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Checking in with The Reloaders Network at SHOT Show – Episode 73

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  • James from The Reloaders Network sat down with us at SHOT Show for a great interview. You can check out The Reloaders Network here:

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Checking in with The Reloaders Network at SHOT Show Episode 73

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the gun guide. Tv podcast. Hi this jolt persinger. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much for all of your help and support of Gun Guy TV and the fact that you watch videos on Youtube and the other places where they are and listen to this. Podcast I gotTa tell you. It is a great thing to know that when I do these things your listening and you’re watching. I feel like I’m achieving something that way. Otherwise as I’ve said many times I just be talking to myself. Well on this podcast. We’re going to start off with the last of the shot show interviews. This one is with James from the reload her network. I’m an avid reload. Her and so it was a very interesting interview for me. I have a feeling it might be for you as well. Particularly if you’re a restrictive state like California where reloading is one of the key ways. You can make sure that you have plenty of ammunition. So we’ll be talking to James from the reloaded network at the first part of the interview. Which is going to be out there free for public consumption on your favorite podcast player and then we will post a video version on youtube and the other video distribution places in the second part of the podcast. I’ll be talking about a couple of things. One is a book that was recommended to me that I’ve started reading called Dark Agenda. The war to destroy Christian. America by David Horowitz. Now I am a Christian and this book is important to me as a result but nevertheless even if you aren’t a Christian or your and a person that doesn’t have a particular faith that you WanNa follow. It’s still a very interesting book. Because you are obviously a second amendment supporter and a supporter of the bill of rights in the United States Constitution. Or You wouldn’t be listening to this. Podcast I’ll be talking about this book a little bit and urging you to read it because it will explain to you precisely how our country is being systematically dismantled by the left. I’ll also be talking about my first day on the range sense covid nineteen. That’ll be in the second part of the podcast which is available on Patriot. Only now if you would like to support the podcast you can do that. A few different ways one is to use our Amazon link when Shopping Amazon. It’s very simple to do. And it costs you absolutely nothing. If you go to our website at Gun Guy Dot tv you can also got a gun. Guy TV DOT COM or gun Guy Dot net all take you to the same place and then look for the banner ad at the top for Amazon. It’s a little banner ad right at the top of the the website there if you click on that it will take you to Amazon’s page through our Amazon affiliate account and then once you’re Amazon’s page. Just bookmark that page and every time you go to Amazon if you go grab that bookmark than anything you by Amazon. Whether it’s toothpaste toilet paper gun stuff doesn’t matter we get a little commission for it and it costs you absolutely nothing. In that way you can pick Amazon’s pocket a little bit and support gun guy. Tv All right now neff about that. Let’s get started with the interview with James from the realtor network. I’m excited that we’ve got James Guy from the re-loaders network here to talk with us at shot show primarily because I’m a reload or so mean and being in California reloaded is the magic pill to have a lot of AMMO and not have to go through the background. Check all the because they’re not yet regulating and folks. It’s a hobby but it may become a survival skill point where it became a survival skill for me is at Nick is was a competitive shooter for many years competitive in shotgun sports and went through so many shotgun shells in practice and competitions all the time that the only way I could do it and actually not be poor as a church. Mouse was to be in the garage loading and it was a great expansion but we went all over the place and he competed all over the place. She was fourth in the state. When you’re In the grand whatever they the net not the nationals with the state competitions we went out. He doesn’t know he was a young guy he didn’t care. Hey I get to shoot down. I don’t care where Iran life good. Yeah you’re right behind Josh. You Skunk you by one bird tubers. It’s funny how in that competition only person I cared about beating was the one who beat me a whole bunch of other people who are like. Why is this kid beating me because he beats you all the time and sometimes by squeaker all the time but you? That’s where I actually got into reloading. Was that and then since then. I I reload rifle pistol shotgun and primarily. I reloaded I hand. Load as you know. There’s a different. Certainly I reload for quantity because I want to go the range of burn up. Thanks but I also kind of a bit of gun nerd at this point a reloading nerd so I hand load for this rifle because I found the best load for that or I’m tweaking a load or whatever l doing I think. A lot of the The the continual testing and seeing what we can do is entertaining putting holes in the target. Yeah Yeah it actually is in fact one of the guys Dennis. I’m not going say last name. He might not want me to with one of the guys.

