The Value of Dads – Episode 75

  Topics in this episode: 

  • Things I learned from my father and other father figures
  • What I did to pass that knowledge along to my kids.

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The Value of Dads Episode 75

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Get ready for certified. Usda prime gun stuff on the Gun Guy TV test. Hi I’m Joel Persinger, the gun guy. Thank you very much for all of your help and support of Gun Guy TV and of the podcast I’m extremely grateful for everything you do, and I know I say that. Every time I started video or every time I started podcast, but it is important for to me least to thank you for the fact that you support me the way you do the fact. That Gun Guy TV’s video youtube channel is growing the fact that even on other channels like bit shoot, and Demille and show on our subscriber base is growing. A little bit is incredible, and the fact that this podcast is growing in listenership is amazing to me. I’m just I’m touched by that I’m humbled by it and I’m super grateful, so that’s why I want mentioned every time listen. This is probably going to be a little bit of a rambling podcast because I don’t really have a plan for it except to express some things that I think need to be expressed in troubled times as a result I’m not gonNA. Talk about the troubled times. I think we talked about that enough, you know. My son was showing me a tick. Tock channel that a young man has done about. And I. Guess He’s a landscaper. These doing this great channel about grass, because it’s something kind of funny and cool, and he could talk about lawns, and he makes it really interesting, and it’s something other than the violence and the hatred and the discord and the civil disobedience and the destruction of public property. That’s going on right now in our world. I really appreciated that so I thought you know I gotTa talk about something else, so we’re gonNA talk about. Some things that are near and dear to my heart and I think that are important, and fortunately, because it is the Gun Guy TV firearms podcast. We’re GonNa talk about firearms related stuff now this podcast is going to be structured in the same way, as I normally do, which is I’ve got the first half hour of the PODCAST, which is publicly available on your favorite podcast player, and then we also attach thumbnail to it and make. Make a video version of it. There’s no video just a thumbnail, but we posted also on Youtube and the other video distribution areas for you, because some people prefer to find it there, but you can also find it on iheartradio apple podcast, Google podcast, Stitcher Pod, bean, and places like that. If you want to download it on a regular basis, you’ll find it there now. One way you can support this podcast if you’d like which costs. Costs you absolutely nothing is. You can use our. Amazon link when you purchase things on Amazon. Amazon is not by any means a gun friendly company, but still a lot of people use it. I know. I do just because of convenience and price and things like that, so if you have Amazon, prime, and it’s convenient for you and you want to Amazon. This is a way for you to pick Amazon’s pocket a little bit and helped. Helped Gun Guy TV fight through the K. Austin survival this mess. You can do that by going to our website at gun. Guy Dot TV gun guide dot. TV, and then on the upper part of the website. There’s a little rectangular banner. That’s a an Amazon shopping banner. It’s not very big, but if you click on that, it’ll take you to Amazon. And that page it takes you to. We’ll have our link in the URL Once it takes you to Amazon. If you bookmark that page and then every time you shop Amazon. If you go back to that bookmarked page to shop Amazon you’re starting off with our Amazon, link effectively in everything you buy on Amazon doesn’t remember. It really doesn’t matter if it’s firearms related or not. We’ll get credit for and we get some marketing credit for we get a little marketing feet doesn’t sound like it will do a lot, but actually it’s quite significant, and it helps out a lot with trying to keep this this podcast go. And keep the channel going because we don’t make a ton of money doing this. It’s not my primary source of income. My goal was just to keep it going so I can keep you informed as to what’s going on in the world. All right having said that generally I. Tell You what I’m GonNa. Talk about in the second half of the PODCAST. That’s going to be on Patriots only for patriotic subscribers, but at this moment I don’t know what I’m. GonNa. Talk about the second part of the podcast like I said. This is kind of an unplanned podcast. Here have really given it. It a lot of thought, and perhaps along the way here as we go through the first part, something brilliant will pop into my my head, one of the three remaining working brain cells in there and come up with something I’m going to talk about in the second half and let you know what that is as we go. Yesterday was father’s Day. So I’m a little bit late in getting this podcast on. That’s primarily because we had kind of an important birthday in our family a couple of days ago and then we had father’s Day. So you know you have the family events. And they tend to to push everything else aside, and that’s what happened here and I think that the same time to i.

