Don’t Panic!!! Life is Still Good! – Episode 79

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  • There’s COVID-19, Antifa riots, BLM riots, the presidential election, and a lot of other stuff filling the news headlines. All the same, life is still good. The vast majority of the United States is doing well. Sure, we should all be preppers at this point. Still, it’s good to take our eyes off of the news and look around at the wonderful blessings we have in this country. That’s what this podcast is about.


Dont Panic!!! Life is Still Good! Episode 79

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the Gun Guy TV podcast. Shoal persinger I’m the Gun Guy, thank you very much for all of your support of Gun Guy TV and of this podcast if it weren’t for you, this podcast would end gun guide TV would end and I wouldn’t be able to get the message out that is to promote and secure and protect and expand the second amendment rights of law abiding. Americans in this podcast I’d like. To talk about some positive stuff a little bit I if you don’t mind and so I’m going to address that some I do want to remind you and certainly if this is the first time you’ve listened to the podcast lets you know that the podcast is one of our long the first half of which is free and you can listen to it on your favorite podcasts player we. Also post a video version on Youtube and all of the other video platforms including places like bit shoot, which I always have to say, carefully, Guns Streamer the Utah Gun, exchange video facebook in a host of other places you’ll be able to find the podcast all over the place, the video version actually just an audio podcast just has a video there of a thumbnail so we make A. Thumbnail for it so that it has an image to go along with it and we posted on the video places because frankly a lot of people like to consume it there other folks listen to it in their car on the way to work or whatever. So you can. You can check it out either place. All right onto some of the things that I wanted to talk about and. Again I want to get positive here a little bit. Obviously, if you’ve watched the news, you know that very recently in the state of California we had a victory and by the way that victory doesn’t just affect the state of California. Affects all of the states that fall under the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and we have until the twenty eighth before the The law actually hopefully will go into effect shortly thereafter words but my understanding is that the state of California has the opportunity to ask for an on Bach appeal or on Bach Review of the decision in the ninth circuit or to go directly to the supreme, court Nashua them to review it. And even if they don’t any judge on the ninth circuit can ask for a non vonk review but they have to do it my understanding they have to do it by the twenty eighth. Or they have to ask for an extension and get it approved before the twentieth. So we get to the twenty th that nobody’s done that. Then that ruling goes back to judge Benitez here in San Diego California and Benitez then can remove his temporary stay on his decision and the law declaring the magazine. Ban That is in California unconstitutional becomes the law of the land and it affects all of the states. In the ninth circuit. Which means that we could go back to actually buying regular normal mags instead of the neutered ones that we have to get stuck with now. So that’s very good news. Is it final yet? No, but it’s very good news want to encourage you that news I. realize there’s always chicken littles I call him chicken littles they’re the people will always find something wrong with everything. Well Yeah. But you got that victory you haven’t dealt with us when you dealt with that when you had I still. Can’t do this and I still can’t look what calm down chicken little the sky is not falling. We’re winning a little step at a time and with each victory, we should encourage one another like my Bible says, encourage one another daily as long as it’s called today. All right in piece of great news since I’m talking about good news here this to try to encourage you at the outset in Breitbart I saw trump administration makes additional two point three, million acres available for hunting and fishing. Now, among the things I love to do our hunt and fish and just enjoy the outdoors in general I love to camp and do those kinds of things. So when the government search locking up more and more acreage and says, you can’t camp here you can’t hunt here you can’t fisher I feel like my tax dollars are wasted because all this land that could be available for. People to enjoy the outdoors sports is no longer there and you’re forbidden from enjoying that land that truthfully I’m not trying to pick on one side or the other. But the truth is that these Socialists Super Progressive Democrats at the moment, which is where the Democratic Party’s going wants to lockup all of the land and essentially have you and I not be able to do anything on it. And I want to be able to things on it. So I’m very grateful for the trump administration doing what they do. The story Breitbart says Fox News reported I. Love It. Breitbart is telling us what Fox News reported but nevertheless. Fox News reported that the newly available acreage is being touted as the largest historical expansion of its kind. It represents the single largest expansion of hunting and fishing opportunities to occur throughout the history of the US fish and Wildlife Service. The new access opens up hunting and fishing opportunities at one hundred, thirty, eight national wildlife refuges and nine national fish hatcheries. That’s stink and cool anyway I just wanted to show that because it was great.

