What’s new at OpticsPlanet? – A Great Interview with Cal Leibovitz at SHOT Show – Episode 72

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Whats new at OpticsPlanet? A Great Interview with Cal Leibovitz at SHOT Show Episode 72

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Get ready for certified. Usda prime gun stuff on the Gun Guy TV test. This is Joel Singer. The Gun Guy. Thank you very much for all of your support of gun guy. Tv and the firearms podcast. That I’m doing right now at all the various things you do to help out with gun guy. Tv to keep going. I’m very very grateful for everything you do. If it wasn’t for you while first of all I’d just be talking to myself. And secondly there’d be no reason for me to do this and thirdly I wouldn’t be able to do it because without contributions for people on patron the folks shopping through our Amazon Lincoln that kind of stuff we wouldn’t be able to financially so I’m very grateful for the fact that you listened to the podcast and that shoe support gun guy. Tv The way you do. Thank you very much. Please don’t stop doing that. In fact I probably should let you know that gun guy. Tv is almost entirely funded by practical defense systems In addition to things like Patriot and that kind of stuff and practical defense systems is a company my wife and I own which trained security officers throughout the State of California for their licensing and continuing education the required by the state. So if you’re in California you’re interested in the security business or you’re working in the security business. I urge you to check out our company at Practical Defense Systems for training you’ll find it at PD as classes dot com. Okay so as we get started with the podcast here the once again. I’m back to the format of having the first half of the podcast to be available on your podcast player with the second. Half of the podcast being available on Patriot. Only in this first half of the podcast which you can listen to free just about anywhere. We’re going to have an interview that I did with a gentleman from optics planet at shot. Show and that gentleman is a fellow by the name of Cowl Liebowitz now Kelly. Bewitch is quite the personality indeed is one of my son’s favorite people we always enjoy running into cal at show and cal is a funny guy. He had the opportunity to chat with us for a while. So I’m sure you’ll enjoy that particular interview. I probably should tell you that optics planet is one of my favorite stores one because they send us things to review but also because they just have great prices and great stuff and great customer service. I do urge you to shop optics. Planet they don’t pay me to tell you that I’m just sharing that with you because it’s my personal opinion however if you do choose to shop at optics planet if you use the Code Gun Guy. Five that’s G. U. N. G. U. Y. And then the letter or the number five gun guy five. It will save you some money on all of your purchases. It doesn’t make any money for us and that’s fine but it does save you some money on all of your purchases at optics planet so I urge you to check it out and use that Code Gun Guy. Five now in the second part of the podcast which will be available on Patriots. Only I’m GonNa talk a little bit about what I’m seeing happening with our rights and the Kovic Nineteen Corona Virus Chinese virus Shutdown of businesses and basically shutdown of the country. I’m concerned as many are at this point that our rights are being trampled and the goalposts are being moved. I’ll talk about that more in the second half of the podcast which is available on patriotic. But for now let’s get into the interview with cal Liebowitz from optics planet. We’ve got cal from optics. Cal Liebowitz has been Has become a friend of mine. I don’t know why you’re just making up stories. I he actually likes me your sense stuff but he does. And I’m gratefully doesn’t hopefully nick. You’ll never telling me should because now I gotTa Tell Ya. Okay so solicit conversation that we saw when we come out here to Shochu or whatever. One of the first question she asked me is is. Why would you even ask about me well? It’s all about the pizza. Oh you didn’t know back. Then though you got to redeem himself from From all yet you didn’t like breakfast last year. I know that’s all my fault. Cal’s defense I am a big fan of Hash House ago however and we love you but you’re tation browse strip. There’s another one. The original one which is on Sahara over on the west side from the West. I oh well okay so I did pick that crummy restaurant. It was to save save destroying your Easter on your life. Preserver take head turns out in Jackson. Mississippi is really good. And you guys just went on. An off-day was all that must have been or the fact that we’re not Jackson. Mississippi League debut. What I find fascinating is that you redeem yourself by going to a pizza restaurant that I took you to.