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personally needed a break from producing things for a couple of days, because the in order to produce the gun stuff. I have to keep an eye on current events because one of the things I try to do I’m I’m not as dedicated to it as I, have been in the past, just because time and space in place, but what I try to each day is post some stories that are gun related, or in some way affect our second amendment, one way or the other on our social media platforms on facebook and twitter now. Now, I don’t have a personal facebook account or personal twitter account or any personal social media accounts. I don’t WanNa look at it. It’s too discouraging so I don’t do it, but I do have the business ones for Gun Guy TV, and for practical defense systems, and I try to postings to keep you informed on their each day, and as a result I can sometimes get overwhelmed by the news of the day. The reality is when you look at the news. You just feel like the world is coming apart at the seams, but in reality for us in the person or household, it really has not affected our neighborhood or our town. There haven’t been any riots in our town where we live. There haven’t been any real prominent protests in our town where they live where we live now. They have happened in San Diego, but we don’t live in San Diego. We live in a suburb of San. Diego on the outskirts. There haven’t been any none of that has really occurred here. There’s been no civil unrest here. You can still go for a walk in the neighborhood. You can go to the local store. You don’t have to worry about bumping into any of. Of this stuff, show for US certainly the Chinese virus Kobe. Nineteen thing in California has been kind of tough because you got to wear a mask when you go in a in a business or whatever, and and there for a while we were sort of shut down, and a lot of businesses were shut down, so that part has been difficult, and then we, we haven’t been able to go to church and actually go to church and so many of our. Most of them, I would say are people. We know in church after almost thirty years of attending the same church, so we don’t get to see our friends. And that’s kind of tough to, but other than that. We have not faced the violence or the hatred. Personally that you see in the news every day because we don’t live in an area where that’s occurring, we have neighbors of various different ethnic groups, but we know each other. We are friends. We like each other and we don’t so. We don’t have that kind of thing going on here in. In Our neighborhood people don’t generally see race as the first part of someone, we judge that person if we judge them at all by their actions by their attitudes by their character as Martin Luther, King would say the content of their character rather than the color of their skin or the language that they speak, so we just don’t think that way. As a result, it hasn’t really affected us. So as a result I. Gets me last night. I woke up this morning about three o’clock this morning. I think and I could not go back to sleep. Primarily because woke me up as I had had nightmares about the violence now, not somebody being violent toward me, remember my family just violence the senselessness of it. That I have to look at in the news when I’m trying to post these things for you each day on facebook and twitter. It really disturbed me. I got up. just went ahead and got up came water. I work from home, so I went to my office. Shut down and charter, doing some things for work because I just couldn’t sleep. You read my Bible or whatever and then I went back to bed, and I got some sleep to catch up a little bit for a few hours before I actually went back to work again. But that’s the level to which it troubles me and I am grateful that sometimes people will produce content that has nothing to do. With any of that stuff. I’m extremely grateful for the guy with the rash. Yard, landscaping channel you know. I’ve been watching a lot of camping channels and that kind of stuff because I love to go. Camping loved to go hunting, and we bought a a new wall tent were waiting for it to show up at Kodiak Canvas wall tent, and a few other things, and as thing show up, we get more and more excited about the opportunity to go camping, hunting and Sean. Yesterday? I gave a lot of thought to my dad and to the father figures in my life and the things I learned from them. Now had a number of father figures in my life I had my father. And then my mother and Dad got divorced when I was a a small kid when it was not fashionable to do so in the very early sixties, and then she remarried to a gentleman who was a war veteran from the Korean War, and I think he had ptsd, but it was undiagnosed at the time, so he was a heavy drinker, and then when he got drunk, he was very mean. So he was a tough cookie. He ran the house like a like the staff sergeant. He was when he was in the military, but I did learn a lot from him. Not firearms-related, but I did learn a strong at work ethic from him.