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News, there are some really interesting and good things happening. Obviously, if you watch the mainstream news or you just look at the news every day you’re going to get depressed after a while I mean for crying out loud. You got to watch something positive once in a while otherwise, you’ll go notch show while I am going to talk about the election a little bit and some interesting things that I’ve seen sort of in the the. Back Alley News if you WANNA, call it that that doesn’t come out in front of your face at least wanted to start off with some positive things that are happening. Now I’ve got to tell you I was saying to my wife, the other day that I’m going to be. So glad when the election is over and I can stop focusing so much attention on dealing with emergencies it seems like everything lately has been an emergency. Of some sort or the threat of an emergency of some sort. Obviously, there’s the Chinese Kovin nineteen virus thing that everybody’s been dealing with him of course, in California, much of California’s still limited on what we can and cannot do and experiencing partial shutdowns where other parts of the country perhaps are not, and then of course, you’ve got the racial violence and the civil unrest going on not so much where I live we live in. County California. So we don’t have that going on here, but it is going on in other parts of the country, and then you have threats that it will be even worse than that kind of stuff. So if you’re going to be a good provider for your family or at least a wise individual, you have to give some thought to the fact that that might show up where you live and you’ve got to take some steps to prepare for it or prepare to leave if you got to do that. So then you’ve got those to deal with and if you weren’t ready now you gotta get ready. Well, that’s time money focus exercise and all that other stuff. And then of course, in California, we have the rolling blackouts because the Liberal Democratic progressive leaders of this state over a period of decades have show crippled the power grid in this state by virtue of their green new deal thinking that we don’t generate enough power to pay for our own way or to take care of our own needs, we keep having to buy power from other states. So the mindset there is that Gee we don’t WanNA. Have Nuclear Power. We don’t want to have power generated by fossil fuels we don’t want to. Do any of that because we’re California and we’re saving the planet. So what we will do is we’ll put up all kinds of windmills and solar even though it won’t do the job and it doesn’t produce enough power, and then when we don’t have enough power will buy power from other states who are generating it with nuclear power and fossil fuels and all the things we hate. But by virtue of the fact that we didn’t do it, they’re doing it. We feel so much better and we’re just so much more empowered than they. Ask. The mindset in this goofy state. So as a result, we have rolling blackouts. We had our power go out over the weekend and I have several friends who’ve power has gone out more than once. So you kind of have to prepare for that and get ready for that emergency. So I’ve spent a Lotta time and frankly we’ve spent quite a bit of money getting ready for these multiple emergency possibilities that have. been coming up ever since the beginning of the year when they discovered that folks were starting to get sick and they couldn’t figure out why and they discovered that all this stuff started at least the virus anyway in China and the rest of it I think is just trying to keep trump from getting elected and the unfortunate natural consequences of crazy wack job looney leftist rule in the state in which I live. Now in amongst all of that, the good news is that we’ve still had time to prepare. It hasn’t caught US totally off guard. We haven’t had social unrest in our neighborhood. We haven’t had people dropping like flies. It’s not like the the Co viruses like he or something and Certainly, we haven’t had the kind of economic crash that people were predicting as a result of all this I would give credit there to President Donald J, trump for keeping the economy from crashing. Certainly, it isn’t the result of the wisdom and power of the intellect and experience of governor gruesome nuisance. If anything he’s done more harm than good but all things equal we’re still working our bills are. Still getting paid, and we still have a nice place to live. We love our neighbors and we’ve had the time at least in the persinger household to get prepared for some of these other possible emergencies. So all in all I, still look outside the sun is still shining. The world is still spinning. My family is still my family. My neighbors are still great people the country by and large. There are three, hundred, twenty, seven, million people roughly in this country, and the majority of the country is actually running pretty well and the majority countries not experiencing civil unrest and majority of the people in the country, the three, hundred, and twenty, seven, million of us are not dying of. covid nineteen and a lot of us are still working still paying our bills.

