Why are leftists attacking NRA now? Because we’re winning! Episode 78

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  • Why are leftists attacking NRA now? Because we are winning! I’ll explain specifically what I mean in this podcast.

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Why are leftists attacking NRA now? Because were winning! Episode 78

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Get ready for certified USDA prime gun stuff on the Gun Guy TV podcast. This is Joel Persinger. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much for all of your support of Gun Guy TV and of me personally, I’m very grateful I get some great notes from people encouraging me to keep on doing this, and once in a while, somebody will send a little donation or something, and then we have a lot of support on Patriot for which I’m very grateful and by the way, that’s how this podcast works. The first half is available publicly on your favorite podcast player, and then we also post a video version which appears on Youtube and the other video platforms a bit shoot meal. Gun Streamer we’re still on gun streamer thought it was going to die, but it didn’t and I’m grateful for that and some other places. So the video is up there there is no real video to it. It’s just a thumbnail we throw up there, but it’s a way for you to listen to the podcast. If you’d like also on the video channels because a lot of folks like to do that rather than user podcast player, and then we have a lot of folks use the podcast clear because they listened to the podcast on the way to work or. Whatever and I’ve been doing that a lot with other podcast lately because I’ve been traveling a lot for practical defense systems. In fact, I just got back yesterday, which is why this podcast is a couple of days late and I apologize for that also, I should announced one other chain which I I’ve got a video or two coming out in the next couple of days while announced. I’ve I’ve announced that there as well, and that is that in this month, which is August, the livestream I normally do on the second Tuesday of every month at six o’clock I’m. Going to do on the second Monday, which is this coming Monday so I’m going to do it on Monday Tuesday because once again, I’ll be gone traveling on Tuesday so I can’t do it while travelling so that Kinda messes up my schedule I do apologize for all of that practical defense systems business, my wife and I own and I’ve just got a lot going on right now. So it’s been kind of a crazy time and as a result, it has thrown a monkey wrench in the Gun Guy TV publishing schedule getting videos out and podcast and other things so. I I ask you to bear with me there. We’ll get back on track here as quickly as we can. Now I just mentioned or maybe I didn’t. I. Don’t Know My brain is going and I’m only halfway through my first cup of coffee this morning. so forgive me the first half of the PODCAST is public on your favorite podcast player, and then the second half will be unpatriotic only while I was traveling all kinds of cool stuff happens I want to talk with you about that, and some of is very encouraging now over the last couple of days. We’ve had all this stuff going on with National Rifle, association and the Attorney General of new. York. Wanting to file a lawsuit against and indeed doing. So with apparently the idea of destroying the NRA well, good luck with that. So let me make a few comments about that real quick. First of all the NRA has had a number of problems over the last bio, two three years or something many of the NRA members including me have some faith if not a lot of faith in a leadership of the NRA to the degree that there’s been a an. Attempted removal of Wayne, Lapierre, and some of the board members who have been there a long time and arguably I think should be gone. That’s my opinion. So take that for what you will I’m just one guy, but that is my opinion and there’s been some disclosure or at least some reporting I don’t know whether you would call it disclosure. There have been some accusations with regard to the inappropriate spending of money and the inappropriate use of NRA resources and some inappropriate behavior within the four walls of the array. Now I don’t know if any of those things are. True but those accusations have certainly been levied and there’s a lot of them. So I’m not going to get into the weeds there about that because if you want to know about that, then there’s lots of sources that you can look at to find out what those things are, and indeed some of them were levied. Those were things that were levied against NRA by the Attorney General of New York, but here’s the issue with her thing. So let me get into that briefly and I’m not GONNA get too much into the weeds of NRA except to say I in. Fact probably before I get into that, I should explain to you my take on NRA in general as you may or may not know I’m a life member of NRA been longtime as my wife and I do support the National Rifle Association do not take that to mean that I support Wayne Lapierre’s in particular because I don’t I have in the past in many respects I’ve always thought of Wayne and I and I I should probably pause here and say that I have never met Wayne Lapierre do not know the man I’ve never met him. We’ve never cross paths. And he would know me from Adam and that’s fine and I don’t know him. He’s just a guy as I am concerned however. He may any any may be a very talented chief executive I have no idea but he has never struck me as being a guy who should be the face and name of anything that wants to succeed because when he’s in public doing an interview or whatever he seems to struggle to answer questions with any meaningful statement whatsoever other than to just repeat talking points.

