My Thoughts on America – Episode 74

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  • My love of the United States and my patriotism run deep.  I thought I would share my thoughts on America with you.  Hopefully, it will restore any lost faith you might have in this great country.

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My Thoughts on America Episode 74

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the Gun Guy TV podcast. Hi this is Joel Singer I’m the Gun Guy Thank you very much for all of your support on Gun Guy TV, and for the support of this podcast I am forever grateful I know I say that the opening of every podcast every video, but it’s because I wanna make sure that you know how deeply I appreciate the fact that you watched my videos and listen to this podcast I’m very. Very very grateful that you do. If you didn’t as I’ve said many times I just be talking to myself. Look this time around. I have a few things to talk about I. Don’t want to get into the whole riot looting nonsense because you get enough of that when you’re looking at the news for crying out loud I’m so inundated with it and I’m so tired of it I could. I can scream. I feel kind of the same way about the COVID. Nineteen thing and I’m sure you do too so as a result now that I’ve mentioned both I I regret it and I’m not going to mention them anymore. In this part of the podcasts as usual, the PODCAST is split into two parts. This first part is available for free on your favorite podcast player, and will also post a video version of it means just got a thumbnail and playing as an audio thing, but it’s a video version on. On Youtube and the other syndicated video platforms. It’s an interesting thing that has come up during all of this. Essentially we’ve. We’ve gone through two disasters. One right after another. You wonder which one’s going to come next in the process. Though it’s caused me to think a lot about how feel about my country I’ve heard a lot of people say they are ashamed to be. Americans have heard a lot of people say that they wish. The United States was very different I remember. Barack Obama wanting to fundamentally change the country. And I got to thinking about what my view of the country is. The more I thought about it more. It made me think of a movie which is a favorite of mine. The wind and the lion is a story about Teddy Roosevelt the way handle the situation Morocco back in the early nineteen hundreds in that movie. There’s a scene in which Brian Keith. Who Plays President Roosevelt is having a conversation with a reporter while leaning up against a tree, a hunting camp. His words Echo my feelings about this country. So I’ll let you listen to them. Here they are. American grizzly bear. The symbol of the American character. Strength. Intelligence for us. Little Blind and reckless at times. Courageous all out. On one of the trade goes previous. And that Mr President Loneliness. Bear lives out his life alone. Indomitable. conquered. But always alone. Is No real allies, only enemies, but none of them are as great as he. You feel this might be an American trait. Certainly. World never love us. They respect us. US! Whenever love us. We have too much audacity. And we were. Was At times to. I brought this clip up. Because I have been of the conviction for quite some time that no matter what we do as a country. The world has never gonNA love us. I don’t even know if what is said in that scene can actually be attributed to Teddy Roosevelt or not, or whether it was just creative, writing on the part of the scriptwriters, but one way or the other that I think it captured the essence of the truth. And that is that the United States has never been loved by other countries. As far as I know, we’ve been taken advantage of a lot and I think our current president is right when he talks about that, and certainly we’ve done a lot of things for other countries. It’s not at all to say that other countries haven’t done things for us. That’s true, too. But, nevertheless we are taking advantage of a lot of a lot and I think in many cases. It’s frustrating to me is an American when? I see other countries. Take take, take take from us, and then complain about us and tell us how terrible we are I’m so tired of that being told to us by European countries, I could scream I’m tired of hearing that from every one of our allies. It seems I’m tired of hearing that from well our enemies, I expect to say that, but our allies you finally get. GET TIRED OF PEOPLE CRITICIZING US on American I’ve traveled to other countries, not a lot of them, but you know I’m having only been in the united. States and I can tell you that in the countries I’ve been. Americans are sometimes looked down upon. People don’t necessarily like people from the United States. Now that, maybe because perhaps US tourists have been obnoxious or something I don’t know. or it could be. The phages don’t like our policies, but they’re certainly happy to take our money, and they’re happy to take our help, so I think that scene.