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I shoot with all the time name is. Dennis is a retired border patrol agent. He’s at the peach. Uk range a lot. His whole hobby at this point is to see can’t how how close to stacking one round in the same hole as the other one could he possibly get by tweaking the load one way or the other. If you’re hunting you know inch group. One hundred yards is probably sufficient for game but if you can make it smaller. That’s fun that has to be smaller. I have to shoot better than no. I’m kidding I hope. Not because it’s my is age. Group groups grow. So you and I know a little bit about what’s going on. You know a lot about it. I know a little bit about the reloaded network. But I’d be willing to bet you. There’s a whole lot of folks don’t so why don’t you tell me about it? And let’s let’s clear up the misconceptions if any or just inform people who may never have heard of it. Certainly I appreciate that so we grew out of a about a couple of years ago it was march of eighteen. Youtube published their policies on content featuring firearms and at that time it included language. That’s talked about you can’t show content. That shows out manufacturer ammunition and we had no idea how you going to interpret that We figured it would probably be interpreted different ways on different days of so is that reloading that bullet casting. A lot of us are are That are involved with that. Are Bullet casters as well? And so we saw the community starting to scramble not knowing what their future on. Youtube was and Part of that scramble. We saw folks looking for different hosting sites to host their their content. In how do we go to daily motion or video? There isn’t number of sites that stood up around that time to host video. We’ve seen some of those sight since shutdown we’ve seen You know folks have ended up on different sites that you and I have probably never heard of In the the viewers as we know Youtube of what the number two website in the world right. Now I believe for traffic Google’s number one In and so they’re they’re worth a trillion dollars. They have the resources to do what they want in. So as as we as I saw that I saw these sites standing I wasn’t interested in building another site that hosted video. That takes a lot of time and money and effort to do in a way. The handles the band within the video properly A lot of said go to full thirty will full thirty invites people. It’s not open to everybody. And so what I did. I stood up a cycle. The reloaded network where it didn’t matter where folks hosted their video. We could show there. We admit it there and if you want to most your content on Youtube That’s great. We can show it there and people can leave their likes comments and that sort of thing and then if you to delete your video and at this point they have deleted hundreds of reloading especially bullet casting videos deleted a couple of mind where I was going reloading so right and you know and I can’t you cannot get. I’m not picking on Youtube here. And their company they have right to make the policies they want to make. But I can’t get I have not been able to get a straight answer out to the out of the master particularly why and a couple of videos which seemed to me to fit within their guidelines but apparently didn’t get any argument with them. I’m like okay that’s fine. I’ll posted someplace else but you’re right when you say that seems like it all day to day. I’m not sure ultras day to day as much as they have so many people looking at it. So many of is that each one makes it value judgment very well and so a lot of people say to me. What do you mean? They’re deleting your stuff they can’t be true look at all of these other and they listed a number of things that really shouldn’t be on youtube according to policies and they just sit there right or the outlook. There’s nineteen other bullet casting videos. Why was deleted? That’s Youtube. I don’t get it either but it happens and it happens a lot in my opinion part of what they’re doing is they’re trying to frustrate people. I think they’re trying to break. People’s will to post that type of content and so people just quit or they change your content and then youtube didn’t kick you off and make a martyr out of you. It was your decision to quit right. Then they do they do the same thing without getting to down to toe down here on new policies related but they do the same thing. I think with monetization policy. They while they don’t necessarily want to make the political and public effort of deleting your entire channel they will d monetize. You hoping that will put you out of the running. I was monetize just about eight months ago and I got an email. This ed you’ve been demonetized because of harmful harmful content. But at that time they didn’t didn’t individuals so so harmful that they D- monetize be but not so harmful that they deleted any of it. Right I I I have quit trying to figure out the logic. Youtube waste of Time Headley. Hence the reason why you started another platform it makes it is and You know there’s a lot of people that want to fight Youtube and fight the policies and I’m interested in seeing how those things come out but I don’t have the time resources energy your interest in heading up that fight myself. I want to get information about firearms reloading bullet casting and shooting sports and those things out do the people that that that’s why I started my youtube channel year before all of this started. And so I I wanNA keep doing that. And if I can’t do it on Youtube I have to go somewhere else. You’re listening to the gun.