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That’s true if not for you I would never have known that place existed. I didn’t even know this place was here so well. That’s considered talking to your father more often. Oh now I know how this works so cal. What’s going first of all I? You know I I lift up optics planet a lot in case you watch gun guy TV. Or I’ve seen an episode or two. Yeah no I’m not talking about you. Speaking to the individual who may be listening to them. Sallow individual Yeah sort of generic generic individual there. Now you’re not generic cow. When I I was telling frank from Liberty I found somebody that cow. When the channel had like twelve hundred subscribers or was under fifteen hundred cal called me and he said have would like to send you some products and my response was. Are you sure you called right channel because mine is really small? Why would you do that? And he said he wanted to do it because he felt a channel. It’s going to be successful. And he wanted to get in there before I wouldn’t talk to him later on which you know I would happily talk to you later on. This would have done any bill me now but I was happy with my Shaw. No shall they calendar optics huge supporter of Gun. Guy TV sets the beginning is my point and I’m very very grateful for what you do and I want you to know that thank you. I’m very happy to. It’s way too much youtube and there was something with the way you handled yourself on screen the way you presented. Whatever it was that was the object of the day that told me that. You’re not a flash in the PAN that you’re not a A person of how bad substance thank you questionable repute. I think is oh. That’s actually a good repute. I May I use that later. Oh please okay as you recall. Sometimes I have a hard time phrasing. These things in a family friendly way which is why last year went out. She Mannequins family friendly channels so we have to do it that way to what is what’s new with optics planet what’s going on with optics planet. That’s new and cool or just cool new or cool. Oh boy why? Don’t you put me on the spot with these hard hitting questions that I didn’t prep for it and you’re listening to the podcast and you can’t tell us what your Boston new and cool APP? Their APP is cool. You like that. I’ve got the APP on all the time. Actually I do tend to use the APP when people say. Have you seen this? It’s quicker than trying to bring up a browser screen on the phone. What I find I have to admit is I didn’t know you had an oh. Yeah it’s it’s hard to find you have to sell optics planet and then it’ll come. Download the APP. Yeah it’s really really hard. Well you have to do optics poll. Oh yeah so. This is really difficult. Even even for an old guy should’ve discovered this long time ago. Is your point any twelve year old can do it and five percent of the sixty. I no longer have. I no longer have a twelve year old and I must be. I must be in the ninety five percent. And here’s the downside. Is the APP is incompatible with rotary phones? Oh putting on my phone I am. You’ve had it on your phone this whole the last seconds Okay thank you so very much by the way I love your new AP apparently I just. I’m glad you get so far. Haven’t had an opportunity to anything with that yet. But I’m going to and you can still use your coupon code with it so have I. Oh okay well what am I ordering next? That’s the question. I don’t know why I recommend something very expensive. There’s some really good thermals tech their only around forty three thousand. I know for yourself. That’s a drop in the bucket. You have more than that in lunch today. I got those. Who Do you think? You’re talking to Arnold Schwarzenegger or what I for for those listening. You don’t realize that. He pulled up in an extended stretched limousine with four wheel drive in a Jacuzzi in the back span wheel. If you believe that I also have a bridge to sell you. It was it was a nineteen sixty three pink. Volkswagen microbus with an oil leak. And that’s how I got carrying seventeen and a half people. They were all right. You should see me getting out of the elevator earlier today. That was about how cramped. It wasn’t no one could believe that they couldn’t get in yet because there’s still people exiting with without the pizza boxes that was without that was actually back. Dotes L. Show mcallen. I are talking the other day about doing this. Little podcast thing with him because he’s just kind of a crack up to do podcast with and he’s you know. Originally he wanted to buy us all lunch and we said sure and then of course the podcast scheduled goofy here in the press room and we just. We couldn’t get way to do it because we’ve got people coming in one right after another nice. Well why don’t we do a podcast interview? And he said okay. I’ll bring pizza. Please shows up so many boxes of pizza. I think we’ve fed a third of the The the press room. There’s people start gathering around. Let’s see we had Let’s see we had frank and his buddy from the Liberty I foundation.