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I learned a trade from him I came out of high school, knowing a trade and able to start working in the masonry, trade, brick and block trade, and I learned that from Wayne was his name so as As the years have gone by. He’s long since passed away, so my dad, but as the years have gone by been able to to forgive the difficult times I, had with him the things that he did and look at the positive things, I’ve learned from him, and among them was a great work ethic and a trade that I would not have otherwise had the man was an. If there was anything lazy was not one of the things he was. Then my mother later married another gentleman. His name is Kerry. And he has a similar work ethic. The man is extremely hard worker, very dedicated, very faithful, and learned those things from him, but going back to my dad and my grandparents I’m sorry I probably should mention my mom’s dad. His name was Bob. And he was a machinist by trade, and it was a great guy. One of the things I loved about my Grandpa Bob was he could make anything from nothing. Amazing things that guy could put together and discover out a make from absolutely nothing was amazing. It was a talent in that regard. But I also learned some other valuable things from him. One of the things he said to me was. Joel, find something you love to do for a living and do that because you’re gonNA spend eight to ten to twelve hours a day doing it and if you’re miserable. That’s the majority of your life that you’re miserable so even if you make less money at it, and maybe it’s a little bit of struggle as a result, or you have to change the way in which you live because you don’t make as much money. When you could be making more money and be miserable. Make less money and be happy your work. That was a big thing coming from my grandfather because he did enjoy his work, but as you can imagine as a machinist, he never was a rich man. He never made a fortune, but he did enjoy what he did for a living. I learned a lot from that. My Dad was a deputy sheriff. For part of his life and an avid outdoorsman, and it’s from him that I learned to shoot in fact I learned to shoot when I was five. My mother was stunned, but my dad took me out and taught me how to shoot a twenty two rifle when I was five, and shortly thereafter a twenty two pistol and I’m going to tell you more about that in a minute. There are so many new gun owners out there that some of them probably don’t know that if they use that firearm to defend themselves. There is a strong likelihood that they’re going to face criminal prosecution, or at least a criminal investigation, and perhaps a lawsuit filed against them from the person that they shot or the family of the person that they shot. That’s fairly common now. In some states, there are a lot of legal protections for people who defend themselves with firearms, but in many states aren’t. California is one of them. There are some legal protections here in California, but they’re fairly limited. That’s why I have second call defense, and it’s the company I use after having investigated them all. It’s the one I felt the best about and for years I used them, and I referred them to my customers and students without any business relationship with them at all. then they came to me one day and said you know you really should be an affiliate, and I said what do you mean? and. That’s when I became an affiliate with shack and call to fence. So I urge you. If you don’t have concealed, carry or firearms, self-defense type of coverage that will help you get a lawyer. Get bailed out of jail and those things I urge you to checkout second call defense, and if it works for you as it does for me then, if you would be kind enough to use our link to second call defense, I’d really appreciate it. You’ll find that on. On our website at gun guide dot TV, and if you’re looking at or you’re listening to this podcast in a place where there’s actually description of podcast, I’ll make sure the link is in there and that way cost you nothing. It’s the same as the Amazon deal. Every time you pay your bill every month for second call defense then we get a little bit of a marketing fee because we’re. An affiliate and that’s kind of how that works now. If that doesn’t work for you and there’s another company that works for you better for sure, pick the one that’s going to work the best, but if you choose second call, defense had really appreciate it. If you’d use our link, it will help us out a lot at gun guy, TV shooting straight and always right on target. This is the Gun Guy Teapot podcast. Now back to the discussion of learning to shoot at the age of five of course as you can imagine, my mother was not particularly thrilled about that idea, but my dad taught me anyway. My father had moved to Oregon which was a state that when he was alive. He’s been dead quite some years now almost thirty years actually, but when he was around, he loved Oregon He loved Oregon for a few reasons, not least of which is that it’s beautiful, and also that it had many opportunities for him to hunt and fish.

