What’s New With California CCW Permits? – Episode 80

There have been a number of positive changes for concealed carry permits in California. Things appear to be trending in the right direction. I’ll give you some details in this episode of the GunGuyTV Firearms Podcast.

Topics in this episode: 

  • There is some good news in California regarding CCW permits:
  • What went wrong with the Young v Hawaii case?

Links for this episode:

– CCW Safe: https://ccwsafe.com/ref/B75803494

– Second Call Defense: https://www.secondcalldefense.org/?affiliate=20205

– Link to sheriff concealed carry corruption story: https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2020/08/07/bribery-scandal-concealed-weapons-licenses-rocks-santa-clara-county-sheriffs-office/

– Recording of the Young v Hawaii case: https://www.ca9.uscourts.gov/media/view_video.php?pk_vid=0000012755


Whats New With California CCW Permits? Episode 80

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the Gun Guy TV podcast. This Joel Persinger? I’m the Gun Guy Thank you very much for of your support of Gun Guy TV and certainly you’re supportive me I’m really grateful. I can’t tell you how grateful I am because it’s been kinda crazy recently as we prepare for the memorial of my stepfather, he passed away rather suddenly very few weeks back of a massive heart attack and we’ve been busily trying to get ready for his memorial ever since I’ll talk about that ever. So slightly here, just a little bit and kind of give you an idea of the progress. In case you’ve been following me on on or if you’ve. Followed a little bit on twitter or something as I’ve mentioned that I’ll I’ll bring you up to speed but I won’t spend the entire time of the podcast talking about that as you may or may not know this podcast comes in two parts. There’s the first half an hour which is free and you can listen to it free of charge on your favorite podcast player. It also appears in video form on Youtube and the other video outlets. Now, the video form just has a thumbnail there’s no video. This is an audio podcast lot of folks listen to. It on the way home or work or whatever the second half, which is thirty minutes is available on Patriots only and it’s meant as a thank you from my Patriot supporters. So if you WANNA hear the second half, you have to be a subscriber member on patriotic put a link in the description. In case you’d like to do that. Now the first half of the podcast I’m going to talk about a couple of things not least of which is the changes I’m seeing a and their positive changes I gotTa tell you in in California because I live in. San Diego County California in the California concealed weapons permit structure or maybe not so much structure, but the way in which share of because California is set up so that sheriff’s issue permits the way in which sheriffs are changing. The way that they issue permits how many permits they issue the types of things you can do that permit and basically making it easier for California’s citizens to obtain concealed carry permits that are valid throughout the states. We’ll talk about that in the first part of the podcast in the second part of the podcast I want to address. A case that happened and was argued before the night circuit and then an on bonk panel called. Young Verses Hawaii. Now haven’t talked about that much such. It happened in large part because I’ve been so wrapped up with other things and partially because Chuck Michele from CRP, a the California rifle and Pistol Association and from Michelle Associates was gonna come on and talk about that with me. But in retrospect he wants to actually open it up and talk about a broader subject. So I’ll talk about it a little bit just what I know about it in my opinion. Over whatever it’s worth. Obviously I’m not an attorney my opinion for whatever it’s worth. We’ll talk about that in the second part of the podcast because I do have some very strong opinions as to the strength skill and effectiveness if any and I don’t think there was a lot on the part of the attorney who argued the case for Mr Young So I also Lincoln the description to the actual oral argument case, you’d like to watch the painful argument and put yourself through the the torture of watching that yourself but that’ll be in the second part of the podcast available only on Patriot. Now if you’d like to support this podcast, I would certainly appreciate it. I don’t make a living doing podcasts and I don’t make a living on Youtube, and so it actually is something that costs us money to do. So any contribution from your side would be great. Kind of helps us go. One way you can do that is by supporting us. Your Amazon purchases to do that, we have an Amazon affiliate account, and so when you buy from Amazon through our Amazon affiliate link, it doesn’t cost you anything to support Gun Guy TV. But we get a little marketing fee for everything you buy and it doesn’t matter whether it’s gun related or not. It could be toothpastes or toilet paper and we would receive A. Benefit that costs you absolutely nothing. The easiest way to do is go to the Gun Guy TV. Website at gun guy. Dot. TV when you’re there, there is a banner ad on the top for Amazon. If you click on that banner ad, it will take you to the Amazon website through our Amazon link then if you bookmark that page that Amazon page and go back To that bookmark every time you purchase the no matter what you by Amazon will get a little credit for it. Doesn’t salad does a lot and certainly Amazon is not a gun friendly company but you can pick Amazon’s pocket for a little bit of money for Gun, Guy TV and we would certainly appreciate it. So please do use our Amazon link on Amazon or in. Case. You are unfamiliar with how the State of California issues concealed carry permits. I’M GONNA explain that briefly she understand what I’m talking about. In case you’re not in the state of California and before I get started before all the hate mail arrives which it tends to do. Let me let me clarify something I am of the opinion that the Second Amendment is your permit.