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We Fed them. We Oh we had chocolate shell from. Crp A special eaten Brenner sugar right now. I think he’s trying to lose that. I’ve got his Brent Scher just enjoyed a visual of the peace and I looked at any SAM. Look I think he really did though I think he wanted it so bad it was killing him. He’s looking at going. I would love to have you know. We’re picking on Chambi sitting right over there but he’s having a conference. He’s out of earshot. It’s Okay Yeah. He does have microphone. He’s been shooting for years like measles deficit stumps it right by problem. I’ll tell you guys. Headset turned up just a little bit minds cranked all the way to the end got to start shooting rook rifles. Then you’re listening to the good night. Tv podcast. Please pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Oh Okay what’s Rook rifle? I’ve no idea really know. This is something I admit publicly. Admit right here. I admit my ignorance. I do not know what Dr I’ve gotten into the several years ago and so I kind of bring it up with everyone okay. So before Harem peercy maxim developed the silencer There was still a desire for be able to dispatch garden. Pests Fox Coyote. Whatever without disturbing your neighbors in the UK the concept they came up with for this was what they call the rifle so picture. A large single shot rifle. Maybe with twenty six twenty eight inch fairly even but the cartridge that fires would be energy wise equivalent to like a nine millimeter. Luger specifically because everyone knows there’s a billion different nine millimeter cartridge. Right sure The ideas that in the first part of the barrel. You’re accelerating we’re all used to but we’re as it would already have gotten maximum speed out of a piss link barrel. It’s still has all this friction to do so. Now it’s actually decelerating the projectile in the meantime all the gases have a place to expand behind it so there goes your report. It’s gone you still have noise. Obviously it’s not like Hollywood quiet. Unfortunately nothing really is no but the suppressor it can be in the hearing safe range without actually having suppressor silencer. Whatever our word of the day is she said. They used that for dispatching their neighbor with other neighbor noticing. More for Fox’s Love. It wasn’t about the neighbor that would play music. Too Loud at three in yourself was thinking. Well what if you attach silencer a suppressor on that too? And then you’d have a striker. Falling would be the loudest thing the bullet which stop about three quarters of the day there to give you an idea I’ve done was. I picked up years ago a Martini. Cadet which is a single shot based off liquor Martini Henry Action but scaled-down mine was converted in the nineteen sixties to three fifty seven magnum. But if I shoot thirty eight special WAD cutter the old target loads through it. It’s just around one hundred forty a little outside of hearing safe but I can come up with hand. Looks to slow down a little bit of the other option to is that. I’ve been playing around with Marlin ninety four lever action and forty four. Mac and I single feed forty-four Russian with a very very low powder charge that I put in there basically just enough to clear the barrel and that I had metered professionally at one hundred forty DB at the year. So how much shooting do you do in your basement? That’s down in the basement and he’s knocking beer cans over innovation and on a Saturday night. Only actually been with a BB rifle. That was spring. Our nine co two. He’s not gonNa tell the truth. He’s afraid the COPS will show up. I go to places where such activity is quite legal to do so good for you. That was on the record. Write what they write the Illinois State Police here in Illinois. Aren’t you no no? I’m in California. Yeah Listen Jersey New Jersey California’s Newtown. We just incorporated. Yeah Church south of California Paris right. It’s awful it’s bits bits it’s it’s just right next to a bar. Sto well our town is. You must doors open. I’m also just south of San Diego. I okay I know that area. Yeah Extreme Bar sto well. There’s not too far from the Pacific that that’s just a little bit west of me and make somebody mad about you know that. I really don’t know anything about that. I can’t really and we do why we pick on it on route. Sixty six goes Oh my goodness if you’d be amazed I don’t know maybe I think it’s in the song maybe it so we we’ve deep into the jokes about Barr show that we have joked many times at every every fugitive from the law that has is in the world goes to borrow because they figure that nobody would actually go out into that horrible part of the country.