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Guy TV podcast. I decided to build my own website where we can show content from all these places where the viewers don’t have to go to seventeen different sites to follow all these people They can go to one place. If one of these sites shuts down or delete video which has changed the source of where it comes from. The viewer doesn’t have to go anywhere else they there’s nothing at that site behind a paywall. Still like you to. It’s all you can sign up for an account so you can make comments like on Youtube. You don’t have to have an account to show up and watch content and in addition to video. We have a blog post. There’s some podcast primarily video We’ve really grew out of the Youtube audience. And at this point we’ve got over one hundred people contributing content. We’re going to have one hundred one because I’m GONNA go over there and post my my reloading videos that got deleted no stick him up and standing. There has been some confusion with that. Some people say I don’t understand how to post videos. Well it’s not right now. It’s not open for the whole world to post content but all you have to do is ask and then I just adjust some permissions and you get the the abilities opposed in. Life is grand so now are you hosting the videos or are they hosting elsewhere and pushing them on your side so the any pictures that are uploaded as part of an article or the comments did video description? All of that is hosted on my serve. The video itself is not so My myself right now. I’m applauding all my videos about four different sources. Just to as a Miami where they’re on Youtube video. I’m trying to think now. Daily motion bit. Shoot it which I have to say very carefully because I’m a Christian gentleman I don’t say so and then there’s Gun Streamer the. Utah on exchange and. I think there’s one other one where we post a dimension daily motion and one of the what was that facebook facebook facebook is always a. You know sketchy kind of a place to one of the reasons I do. That is because the folks that watch channel relationship that gets deleted over here. Okay they can watch it any of these other places and then part of the key is letting people know before you disappear if you’d where they can find you. You’re not no longer on Youtube right and you know at this point. Youtube is never has not threaten to delete me in a long long time but they have taken certain videos down the nice part about what you’re talking about to me is that as a result I can. I love to something you said. Let’s say I was to post a video on your site and all of a sudden it gets deleted off a platform. I can just go back and point it to the word is now absolutely. It takes about five seconds to data. It’s already on line somewhere else in. The viewer never knows the difference desert. Wash it on your network. But a trump they pull up the same page and then watch the same video. The other thing I think Ca- to is that maybe the average. Maybe everybody understands us but hosting videos an expensive thing very and it’s part of it is the drive space which is not horribly expensive. But it’s the bandwidth it is and to build it in such a way that a thousand people can watch the same video at the same time. It’s not the same as just buying an external hard drive and plugging into into your computer and consequently should other people have already established those systems that are available to us in some sense when you’re trying to do something and you’re not Microsoft or you’re not indeed Google or whatever. There’s no reason to invest the money doing that if the videos could be hosted just about any place just linked to an article to pay those brilliant. The way that you’ve chosen to do this because then they get the bandwidth. They get the accessibility the video but have one place to go and it could be hosted anywhere and there are so many free sources being offered to host video. Whitewater you invest money in another right. You don’t need to be another exam and actually my my my own videos that are shown on the network It’s for myself. I’m under the name loads of Bacon. That’s the name of my youtube channel and then there on the reloaded network. If the reloaded watch my videos they’re hosted on video videos. Been very friendly to me by the way they haven’t given me any grief about anything and you won’t find my videos on Demille if you go on video and search. You won’t find them there. You mark them private or indeed in part part of that is because I don’t want somebody at some point to say. Hey look what you’re hosting. And the same time. I wanted to drive people to reload his network. Pick because there’s a whole community of of content. It’s not just reloading. It’s IT’S FIREARMS. We’ve got guys that are competitive shooters long distance shooters bullet. Casters is the whole gamut. Sure You Shane. A growth as serious. Growth at your your. I’d say we’re slow and steady growth. It is continuing to grow at this point We’re not quite two years online in April two years And there’s definitely a core portion of that community it’s it’s always they’re always participating And we see folks. Wander into wander out. But by and large we are growing both in number content. Contributors as well as the the folks viewing in commenting to.

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What do you attribute growth chauffeur? I can see where. Traffic’s coming from some of the statistics and a lot of is through search engines. There are some more people on Youtube that I think are starting to see my future on. Youtube is limited. Personally I think the majority of firearms content. I don’t think Youtube survival long-term platform anymore. I think they’re always be firearms content on Youtube but it had the has to pass muster for Youtube in in a lot of what we do doesn’t and so I think a lot of these folks are starting to see that and so they’re starting to let their audience know. Hey I’m still here but come join us over there where things won’t be deleted and I’m seeing that a lot to a lot of the folks that watch are we gonNA GET TV on Youtube or migrating over to other platforms. She’ll watch on youtube but they they’re overrun bit. Shoot which I’ll say again very carefully or one of the other places again because they know that those are I mean the gun streamer any of those that are firearms. Centric are certainly not going to delete firearms related content. So they know it’s always saying all the two thousand seventeen just because I like redundancy I started up in account with a site called me in two and it went away. I liked it. A lot actually lives over eight that maybe I contributed because I convinced the bunch of people to show but a month later they shut down. And so that’s when I showed up at bitch new as you. I didn’t run their business. I don’t know what happened there but I do like the redundancy in the options so we have a lot of it and we even within the podcast one of the things I was talking to one guy had a fairly significant youtube channel. One point and he was not shaving. Is Videos uploaded them to youtube and then deleted new and so when? Youtube threatened his channel. Did go a but when they threaten to delete channel had a coronary started immediately trying to find a software that would download the things that save them the very first budget. When Youtube came out with their new policies back in March of eighteen was I posted a video on how to download him back up all of your content from Youtube. Yeah and you better do it now because it might not be there in five minutes absolutely. Yeah I really appreciate about what you’re doing is the fact that it takes it’s similar. It’s in out of time where Where script are are the thing. Disney plus or or ESPN plus. There’s all these different. Things is coming to a point. Where and it’s true. I mean you can’t. I’ve actually was looking at a video. I was looking at video. I think three weeks ago on something for first shotgun trap shooting just technique and I tried to look up that same video like I think about a week or so ago and it was gone so I mean so. It’s like I know that if I know I know that going to a platform like yours. I can actually look at it video. Save it and by okay you know I. I know want to go to when I go to the range. I’m going to test this outer or I now I know that. Hey I don’t have to go to my dad’s house and bomb off his reloading stuff. I can just get my own and really learn how to set like it’s cool that you have that platform there and I think it’s really important to have those I don’t have any inside knows but I suspect things are going to get worse as we approach November and the twenty twenty election. Oh I would agree with you just a few years ago. Youtube deleted another one of my videos that I made marked pride at not and hit hidden private back in March of eighteen. So that’s a logger. That’s no longer safeguard. I’ve I’ve no not accessible to anybody but myself and the youtube administrators private for almost years and I got an email. The said you know it’s been flagged for review in a violates thing so we deleted it but a goodbye on Mike his as channel full lead Taco one of the most family friendly channels. You’ve ever seen Guy Has two kids. He volunteers at his church. There’s there’s no swearing there’s no nudity. There’s nothing like that. I I would have no problem watching his videos in front of my children and At this point they deleted thirty four. Thirty five of his videos Because he likes to melt lead and turned it into bullets. As you’re really harmful thing he’s doing they’re shooting straight and always right on target. This is a gun guy. He podcast Pete. Aren’t you shocked? I am and you know this. This goes back to something you were talking about. A one of the previous podcasts. Where the Stream on the left is not only use. The term demonizing anything to do with firearms. But it becomes a demonization of of Of Religion you can’t say God in the Pledge of Allegiance. You can’t You can’t you can’t have prayer at school even if the kid wants to do it by himself.