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Echoes my feeling about this country first of all. I am an American. I’m not ashamed of my country. I’m proud to be an American I’m grateful to have been born in the greatest country in the history of the world. I’m grateful to have the the rights afforded to me and protected by our united. States constitution, which is a document unique in human history. It’s a document that. Clearly states that the government is actually for the people of the people by the people for the people as opposed to other documents to Magna Carta included which talk about the government, I and how it Lords. The people. That the government is in charge, and the people are not in our constitution. It is precisely the reverse now. It has turned out in practice. That the evils of government have taken a lot of rights away from the people in this country, and that needs to be rectified. Still even with that having occurred. In my humble opinion, having been to some other places, this is still the best country in the world. And you would be hard pressed. To convince me otherwise. Some of the reasons we find ourself in the ourselves in that fix. Really were foretold by our founding fathers Thomas Jefferson for one I will tell you a little bit more about that in just a minute. If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re a great supporter of gun guy. TV and I’m very grateful for everything you do I. Urge you to take a look at helping us through Patriot. Patriotic as a subscription service where we provide additional content to you then that you won’t see anywhere else. You’RE NOT GONNA. Find it here. You’re not gonNA find it free. It’s only on Patriot. An example of that is the second half of this podcast, but there also is a video podcast. I do twice a month or our exclusive videos behind the scenes pictures behind the scenes post. And a lot of other things that I post up their. Advanced looks at some of the things that I’m going to review. I just posted an advance. Look at the product I’m going to review yesterday. So I urge you check it out. Check US out on Patriot. On and help Gun Guy TV survive the chaos. The opinions expressed by Lagoon Guy are always right unless they’re all. Back the time of Shepardson in our founding fathers would probably come as no surprise to you that a lot of quotes attributed to our founding fathers. If you do web searches on him, you’ll find entire websites and discussion boards, and other things specifically dedicated to that. I’m not entirely sure that all of the things that are attributed to them are actually things they said or wrote, but I did find a few that I found interesting. However, having not been a history, major or an historian, I may be wrong as to whether they are attributed to that person, but I’ll read them to you anyway. Couple of them here because I find them quite interesting. I mentioned that our government has gone sideways on a lot of ways and taken over. Authority from the people that the founding fathers I believe just in reading the things that they wrote the federalist papers and the discussion going back and forth. Never intended our government to do it I don’t think the founding fathers ever intended our government, state or federal to have the kind of power over the people that are currently does, and I’m of the opinion that if they were to come back today, if somehow they came out of their graves today and saw what our government is today, they would be incredibly appalled. However I’m not one of them and I wasn’t there so I could be wrong. What leads me to? This is some of the things I read about them for example. This is a quote. Attributed to Thomas Jefferson which is I think very interesting. It says we in America. Do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate. That’s a a really prophetic statement coming from a person who’s been dead for a very very long time, and was around during the founding of our country, and then later became the third president of our country. To say that we live in A. How did he say we live? We have a government by the majority who? Participate. Now on social media if you go on social media and make a political comment, there are all kinds of people who participate, but when it comes to actually managing the government. Very few people show up to vote percentage. What very few people write letters to their senator or congressman? Very few people show up to vote for little elections that they don’t realize our important for example, the guy that you’re that’s running for Dogcatcher is later going to run a run for city council or school board, and is later going to become the mayor of your town or city, and his later going to be running for your state assembly or your state Senate and later going to be running as governor, and may one day and the president of the United States or a US senator.