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They’ll look for them. There’s only problem with that and you know there’s a lot of California California viewers and I’m going to get hate mail like you would not believe because we’re bagging on Barr show. You know what’s right next door to bar sto show Ford or one for doing betwixt the two? Oh is there something between the those? Yeah Daggett thought you were GONNA say Irt. Well maybe has a terrible impediment tag it. Dag Airport is home to the California Highway Patrol. Oh there’s an actual airport out so this was filmed What you’re telling me is that you are on the outs with your boss. You worked for the CHP. The California Hallway patrol can’t handle police work and all these other now I’m GonNa get hate mail from. Chp officers all over the place. Now I have a lot of respect for you guys by the way and I do drive a any other vehicle but the one I drive my understanding is that it’s VW. Microbus seventeen and a half people in nineteen sixty three adult. Forget the oil leak very much. What you’re telling me is if you’re on the couch with your boss. The California Highway Patrol you end up at Daggett well like the Gulag wishing to patrolling is fifteen and all the people that are going to Vegas for whatever reason they drive to Vegas. There’s they have a aviation division. They’re a very large aviation division to fly the people to Vegas and California complimentary airfare from to Vegas Nevada. Yes yes with the silver with silver bracelets on it as well so yes absolutely doesn’t free jewelry. Hotels Stay Long Time. Three meals a day period clothing. Jim So you could go work out to. This actually sounds amazing. Where do I sign up to do that? By breaking the Law California. Apparently so don’t do it yet to step foot into California. Here’s my here’s my question is sheriff’s department pilot. Have you flown in to? Daggett gets off and did you take back off or Pete is a is a pilot for the among other things for the Orange County sheriff’s department periodically and you have flown into Daggett not sheriffs business but I’ve been in a few teams as an unwilling pasture pilot. Enjoy your stay are still listen. I always get right off there. And they have the those with the the train all their trade next. Lose the topic there and it makes the people of Walmart and look like a bag. I’ve gotta get so much hatred and it’s all your boy. Turns out that the Walmart in bars does actually gorgeous. Everyone loves it all at Barsha they have the most beautiful home depot. It’s the biggest put beautiful people. You’ll ever see this as an arm. Okay yeah and we have every time we go. Why why won’t that’s all? We could think. Well you also have to the tone of four sets the tone apart. Every time I’ve been barstool care on what treat I get off. It doesn’t matter get off on a street and turn right. Turn left hit this. Nick is my witness. Turn right turn left. You only have to go a few blocks. Before you see a rather heavy set homeless appearing middle-age late Middle Aged woman dip walking down the street. Just ’cause unaddressed and listeners. Looking a polar bear thank you. She looks like she’s drank a half bottle a mad dog twenty twenty and so what we started calling her was Barstool Betty. Okay at so. Every time we go through it were tempted to stop again on some random exit sees still there to see if we see are still betty and to this day we have yet to not see we. We have yet not to see a bar Sto Betty. I always end up behind her in line at the McDonalds there. Oh yeah this sounds like a great world war. Two codename like operation was part of the Japanese campaign. If I’m not mistaken fused with Hanoi Gene Burke Jane Yeah she has used apart Burrell on that one. Yeah the Hanoi. Jane may be older and thinner but she’s still qualifies partial Betty for at this blackout. I would I personally would never itself Bar? Sto by putting hand hygiene what size. I watch right here right now to public publicly apologized bar sto all of its residents in.

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Yeah I’m on camera over here doing the same thing. I wish to publicly apologize to Barstow California and all of its residents and anyone who may ever pass through there for whatever crazy reason on their way to Las Vegas or anywhere else are underway home. It was completely and utterly wrong of me to any way associate. Hanoi Jane Fonda with your town or city or whatever you wish to call it because she should not be associated with anything in the United States of America area. So if you were offended by that and even if you weren’t please accept my heartfelt apology for the one viewer at Mar. Sto actually be able to be online. We wanted to see you this. Is this going down? The porcelain fixtures. Oh here’s a segue saw your work at bars. To be honest I have not actually feel tested it in Barstow. I can’t really specify barstool. I’m pretty sure things It depends what Mr Nuisance say is allowed. Envir- stone nothing. Oh well we’ll we’ll ship nothing then. That’s absolutely now. I will say boxes although I will say that if I could coach Gavin nuisance or Gavin gruesome to move to bar so he could be. I would do it. He’d be a new man or do want and then we can call him. Barstool Benny he could take Illinois Governor Pritzker and they move in together the two governors A. We need bar. I so wish. At this moment pete that you had queued up rim shots out. Avec my can post production post production somewhere. They’ll figure out a way one way or the other is podcast. Needs your help. Send your entire wallet to the gun died. Thirteen thirteen mockingbird lane. Translate anything dude excited going optics other than the APP. Now we’ve given you all this comedy about four Pasta. Barstool has been the butt of the joke so that we could give you time to come up with. Something should have told me that getting just live in the moment. This is pretty Dick over here with a side holding up thing. Fasting is that what that was was four. You got a little. You’re you’re right so many different levels. I have a question for you. Oh please do. That’ll help save me. Three liferaft here brother optics planet. Yes and with your DVR DVD or alleged war of divorce assist company planet. So hey they have an APP to by the way I actually work for essentially. Is there anybody in the world that does not have an APP? I don’t know anything about it. I have the APP yet. Would they look for one? Yes please do you. Would you find one. Let me know I’m totally unaware of it of its up so fan on rotary phones only works wild barstool. Actually this is only two screens and one screen says urine. Firestone the other screen says you’re not invited unfortunately fortunately Joel hasn’t figured out it had linked to the GPS yet but you have to select. Screenings randomize fifty fifty chance of getting there. Well I like the random verse. That’s why that’s interesting okay. Our parent company is essentially century and then under a century we have optics planet. We have. We have camp saver which is like everything that you could want for camping. Hiking mountaineering backpacking that kind of cool stuff. Oh Wow and then We also have. Us IQ Which is pretty cool company. That is involved a lot more marketing side. Us Iq thank you. You had something you wanted to say over there. Oh Great Speaker I was. I just I just was Because I cannot divorce from time to time and pick up Some incredible salems. What’s the thing with divorce it? Optics Planet if you can look at product X. and product X. will be there in a week. It’ll be there in a month manufacturers still making it. It’s going to be there with divorce. It’s all about what a bunch of that funnel over to it. So the the deals change so you have to check it off. And and sometimes you’re gonNA find amazing deals the L. Mall Swap me. It’s different sometimes. There’s Costco sometimes it’s there sometimes. It’s a like a trigger.