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You can’t have any of this and the the effort to expunge anything and everything that they don’t agree with out of anything. Public is just amazing. Absolutely yeah we’re going down. This path Sharia jumped in. We’re going down this path. I’m in my sixties and I know p probably remembers to and you may and nick. I don’t know if you ever saw school or they used to show a movie called Fahrenheit four fifty one which is an interesting novel. If you’ve ever read it. That movie was shown in school specifically to illustrate a road. We didn’t want to go down. Which was in that movie? The society had gotten to the point. Where they they had not only destroyed books that with which people disagreed they had destroyed all books and they controlled all information and all thinking and you could only access information that agreed with what the state wanted you to think and everything else was down. The tubes books were so illegal that the fire department was no longer there to put out fires. The Fire Department existed to go burn books. Once they were found had become a law enforcement agency the focus of which was to track down books specifically to destroy them. I remember that well and I’ve I’ve heard several Liking what what’s going on Youtube and other places to digital book burning. I think that’s exactly what it is. It certainly fit exactly what it is that it’s not just digital everywhere in everything and this is where you know. I think it was Rick Travis on a previous podcast. That mentioned that if we lose the second man we lose the First Amendment two and I at the time if we lose a second man you lose them law absolutely. I think there is a drive to in a very real way control. Not only the things we say the things we express in one way or the other but to control the way we think and part of that is to excise any information whether it’s video or whatever that disagrees with the status quo as I tried to reason why bullet casting so evil on you to the only thing I can come up with is but one the people reading these things have no idea what they’re looking at And to the idea of independence and self sufficiency is scary. That sounds about right. That’s that’s the only thing I can come up with. I don’t see any tears. Running around with reloaded cast lead bullets. No no but you know you you hit a product of self sufficiency which you’re exactly right. It’s interesting living in California that certain within a city or illegal so for example in now in our city that I live in it is legal to have backyard chickens for example because the our mayors very conservative guy and by and large city council very conservative. And it’s come up a few times. Were residents said well. They shouldn’t be allowed to do that because that’s boy. That’s that’s non hygienic. Chickens have not been put through the whatever? The food requirement is for chickens. I have no idea what the food requirement is for tickets but they haven’t gone through. The government has check those tickets grass. They could have diseases or whatever the case might be. And so. These cities get buggy. Because somebody I’ve I gotTa tell you I got a I was. I mentioned this one time got TV. I don’t know wind comparison something else and I got an email from person to told me that lived in a city where backyard gardens were being discussed by the city council to eliminate them because people should not be growing their own food. They should have to buy food at the star. So don’t don’t buy your own car. Don’t grow your own carrots or have your own fruit trees or whatever so this becomes a I agree with you. I think in the minds of some the fact that people can be self sufficient. Learn how to do things know how to do things. Which when I was coming up everyone was encouraged to do. Right has now become something that is so actively opposed by many that is shocking. And the idea that you can actually reload your your own ammunition is like well that’s not. That’s that’s where I decided you know. Maybe independence from Youtube is okay. I won’t have the on Youtube. I get that there’s a lot of if you look at the view counts and that’s all you’re looking for. You should probably stay on you too. Yeah but if you’re passionate about what you’re doing I don’t make a living on Youtube. I do it because I love it. And because we have a successful business loading bullock casting a lot of guys learned that from their dad or GRANDPA. The old guy next door right. A lot of was dads and GRANDPA’s. No guys next door with that. Knowledge don’t exist anymore. They don’t and so like many things we’re always only potentially one generation away from just disappearing well and I I hate to re. I hate to raise the specter of intent. Here but I think that’s the intent indeed is to have these things disappear hunting for example.