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The Second Amendment right is for you to keep and bear arms that is a natural right a god given, right that is a right that you have any way and all the second amendment does is codify that and protected and guarantee it in our bill of rights in our United States Constitution. So, the fact that that is protected is all you need in order to carry a firearm to bear arms or keep arms as a law abiding person in the United States whether you’re a citizen or a lawfully admitted alien doesn’t matter. That’s your right in this country and it’s protected by our constitution unfortunately. The courts and the government have usurped a lot of the authority of that right and so as a result in some places like California, you cannot carry a firearm unless you have a permit issued by the government to do so I think that’s ridiculous. There’s no reason for you to have to genuflect before some government authority and and certainly no reason for you to have to pay them a fee. To exercise a constitutionally protected right, and my hope is that one day we will stuff the second amendment down the throats of these government agencies and force them to abide by it and get out of the way of our constitutionally protected second amendment. Right but in the meantime. Sometimes. We have to be happy for Incremental Progress I’ve lived in California the vast majority of my life since I was a little kid. And so I can tell you that a lot of the rights that we no longer have in the state of California we lost incrementally we lost because we weren’t paying attention and the California government strip those rights from us a little bit at a time just a bite at a time like the old saying goes how do you eat an elephant? You do at one bite at a time well unfortunately and Writes back. We’re probably going to have to eat the elephant the same way and get those rights back one bite at a time. So I am thrilled whenever we make even the smallest amount of progress in the right way. The right direction because we’re cautiously in a position where we feel like we’re losing more. and. We’re not gaining anything I want to encourage you and let you know that we’re gaining a little bit in certain areas and in other areas where we have active court cases regaining even more now that may not be the case with the young versus Hawaii case we’ll explain why when we get to the second half of the podcast I’ll explain why that’s my opinion. But let me talk first about California concealed carry and I’ll give you a little bit of history here. I’ve had a permit issued by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department since Nineteen Ninety I think because my permit was first issued undersheriff Roach. He was our sheriff for one term only, which is very, very rare was sheriff generally there they stay in office until they don’t want to be there anymore it’s very hard to unseat a sitting sheriff it happens but not with regularity and sheriff generally don’t serve only. One term but in share roaches case he did, and during his first term I applied for a permit and received a permit from the San. Diego County Sheriff’s department which was valid throughout the entire state and I pretty much had a permit in California ever since I took a brief break for a couple of two or three years when I didn’t have one and I went back and got when again. Here’s how permits work in the State of California they are issued by your local law enforcement authority and the vast majority of the time that’s the sheriff of Given County sometimes, police chiefs, issue them, but very seldom most times they let the sheriff do that, and then they’ll point you to the sheriff’s department if you want permit. You have to live in the county in which you apply. So they don’t offer permits to anyone who doesn’t live within their jurisdiction within their county. So if you live in La County, you have to apply with Los Angeles. Sheriff’s Department if you live in San. Diego County as I do you apply with the San Diego County Sheriff’s department and so on, and there are fifty eight counties in the state of California. Right now the vast majority of the counties in the State of California, issue concealed carry permits. Some issue very very few or none. Los Angeles would be one of them certainly another one of them would be up in the San Francisco area. I, think Santa Cruz is one and so on but they’re they’re actually few and far between most of the I think about fifty four of the fifty eight counties right around the. Issue, pretty regularly, and then each sheriff gets to decide what the criteria for receiving a permit is and the reason for that is that the law says that a local law enforcement authority may issue a permit to a person who is twenty one years of age or older lives within their jurisdiction is not a prohibited person at prohibited to have a firearm and condemn straight good cause for the issuance of the permit. Now, this is where good cause these types of good ’cause requirements and may issue things really go sideways. Many states are shall issue in other words.