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AD, Nauseam, he does not seem to be able to off the cuff things very. Well, it has to be very prepared and he’s not personable in any reasonable way. He’s very stiff. In fact, he always kind of reminds me a little bit of a of Lurch from the family whenever he’s sitting doing an interview because he’s extraordinarily stiff and extraordinarily dull. He’s dull as watching paint dry. So I’ve never been particularly impressed with Wayne Lapierre’s public presence in the idea that he was chosen as the public face for many years of NRA has. Always baffled me but nevertheless that said, he may be a great or even maybe just a good chief executive. If the allegations are true with Wayne Life Year, then I think he needs to retire and I have thought he needed to retire for a long time and even if they are not true then at some point in the near future I think and and I think he should have done it a while ago I think Wayne Lapierre needs. To retire because Wayne Lapierre at this point has become a millstone around the neck of the NRA and has dragged on array down a lot because of these repeated attacks upon his character as an individual and his behavior as the chief executive officer of Array. Likewise, I think there are a number of old timey people in NRA who’ve been there for a long time on the board and and other places and they need to go as well because. It would seem at least to me from looking from the outside in that NRA in a lot of ways has become a place that has mirrored the swamp of Washington DC and at the swamp has sort of infected the national. Rifle Association and it has a swamp of its own and that the chief swamp creature would be Wayne Lapierre’s. So there you go. There’s my opinion in the meantime however, I still support. NRA because I think NRA is without a doubt the most powerful Second Amendment Organization that we have in this country and killing an array would be tantamount to killing our rights. So there you go. There’s my opinion you can agree whether or not. That’s fine. You know what? We have a right to agree to disagree, and we have a right to debate things. So there you go. I’ve given you my view and it doesn’t necessarily have to be yours. Yours may be completely different than if you’d like to share that you can do that in the comments or you could send me a note or whatever now. All of that having been said, do I think that we should be attacking in our a at this moment and the answer to that question would be a resounding no our enemies attack NRA like crazy and I am certainly not going to do it. So if you were to ask me today as a brand new gun owner of your brand new gun owner, should you support the National Rifle Association? My answer would be an absolute unequivocal. Unambiguous yes. I do. I don’t support some of the leadership and I don’t support some of the foolish things they do and I don’t like the fact that they may be doing things with the money. They shouldn’t be doing I don’t know that that’s the case, but that is what they’ve been accused of but do I support the national rifle. Association. Yes and here’s one of the many reasons why in addition to this AG thing which I’ll address in a second. It’s an interesting little headline that happened to come out I think yesterday or this morning NRA plans to spend tens of millions of dollars. In battleground states. And when I read this morning NRA endorses Donald Trump. Now I don’t know that Donald Trump had an instant success in his hands when he decided to run for president in two, thousand, sixteen I think everybody joked about him and thought he was kidding me a lot of people said he was kidding but he was all of a sudden he turned out to be serious and then he was. A force to be reckoned with. Now, I am going to tell my I’m GONNA blow my own horn here and say that when he first announced his candidacy for President I said to a great many people and I may have said it on this show I don’t know. But I said it to a great many people that if you serious which I wasn’t sure whether he was or not but serious. Anybody who looked at Donald trump if he’s serious about running for president. And didn’t take him seriously and didn’t consider him. A genuine threat and didn’t think that he would probably succeed. Was a fool. Because that’s a man who does not like to lose. And he works harder than most people you’ll ever find a planet a dozen give up. As you can tell, I, spend at the battle he’s been going through for the last three years.

