probably bought an optic and accessories. Then you ain’t got some damn oh so originally wanted to press the trigger. They’re not all that heard about performance exactly and then they shoot really watered down low pressure ten Mil and it may not cycle so the engineers really had a challenge in front of the to get it to work with so many different loads Which it does and they found a system that works which is just swapping the buffer out of it You know bit ships with the ten Mil ships with a standard carbon buffer in an H. Three buffer which is a little bit heavier. That’s pre installed that allows you to shoot your your you know h three buffers gonNA shoot the ten percent to ninety percent of the loads. The Standard Carbon is gonNA shoot the zero to ten percent and then also there is an eight ounce buffer so a heavy buffer heavier Yeah eight ounces. I said that can be purchased separately. That’s GONNA shoot. You’re really heavy. Loads and or suppressed now. So if you’re an ar person you know swapping that buffer is like A. You know my mother’s name faster than I can tweak. The buffer probably not not that her name stop but it doesn’t take very long so it’s a real simple thing swap a buffer. Just nothing really. Simple easy endo. There’s a big ten mil crowd out there and when we released you’ve seen some manufacturers try to release it it’s Kinda Cool at works in the PC platform but the are ten millimeter has been doing very very well. And we launched that last year September tenth shooting straight and always right on target. This is the gun guy. He podcast now. Just okay so I want to say this now because after what I was joking about before ship me one show. I can review it please. If you want it back send us a label and I will send it back to you. I was giving you a bunch of grief before but absolutely we’ll send it back from. I will make shipping with the ten miles ten miles a big deal. It is a big deal which fact that you’ve got to work gotten one to work. Well in this way in an air platform is huge. Well I think we have to get you because we’re talking about it and you need firsthand experience with it. And it’s it’s everything recreational home defense. Donald put a pair down. I mean guides in Alaska. Carried ten mil walks for region reason. Yeah there’s animals out there so it’s no joke but going back to radio delayed blowback. You would think the ten mills going to be a big old horse not fund the shoe and everybody that I’ve talked to loves to shoot. Well this is why I want you to send me one because it’s funny when I talk about I’ll talk about the radio. Delayed blowback system were nine millimeters concern. And you get the Nine Motor vehicle right right but anybody that shot at ten mile and a handgun knows it. That’s that’s a serious cartridge. Oh Yeah and so put it in a are you. Don’t expect it to you but it’s GonNa if it’s not if it’s a heavy bolt to be able to make really rapid follow up shots and keep them right in in the zone where you want him to go because the system is designed to reduce the recall and allow you to do that is quite a stellar feet. Really as the ten Mil Banshee that we send out ships with a thirty round. Sem Magazine and it works with Glock magazines to last round bolt hold open which is another feature that we haven’t really discussed with the PCC’s is we really back last round bolt hold open which a lot of. Pc’s are starting to really go that way by things that we’ve gotten patented. Yes so Radio. Lobeck was she only. That’s Yeah Yup. Yeah so. We had a patent pending forever and then midnight last year. We got the patent approved on the radio delayed blowback operating system but prior to that patent getting approved. We got the patent on the last round. Hold Open the Lincoln some linkage. That works very well on the last round. Hold Open for those Glock style magazines and the Nice thing about it is it. Didn’t require heavier springs lighter springs. Anything else I mean. The the bow catch is a standard a are both cats with some linkage done to it that grabs the lip on the front of the Glock magazine and works very well but I mean as far as your as far as you operating operating platform. Everything is the same nothing changed. You can still standard standard. Ar Triggers like if you have your favorite trigger.