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So the world is not coming apart at the seams, even though the mainstream media and certainly the Democratic National Committee Convention would like to convince you that it is. So I wanted to start off this podcast by telling you things are not as dark as they same. There are lots of problems in the world, but you know what? It’s not as bad as it first seems, and if you’re a Christian I would remind you the Jesus told us. We would face troubles in this world but that we should take heart he has overcome the world. So it’s not nearly as as terrible as the mainstream. Media would like you to focus on and I urge you not to focus on that. You got to know what’s going on but focus on the good things focus on the great things that are going on in your life, and you’ll be a much happier person. Now, we’ll get onto the rest of the podcast in just a minute as part of the preparation I was just talking about I took a hard look at my self defense insurance coverage if you WANNA call it that or CW insurance or whatever. For many years I’ve you second call defense because I like the folks there they always seemed like they’d have my back and I still do like them and I still recommend. That service, the problem is that the level of coverage does not rise to what I need what my family and I need. We have a business, we have some rental properties we have our home. So we have a lot to lose and I’m in my sixties I mean my wife and are not getting younger at some point you know we’d like to retire and still own home still have some things we’ve fought for scrape for and save for our whole lives. We don’t want them taken away because one day we have to defend ourselves, and then somebody sues us or the government prosecutes us or whatever I remind you that I am in the People’s Socialist Republic of California. So I started looking for more coverage and a more robust company and what I found was CCW safe. Now I’ve looked at all of them and I explored all of them. So if you have a favorite, that’s fine but I’m letting you know that of all of them, the best I could find was CCW save because they provide on unlimited coverage for both civil and criminal people showing you or you being prosecuted unlimited coverage I could not find anybody else who does that the other thing that I thought was interesting is that even with some of these insurance companies if they provide a million dollars, for example, for a civil settlement and they say, well, you know we get sued. will pay a settlement up to a million dollars. Well, it depends on how they’re structured many of them. If it costs them five hundred thousand dollars to fight for that case in court that only leaves you five, hundred thousand dollars left of that million to pay any settlement because they’re using the settlement money to pay the court fees CCW safe does not do that. Those are two separate things. So if you have that coverage for a settlement in court, the that coverage is at coverage you end up losing in a civil action you end up owing a certain amount of money that coverage is what it is. It doesn’t shrink because CCW safe fought for you in court. Here’s. The other thing CCW’s safe can tell you and will tell you about specific cases they have fought and won I couldn’t get the other companies to do that. They were all pretty vague about it. I spent about an hour with them on the phone I want to encourage you if you are like me and you need serious coverage for this stuff so that you don’t end up standing on your porch, chasing off Antigua and getting prosecuted or sued and losing everything checkout CCW safe I will put a link in the description if there’s one available where you’re listening to the podcast or you can go to our website at Gun Guy Dot TV, and Click on the CW. Safe Banner. Expressed by the guy are always right. I’m lesser all. Back to what we were talking about it. That was certainly watch it good stuff going on. But then also the fact that I’ve spent a Lotta time preparing for the possibility of new emergencies coming up one of which was foreshadowed in a tweet by Andy. No. Now, you may never have heard of Andy. No, he spells his last name N. G. O.. Andy No is an independent journalists and he is in Portland Oregon as far as. I know and he’s been following the Portland protests and reporting on Antifa specifically for quite some time. In fact, he’s taken a beating from them in one instance was hospitalized and he’s threatened by them on a regular basis. So I watch his twitter feed because I want to keep abreast of what’s happening. You really don’t get the news by watching the news anymore you have to watch these independent journalists if you really want to know what’s happening. He recently posted the following if Donald Trump wins reelection in November, Americans will experience a wave of mass left wing violence rioting and looting much worse than what we’ve already. So far. Now, that’s a quote from his tweet and I’ve given that a lot of thought. So I thought I would share with you. My thanking on that. Certainly, if you are wise I think it’s wise to prepare for the fact that that might be true.