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So I’m of the opinion that Donald Trump’s probably gonNA get reelected but I will give a lot of credit to the National Rifle Association for spending as much money almost spending itself broke. In getting him elected and if it weren’t for the National Rifle, association spending the kind of money spent. And pulling its members along. Donald Trump might not be president today. I don’t think we should forget that now before i. go any further on this subject I should remind you that there are many ways to help gun guide TV survive the current chaos one of which is to use our Amazon link. You can shop Amazon and buy anything you like from toilet paper to toothpaste a gun stuff it doesn’t matter and whatever you buy, we will receive a little. Marketing fee that cost you absolutely nothing. It’s the easiest way for you to support Gun Guy TV and not spend one red cent. The Way to do it is pretty simple. You just go to our website at gun guide DOT TV and at the top of the website on the homepage in fact I think it appears on every page there’s a little rectangular banner, the talks about Shopping Amazon if. You Click, on that banner, we’ll take you to our Amazon link essentially, it takes you to Amazon but it takes you to Amazon through our Amazon leg. So the R. in the top of that Amazon pages different because it’s our Amazon Url. If you then bookmark that Amazon page, the banner takes you to and use that bookmark every time you shop Amazon start there go ahead and get that. bookmarked pages start at that bookmarked page. If you do that the no matter what you buy on Amazon, we’re going to get credit for as a little marketing fee. Now, it doesn’t amount to a ton of money, but you know what every little bit helps and it certainly would help us keep gun guide TV alive shooting straight and always right on target. This is a gun guy to heap podcast. Now back to the NRA just recently. I’ve given you my whole spiel now. Okay. Just recently. A local Second Amendment Organization, decided to go after the NRA, I’m not gonNa tell you which one and I’m not gonNa tell you where because I don’t WanNa get into calling people out here but they did and they’ve got an made a video about it and they made a big stink about Iran I thought that was very unwise at this time we are in the middle of a presidential election cycle in which NRA support is more important than trying to get rid of people that we don’t like an NRA that you know Wayne here perhaps being one of them right now. Tearing each other apart and using this opportunity to attack one another. Is Not a good thing if anything let’s support one another. So I’m going to declare my support right now for the National Rifle Association which I’ve done many times. I do think after the election’s over that Wayne Lapierre’s should retire and that we do need to drain the swamp within the National Rifle Association. But now is not the time to do it. The NRA is currently according to a news article. I saw which I may have just mentioned that I’m halfway through a cup of coffee. So if I haven’t I’ll mention to you. Now there’s a news article in which one a member of NRA’s management or something was quoted as saying that NRA has been increasing its membership by one thousand members. Since June. Well that’s a really good thing. That’s a good thing because an arrangement struggling for awhile financially with some other things because of all the attacks on it. But if they’re getting a thousand members at daily, tells me a lot one tells me people do support the national rifle. Association also tells me there’s an awful lot of brand new gun owners out there who are joining an array because they see nra the premier organization to protect their rights and they’re concerned they’re gonNA lose their rights if basement Biden of slow Joe Biden if Joe, Biden Ido no. Just my sister and my wife is elected and you know what they’re right if he’s elected where you’re going to have a battle for our rights that is unprecedentedly difficult and we could very well lose them. So, keeping Mr Trump in the oval office is a very good thing and keeping Joe Biden out is a very good thing. So the fact that people are joining on Iran I think is very positive. Now is not the time for me or any other voice out there in the Second Amendment community if we are community and I, hope we are to start ragging on NRA. If we’re going to do that. Let’s wait till after the election, and then we can go after trying to drain the swamp within the National Rifle Association. Likewise, I would urge those who are part of other organizations not to use this opportunity as a bludgeon to beat an array with for the purpose of expanding their own membership it’s time for us to pull together, not attack one.

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Another and I gotTa tell you. I think that these this attack on the interest going to backfire and I’m not the only one. If you look at the news from yesterday or even today, you’re going to see a lot of people commenting in that fashion that this attack on the NRA is going to backfire. In fact Jason Chaffetz I think is his name as a former. Congressman or former senator or something I don’t remember. But anyway, he had a an interesting statement, the other day I I read I had to find it for you but this is his statement I don’t hear anything new with regard to the AG stuff I don’t hear anything new. Chafe, said these allegations have been out there for a long time and I haven’t seen anything come. Of It but one of the reasons Democrats keep going after the NRA is their highly effective. This is a simple easy argument for the overwhelming majority of Americans you have a constitutional right to bear arms and I agree with him however, I don’t think that’s why Asia’s going after them I I think the timing of it is obvious were right. What are we eighty six days? Are Eighty five days or something from an election in which the swamp wants Donald Trump gone the swamp wants Mitch McConnell gone the swamp wants to take over both the House and the Senate, and I honestly don’t think they’re going to be able to do it. I really feel pretty strongly based upon what I’ve read that only is president trump going to get reelected but he may. They may Republicans may take back the House and that there’s a strong chance that they’re going to keep the Senate NRA being part of that and pushing for that and spending money to make that happen is a key ingredient in making that happen. So killing the NRA would make a lot of sense for these folks. So they’re taking this particular moment to go after them. And one of the things that tells me that by the way is if you look at the reality of the situation from the standpoint of the AG of New York, she’s the attorney general and and not being an expert in this stuff I’ll just share with you my thoughts on it and then you can make them what you will, but it seems to me that attorneys general. Focus on criminal things because that’s their job. Now, they’ll file lawsuits against other states or whatever. But the generally as far as I know, they don’t file lawsuits typically against organizations or individuals instead they indict them and prosecute them. If the things that she is accusing NRA of were a criminal and be so agreed that she actually had some serious evidence that they actually occurred. Wouldn’t she be prosecuting? Wouldn’t she be indicting Wayne Lapierre’s and others? But she’s not. She’s suing them. She’s using the taxpayer dollars of the tax payers of New York. To, sue, NRA. She’s not prosecuting them. Well, I just read a headline that said that NRA was going to spend tens of millions of dollars in battleground states. Let’s see how could you keep them from doing that maybe Bhai draining them of of millions of dollars in frivolous lawsuits brought by attorneys general or whomever from other places, and by the way I don’t think she’s the only government official trying to sue and our attic. There’s a lawsuit from Washington DC as well if I remember but in any case, this is all nonsense. Drummed up because of the election, they’re trying to injure the National Rifle Association and thereby keep gun owners from victory that could be coming in November. So let let’s think about this now. If Donald Trump is reelected which I hope he will be and if the Republicans keep the Senate and perhaps expand on their majority there, and if the Republicans reclaim the house and have a decent majority there, we may very well see a renaissance in the second amendment that we were had been hoping for for a long time and never could see because at. That point we have at least two Supreme Court justices that are going to need to be replaced at some point I do not think that Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Ruth Bader Ginsburg her she says it is going to be able to stay in the court for another four years. She spent almost as much time in the hospital currently as she does at work. So, at some point, she’s going to be too old to do it and she’s going to have to step down or she may pass away just of old age because she’s getting up there, and then we also have other justices or getting pretty old. There may be an opportunity for president trump to replace a couple of the left-leaning highly liberal justices on the Supreme Court and if. The Senate still remain Republican hands and Mitch McConnell is still leading it. You can be pretty well assured that he’ll be successful in doing. So He’s been successful in appointing well over two hundred conservative federal judges to the Federal Bench. Now, they’re not all gonNa rule quite the way we would want him to, and some of them might turn out to be ringers and surprise us but. For the most part they’re going to change the face of the federal judiciary, which will allow us to win cases that we otherwise might lose.