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Whatever release whatever. Yeah let’s Yup. Yeah if you WANNA drop a rise trigger editor or whatever drop in trigger or whatever you can do that up versatility you don’t have an ar fifteen without versatility. They go hand in hand and to give as much credit where credit’s due the engineers. And the team that seem. Mg is you know. I’ve had many closed-door conversations with them and won’t naming names or anything but you know they have turned down other opportunities in the industry because they feared that they would be working and developing a new hand. Guard or a folding stock. That’s cool I I love. I HAVE HIM ON MY RIFLES. But it’s not innovative. You know that we now offer this in green okay. That’s I like the Color Green. But it’s not radio blowback. It’s not innovative in when it’s cement g they’re basically given a blank canvas and say make something cool and the owners off the time will come in and say this is a cool idea. Do This I. I definitely got a hint of that a little bit so I mean our our innovation in my opinion really started turning the corner in Twenty fifteen when we dropped forty seven so you know the Aka our hybrid that was designed from the ground up to shoot sixty by three nine properly. You know I’m not saying the AK doesn’t but out of our platform it’s a totally different beast so we really got that nailed down and that has been an incredible platform for us. I mean we have one that I take from show to show to show show. I pretty much feed it. Nothing but steelcase crap a runs full auto all the time and I’ve got over one hundred thousand rounds through the same upper lower barrel and bolt. You know I mean I’ve changed. I’ve changed extractors. I’ve changed certain springs. You know little things break like hammer and you know and things like that but the core components are still that same gun so that was our engineering team. Really just like. Hey we’re going to start thinking outside. The box and that kind of came from our owners are owners. Have Brilliant Minds They come to our engineers say I want to do this? Let’s make it happen. And they really work with him pretty closely with our engineers and now he kind of gets to the point where our owners might take a product. We’ve already made modified and they’ll take him play with it and they’ll come into the engineering room. It’d be like okay. I made this now. Make it better. You know so origin ears constantly have fun stuff being thrown at them and and it’s it’s a juggling act to see you know. What do we think it’s going to be the next best thing? What do we need to spend the most time on trying to get research and development? Get it out there as soon as possible but you know I mean. It’s a ton of fun and I wish I could allude to more things that we’ve got coming in the future. I’ll tell you just like the last few year’s definitely stay tuned to us because we’re constantly coming out with new stuff. I I will promise you right now. This is the five seven conversion that we just released. Last week is not the last thing you can see from this year. I think right now. I mean I’m not going to get into too much detail but I will say you’re GONNA see two new calibers on top of our sixteen. We already offer by your end okay. That’s extraordinarily calibers that. Nobody else is doing one of the things I love about guys that you know to be quite frank when you go when you’ve gone to enough shot shows you kind of see the same. Don’s over and over again except like hey. This one’s now pink. I literally held a Yesterday that was like Spongebob. Like light. Pink blue and it felt like yeah. It was really tropical. But that was only cool thing about it or like the widget from the sites no longer right at the barrel. It’s a little bit now closer. It’s like it’s not innovative every time we go to you guys. It’s just something brand new that I didn’t even think about. I’m like sitting here just listening to you. Guys all like wow. I never even thought about that before. Like just loading loading the nine. You have to have those films of Samson these suckers in there but now you just clip like it’s so Y- you really do think of the consumer you think of the people that you’re coming fantastic. I do I do most of our social media whatever social media platform it is that they’re sending a message. Chances Are you’re talking to me so I’m typically the guy responding. I don’t have all the answers a lot of times. I have to refer people to tech support or or sales team or something. That’s word but I can definitely get someone in the right direction but I also get a ton of messages from people that are like. Hey why don’t you do this? How about this idea and a lot of our ideas have stemmed from us just listening to our customers because I mean let’s face it if it wasn’t for customers buying our products in wanting to buy our products we wouldn’t be where we’re at right you know so to them is definitely something that we take to heart. You know we we. We tried to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and see what trends are are are going.

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But we also don’t want to alienate our core customers that have been with us forever and are constantly looking for that funding innovative stuff. And if somebody comes up with something I’m like wow. I didn’t think about that I’m immediately. Thanks ordered this under the engineers. I’ll throw it on their plate. You know not that. They have enough stuff on their plate already. But you know I I. If somebody’s got something fun I definitely kick it to the engineers and you know it’s up to them to assess. Is this a priority is something we want to dig into a little bit more. I mean some of the stuff comes from at some point or other though you you realize that as a business you make certain investments in certain things in order to make your business grow in order to compete with with those companies that you’re sharing market space with Sean. Research and development is exciting. It’s fun now. It’s incredibly cool and it requires are really big checkbook. It does I think a lot. It gets lost a lot on. You know some people see prices of of final products and it’s tough for people to always fathom that that product that just hit. The market has been undergoing two years or more of a rigorous training and constantly trouble shooting and that Neil. Hey we we. We got ten steps forward Nelson. We’re going five steps back or whatever ’cause you know you change the spring rate because you’re like okay. This is working. I need to change this spring rates. So you change that Spring and also that opens up a whole new can of worms because something else is now not working correctly to give credit to the entire industry because his credit is due is the industry and firearm manufacturers ammo manufacturers optics companies do such a good job of producing a product that works and I think often times it gets lost on the consumer how much time it went into developing that product. So that they can enjoy it and that it works for them and they will you know maybe upset with a certain price point or they may not be but it is expensive as you said our MD and research and development is expensive and it’s not just a cautious. Akash to the people but as you said is cost of time. Yeah it requires an resources. People Resources Sean and it is a bit particularly with anything. Mechanical and a firearm is a mechanical device. Right right down to it. You’re exactly right if you remember the old board game mouse trap and remember that dropped the ball and it would make thirty seven things go and eventually such a Rube Goldberg kind of deal. It’s so if you change one little thing in this rather complex piece of machinery it alters the way the balance of everything else and now when it doesn’t work you have this behemoth you have to figure out. Okay what is it that in changing this spring I now screwed up? That needs to be lighter or heavier or shape differently or whatever and now you have to go back and examine the entire mechanism to figure out what you just affected. I mean shelf takes time and exercise money absolutely right. Yeah looking at going from our forty five radio. The label back to Tim Hill. You know a lot of people like well. I mean does it in the same size magazine. Why can’t you write you know? And then they see things like okay you know when we when we we really wanted to be able to have that be the same lower. We wanted that forty five lower that we released a few years ago to be able to take the Timo Glock magazine. But then you find out that you know. The the diameter of the projectile means that the magazine has to seat at a different height. So essentially the same dimensional magazine doesn’t sit at the same height. So now the forty five and ten mil are completely different beasts and because of just little subtleties in the difference. Between those rounds they’re not interchangeable. You know so. Once we figured out we had to do is completely new. Lower for the ten Mil. We were like okay. Well maybe we can retro the forty five to work in the Tamil doesn’t work either so a lot of people don’t realize most things it’s not as simple as just boring for something else. I mean you have things like mag shelf heights and stuff like that that just those little things that you don’t think of. Initially I mean when we went with Tim O. We went out of the gate with our forty five lower. Like we’re going to make this work. We’re GONNA make this work now. We have to make a whole new lower. So it’s just things like that that you know are ever present in the development of them that takes a lot of time and you know just you know fine tuning to get it just right because we’re also not going to release a product and we’re not going to be at shot show and say check out this product. You might see it in a couple of years if we introduce something a chart show. We’re going to say it’s shipping next month. I like to hunt and I like to shoot at and when I buy GONNA get your. I want it to work. Yup Yup and I want it to work right and I wanted to work right reliably if I’m buying it as firemen to defend myself from my family with that thing needs to be a one hundred percent as it shed because at ninety nine percent.