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He loved the woods. He loved the mountains. He just loved everything about the state. The people were incredibly friendly and at the. The Time Oregon was a very free state. It was not over-regulated. It was not the kind of thing that it is now. Oregon is sort of become like Washington. It’s almost California North back. Then that was not the case. It was very common for me to go. Visit my dad and spend time with him to see people walking around carrying a gun openly. It wasn’t a big deal or having a gun in their glove box. It wasn’t a big deal or carrying a gun concealed. It wasn’t a big deal. That was the norm they’re hunting was the norm there? It was actually so normal that the right to do that and if was just assumed. Nobody was fighting for it because there was no sense in fighting for something that was so obviously correct. That was sort of the attitude in the state of Oregon at the time. Now we’re talking about a time in the early sixties here. And you know late fifties early sixties, and then you know we get into the late sixties and things started to change, and now in the current time Oregon is a very liberal state, when and becoming more and more restricted as we go, but back then it wasn’t and in fact my dad passed away in Oregon and he is buried their. Well one day, he said to me I’m GONNA teach you how to shoot. And he took me out in the back. They lived in Klatch Kaanai Oregon so if you live in class Oregon Hello Class I from my father Chuck Persinger he lived in. Oregon. He was a deputy sheriff there and a resident, defeating that little town, which is just a quaint, beautiful little town with the nicest people that ever walked the Earth Time I. Assume it’s probably the same now. He took me out in the back of the property, and we put some tin cans up on logs back then they were tin cans, not aluminum cans, but we put up on logs, and he taught me how to align my sites how to mount the rifle how to get a good cheek well how to get a good grip and how to breathe. He taught me all of those things when I was five years old. The thing that was the most exciting thing for me that I remember was I actually hit the CAN. With my first shot! which was pretty cool, but then I had a lot of respect for my dad, and I knew he was an incredible shot, and even though I was a little kid, and you know little kids have got answering their pants and they want to go do what they WanNa do I know I’ve raised children and I was one. So that’s kind of how that works even so for that, which was something I really wanted to do. I paid attention I listened even at the age of five, and I vividly remember that lesson. It was an incredible thing to spend that time with my father I didn’t realize I. re I really didn’t I mean now I? Look back and I realized how valuable how precious that was because I meet men, my age or younger men for that matter. Who never really had a father figure in their life, and they never got to experience. Something like that. and. That is incredibly sad when you think of it. So I’m very grateful that my dad spent that kind of time with me. He taught me how to shoot. He taught me how to hunt. He taught me forest type skills. He taught me how to which plant in the area where he lived were edible, and which ones were not now I gotta be honest I. Don’t remember all of that, but it’s interesting. I was just looking at books day. Online on edible plants I’m thinking about getting one because I would like to relearn that. You know you get older and you say well. I used to know how to do that. I WANNA learn how to do it again. In fact, just the other day. My wife stumbled on a a slide rule. And it’s totally unrelated. I realize but like. This is a rambling podcast. She stumbled on a slide rule. We have no idea where this slide rule came from. It was buried under some other stuff on an table in our living room and she said I. Don’t know where this came from, but it’s been here for a long time. We can’t figure out WHO’s that was. It isn’t mind, but I guess it is now. We can’t figure out who was, but I used a slide rule in high school when I got into more advanced math I had to learn how to use a slide rule because there was no such thing as a calculator back then. So that’s what we we used. When I started getting into more advanced math, particularly logarithms and that kind of stuff, it made things a little bit easier because a slide rule whether you know it or not. if I remember my slide rule stuff correctly is that actually use uses logs and anti logs to do the multiplication and division for you? But in any case I sat down the other day, and ahead to fiddle with it for a while, and I actually found an score video on youtube on how to use a slide rule in the CNBC scales and it was like. I remember how to do that. Well now I’m kind of wanting to go back and do the same thing with edible plants, because I learned all that stuff from my dad as a kid, and I remembered it into my twenties, but now I’m in my sixties and I’ve never had to use it during any of that time, and I’ve forgotten that, and it’s just kind of a cool skill to have even though you may never actually use it, but we did. Did use it. We made STU camping on when we were in our hunters camp, and we would go and forage for things they teach me what to get and what it was gonNA taste like this might have a little bit of a nutty flavour, and this might have a little bit of a salty flavor, and we would add that to the stew, and he used to call that forrest STU now.