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Essentially president trump is dismantling what the loony left globalist have been doing to our country for the last fifty years, and he’s dismantled a lot of it in his first term. If. He’s allowed to have a second term. He’ll probably kill entire beastie drain the swamp entirely, and we’ll start seeing some fabulous things happened with regard to our rights. I have mentioned new gun owners a few times here. So I’m going to mention him again just because you may be one of them or you may be a gun owner who has A. Gun for self defense, but you’ve never really concerned yourself about what happens afterwards. So if you ever defend yourself with a firearm, you may get yourself one hack of a surprise I. Urge you to check out some sort of Second Amendment Insurance, some self-defense insurance of some kind, and there are whole lot of companies that do that one of which is called. Call Defense and second call defense as a sponsor of the Gun Guy TV podcast and of the gun guy. TV Channel on Youtube and other places they have been for a long time they’ve been with me I don’t know for three or four years. Now I do use second call defense and no, they do not provide it for free I actually pay for it it is the coverage that I have in case I ever have to defend myself with a firearm or whatever legal weapon I might have, and in this particular world where things are getting more interesting it’s entirely possible that that might happen I. Sure. Hope not but if it does I, don’t WanNa. Lose my home and everything I own and everything I’ve fought to achieve in my life because I have to sell it all in order to. Defend Myself in criminal or civil court that sometimes happens. So if you have a gun for self defense or you carry a gun like I, do every day I, urge you to get yourself some self-defense coverage and I would urge you to try second call defense. Now, if you do I, encourage you to go to our website at gun guide dot TV and Click on the second call Defense Tab. Or if you scroll down a little bit, you’ll find a banner ad forums, second call defense, and that way if you sign up for second call to fans the Nell know that you did it through gun guide TV and will actually get credit for it. That does help us to maintain second call defense as a sponsor. So I do urge you to support them and in doing so you’ll support us. The opinions expressed by Lagoon. Guy Are always right unless they’re all. Now, back to what we were talking about previously, which was the NRA in the whole lawsuit thing in the attacks on them, and by the way this kind of concerted effort and coordinated effort you’re seeing this coming from various different quarters. All right before the election. So the fact that this is more political than it is actual is very transparently true. I think at this point as gun owners, we need to support one another and we need to support all of these organizations and in particular the national rifle. Association I. Realized People Are GonNa get mad at me for saying that but. The truth is this is not the first thing. I’ve ever said that people got mad about and I’ve I do feel strongly about it. In January when it’s all over and hopefully we have figured out who’s won the election I don’t know what cheat by mail you never know but I hope then we can go back to what we’re going to do to help the NRA be better and a drain the swamp at the National Rifle Association. But for right now, when we’re facing the presidential election that could change the country entirely if the wrong guy ends up in office I, think it’s time for us to. Stick together and not beat each other up. So I urge you to support NRA rather than attack and RA, they’re already under attack from a host of different quarters and they’re defending themselves as best they can. By the way, I couldn’t help but notice that no sooner did the Attorney General of New York file a lawsuit against NRA that NRA went back and filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General of New York. The one thing I will say for the National Rifle Association. Is, they do have the capacity to defend themselves and they’re pretty darn good at it. They’ve been fighting this battle for a long time, and I will say about Wayne Lapierre’s the man is or at least appears to be two nations and perhaps right now that’s exactly what we need. Now like I said in January, I’m happy to go back and revisit what can we do to get Wayne to retire and to get some of these other folks who have been in there. A. Long Time and are part of the NRA swamp out of there so that we can try to build the NRA in something even greater than what it is but right now is not the time to do it. Do I think we should support other organizations as well. Yes. I am a life member of gun owners of America. I am a life member of the California rifle and Pistol Association. I am a life member of the Second Amendment Foundation I’m a member of. Gun Owners of California and I’ve told San many times they offered a life membership. It’d be a life member there too. But instead I’m an annual member I’m a member of the national.