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I’ve got on the on the fifteenth. So come the rifle yeah breaks about two and a half pounds. I got that from. And they’re also available over at the optics. They are with when they’re not for sale with some kind of coupon code. I can’t remember what is that. Gun Guy Five. Why didn’t I know that Gun Guy Five? How many was that gun guy and the number five don’t type it is that they’ll be three okay. Gum talk this or right. Please put it back where they were because otherwise. We’re going to be really win now. It’s e are high tech audio engineer jacked up and all that would be me. Let’s I would just fire the high tech audio engineer. Yeah I tried to. The sucker keeps showing up. I don’t know what the problem is. Correct you trying to get rid of that guy there you are so you have any other rabbits you pulled out of your hatch divorce completely out of your hat. GimMe a second. I’ll I’ll save up thousand. Two thousand three he went down. You’re on the clock. Rather do you have any ravaged? Your head know they cannot see your point. Like what are they gonNA pointless gotta get? The camera pointed. You’re gonNA point like that. What are the amazing things about the optics planet site? Unlike other sites you know on on the on the failed to call thing. I remember that other other websites where you might be lease your Discount Code Once Guy. Five works every anchorman where it’s sixty percent of the time in works eighty. It works every time this works every time every time you just stole the whole thing and as a result I watched it. I’m going to give you a raise. I’m GonNa pay you twice which you were making before that’s twice we don’t have. We don’t have a zero card to hold up piece. I get paid anything so zero. You now get this wonderful to Napkins. You only get one gets too because he gets really got one nap. Double The net. Spend them on one plate. Stretch them out next year. I out a pizza. That can do a great pizza. Where’d you hear about that restaurant There was this guy. No show Joe. Somebody clue looking was a good guy. He’s got a great radio Voice. I remember his name. But you’ll he told me about this place Even showed me how to find the first two times I went there because goodness knows I got all turned around and was literally walking the wrong direction. That’s funny because you were. There’s nothing like walking halfway to the restaurant accidentally taking wrong. Turn walking back where you came from without realizing alert pain and realize that you walked all the way back. It’s like I was describing you guys yesterday when I’m out on the floor over in the show it’s I could wanna go to something that’s in a straight line and somehow do this snail. Shell thing where I just go. Round and round in eighteen right turns later find the place. Funny let’s go home. Always turning to the right point. That turned the left point. The soles of your shoes where in such a way I’d be happy to take them off and show those that would like to see the funny. How the show works. Is that at some point? You become like one of the salmon who ends up getting rush by the wave and your and you you wanted to go outside but instead you went deeper and deeper into the show where you never return no to. Today I was just trying to go through and get to a few things I wanted to check out and I ended up wandering past the Guiseley booth which depending on time of day is no problem. It’s super easy. Unfortunately this time of day they were doing one of their giveaways so I wanted to go pass them and make a left and I got within five feet of where I wanted to turn and I could proceed no further yet and I ended up having to turn around and go back another several hundred feet and doing the long loop out. Okay so I don’t know two three years ago. Something like that. I bump into Jerry Mitch. Like at the show physically no not physically but I mean we just talk to each other and he says to me. Do you know where the accident and I said Jerry honestly. I don’t know where they actually now. You understand that. I don’t know jury personally. He doesn’t know me probably wouldn’t even remember the energy the exchange. I don’t know but I found it hilarious because I’ve been shot shows been in the same place for years. If you’ve come to show you’ll find that. The A lot of the major boozer in the same position all the time. So you think if you’ve been here for ten or twelve years in a row you’d know where the exit is or you know where the bedroom is or whatever so jerry walks up and we’re in the main hall and he goes what’s up.