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And it could come to a neighborhood near you. So you’re smart if you are well armed and perhaps prepared to. To bolt out of there if it gets too dangerous to stay, then you need to be able to go and you gotTa have a place to go otherwise you’re just a refugee or a homeless person. But at the same time you might stay and if you stay, well, this stuff might cause you to have to defend yourself or your family or your home. It may be an interruption services, police services most notably, but also things like water and electricity and that kind of stuff and just like any other natural emergency that isn’t caused by rioting sometimes, it can interrupt services. So it’s a good idea for you to be aware of that, and it might be a good idea for you to talk with your neighbors about this stuff I’m actually had a conversation with a few of my neighbors about this and each and every one of them has expressed A. To protect the neighborhood. Now I live in an area where that sort of the norm it’s We’ve had blackouts here before and everybody kind of comes together to keep the neighborhood safe. But that’s not the case everywhere and I realized that it might not be a bad idea for you to have a chat with your neighbors. Now, if you’re end the People’s Socialist Republic of California or a state that is of that ilk, you want to be careful about what you talk about because we do have the red flag laws and all that kind of stuff if you end up talking to Karen or. Some soy or whatever. It’s possible that they might have called in the police hand out that you scared them because you were talking about violence and this and that, and the other thing and the next thing you know there is always the remote possibility that your local constabulary it will be knocking on your door to serve you with some sort of search warrant or to come and talk with you about threatening manner or your craziness or whatever. So I would urge you to be a little careful about what you talk about with your neighbors but if your neighbors are open to that and you know it. Wouldn’t be bad conversation to have. Likewise. I would say again if you haven’t planned an exit, you might want to do that. If you live in a city, you might want to figure a way to get out into the country and maybe that’s because you have a friend or because you have family or something that has property out there and you can move out there with. Them temporarily or perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have a second home or a lot of camping equipment or an RV or something, and you can You can bust out and disappear night would encourage you to investigate those possibilities with this in mind and that is that you are not going to be the only one. Now why do I say that because? I’m telling you that you should do this because I’ve already done it in the last well I would say since the beginning of the Cova thing. When that first hit a buddy of mine I just actually just traded emails with him yesterday at something else. But a buddy of mine who has for the last three or four years been working to build a home in Utah for he and his wife to retire by the way they finished it I think last year and it’s a beautiful home they love to fly fish. So it’s right by a river and they’ve got land and all these other things and they really took many years to to acquire the right land have the house built and they did all this stuff because they’re getting ready to retire a little bit older than me. And for them, it’s time they they wanted to get out of California and live in a quieter place. Well, he called me right before governor gruesome nuisance or Gavin Nuisance or whatever you WANNA call him had put in his order to shut down the economy essentially. He called me right after that. In fact, it was the day of that order and ask me how things were going at the house and I said you’re in Utah, aren’t you and he said Yeah and I think I may have told you this story before. But in any case he and his wife packed up and off they went now they don’t have any kids never had. Any children. So they didn’t have any kids to worry about, and of course you know they’re in my age bracket. So parents are gone in their case and off, they went into Utah another still there all this time they’ve been in Utah. But what that told me was I suddenly woke up I, hung up the phone you know you hang up the phone and I thought to myself. Holy, smoke. We have no place to go. That didn’t really dawn on me. We have a very old kind of. RV, which we’re going to get rid of, but it’s not road. Worthy. So that’s not going to help us any, and so we and and where would we go anyway we don’t own any land anywhere. We do have rental properties but those are those renters we have one for example out in the city of El Centro. Well, you know the the folks that live there live there we can’t go along its hey by the. Way, get out removing you know. So where are we going to go? We didn’t know. So we decided to come up with a solution and I’ll tell you more about what we did in. Just a minute while I may have said many times that I don’t make a living from gun guy TV still cost money to produce this stuff and I still could use your support. So one way you can support Gun Guy TV this. PODCAST, and the video channel is by shopping using our Amazon link. It costs you absolutely nothing. All you have to do is go to our website at gun guide dot TV, and look for the Amazon banner the little rectangular banner on the top of the website.