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It’s not forrest gump. For a stew and I used to love for Stew with my dad. Now that I would go back to California, because that’s where my mother lived and I’d live with my mom and I’d end up spending time with his dad. My Dad’s Dad, my GRANDPA, his name was Charlie. I spend time with Charlie. They lived in Belmont. Shore which is part of Long Beach California? That’s a very nice area. He was a real estate broker and a real estate investor, and so he’s done very well in his life, he’d only graduated the grade. He grew up in Chandler Indiana and had to quit school right after the fifth grade because his dad, who was a coal miner, broke his back, and he had to go to work to support his brothers and sisters and families. We never got back to school, but managed to still be very successful in his life, and even in the environment of Belmont of Belmont shore, California where it’s a beach community so. Small, you know and the houses are very expensive. He still found a way for he and I to shoot and I’m GonNa tell you exactly how he did it in just a minute as I mentioned at the beginning of this podcast. I don’t make a living off. This podcast are off of Youtube. And if I did I’d be really really broke, but instead I make a living from a company. My wife and I started with some partners and we now having purchased a company the other. We bought out the partners. Basically, it’s called practical defense systems and our main job at practical defense systems is to. To educate security officers in the state of California, so we provide the training, they need in order to get licensed, and then we provide their continuing education training, and at this point, it’s pretty much online on demand. The courses we offer in California, all online and super easy to take if you’re in the state of California, you’re thinking about getting in the security business. Please check out practical defense systems. That’s our company. You’ll find a link in the description. It’s the best security training you can find in California. At the lowest possible prices just check out PD. S. For Practical Defense Systems PDF. CLASSES DOT com. The opinions expressed by the. Always right unless they’re all. My grandfather grappled Charlie was an outdoorsman. He had grown up in Indiana and Chandler Indiana. As a little kid kind of a bear, barefoot country kid of sorts, and so he loved to be out in the woods. He loved to go hunting. He loved to do those things, but he lived in a beach community. Because after many many years of being a welder in the shipyards, and then becoming a welding format in the shipyards, and in ending up working in the navy shipyards during World War Two, in fact, he was so angry because he’d gone down to sign up with his friends at the beginning of the war to sign up for the army. They wouldn’t take him because they said they needed him. In the shipyards to train up a oddly enough to train women how to weld, so he ended up staying home, and many of his friends went to war. Unfortunately, some of them did not return, but he was very upset that he didn’t get to go. In any case he was a welder and a welding for me was a tradesman. My family is basically the history of my family is. We’re all tradesman of some sort or other. So we’re blue collar, folks, we get our fingers dirty in our hands dirty, and we’ll have calluses on her hands and oddly enough I still do even though I. don’t work in trades anymore, but still do work around the House and my son helps me lift weights, so I can actually not get older than I have to. And as a result, my hands are kind of callous and I’m grateful for that. I I never WANNA. Be The guy that’s got super soft hands. Somehow that bothers me not that there’s anything wrong with it. But that’s not the environment in I grew up, but then I once again as I said, it’s not a planned podcast, so I’m beginning to digress. Let’s get back to a GRANDPA Charlie and shooting. At my grandma’s house, which if you ever want to drive by it, you can. It’s at one. Oh, four Argonne in Belmont shore in long, beach now. We don’t own it anymore. He sold it many many years ago, but in that house there’s a house. There’s a unit at the bottom. There’s one at the top, and there’s a little studio in the back and it’s got three garages well. He kept two of the three garages for himself and had the other one that he rented out with the apartment above. In those two garages, he kept his car in one, and he made the other one into a shop because he loves to make things and build things and we’d like to do a lot of woodworking. He’d done so much welding in his life. The last thing he wanted to work on was metal anymore. Enjoy doing woodworking. One Day said to me Joel. We need to do some shooting. And I said Okay GRANDPA. What are we gonNa do we said well? Let’s go grab a bicycle, so we went and got on some bicycles and we went writing down the alleyways of Belmont sure. In the process, we found an old wooden crate. We’ve found some old pieces of Dowell people were throwing away, and we found a guy that just took several days to do this, but over that time we found some ten, and we found a bunch of other little things like that.