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But because you didn’t bother to pay attention when that individual was running for dog Catcher, and saying absolutely stupid, idiotic things with which you disagree. Now, you have a congressman, a senator or a president with whom you disagree and now they have a lot of power so I. WanNa read that quote from Thomas Jefferson again. We in America, do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate. If you, don’t participate in your own government. But YOU WANNA, complain and whine about it on social media or in the streets. You are wasting your time and effort. You could have participated in your government, and then you wouldn’t have as much to whine and complain about now. I hope you realize that my comments are not aimed at you. If you vote all the time, and you study the issues, and you actually try to do your civic duty that obviously I’m not speaking to you. If anything I’m probably voicing the frustration, you feel yourself. However, there are a number of folks out there who do not vote and yet WANNA complain about the result afterwards, and as a Youtuber I can tell you I hear it all the time, and then I’ll ask people if they for, and they’ll say they don’t vote because they don’t think it’s worthwhile, they don’t. They wasted time I have a neighbor whom I love dearly I think he’s a great guy. I don’t know two or three four years ago. He was complaining about. Somebody I don’t remember who might have been Barack Obama. When he was in office, I have no idea so that would have been four years ago and change. And I said well. I get it I understand. He was complaining about the gun. Laws in California and some other things that I totally get it I really understand you know. It’s important that you vote for the right people. And if we all do that, maybe we’ve got a shot at making a change and he said Oh. I. Don’t vote. I what do you mean you don’t vote? He said now I’ve never voted. This guy’s in his fifties i. should you have never voted? He said I’ve never voted. I never registered to vote. I have to pause here. Sort of the. What you might call the the dramatic pause here because. I was stunned. Now I’m a guy. Was So eager to vote the first time. That I registered right away and I voted because it was a presidential election that I got to vote in and I thought that was really cool. I wanted to do that so I studied out the issues, and I voted the whole chicken ballot and my entire life. I have gone to the point of doing the research to know which judges devote for and who to vote for for dog, Catcher, or whatever, and sometimes I can’t find information on a given individual, but I tried to get the information every time. That’s what I’ve done my whole life now in one case I think I was down with pneumonia and couldn’t get up and so that’s the one time. That I have at voted, but other than that. I voted my entire life and I’m in my sixties. Not Everybody’s done that I. Get it some people have, but to go your entire life and not vote is your choice if you want to do what he does. But in my humble opinion, don’t get to walk around and complain about it afterwards. If you’re not going to take action, so let me read that quote to you again from Thomas Jefferson. We in America do not have government by the majority. We, have government by the majority who participate. So, if only twenty percent of the populace votes than the other eighty percent are suffering under the policies of the majority of that twenty percent because they didn’t bother to vote, that’s why for many many decades people have talked about this silent majority. Because at silent majority doesn’t participate. They whine. They complain they lament. They carry on, but they don’t participate and maybe what they don’t understand. Is that without their participation? They are going to be victimized by the majority of the minority that participate. That’s how it works. So, if you can urge your friends who are gun owners to actually go vote and vote for their rights and actually get to the voting polls I tell you something now. This is really. I know I’m on a little bit of a rant. Here I I apologize, but it’s my podcast, so I guess I could rant if I want. One of the things that really drives me absolutely crackers.

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Is the fact that we have to go out and hunt people down and put them on buses or cars, or whatever to take them to the polls to get them to vote, because they’re to stink and lazy to get in their own car, or get on a bus, or get on a trolley, or whatever and go to or walk or ride their bicycle to go do their civic duty, and actually participate in their own government, but Tara happy to get on social media and whine and complain or standard with a beer, the barbecue and whine and complain to their neighbors about the policies and the taxes and the other things they hate. They won’t get off their dead Lazy Fanny and go and vote and participate. Oh my gosh, that just frustrates tired of me as I’m sure you can tell as a populous. To keep our rights. Then, we must participate because there are a lot of folks who are eager to participate who don’t want you to have your. They don’t want you to have your first amendment. Right to express yourself and they don’t want you to have your second amendment. Right to defend yourself all right now. Look I said I wasn’t going to talk about the riots, but I am going to point this out to you. The protests that were peaceful are still going on in, San. Diego yesterday we had thousand people or more thousands of people march peacefully through San Diego and they are making their point. And I believe that Bhai virtue of that there are going to be changes for the better. They’ll be changes I hope they’ll be for the better, but there will certainly be changes by virtue of a thousand people walking through the city this morning I was reading news, and out of that thousand people one got arrested and he didn’t get arrested because he was unruly, he got arrested because he was shining a light laser at the helicopter. You can blind the pilot and the helicopter crash. That’s a felony, so he got arrested for that good because dangerous. But other than that. The police said the pot. The the protest was peaceful and uneventful from a law enforcement perspective, and that’s as it should be. What happens when you have people who get into a protest like that who have in their minds, their sole objective of causing violence on fomenting violence and disruption and looting, and so on and working the idea of the crowd mentality of stirring up the crowd to be violent, their goal is not to further express the crowds, thoughts on an issue or make a change or encourage the first amendment rights of that crowd. Their goal is to get exactly what they do. Get a heavier police presence the National Guard. And essentially depending on WHO’s president at the time, or whose governor at the time an opportunity to shut down the First Amendment Rights of the people who are trying to protest. So. There’s a whole cadre of folks out there who want to destroy this country and want to destroy rights. And if we don’t participate in our own government. Those folks most assuredly will, and they will be the majority who participate. and. We will have government by the majority of the minority. So if that’s you, are you know somebody who doesn’t participate? Then please go get a cattle prod and jam it in their rump, and get them up and get them going so they will participate in their own government now I’ve got a couple more quotes for you, and we’ll get to those in just a moment. Obviously it takes time, energy and money to make this podcast fly and to keep. Keep it going so I’m continually asking for your support and I know you probably hate that and would like to shut up, but I’m not gonNa because I gotta pay for all this, so I’m GonNa. Ask You to support me and I’M GONNA. Give you another option to do it. That won’t cost you. One Red Cent I’m going to encourage you to use our Amazon link when you make purchases. Purchases on Amazon. The easiest way to do that is to go to gun guide. Dot TV I. Think you can also get a gun, Guy, TV dot, org or dot, com rather or dot net either way, but gun guide DOT TV and at the top of the website. There’s a little rectangular banner that is for Amazon. Go shopping on Amazon. If you click on that banner, it will open the. The Amazon page for you and your browser, and then all you have to do is bookmark that Amazon page then when you go to Amazon if you would use that, bookmark, it will take you to the Amas to the same page. That was that went through our link and that way. No matter what you buy from Amazon. It could be camping equipment. It could be toilet, paper, toothpaste or or Swimming, trunks or something doesn’t matter whatever you buy on Amazon, we will get a marketing fee for and that helps us keep gun guy TV going both the video program and this podcast, and it doesn’t cost you anything because that’s not everything’s the same for you.