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If you click on that banner, it will take you to Amazon and then bookmark that Amazon page if you start your shopping from that bookmarked Amazon page every time the. No matter what you buy whether it’s firearms related or hunting related or whatever or not it could be toothpaste or toilet paper or furniture or whatever anything that you buy. If you do that, we get a little marketing fee for it doesn’t cost you anything. So there’s a way for you to support Gun Guy TV absolutely for free just use our Amazon link when you’re shopping Amazon saving the Second Amendment one episode at a time. This is the done Guy TV pot. One. Of the first things we started looking at was the possibility of replacing the RV we have with a new one or I should say one that’s new to us. We probably would buy used one rather than a new one, but that just didn’t Pan out part of it was money and part of it was there were other things but we just ended up. Not doing that instead we thought well, what can we do that? We would use anyway, but would also possession us to be able to escape if we needed to escape and what we decided to do was buy a really high quality cabin tent and we were going to buy I looked at wall tents and other things, but I wanted something with a floor because i. Want my wife to be comfortable. I want my in particular my wife I’m pretty easy going where that’s concerned I’ve camped and hunted all my life and so I really don’t mind some of this stuff but for her I wanted it to be more like a home than anything else. So we ended up buying a Kodiak Cabin Lodge tent, which is pretty good size. When we bought the vestibule and we bought a bunch of other things and we ordered really Nice Koch from S- lumberjack and really nice pads, and so we basically, we just built this cabin essentially that’s a portable cabin. We can take up and shut up anywhere with a woodstove and all this other stuff solar generator to go along with our four thousand watt gas. Generator that goes into the receiver hitch of my truck and all this other stuff. So basically, we can go and set up a camp much like you would set up an camp camper deer camp and have pretty much every amenity. We need including a hot shower, a toilet room or toilet bathroom type shelter, and all these other things. So we have the conveniences. Of Home and in a great way, the conveniences of an RV with the singular exception of we wouldn’t have air conditioning but we would have everything else and it something that we. Now we can pack it all up including the chuck box in the kitchen and the whole thing and it all fits in the eight foot bed of my Ford F three, fifty, four by. Four and whatever else doesn’t fit in there, which is just basically some additional provisions fuel food, some additional water, and that kind of stuff, and maybe some tools chainsaw on that kind of thing all goes in my son’s truck, which is a an F. One, fifty, four by four, and off we go and basically have two vehicles, both of which are in great shape. We’re not hauling anything large and because we’re driving four-wheel-drive, what can always get more remote than we could if we were driving pulling a big fifth wheel or something. So that’s our plan for an exit, and then what we’ve started doing is hunting down locations both in California and outside of California that give us primary secondary and tertiary choices depending on where we WANNA go. That way if we needed to go which I don’t think we will we needed to go we’d have a way get out i. urge you to do something like that and week but a lot of money on it less than we would spend buying an RV by far. But nevertheless, those kind of tensor not inexpensive. The woodstoves are not inexpensive. We bought a a really good stole from Colorado Cylinder Stoves, and a lot of the stuff that we bought. We bought over the last few months a little bit at a time, but we also armored up, we have body armor for everybody we have firearms ammunition. We have all kinds of things, lots of food, lots of water and so on. So because we had the budget to do it, we went after that the other thing we’ve done to, we’ve started to move a lot of our business operations out of California we can’t move ourselves because we were here. This is where our home is where our churches were. Kids are where my parents are and so on and they’re very elderly. So we had to come up with a with a way for them to get out as well, and that was a bit challenging. We’re still working on some details of that but. We couldn’t really move ourselves out of California and besides which I want to stay here and fight the second amendment battle. I. Really don’t WanNa move for that reason, but we could move some of our business operations out of California in preparation for our exit. Part of that is our business is largely online, not completely, but largely online on demand we had to make sure that we had Internet access wherever we went no matter what whether the cell network is upper down whether the the hardwired network is up or down doesn’t matter.