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We brought that stuff back and out of that because he liked to make something out of nothing, you know my grandfathers were both very creative. Guys make anything out of anything. This is the this is the beauty of being a tradesman I think. We went into his shop and he taught me how to take that those little things and make a target out of them so essentially what we did was we stood up the wooden milk crate on its end, so that the open part of that crash was facing the shooter, and then we use the dowels to make Raj across the crate. And we took little pieces of ten and cut them into shapes, diamonds, squares, circles, and some rudimentary animals wants those were carved. They were maybe I don’t know two inches tall, and you know two inches wide or something about that size, and we made sure that we left enough ten on the top that we could wrap that piece at ten on the top around the Dowell. So we wrap it around the Dell which by the way we took a long piece of Tin, and we, we tightened it wrapped it around the inside of the Dow and tighten it down real tight, so basically you had the wooden dowell with a ten covering, and then the little piece of Tin with the with the figure attached to that around the Dowell, and we scored the the underlying ten along the way so that they wouldn’t move right to left. They would just spin. Will there were I? Think three rows of those from top to bottom. When you hit him, they would spin, so you knew you hit them. They’d spend over the top of come back down again. They were little reactive targets. We made out of absolutely nothing from there. We went down and bought a piece of big piece of plywood. He set the plywood up against the wall in his little tiny courtyard next to his house outside of his office, he set the plywood up against the wall and I would go outside with a co two BB pistol. And he would teach me how to better shoot a pistol in that backyard with this little co, two BB gun. Many many years later, he was in his eighties and he was. His health was not good. He was eighty seven I. Think and he said Joel. I’ve got something for you. I was visiting at that point. He’d sold that place and he was living in Sun City Arizona. He said I’ve got something for you. We went out in the garage and he handed me that BB pistol. Weeks right now. It’s an old crossman pistol, but if I can ever find the little that goes in and I’m. GonNa. Fix It. Because that was the BB pistol that my grandfather taught me how to use as a little boy? It was largely my grandfather spending time with me with a little bb pistol in the backyard to make me a better pistol shot. That is the reason why I can shoot pistols as well as I can today. I’m not. A competitive shooter, certainly there are people in the world that shoot better than me, but when it comes to handguns, that’s a fairly small number. I’m a better shot with handguns than the vast majority of people I have ever met. Now that not saying that to be to build myself up or Brag. It’s just some things your faction. You have to stay them as facts. That’s a fact and I will tell you that that’s because of that practice I got continually. At my grandfather’s house has he and I shot in the back and he helped me be a better pistol shot with a BB pistol. That’s why sometimes you’ll see me talking about training in your backyard. When I’m doing videos talking about doing that I learned to do that from my Grandpa Charlie, who is one of my father figures when I was a boy? Now then I would go visit my dad for the summer and spend my summer with my dad up in Oregon and he would remark at how much my shooting improved and WanNa, know what I had been doing that. My shooting had improved so much since the previous year when I saw him. And My grandfather would wink at me and he’d look at my dad needs say don’t give away secrets. Sneaky cuts that when I wasn’t around, he would tell my dad what he was, but it was something I really anticipated, and hoped for every year when I would go see my dad that he might remark about the improvement in my shooting. So I’ve worked pretty hard at it I really had a great time with my grandfather anyway, but it was one of the favorite things I did with my granddad other than we used to walk down to the beach and we go to the long. Beach pier at the Old Long Beach pier before it was torn down. There used to be a restaurant most almost all the way to the end that had the best New England clam chowder in the world to this day. I absolutely love New England plan chowder. What my point in all of this, it’s important that we have father figures in our lives who take time to teach us these valuable skills. They’re the things will remember later when they’re gone. And maybe it’s a dad. Maybe it’s brother older brother. Maybe it’s an uncle. Maybe it’s a GRANDPA. When we don’t have those or something missing in our childhood, it’s a very valuable thing that’s missing.

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Sometimes when I see young people now and their troubled, or they’re struggling particularly young men. They’re struggling with the idea of what it means to be a man. What it means to be a contributing member of society as a man, I’ll talk with them and we’ll talk for a while and I’ll ask them some questions, and it doesn’t take very long before discover that they had no meaningful father figure in their life. That is a tragedy. Having had outstanding father figures in my life. I can tell you that it’s the way God designed it, and when it doesn’t apply when we don’t apply things in the way God designed them. They don’t work the work well at all. Well with that run at a time I think in this section of the podcast. I told you that. By the time I got to the of the podcast, I would know when I was going to talk about in the next section. That’s going to be on patriotic only well here. It is in this next section. I’m going to talk about what I did to pass these things along to my kids and how we? We did that and how my kids are doing with that today. We’ll talk about that in the next section. If you’re listening on Patriot I, want you to stick with me. If you’re listening on your favorite podcast player I’m GonNa. Wrap it up here. So think about those father figures in your life, and if you’re a man, be a father figure to someone else wherever you go, whatever you do, please be safe. You’ve been listening to the Gun Guy TV podcast.

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