00:35:06 – 00:39:03

That’s a one percent chance that I’m losing that fight. Somebody in my household is dying right. The fact that you invest the effort and time you do to make sure that that thing shows up and it is one hundred percent is extremely impressive in an industry. That is incredibly competitive. Where I you know one of the things that can I used to joke around? We would walk around and we’d get shared a CNA. Arse you get to the point where you’re going to any booth. I can go to the doesn’t make it any are and you WANNA talk about because everybody had a grandmother is is making a ers. Now there’s not as many around anymore right because a lot of them have fizzled out. You guys have had a history of making them right. Thank you and I want to compliment factor. Wait a minute round of applause here. A public place in a public restroom. But nobody’s looking at it with three hundred press people. I’ve been starting to stand up in bow. Please do yeah okay. So you can’t see anything. We need to wrap up because we were running out of time. Unfortunately but I’m glad we’ve had you guys. Here’s your any anything else that you want to talk a lot. Eric I said at the beginning I like to be behind the scenes. So that’s why bring does all the time not at this point camera. You’re you know you’re the guy you’re out you’re out in front of the world now. Three hundred followers on my instagram. So I’m a pretty big deal now. You have three hundred followers. Probably ten of them chose your mom. Maybe two hundred ninety nine hundred ninety nine. Yeah thank you go ahead. I was but I liked interrupt. So you know just continue to keep an eye out on. Gee We’re always putting out concert. Mike is always putting out content on social media grow those platforms out. Social Media. Is the new customer service. People often times want to pick up the phone and call customer service or tech support. They want to reach the manufacturer via Instagram or facebook. Message them or comment on a picture and then we’re always trying to grow that like Mike side in our youtube channel as well you know we have a youtube channel. SEEM INC. Same thing with instagram and facebook. And going back. That’s how we communicate to the consumer. Well thank you for having us. Thank you there’s a lot of fun. Oh Bitch minute joy thank you go. Hand trump sitting down getting an owner later this afternoon. Always come back and have a beer at the end of the day. L. During the beer. Yeah please do thanks. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful show at a wonderful week and thanks for coming over chain US thank you thanks for having us put you bet our pleasure. Thank you very much for taking the time to listen like he did. I really do appreciate it if you would like to support. Gun Guy. Tb The easiest and cheapest way you can do. That is to shop Amazon using our Amazon link. That costs you absolutely nothing but it does help gun guy. Tv quite a bit so you can do that by simply going to our website at gun guide dot TV. You can also go to gun Guy Tv.com or gun guy. Tv Dot net and on the top of the website. You’ll see a banner ad for Amazon. It’ll just be a little sales manner. If you click on that it will take you to our Amazon link. Then if you bookmark that Lincoln your browser and go there. Every time you buy something from Amazon we’ll get credit for the purchase. You won’t cost you a dime everything for you is exactly the same as you stay a little bit of a marketing fee because you bought things through our link that actually provides quite a bit of support for us and helps us to keep gun guy. Tv running well. Thank you again for listening. If you’re going to still be with me with patriotic. Hang on because we’re going to get onto the next part of the podcast if not if you’re listening on your favorite podcasts player to the syndicated version. We’re going to wrap it up here. Thank you again for listening. Have a wonderful week and please be safe. You’ve been listening to the gun. Guy Td podcast.

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