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If you meet them basic requirements, you’re old enough and you’re a lawful resident of that state and you’re not a prohibited person than they shall issue a permit. Some of them have some training requirements, some of them don’t. and. The training requirements change in California it is may issue in other words the sheriff can say well, I’m going to issue these or I’m not and be within the law. They don’t have to issue permits by law they may if they wish and then the sheriff individual sheriff gets to decide what in that sheriff’s mind constitutes good cause because the state law does not define the term good cause and say good causes is equivalent to x y Z. it’s up for the sheriff to decide what good cause is now traditionally many of the sheriffs have defined good cause as well. You’re a friend of mine you’re a family member you’re a wealthy person in my county who’s contributed to my campaign or whatever the case might be and very recently one of the sheriffs in the state of California found themselves on the wrong side of the law by going about this. Well, you contribute to my campaigns while issue a permit thing, and if you WanNa know more about that, I’ll put a link of the description she can read about the progress of that case, but it looks like at. least some people in that sheriff’s department may be going to jail for doing that because that is actually illegal nevertheless illegal or not. They’ve been doing it for a long long long long time, and so at one time, it was very difficult to get a permit in San. Diego. For example, it was very difficult to get a permit unless you make contributions to the sheriff’s campaign or you are a family member of the sheriff or a friend of the sheriff or you were a member of the San Diego. County. Honorary Sheriff’s Deputies Association. because. In order to become a member of the association had to contribute a certain amount of money. Those guys very easily got permits. Well, this is all totally illegal and unconstitutional, but it’s nevertheless what’s happened in this state. I would label that and call that corruption. You can call it whatever you want but I’m going to call it what it is and I’m going to call it corruption now in many cases and certainly in the state of California among the fifty eight counties Sandiego being one that has changed a lot and I’m going to. Tell you more about how that’s changed and the positive things that are happening about permits and with permits in San Diego County in a minute. One of my favourite gun stores is spread sports in Yuma Arizona they are my favorite for a few reasons first and foremost, it’s just a terrific store is sort of a a little mini bass pro shop and as my wife can tell you, my son can tell you if I get in the bass pro shop, you’ll never get me out and one of the problems with walking in that places. When I walk out, I’ve spent a lot more money than I intended to. Well, sprague’s is kind of like that. When you walk in that store, you feel like you’ve walked into a Disneyland if you like hunting shooting or anything about the firearms or the shooting sports so I do urge you to check out sprague’s sports in Yuma. Now, there’s another reason why I support breaks and that is that since I’m in San Diego County California if a firearms manufacturer or dealer wants to send me a gun to review, they can’t send it. Here, Ninety nine percent of the time Richard SPRAGUE. 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The opinions expressed by the. Always right unless they’re all. The let’s get back to the concealed carry history. I’ll try to make it a little bit more grief of California. First of all permits were very difficult to get particularly in major metropolitan areas I know in San Diego County when you would go down and apply for a permit. The Licensing Division of the sheriff’s department would go out of their way to try to convince you. Not to continue with your application to discourage you from working toward getting permit to make it as difficult as humanly possible for you to get that permit and then when you got to permit particularly under our current share, he would limit the tar out of it so that you can only do certain things with him.