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The price is the same your Amazon prime. If you’ve got it the shame, shipping’s the same. Everything’s the same. They just pay us a marketing fees, so I to use our Amazon link. To purchase on Amazon, it will help keep gun, Guy, TV alive, and again you’ll find at gun guide. Dot TV, just click on the banner on the top the little, Amazon shopping banner, and then bookmark the Amazon page takes you to and then use that page when you start shopping on Amazon saving the Second Amendment one episode at a time. This is the done guy TV podcast. To further illustrate the fact that having a country where in your freedoms remain, intact requires your effort. Thomas Jefferson also wrote I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them, unquote in those two quotes I’ve read you one talks about those who participate which requires time. And effort. And Research. And doing something other than playing video games and watching television or sitting around beer. The other one says I predict future happiness for Americans if they Americans if they. Can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. It’s the American people who have to restrict the government and keep the government from pretending. To Take care of us while it takes away our freedom. I am sick and tired of Americans who want to give up liberty for a false sense of security? A false sense of security will not give you you, will you? You will lose your liberty if you’re all about feeling secure because the government is going to take care of you right now, there’s a push to de fund to the police I. Don’t with that because I think we need a police department. What I would like to see those I would like to see the government back off of Americans ability to defend themselves and take care of themselves instead of prosecuting every law-abiding American who defends him or herself against a criminal? And then at the police want to work on the criminal satisfied, but stop making criminals out of law abiding. Americans, but I do not think it’s a good idea to de. Fund the police. Nevertheless it is up to us as American citizens to ensure that our government does not overstep its bounds on a regular basis and in order to do that I. Think at some point you have to fall in love. Now, that’s going to sound like a strange name. You got to fall in love. You can’t fall in love with the government because the government is not gonNA. Love you back. You’ve got to fall in love with the concept of liberty. You have to love the idea of freedom. You have to desire. In every fiber of your being the freedom to choose. The freedom to say what you wish, an express your views. The freedom to worship, as you wish or not at all if you don’t want to worship at all. The freedom to defend yourself and your loved ones and your neighborhood, if necessary, and have the tools with which to do that the freedom to live securely in your home, and not have the government take over your home for the purpose of using it for the government by the way that’s the third amendment to the Constitution right there. In case you don’t know the freedom to be protected from abuses under the cover of authority. That’s what these protests are all about. Is Abuse under the cover of authority. Unlawful searches and seizures unlawfully stopping someone just because you don’t like the fact that they happen to be a different color in that neighborhood. Those things are wrong and they violate the fourth amendment to the Constitution. These rights. These protections that defend and protect our liberty are written into the bill of rights. Because our forefathers Thomas Jefferson found them to be vital. They had run away from tyranny, not only from the British government. But from the Church of England, because most of these folks who left and came to this country to get away from them wherever Protestant a Protestant type of belief and the Church of England was decidedly Catholic and it really is treated them. They left that so that they could believe as they wished, they could express their views as they wished, and they could defend that right.