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I mean Nick and I well. How often do you have? People say things safe things negative about the fact that you hunt often. I couldn’t think of this is horrible. Bambi killer you yes. I’ve actually nonsense Bambi. It’s like it’s it’s like oh you would like you would shoot those. Those animals like in the Disney channel. Animals I’m like no those are cartoons again shutdown interesting to look on these some of these people’s faces not all of them when you start to talk about how the deer population would actually suffer if there was no game manage and it’s it’s like you’re speaking a foreign language to him it just they’ve never. It’s obvious they’ve never processed some of those thoughts. It’s almost like they look at you like you’re spewing lies in their face look at the damage of the feral pig population in Texas. Oh absolutely they have no limit no tags twenty four seven three sixty five. Hunting be eradicated thirty percent of the population last year. It will make it and it won’t make it. We’ll make it. I think it will or not as a channel named loads of Bacon that that’s one I’m interested in. I’m hoping to be hog hunting again here in about a month and I can tell you walk in the property that they destroy the property that I hunt for hogs has horses it has cattle. The agriculture in these odds are decimating. Those things we we are always. I’m over here with Russia. We are always invitable by. We’re hog hunting. I just throwing it out there. We were always. I want you to know that I am a vegetarian. I’m a vegetarian about a vegetarian. By PROXY INDEED COW. Eat the vegetables the vegetables to HOGGISH THE VEGETABLES. I eat the animal and by by virtue of that. Can we just acknowledge the mazing? This that is the hog this is an animal can eat garbage like lettuce and grass and turn it into and a magical feet proof of God right there. That’s almost better than King Midas touch everything and turn it into gold eat. I can’t eat gold. Oh no I can’t I can buy Bacon with it. Oh I had bacon this morning with coffee and life is grand. Isn’t just got copy. I’m not I’m not talking to you anymore. I just to bring it back to the channel. I really do think it’s amazing. Because you’re I think it’s amazing that you’re gonNA fight for reloading. I can’t tell you how often I’ll have my friends in the garage. They’ll see my dad’s contraptions say they’ll say what is that. It’s the most Cathartic thing you can ever do that. What do you mean like am I here and I’ll show him and I’ll reload while this is kind of hard. I’m like well dude for a while and you just find that you know just reloaded. I just reloaded you know twenty five. Rounder reloaded eight boxes of shotgun shells and you know. Look at the. Oh It’s been three hours I didn’t even realize you know it’s it’s so Cathartic I’ve got a bunch of little kids. I don’t have property that I can shoot on that I live on. I have to to a shooting range in the rangers only open certain hours but I can reload in midnight right in my garage. I don’t have to pay range. Fees Shame to say that. I reloaded midnight quite frequently. The kids are sleeping wife. I I can process the day while I’m making my own amls for a whole lot cheaper than what. Walmart may or may not decide to sell me tomorrow right. Yeah it’d probably may not be the the operative treasure well okay so now the big question is how can how can I help you to get the word out other than what we’re doing right now? What else can I do for you appreciate this? And Yeah if folks are looking for information on how to make their own Lessen their ambulatory to find a new hobby. I mean reloading covers a lot of those things but it’s not just reloading its firearms content. That maybe you desert doesn’t approve the reloaded network Dot Com and let me mention. In addition this year we set up a companion site for the community. That looks an awful lot like facebook. It’s not hosted by facebook. It’s our server but again facebook is not always been firearms friendly either. No no actually. They’ve been consistently the reversion. So were being very kind well done. There’s an opportunity there for folks that I used to be part of a facebook groups where people would You know buying so and share things. Yeah yeah there’s nothing illegal with that. No he spoke ban. Those things I think a lot of people send well. It must be against. It’s not against the law if you’re selling to somebody out of state involve your NFL. There’s a legal way to do it absolutely legal way too. I’m not trying to get around any legalities but you can have the conversation with you know. Hey I’m done shooting. This thing moved onto other interests. Tony Interested so you know we’ve got this. We call it head space. What a great name I love it. That’s awesome and so if you go to the reloaded network. There’s a in the menu. It Says Community. You see a link for head space and you’ll see a link for a chat on discord server so We Use a program called slack and we would over to discord and you can sit down with people there and have live conversation kind of like a the site chat on youtube a live broadcast.