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He would put things on it like Oh for business purposes only. Are Only while going to the bank on Thursday afternoon between one and five or something like that. You know at. So you couldn’t take the gun with you all the time everywhere because he would limit it so that even when you got to permit most time, it was fairly useless. He would only issue at to business owners and for only for business purposes or he would. Only issue at if you if you weren’t a business owner or you weren’t somebody that he knew or a family member or a famous person or whatever you had to demonstrate that you’d had some real threat to your life that you’d had multiple threats that there were restraining orders out on that person that that person looked like they might harm you. It was almost as if you. Had to be in the hospital having been almost killed before he would issue you a permit to defend yourself against being almost killed. It was that ridiculous in fact, I have an employee who’s a really good guy. I wanted to make sure he had a permit for work as we were teaching classes that Kinda stuff and so I sent him with a letter from me for. Mike, from my company saying we needed him to have a permit and this was the reason why now he lives or actually doesn’t anymore he did live up in fallbrook which was north almost the extreme north. San Diego County almost to Riverside County and the sheriff’s department. I had the tell him I said Steve Look I understand that they’re gonNA try to talk you out of it. And they’re gonNA make difficult for you, and so they’re going to try to frustrate you and make you mad and if you come in and express any kind of anger upset in their presence are GonNa say oh well, you don’t have the temperament to have her minute and that’s going to be the end of your application. So if you get upset or mad in the car. On the way there on the way home or whatever safety itself from the inside Your House. But just be aware of the fact that that’s a tactic they’re gonNA try to make you mad or they’re gonNA, pass you and see if they can get you to give up now he didn’t quite believe me but certainly what they did is they they would call him and they’d say. Well, actually, we need this one document. Can You bring that to us? Well, he’d say we’ll kind of facts it to you can email it to you know we need an original copy can you bring that to us and so he would have to drive for an hour and change from his house in fallbrook through the traffic all the way down to the sheriff’s department lashing division to drop off this one document. And then three, four, five days later, they’d say, Oh, by the way we do need another document and this is what they did to him. One document at a time they made him drive that distance each and every time over about five or six or seven document. They knew what they needed. They knew what they needed ahead of time they could have said we need this list of documents would you bring them all in but they didn’t the tactic was to make it as tough on him as humanly possible he called me. A couple of times on his way they’re just absolutely beside himself furious I’d say well, talk to me about it. Let it go now because when you get there, you need to be polite respectful and so on. You know and he did actually get a permit it’s been many years. Now every couple of years he renuzit and I have to sign that he works here and then he still needs to permit that kind of stuff and he goes down and gets a permit but this is the kind of nonsense tactics used to take. In the sheriff’s department in San Diego County and many departments like the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department were so bad that you didn’t have the chance of the whirlwind of getting a permit I don’t care how dangerous your life was or what kind of danger you were facing. Well enter Ed Peruta. Ed Peruta sued the San Diego County Sheriff’s department and it went all the way to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Now he won, and then he lost and then you want in the lost I mean it went on for awhile. It never made it to the Supreme Court because the Supreme Court refused to hear it, which was very unfortunate because he actually won if memory serves me correctly with a three judge panel in the ninety ninth circuit, and then it went to on panel and he lost he appealed to the Supreme Court but the Supreme Court decided not to hear it much to the Chagrin of Clarence Thomas. If memory serves me correctly, he was quite upset about that. He wanted to hear the case. Nevertheless. It costs the sheriff’s department in San Diego. So stinking much money. That they finally just acquiesced when Peruta one, the first Simon the ninth circuit of the three judge panel said we’re GonNa do whatever the law says that’s fine. We’re GONNA follow that. And while this whole process was going on other sheriffs, departments in the state were watching that and seeing that the San Diego County, Sheriff’s department was haemorrhaging so much money for this Court fight that they actually started reevaluating their issuing policy most notably the Orange County sheriff’s department under Sheriff Hodgson’s at the time actually started issuing they kinda did so like sticking your toe in the pool to see if the water’s cold a little bit at a time, but then it became a very.