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And that they would not be subject to unlawful searches, unreasonable seizures, and those kind of things, and that’s why they wrote all that into the bill of rights. You have to fall in love with the desire to be free, and the actual practice of freedom understanding that freedom and liberty come with responsibility and effort. You have to work for it and when you have it, it requires that you do a little bit more work because other people aren’t doing it for you. Tom Chevron famously wrote I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences, tending to much liberty than to those attending to small a degree of it. At some point, we have to understand that it’s not just the rights of few that stand in the balance in this the liberty of all Americans that we’re fighting for what are that in court? Or whether that’s at the ballot box or whether that’s peacefully marching in the street. That’s what we’re doing. That’s what I’ve been doing for a lot of my life. That’s what guys like Rick Travis at the California rifle and Pistol Association or doing. That’s what guys like Sham Peres had gun. Owners of California doing. That’s what guys like Chuck Michelle at Shell and Associates who are doing. That’s what guys like Erick at gun owners of America or doing and and Jordan at gun, owners of America, and these great guys who are who are patriots who? Who are fighting for your rights? That’s what these folks are doing. That’s what the folks that are you here on other podcasts and other youtube channels to talk about the second amendment. That’s their focus. That’s what they that’s what they care about. In many cases, gun channels like mine are not really gun channels as much as they are Second Amendment and Bill of Rights Advocacy Channels Yeah I’m the gun guy and I do review guns, and I do those things sure. But in my heart of hearts. I’m an American. I love this country. I’m not at all ashamed to be the citizen of the United States that I am. I’m not ashamed of the United States at all. I’m proud of my country. Are we perfect? No, we might be a little, blind and reckless sometimes. And we have too much audacity. But we’re still a greatest country in the earth and. I believe that heart and soul. We’re also the place where you have the most freedom, even though we’ve lost a lot of it and we can’t give up on fighting for that freedom so I urge you get involved. Do not be one of those people who sits back and does nothing but whine and complain. Vote. Write your congressman. Write your senator and I know you’re going to send me notes or read them all the time and I never never. They never responded. Never get it. I do I honestly get it? If you live in California, it’s an uphill battle. If you live in one of these liberal bash states, it’s an uphill battle, but it’s still a battle and uphill battles have been one many times. Look Throughout History San, Juan Hill might be an example for you considering on talking about Teddy Roosevelt little earlier there with Brian Keith planted. Uphill battles can be one, but we cannot shrink away from them. We have to keep charging forward. We have to keep trying and we have to try to recruit other people as best we can. I’M GONNA. Leave you with the last quote here. Which again I I was picking on Thomas, Jefferson today so I, gotTa let quotes from him although I was also reading quotes from. Many other of our forefathers this morning, including our first President George Washington, who had some great quotes, but he’s spoken a kind of erode particularly in a different. Style of English at sometimes you have to really think about it, and it doesn’t necessarily carry over an audio podcast so while some of his quotes are awesome. I didn’t use them today because they weren’t as plainly written, but this one is from Thomas. Jefferson and here’s a quote. The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants. They serve rather to encourage them to prevent homicides for an unarmed man, maybe attacked with greater confidence than an armed man. If you really think about that and I really have. It applies on the street. Sure it applies in the marketplace. Sure it applies in your car. Somebody’s trying to your car. Sure it applies in your home. If, somebody’s trying to break in or burglarize your home. It applies in your business. If Somebody’s trying to rob you at applies all over the place on those one on one battles between criminals and law abiding citizens. But here’s where it also applies, and this is where we forget. It also applies with our government. An UN armed people may be attacked with greater confidence, then an armed people.

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An unarmed people may be oppressed with greater confidence than an armed people. And unarmed people may have their rights stripped from them with greater confidence by a tyrannical government, then armed people. We must never forget that. So I urge you. Get involved. If, you’re not already get involved if you’re already involved and get a little bit more involved or encourage others to do it. Don’t lose heart. You are not alone. I’m with you. And a lot of other people are too. And they could use your help. Well that’s the end of this part of the podcast and the next part which will be on Patriot. Only I’ll talking about preparing for pandemics and civil disobedience, and how well prepared were you? I don’t know, but I’m GonNa tell you how well prepared I was and some lessons that I’ve learned in the next part of the podcast only on Patriots, so if you’re unpatriotic I, want you to stick with me. Otherwise I’m going to wrap up here. Thank you very much for listening. Have a wonderful week and wherever you go, whatever you do, please be safe. You’ve been listening to the Gun Guy TV podcast.

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