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Yeah but you can share links you can share videos There’s voice channels where you can get on and have conversations like this with with other people and we’ve had plenty of people talking about the weather. What they for breakfast but they’re also talking through. Hey this loads not working out my firearm Anybody have experience with this particular type of Gunpowder and why am I having issues? We’ve had plenty of that type of conversation where folks are mentor. Each Other for free on on all sorts of firearms related content. The opinions expressed by the good guy are always right. Unless they’re all anecdotally. The only way I I can’t say that I have actually occurred limited but anecdotally could say that the the reloading aspect of California’s seems to have increased. The reason I say that is that with the laws that came in recently about buying ammo. Which made it very difficult to buy ammunition. Sometimes or it’s made it inconvenient difficult and then for some folks there have been sixty some odd thousand people in the state of California that are perfectly legal to buy them but by virtue of the system not operating correctly have been denied and not been able to buy ammunition and at least at the moment and every time I mentioned is somebody will say shh. Don’t say anything they’ll know. Now Trust me they already know the catchment out of the bag long before I said anything. It’s just that’s the next thing right now. Cartridges since cartridges. Right that’s not new Californian already knows about that. They didn’t restrict it this first round. I’m sure they’ll go after it later but right now. Reloaded components are not subject to those background checks. So if you if you know how to reload and you have certain cartridge cartridges. You like to load a lot of folks are getting into loading in California now by necessity absolute and what I’m finding is the number of people who will send me a note or an email or whatever telling me they got into reloading by necessity and now fell in love with. It is is incredible. And there’s there’s a constant conversation of reloading people got into reloading to save money and They still have their wives that but they long ago forgot that idea. They now that the Many folks more than they do shooting You know they with part and parcel. They go together but the reloading self is is a fun hobby and it’s safe. If you know what you’re doing it’s it’s pretty simple. You can do it safely easily now if you don’t know what you’re doing it sure there’s a lot of potential for harm and danger but it driving. A car is extremely dangerous. If you don’t know what you’re doing walking across the streets dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing but again this gets back to if you want to know what you’re doing now there’s a safe place. There’s a place where you can go to get some of that information because as you said the old guy across the street who used to reload. You’d love to ask him. He’s gone or uncle. Gibb Uncle Jim who used to reload. He’s gone or Greg Grant or whatever I’ve been reloading for about twenty years about seven years ago. I started casting my own bullets. I learned how to cast from youtube videos primarily a guy named fortune. Cookie forty-five watched this. Yeah he’s out in California Channel on Youtube or was it pushed off so he’s had videos deleted. He has moved. He still on Youtube. He’s also on the reloaded network. Yeah and then. He’s moved some of his content to Patriot as well and and that’s a whole nother story. We probably don’t want to delve into people’s hatred of patriotic and those sorts of things but Yeah I I understand and I appreciate the fact. Patriot has been a challenge for some people. The truth is they’ve never given me any issue at all. I’ve never gotten any slack from them. They’ve been a joy to work with really anytime. I need supporter questions. I ask them. They’re Johnny on the spot about get back to me. I haven’t I literally have had less than zero problem patriots. So they’ve not only have. They never posed a problem with regard to the content that they that I support their or poster. They’ve never raised as an issue. And anytime anything ever come up where I had questions. They’ve been johnny on the spot about getting there and helping me so I I know other people have had issues but I don’t know I don’t have any experience there and they’re also I’ve never had issue with. I don’t trust them one hundred percent because I don’t know them I don’t know neither but so far they haven’t been an issue when to become an issue. I’ll do something else my age in their basket. But I’ve I’ve been low risk for me so far Be Al with patriotic. I haven’t had any issues with them and it seems to work does work where I’m not. I’m not a shell for Patriot. Here saw agree. There are other options. I mean if you WanNa do something else go do something else but I do have. People give me grief every once in a while because you’re still on Patriot trader. Whatever not a traitor. I’m a guy who’s using a service that works here. Here’s the reality of it too when you get into services like that. I mean the equipment we’re using today.