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Open county that while it can’t call themselves shall issue technically because the law says the sheriff may issue for all practical purposes. They pretty much are shall issue if you’re a resident of Orange County and you are a lawfully permitted personnel, which you’re not a person who can’t have a gun, you’re not a prohibited person and you’re over the age of twenty one and you would like permits very easy to get one in orange. County, that’s been the case for quite a while now. and. What they’ve done is they’ve automated the system you can apply online. Now you don’t have to spend time after time after time showing up delivering documents like they did the Steve, a lot of things changed during that time in fact I have because I’ve had a so long I’ve noticed a tremendous change in the attitudes at the sheriff’s department in San Diego. Now, when you go down to get a permit, they will tell you when you’re trying to get a new permit they’ll tell you the clerk will just say to you you know my job is to help you to get your permit. Well that’s a one eighty. Let me tell you. They’re chow before we try to keep you get one or get you so discouraged you’d quit now lounge my job is to work with you and help you permit. The. Totally different world. So if you’re in San Diego County for example, and that’s where you live and you’ve not applied for a permit I suggest that you do so. It doesn’t cost you anything unless they decide to approve it just so that you know you don’t have to pay the money upfront. The other thing I’ve noticed too that in renewing the permits every two years you have to renew the permit and every two years it was like a cage fight to get the permit renewed they tried to discourage you a new. They’d ask you for extra stuff. They didn’t ask you for before they look at you sort of what stink I across the counter and try to make you feel uncomfortable as possible as were this puny little sort of Amoeba type thing that they were going to grant this enormous privilege Fu actually behave yourself exactly so Even though. Keeping and bearing arms is a constitutionally protected right that’s the way they treated you. It was like going into the Department of motor vehicles and walking up to the window of the person who’s had the worst morning and the worst day of their life, and now they’re taking it out on you. That was the experience you got the sheriff’s department when you went. Until Ed Peruta. Now when you go to the sheriff’s department, they’re happy to see you. They try to get you in and out as quickly as possible they get it organized for you. It’s amazing. In fact, here’s the interesting thing happened lately is that they’ve made an actual change to the physical nature of the permit and they’ve made a change to the number of guns you can actually put on the permit. We’re still stuck in that place where you have to list the actual guns you’re going to carry on your permit it used to be super limiting. Now it’s not I’m GonNa tell you more about that in just a minute while on the subject of concealed carry permits I probably should also talk about concealed carry coverage. The reason I mentioned that is because it’s no longer just concealed carry coverage for a long time a lot of those companies came out and covered you if you were carrying a firearm and if you were. Carrying it legally in a public place or maybe if you defend yourself and your house, but you had to defend yourself with a firearm I, don’t think that’s the case with any of them anymore. Now, it’s more defense coverage self-defense coverage with any legal weapon is some of the phrases I’ve heard among some of these companies. Well so that means a skillet would be illegal weapon. Of Somebody tries to attack you in your house or a kitchen knife or folding blade that you have on your legally or firearm or any other weapon whether it’s a a weapon of simply common object that you use because it happens to be available or a firearm or something you’re carrying as a defensive tool, one way or the other though I do encourage you to have some. Sort of coverage and I’ll tell you which coverage I have in just a second. But if you watch the cases of Kyle Rittenhouse for example or the mccloskey’s mccloskey’s harbor, they say that and what they did standing on their porches to to defend their house, these folks end up in Criminal Court civil court, and unless you have a lot of money, you’re begging the public for help. To It’s super important that you have some sort of financial support there for your lawyer and your legal battle whether it’s criminal or civil, those kind of things. So in an effort to try to prepare for that I, hope I never need it. I do have that kind of coverage and I’ve actually established some affiliate relationships with the companies that I use so that if you want to use them, it also benefits Gun Guy TV when you do. So let me tell you the courage I have as my plan a I have CCW safe.