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So we had to work out a cellular secondary system so that we could get on the web to produce videos for you and prevent post podcast and do the things we need to do for practical defense systems, and then also figure out a satellite based network so that even if all that went down in part of. The country or wherever we are, we could still hit the satellite still manage our company and still stay in business as long as somewhere somehow Internet was still working and we still had customers. So I’ve taken a lot I it really really does is particularly when you’re trying to figure out how to make a living if you have to bug out well, if you haven’t already started thinking about that I urge you to think about it more because the election is coming up in November and when you read things like the quote I gave you from Andy No you begin to wonder about it now. Having. said all that this is my this is my opinion Andy. No had said that with trump was elected we’re gonNA see more violence than we’ve ever seen before and it’s going to be widespread all over. The Nation. Honestly, I don’t think so. In. This is just now this is just my opinion and and I want to stress. You know what? I’m just a guy like your neighbor. Okay. These folks were on Youtube or like me a youtuber and I do a podcast. Special credibility. Okay. I’m just a regular guy smarter than you. I don’t have any insight that you don’t have I’m not I don’t have any inside track toward everything. I’m just a guy with an opinion. So don’t attach any more to my opinion than you attached to the guy next door and I urge you to do that. It doesn’t matter which Youtube Channel You’re watching how much you like them or how many subscribers they’ve got or which. PODCASTS you’re listening to or what TV channel you’re talking head you’re listening to none of them know what they’re talking about. They’re just doing what I’m doing, which is expressing an opinion and opinions are like noses everybody’s got one and some of them smell. So be aware of that and I’m GonNa give you my opinion here but please don’t attach too much weight to it because I could be completely wrong. So all right now having said that Here is my opinion. My opinion is that Donald trump is elected not long after he that’s all finalized and he is elected to a second term. The Hammer is GonNa drop pretty hard on these antiga rioters. Because at that point, the election’s over and he’s not trying to let the downs look stupid which they do very well on their own and he’s GonNa. Feel empowered to get the National Guard in there and put a stop to it. I’m having trouble envisioning Donald. J. Trump allowing and Tika black lives matter and their ilk to terrorize cities around this country any more than they already are, and I’m having trouble imagining him allow tolerating them doing it to the cities they’re doing it to currently considering I believe through the insurrection act he has the power. If the state local, you know the mayors and the governors either refuse to do it or cannot do it that at that point, it is my understanding that under the Insurrection Act, the president can call upon the National Guard federalized them and take care of the problem I could be wrong it because again, like I said, I’m just a guy from next door but. That is my opinion and so truthfully I’m not terribly worried about it as a result. I’m actually more focused on the fact that the blackouts are happening. We have a lot of fires going on in California we have natural disasters going on. So I like to make sure that we have plenty of water plenty of food and way to generate auxiliary electricity, and because we plan on staying here, we don’t plan on packing up and going anywhere. It just shocked me when I realized some of my friends had moved to their second homes one one and Wyoming one in Montana one in Utah and my wife and I realized wow, if we had to do that where would we go? Have a place to go when we couldn’t go buy a second home or build one and a fat hurry and we couldn’t we didn’t want to didn’t want to because it didn’t work out and couldn’t go down as it turned out and buy a new RV. So we did what we could do I think each of us regardless of our budget can do something and so if you’re not already doing that you should at the same time I’m not terribly worried about having to pack up and Leave San Diego County California because I just don’t think it’s going to happen. So, there you are. But again, don’t hold me to that because it’s just my opinion i. don’t like I said, I don’t have a crystal ball and I’m certainly not an analyst to analyze stuff. I’m just a blue collar working stiff with a small company, my wife and I own and a guy that’s got a youtube channel and that’s it. So take what I say with a grain of salt because I could be wrong about San. Diego County for all I know that stuff could show up here and and we would have to go and so that’s one of the reasons why we made some preparations.

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In that regard and I’m looking at the time realizing I just ran myself completely at a time on this end of the podcast for the segment. So what I’ll do is get into more detail on what we have done and what we’re doing hopefully this week in the next part of the podcast on Patriots. So if you’re on patriots stick with me, we’ll get into the next part of the podcast if you’re listening to the podcast on your favorite podcasts player, then I, encourage you to sign up for Patriot if you’d like to do that and in the meantime wherever you go whatever you do please be safe. You’ve been listening to the Gun Guy Td podcast.

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