00:35:01 – 00:40:01

How do I know that the company that makes these headsets were using his firearms friendly? Am I going to run around and find out before I buy a headset? How do I know whether Jackie that made the battery? That’s running some of the equipment. Firearms Friendly Mega. Call them or look up there. I mean come on at some point or other. I have to operate a channel. I have to operate a business and I and I have to understand that at some point or other. I’m going to be putting money in. Somebody’s pocket disagreed with to. You have to live your life. I mean just. Let’s just forget about about that. It’s it’s an issue with just about everything you what kind of car you drive. Who who does your power. Where do you get your power? What you guess. Where do you get you? Listen what about you feel for your car? Let’s just pick one industry? Where Good Luck finding a major bank? That’s firearms friendly. You can’t so I use I use paypal for our business and in the main reason I use pay pal for their our business one. They’re super easy. We’ve used them for. We’ve been in business twelve years so our twelve years. We’ve used them the whole time. They love us if I need anything from paypal. They’re right on top of it because they see a lot of revenue comes through US going through pay pal and the way that they’ll lend to us. If if I need funding for this or that APP they make it super simple and easy and the cautious very low. If I needed a loan today and got on the website and applied for the loan. Today the money would be in my pay pal account tomorrow and I would pay one fee not for the NF. It took me five years to pay it back or a year back or six months or eight months or it doesn’t matter I paid the fee and it’s less than I could get from my bank if I want to go down to the bank we bank at or whatever it’ll take a month you know to get the money or a week to get the money and they want me to sign paperwork this taken high and it’s a pain so people say. Why do you use pay pal because I got it? Why don’t you go use a baked? That’s firearms fairly because there isn’t one right. There isn’t one so if I don’t have an option like that and I’m gonNA use the one that’s best for my best. I have neighbors have bosses. That aren’t friendly. That doesn’t mean avoid them figure out a way to work. I mean we have neighbors. We have neighbors live across the street from us. We Love Them Dearly. They do not own a shingle firearm. She’s astounded when she talks to me that that we actually own firearms and then we were talking about it and she found farms instructor. She said well. Would you teach my kids? Because I don’t want to be. I want them to know what to do if they happen to run into one and sure. Bob Seeley Eagle just and I told her about the Eagle Program from NRA and she said Oh she starts right now. Where do I get that right? So you know it’s all a matter of having you got to understand people different strokes for different folks and like pizza. You gotTa Live Your Life. There’s stuff to certain things you have to do in life. You and you’re not always going to have to firearms supporting company that you get the deal with do it. And that’s it back to the reeler. That’s what we’ve done there is. There’s a lot of people you know. You should stay on Youtube and fight you to. I’ve got to live my life and I’m not going to defeat you. People talk about attacking in Breaking Party. Google James but you’re not going to beat Google. You’re not going to be youtube last week. They said Alphabet INC is estimated. Worth one trillion. Dollars check my account this morning in a typical know it well and it is you look at it. Who’s going to go after them Legally to You know this is an intelligence agency. They know where all the skeletons are in. Everyone’s personal ’cause it’s in your clauses. Clean your constituents in your loved ones. They know the skeletons in their closet. So while I would love to see some things happened with Google and Youtube. I don’t foresee it happening very soon. You know and even if it does. That’s not my battle to fight. It’s not the same. There are some people that are want to fight that battle and more power to. I may support them. Depend on going. But that’s GONNA lead the charge on that. I think you in a weird sort of way you are you are fighting are fighting the battle but you’re fighting in a way that can’t that it can be fought and successfully fought you’re moving the content from there and over here absolutely and so just like anything else. Nick mentioned there’s so many subscription services if you want to watch this show and it’s on that subscription service. Well then you subscribe to that service if they kill that show. You don’t want that anymore and I’ll subscribe this one over here. I think we’re we’re getting with a lot of content related issues. It’s becoming really. It’s I want this contents and I’m going to go here to get it where I want that. I’m going to go here to get it. We’ve gone from the department store approach to catch all content. I’M GONNA go to Wal Mart or sears or whatever and buy whatever I want now we’ve gone instead to Oh. I’m going to go to the store to buy tools in this store to buy Widgets or whatever camera that we all knew loved in two thousand fifteen. It’s not coming back saving the Second Amendment one episode at a time. This is the done guy. Tv podcast in a weird way.

00:40:01 – 00:45:01

I don’t know that that’s necessarily bad in in from a from a content perspective because if I go to a site that specialize in a certain thing the nice part about is that I could feel more comfortable that everybody on that side actually knows what they’re talking about so if I go to the religious network I know that’s reload or centric. Natural reloaded are GonNa go and if I WANNA learn to reload and I go there. I don’t have to worry about the content being off because if somebody posts something that doesn’t make any sense. There’s a whole lot of people that are they’re gonNA know absolutely and it’s going to get that issues going to get cleared up mighty quickly. Yeah so to some degree I think that the the segmenting of information it can be and is positive it just but it does mean you. Don’t get to go one place. Get everything you got to shop around a little bit look around. I really appreciate about you even adding the form just where you can. I can if I have questions I can go and ask. Is You know okay. Hey I want to actually bring my reload over to when I go hunting deer and I’d never hunted deer before it’s okay. So what should I really think how much what really works for you and and you could plug that in either type that up youtube and I’d get ridiculed for like fifty sixty comments I’ve liked? You never gone before you call yourself a man well until today. We have less trolls there. Then you’ll find on youtube tomorrow But I if you jump on there you’re GonNa have some guys that point out the fact. Let’s talk about the weather. You’re GonNa Hunt Him because we got a guy posting videos up in Tokyo Alaska where he just posting things where he would reload it. Negative fifty degree weather and they did not work the same as when he loaded him in the summer. And you know shutting. I’ve been shooting since I was five years old. I’m in my. She’s I would never thought of that. I didn’t even think about that Patricia. I’m just displaying my micro signature. I would never have thought of that. And so you may have were if you’re you’re working your reload in the wintertime. And it’s nice and cold you decide. Hey I’m going to go out in the Desert Arizona and shooting the summer you have a dangerous situation Go Yeah that’s a great point and so and again the experience talking to guys about that may highlight those things Before you go pull the trigger and say what’s going on here. We see we see that a lot of long range. Long range shooting. You’ll get down to the point where guys will have the. I thermometer to check the temperature of their brass before they put the put around in the inner chamber and at Matches where the temperature tends to drop a little bitter. It’s a little chillier than what they’re used to. You’ll see guys. That’ll have a pack pack of five rounds and they’re holding their armpit to try and get it up to a decent temperature because it has a significant effect on how fast the pattern crazy if all you’re doing shooting a deer two hundred yards and the temperature change twenty degrees not an issue. But if I’m trying to shoot fifteen hundred yards and half. An inch makes a difference now. That’s a big consideration. Oh Yeah Wow right here school here for the worst case scenario if you’re loading for your trip to Alaska and then all of a sudden you’re down in Texas hunting hogs and it’s ninety eight degrees. You may find yourself with some. Some serious over pressure was and now. It’s now it’s a safety factor. See THOSE AGAIN. Those another highlight reasoned To to check it out honestly for a guy like me I mean at some point. Let’s I move out to California and everyone wants me to do that. But if I move out of California and I’m in Idaho and it’s at negative four degrees or something crazy but you know it’d be if you’re going to extreme temperatures you need to consider that for your factory. Mo well yeah and that stuff that you know you can’t you can’t ask. You can’t ask that on on the answer you get not going to be constructive. That’s it’s actually where we started with a reloaded network before the website stood up a couple of months before that we started that live communication with each other. And if we needed a name something other than hey come. Join US on this random slack thing. The community came up with the name. The re-loaders network and then weeks later. Youtube came out with the rule. So we just. We rolled with it roll with the name stood up a website to go along with it. We’ve we’ve grown from there for exciting. What you’re doing you know. This is a community that I love I love the topic but I love the people involved with it and I hated the idea. That youtube if the push of a button disbanded community of people in the community of interest. And so I said you know what I’m going to place and I have the research. I can do something about that so I did. Yeah and it’s phenomenal. What you’re doing it really is well. Help let us help you Get the word out whenever you can. Now you’re welcome to come back on the PODCASTS. You’re welcome to we’ll do this again.