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I don’t know where the exodus and I said well I. I don’t where the exit is. We’re lost together and so we’re both looking for the exit. So essentially divide cocker. He goes one way I go the other. Fortunately I’ve found an accident as long as I know Jerry could still be wandering around then and now and just attended the show when it they’ve actually seen Jerry that might be the case. I know I’ve actually I’VE BEEN AS CLOSE TO JERRY. I am with you and I don’t think I’ve ever said two words to him not the because I just don’t know what to say. Exactly he’s had said something to me though and that was three years ago as I was trying to go one way down the hall and the show and he’s going the other way and no shoulders he said. Excuse me and kept going. I have no complaints the by to tell you exactly what to say to it. I don’t know where is the exit and you could also say Hillary where whereas the exit. That’s eight words can paraphrase that before actually very friendly. He’s not terribly talkative fairly. Yeah I saw him over at Media at the range and even there I saw some people doing a few things that would make me cringe. One the reasons I refused to attend. Because I’ll tell you one of the things I learned here in Shochu. What did we learn at the first year? I mean you hear expect I the first year we were here? Nick and I came out of the first day saying I. We have been muzzled more today at a place where professionals are supposed to be that we’ve ever been mostly before discouraging is when Muslim you and you’re clicking and pull the trigger eight. I’m like what did I do? I don’t even know you offend me. Do read the policy about. The firing pins have to be removed. None of them can be functional. Now I know why it would be a bloodbath in the place. The only thing I’d ever say to Jerry if I really do is hello. Everybody wants to know anybody ever trade break into your house. So how did it go for them to their breaking? Joel’s house each lights via go. Well Yeah my wife will shoot. I don’t have to go that we’re one of my kids will never know. I just sit back and go. Okay go ahead so you would advise the listening audience not to come uninvited. A good idea I did have It kind of a funny story right. I did have a couple show up at my house on. This happened not too long ago. The just showed up the house unannounced and I answer the door and it’s guy well fortunately I knew him. I used to work with him. When we both worked at Casco and with San Diego radio stay together and he had discovered where I lived at grabbed. His wife came over well. I don’t mind because I knew the guy but it disturbed the tournament because I thought you know somebody could just show up at my house. Which is just Uber. Weird so because I you know I get it but I I would no more. I enjoy watching Jerry. Shoot Show on or or Rob Briley or whatever. And there’s a lot of podcasts. I watch but even if I knew where they lived. I’m not just randomly showing up at their house. And I know you live in your house. You gave me the same facial gave and if you’re listening on this Joe Lives at one-two-three Mockingbird Lane in Barstow Barstow. That’s what I love as we live at the joint by the way this year teen thirteen Mockingbird Lane I appreciate the correction and I appreciate letting listening audience know this. And they’ll correct less. They used to watch the monster. Though there. You are well to see address use of the podcast right thirteen. Thirteen mockingbird lane. Yes you have to add borstal. Absolutely what two three I street Bar Sto? They’re probably wants this person who lives. There is now going to hate my guts up. What are you bet? It’s Bar Sto Betty. If his name his name is betty is is betty and on that note. We’re going to wrap it up. I just was looking at it as we’re running out of time cal you or a well. Thank you very much for We have a great time. We had a great time. And we talk show sparingly about optics planet all the time. Well just come and visit optics. Planet DOT COM guy five or use the APP the APP and News Guy. Five also used I five great website. Optics Planet is awesome. You’ll find some great products there. Please check them out.

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Something about being safe. I have the app on my phone. Yeah you do. What did you buy with my money where we can do something? I’m GonNa need some stuff all right. I’ll see you later brother ticket Joe. Hope you enjoyed the talk that we had with. Kelly is a great guy and we look forward to talking to him seeing every year. The next interview that we do on the next podcast. I think is the last one that we did at shot. Show and that’s what the re-loaders network so if you’re interested in reloading that’ll be great interview for you to hear the next time that we publish a podcast which will be. I think on the twentieth. So look for that. If you’re on Patriot I want you to stick with me. Because we’re going to start the next part of the podcast just a minute. If you’re listening on your favorite podcasts player to the syndicated version thank very much for listening. Have a wonderful week at wherever you go. Whatever you do please be safe. You’ve been listening to the GunGuyTV podcast.

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