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I found their coverage to be the most comprehensive and the most complete and I really liked the way. They laid it out and what they did with it. So I have CCW SAFE as my plan A, but it’s not the only one I have because I like to have a plan B. and frankly liked to have a plan C. for when be doesn’t work if possible because what I’ve discovered is as a lot, the old military guys say around San Diego to one and one is none. So I don’t like to have just one shot at something I. WanNa, have a least two and if I can come up with three I’m have a third one while my plan. B.. Is Second call defense those are the two companies I use CCW savings. My Plan A, and if for some reason that doesn’t cover it second call defense, which will kick in and take care of it after that, and then we do have a plan C. and that is our umbrella policy from our insurance policy for our home and rental properties are business insurance and those kind of things depending on what I’m doing and where I am. We’ll also kick in to try to defend me but if you don’t have any of that, that’s fine at least get yourself at least one at least have a plan a the cover, these expenses, and if you’re going to have a plan a then I would suggest if you. CAN AFFORD IT CW safe because that is the most complete coverage I can find, and if you want something a little bit less expensive, perhaps checkout second call defense now I’ll put. Lincoln. Promoted Ocean the description with our affiliate links. If you’d like to do that, you can also go to our website gun guide, DOT TV and Click on the banner ads on the side of the website is you scroll down and it will take you through our affiliate to link to them so that if you choose to use one of the other, it’ll help us out as well shooting straight and always right on target this is the gun guy to heat podcast. As I was saying about Ed Peruta changing the whole idea of concealed carry issuance in the state of California I think mostly just out of fear they sheriffs were afraid to have to blow all that money on that case after they watched what happened to the county sheriff’s department. So some of them started issuing more for lack of a better word more liberally more freely the had before and over the years that has progressed and improved and improved and improved to the point where in San Diego Right now, if you go down and apply as I said, they’ll tell you their job is to help you get permit. They never used to say that before and then they’ll kind of walk you through the process and make it a little easier for you to get a permit. I’ve seen people because the I should stop here until you I actually teach the course as one of the instructors to teach the course for the sheriff’s department on concealed carry so that people can meet that requirement and go get their permit. The. People I’ve seen come through. The course are people who are getting permits. Now, for quote, unquote good ’cause statements that never would have gotten him a permit before not even close they would have been thrown out of the Office for not having sufficient cause and yet they’re getting permits now for very simple good ’cause statements basically, the sheriff said when he was running for reelection, bring me anything. I simply want one and we’ll look at it. That means you just got to give them some reason beyond I just want it for self defense that might be I live in a kind of sketchy neighborhood or I have to drive through a rough neighborhood a lot to go to work or I. Have you know anything like that and all those things if you brought them before would never get you a permit, but they they seem to work. Now now I was contacted by the Sheriff’s Department as an instructor to be told that they are moving to an online. System called permit him. That’s the name of the system. It’s the same system owned by a not owned by but used by the Orange County sheriff’s department at a lot of the sheriffs in the state are moving to that it’s quite a process to get it installed and move into that online system from what they’ve been doing for years. So they’re not quite there yet but a little bit at a time they’re moving that direction. So when you go get a permit now from the sheriff’s Department, I just updated mine. You get a plastic card that actually looks like a professional permit. However, sunset plastic card is not yet been approved by the California Department. Of Justice, you also get a paper permit. You can fold in half. It’s the same paper printed out permit that you’ve been getting for years. I’ve been getting these since nineteen ninety they used to laminate them now they don’t they just give you the paper one so you can fold it in half and. Stick it behind the the Plastic ID card version that they give you and you can put that in your wallet and but it’s interesting. Thing is the plastic one while it looks really professional is not really official. The paper one is go figure so you can take the paper one, leave the plastic one at home, and you’re still good but don’t do it the other way around you gotTa have the paper one with you everywhere you go. However the fact that they’re moving into the twenty first century in this application process and giving you an actual permit that actually looks like something that might be produced by the government is very positive I think that’s a great move forward.