00:45:02 – 00:49:02

That particularly as you got new stuff going on that you wanNA talk about Let’s let’s do this again because one of the things. I’m discovering is that as crazy as it sounds in an environment in which there’s so much information out there and show easy to get getting the word out for things can sometimes be really tough. Because it’s you’re kind of trying to you’re almost like a guy shouting in the middle of a hurricane because there’s so much information you can’t seem to penetrate through it so to the degree that we can use the auspices of this channel to help you with certainly will appreciate not only getting the information out but it registered that people may have to change their habits in order to access the info that they used to have access to a lot of people are. Hey I I use youtube. It’s what I do will if the stuff you liked to watch slowly disappears. Are you willing to change your having to go find the content? Or are you just GonNa find just just now? Watch what you think’s well I’ll tell you one of the reasons I started. This podcast was because of Youtube behavior and once I had duplicated triplicated quadruple catered the channel and other platforms. I thought you know. What video isn’t the only way to talk about firearms in the firearm community? And things we’re doing and so I started investigating doing the podcast because I thought you know there’s one more avenue one more way to get information out there that people can enjoy and where we can maintain because you’ve called it the community couple of times. That’s exactly what it is and You and I have never met before. I’m walking around. Shot show with thousands of people. I’ve never seen before but the I sat down to lunch yesterday. Had A great conversation with two guys that are probably never see again but with some common interests there. These are met you and I met yesterday. He’s a great Americans. Love our country. They they they firearms and hunting and we had a great calm. Pete Nick and I we met you yesterday. We’ve traded emails or whatever but I mean we actually met yesterday and I feel like I’ve known you for ten years by yourself Haagen. I known you three minutes. I mean that’s that’s easy. Invite myself hunting all the time. I did the same I hunter. Well thank you so very much James. I really appreciate Your Time. And hoofing it up to do this. I want you to. Please stay in touch with me. You’ve got my number now now that you’ve got my cell phone number. I do okay bathroom wall. I’m yes I knew I shouldn’t have given out now. It’s under Jenny. Podcast call Seattle. There is absolutely so. Please stay in touch with me. Let me know what’s going on and we’ll do this again absolutely very much appreciate that. Oh absolutely my pleasure. Thank you again. Have a wonderful show. I hope you enjoyed the interview with James from the reloaded network. It’s a great site so I will put a link in the description in case you’d like to go visit it and if you are on Patriot I want you to stick with me now because we’re going to get into the next part of the podcast in which I’m going to tell you a little bit about my fun day at the range for the first day back after Kobe. Nineteen and the guns that I shot on the videos. You can expect to be coming your way in the next few days and we’ll also talk a little bit about the book. Dark agenda The war to destroy Christian America. By David Horowitz. There is a concerted effort and has been for about fifty or sixty years to destroy your constitutional rights. That’s what that book is about. So I’ll be discussing that in. Just a couple of minutes on patriotic. If you’re listening to the public version of the podcast that you can hear on your favorite podcast player. We’re going to wrap it up here and I do urge you to support us on Patriot. If you’d like to hear the entire podcast because the second half is always for Patriae on only otherwise. We’re GONNA wrap it up here. Have a wonderful week and wherever you go whatever you do please be safe. You’ve been listening to the gun. Guy TV podcast.

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