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Shooting Sports Foundation and so on and I support these organizations as best I can on this show and financially when I have the means to do it. But as I’ve said, many times I’m not a wealthy person I’m a blue collar working man so there’s only so much money to throw. Around you know I’m just a middle class guy here. So you know unlike Joe Biden I don’t have a garage full of hot rods that I can show you while I’m promoting electric cars or whatever other stupid thing guy does. So I can only do what I can do but I do the best I can to support all these organizations and indeed as I’ve said, many times even during all this turmoil I am a life member of the national. Rifle Association. I’m a proud member of NRA. I’m grateful for NRA and I support NRA. I would just like to see some of the folks running it dep- off I mean retire and then we’ll move on and try to make the organization better and perhaps at some point more powerful than it is now however now is not the time I’ll say it again now is not the time we have less than ninety days to a presidential election that is vital to saving our rights Donald. Trump, whatever issues you may have with him needs to be re elected as president of the United States and the Republicans whatever issues you may have with them need to retake the house and keep the. Senate. If we can do that, we can achieve a lot in this country in the coming years before Donald Trump is termed out and before things swing the other way right now, he is in the process of dismantling sixty years of globalist leftist nonsense that we’ve suffered through. And he’s done a pretty darn good job dismantling a lot of it, and that’s why they’re such a battle to keep him out of office and that’s why there’s so much hatred and vitriol. And just about everything right now is associated with that all this civil unrest you’re seeing in certain cities like Portland and Seattle and so on. It’s all about trump I hate to say everything’s about trump but it is this stuff is all about keeping him out of office and we can’t get distracted or fooled by that. So as gun owners is super important that we support one another stand with one another and make sure that we try to keep our battle for the Second Amendment going now, people are going to get mad at me now again, I’m GonNa. Say it again is Donald Trump that perfect second amendment president? No, he isn’t. He isn’t and you’re never GONNA get one. You’re never gonNA have a president of the United States that you agree with on all things. In fact, if you ever find a human being whom you agree with on everything, I’ll be stunned I never have in fact frankly sometimes, I don’t agree with myself one hundred percent of the time. But is Donald Trump. Right now, our best bet to safeguard rights and to save our country from all the damage done by previous presidents Brock Obama at all the answers absolutely. Yes, and we need to keep him in office. Well I think I’ve run myself out of time for this first half of the podcast in the next half of the pot cash will talk about the good things that have been happening lately in the victories we’ve been having and we’ve had actually quite a few. We’ve had some notable victories in the state, of California, over just the last week which I think are very interesting and we’re seeing some other victories as well. So I’ll share those with you so that you can. Be encouraged at this battle for the Second Amendment and battle for our rights is winnable. We are winning. Now we’re facing some losses to remember battles are just battles and the entire war if you want to call it, that is a whole different thing it’s a collection of battles and we need to win them strategically and we need to win them. Often we are winning. It’s important to know that you won’t hear that in the in the mainstream Marxist media, some people call it. But it is true. We are winning and we’re going to keep on winning. That’s my faith, and that’s my hope and I want to encourage you with that and we’ll talk more about that in the next part of the podcast on Patriots. So if you’re unpatriotic I, want you to stick with me if you’re listening to the podcast on your favorite podcast player to the syndicated version. Thank you so very much for all of your support have a wonderful week and wherever you go whatever you do please be safe. You’ve been listening to the Gun Guy TV podcast.

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  1. I don’t agree that we are winning as there are far more gun laws now with more quickly being piled on. How is that winning?

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