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Now here’s the other thing they’ve done. As long as I’ve had a permit I’ve been limited to only three firearms have been able to. Put On my permit that’s it. You GotTa pick three that’s all I mean. That’s fine for me because I- prone to wearing the same kind of stopped we live in San Diego County where we don’t have extreme weather and in the summertime, it’s kind of warm. So most of the year I’m wearing a t shirt and cargo shorts and flip flops or sneakers or something. Well, I carry a snobby revolver in my pocket most the time because it fits into the cargo shirts pocket in a in a pocket holster very comfortable to carry around I carry an extra speed loader in a little holder on my belt and a speech trip, and that’s all I have most of the time. Now, if I’m wearing blue jeans or something, I’m wearing something else when the weather gets a little cooler. Than maybe I’ll carry my Smith and Wesson M, P shield nine millimeter, and those are the two guns I carry. Most of the time I have a springfield xt subcompact forty on my permit because I could have three but I hardly ever carry it. It’s generally the snobby revolver little thirty eight to Taurus model eighty five or my Smith and Wesson MNP shield. That’s what I carry the overwhelming majority of the time. Now. What’s neat though is that the sheriff’s department has now decided that you can carry an unlimited number of firearms and you can have those listed on your permit. Now the problem is that every two years you have to go qualify with each and every one of those and I think that will end up being such painted the. That they’ll end up changing that I’ll mention what I think’s going to happen in a second or at least what I hopes going to happen as we progress into a better world where concealed carry permits are concerned in the state of California but right now you can put on as many as you want. Well, I have guns that I carry when I’m scouting for hunting and generally carry my Smith and Wesson model sixty, six, three, fifty, seven, magnum if I’m hunting. Or if I’m scouting, sometimes I’ll carry my Ruger sp one, a one, three, fifty, seven, magnum. So three inch barreled gun little bit smaller. Well, I wanted to have those on my permit and I have a couple of other ones. I have nine hundred eleven and like that I won’t carry those except in very special circumstances but the fact that I have them on my permit allows me to carry them concealed, which means I’m. Driving from California through California to the other state I’m hunting in and I have that gun in my car I don’t have to worry about having it locked up and unloaded separate from the amunition. All that other nonsense I can just stick it in the center console of the car or I can stick it in a case and put it behind the seat of my truck and it doesn’t matter because it’s on my permit. That allows me to do that. Now, what I think’s going to happen because I’m running out of time here on the first part of the podcast but here’s what I think’s going to happen i. think that what’s going to happen is people are going to do what I did. I now have seven guns listed on my permit. I have a buddy he’s got I think twelve or whatever, and people are going to start having they’re going to start complaining about having to qualify with all of these. and. Eventually, I’d be willing to bet you that the California law will change or the practice. Perhaps the sheriff’s will change if it’s within their purview to do it so that you are simply qualifying with revolver or a an auto loader auto, and if you qualify revolver carrying a revolver new qualify with a semiautomatic carry any semi auto that’s my that’s. My hope as the next logical step, I don’t know if it’s GonNa happen but that is I believe what happened in the state of Nevada and then after that people got tired of that got to the point where in Nevada and I do have an avowed a permit by the way in Nevada you qualify with anything and you carry whatever you want. But they still went through this rather logical progression of opening it up and making it freer and freer and freer and freer and freer. My hope is that even if we have to get it incrementally eventually, what ends up happening is we just ended up constitutional carry around the country and this whole permit non Chan’s simply goes away. What my hope is, but I’ll be thrilled. I’m thrilled that I was able to add four more guns to my permit that I do use. I won’t carry them on a regular basis, but the fact that they’re on permit makes them easier to transport and if I ever want to carry one I suppose. I could. The other thing though is that I can just see the sheriff’s department becoming more open to issuing an issuing a lot more permits. San Diego. County has issued a tremendous number of permits said, Sheriff Gore, opened it up, and they are swamp. They’re so swamped they added extra staff they’ve gone they’re going to a more automated system and they can’t keep up with the demand. Well, that’s very exciting. The more people there are on the street who are honest law-abiding people who are armed. The safer, I feel. And I suggest that the safer you should feel as well. Well that’s it for this part of the podcast if you’re listening on your favorite podcasts player thank you very much for your support I really do appreciate it if you’re listening on Patriot I want you to stick with me because we’re going to get into the next part of the podcast on Patriot only. But like I said, if you’re listening to the free version on your favorite podcasts player or on Youtube or one of the video distribution centers or areas a gun streamer or shoot or place like that. Thank you very much for all of your support. Thank you very much for listening and wherever you go whatever you do be safe.

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