Big Tech & Media Don’t Pick the President – Episode 82

Topics in this episode:

  • Big tech and the main stream Marxist media want to pick Joe Biden as president.  However, the election is not over until it’s over… And it’s not over yet.  I’ll explain why in this podcast. 
  • All politics are local.  I’ll give you some real world examples of why that statement is true.

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Big Tech & Media Dont Pick the President Episode 82

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Praise the lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the gun guide. Tv podcast hi. This is cheryl persinger. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much for all of your support on gun guy. Tv and everything that you do to support this podcast as well. I am extremely grateful. Now on this podcast. I am going to talk about the election stuff. And i honestly wasn’t going to. But i’m going to. Because the mainstream media the mainstream marxist media as many people call it is blocking every bit of news about donald trump’s contesting the election. And the reasons why he is and since the mainstream news is blocking these things. Those of us in the alternative media have to speak up because if we don’t then nobody knows what’s going on now. There are some places you can actually get regular news and find out what’s happening. They’ll give you a couple of them right now. I would check out newsmax. And also a n one america news network you can also look at breitbart and so on although breitbart can be somewhat hyperbolic sometimes but it’s a great website to find out things. You’re not gonna find other places. And i i gotta tell ya. I’ve stopped really looking at fox news because fox news is a mash and it has kind of dived in the with the rest of them pushing joe biden on us even though joe biden has yet to win the election. We’re gonna talk more about that in the first half of the podcast. Do wanna remind you that the podcast is broken into two sections where the first part which is a half an hour long. Roughly sometimes i go a little long. Forgive me it’s the italian in me. I talked too much. I guess. But sometimes i’ll go along with it but roughly. It is about thirty minutes long and that is available on your favorite podcast players. So you can find that all over the place on iheart. Stitcher pod. Bean about an. I can’t think of all the rest of them just about every podcast player on the planet is where you’re gonna find the gun guy. Tv firearms podcasts. So if you look it up you’ll find it. I have to confess to you. I’m not a techno wiz. And i don’t have a producer whatever so i’m not as good about making that easily found on those platforms as i would like to be. You’ll have to actually search for it. It probably won’t just come up in your feet just so that you know i’ve had people tell me. Well i don’t see it available anywhere. Well you’ll have to search for gun guy. Tv firearms podcasts. If you do that it should come up without any problem. It’s certainly will come up on iheart and stitcher and some of the other ones that i mentioned but you can also go to our website at gun. Guide dot tv and click on podcast and it will give you a list of some of the easier ones to follow and maybe you can find the one. Maybe you’ve got the app. Download it and you can follow the podcast there all right. Let’s talk about what’s going on with the election. As far as i can tell in this first part of the podcast and then in the second part of the podcast. We’re gonna talk a little bit about why. Politics are important locally. There’s an old saying all politics are local and there’s a reason for that and we’ll talk about that in the second half of the podcast which is on patriot. Only right now in the media if you look in the mainstream media you’re gonna find it. Everybody is trying to convince everybody else. A joe biden is president elect. Well he’s not. And that’s the thing i think to remember is the media no matter how much they might like to crown themselves the authorities of the world they do not in any way select the electors and they do not in any way. Select who wins elections. It’s the electors who elect presidents. the electors are in each individual state. So what happens. Is the people vote. That’s the popular vote. And then based upon how they voted the electors each state. Then come together and they vote for president. Well that hasn’t happened. The media does not select the winner of the president election or presidential election or any other election for that matter. They can talk about it all they want to. They can call the election quote unquote if they want to. But that doesn’t mean anything. In fact joe biden can stand up. And say i won only wants to or donald. Trump can stand up. Say one i’ll too but that doesn’t mean anything either. What means something is when the constitutional process ends and that is that the votes are cast by the elect doors and the president is selected. And that won’t happen for awhile. And the reason i won’t happen for a little bit is because the election is being contested. Now where you’ve seen the media do this in the past if you remember if you’re old nevis probably in the year two thousand when the election was going on between george w bush and al gore. We’ll talk about that one in a minute but it happened previously in kind of a lesser way in nineteen forty eight when the chicago daily tribune announced that dewey had beat truman in the presidential election. Well the fact is dewey didn’t be truman. There’s never been a president dewey and indeed truman.

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You might have seen the famous photo where truman held up that newspaper without headline after it had been announced that he had won the presidential election. So this has happened before where the media has tried to usurp. The election has tried to decide what they want to decide and try to force a candidate down the throats of the american people and down throats of this lyrical system by virtue of the fact that they have a lot of power in the sense that they can produce a lot of information to dispel it everywhere now at one time in nineteen forty eight the power rested with the newspapers back in the year. Two thousand it was the washington times with the headline president gore florida pushes gore over the top. Well there’s never been a president because florida indeed didn’t push gore over the top. It was a contested election. It went on for a while in court. And at some point or other and We’ll talk about the dates. Actually in just a minute george. Bush was made president and rightfully so because he won the vote. Now that was an instance where people said. Well yeah but won the popular vote and president. Bush didn’t win the popular vote. He won the electoral college. And that’s wrong. It should have gone with the popular vote. Well here’s the problem with that. In the wisdom of our founders. They created a system whereby the president of the united states is selected based upon the electoral college. Not the popular vote and the reason why they did that is because some states like california for example or new york these states some of them are heavily populated and some states. Don’t have a very big population like rhode island for example or montana for example and by extension. Then if you just use the popular vote then the states that have enormous populations are going to ramrod through whatever they want and the states. That don’t have big populations are going to have no say at all they’re just gonna have to suffer under the edicts of states like california. Well that’s not fair to all americans in it’s not equal protection under the law not equal representation and so in their wisdom. The founding fathers came up with the idea of an electoral college so that each state has a number of electors and that those electors get to vote for president and that way a state like rhode island or a state like montana or a state like wyoming. That doesn’t have as many people in it. As a as a highly concentrated population like the state of california they actually have a voice and they can contribute may think about the iowa caucus right. Think about the new hampshire and these other states that are so pivotal in the election for president. They wouldn’t have a choice at all. If it weren’t for the electoral college. The people running for president the The candidates would never bother to go there. They’d never bothered to spend any time in those states at all because those states would have no say if it was the popular vote alone and that’s why leftist want the popular vote because guess where they live most of them live in the cities in these populated states. Like california new york new jersey and so on on the right and left coast. If you wanna call it that so obviously they wanna get rid of the electoral college because it removes any power that the middle section of the country might have you know the people in kansas are not gonna have any power any more than any place that these folks on the right and left coast would call fly over country would have no power anymore if we got rid of the electoral college. And that’s why we don’t do that and we don’t want to do that but the mainstream news talk about it all the time. They’ll let these leftist talk about it all the time because they don’t want you to know now we’re gonna talk more about what’s happening currently in just a moment but i’ve got to make that you’re aware of one thing sense. There are so many brand new gun owners out there. I think it’s important that they understand that. Defending yourself with a firearm is not the end of everything. It’s sometimes it’s just the beginning of defending yourself in many states. If you defend yourself with a firearm california being one if you defend yourself with a firearm you’re likely to possible criminal prosecution now in some states. That’s not the case and even in california depends on when and where you do it but each state’s laws are different now. In addition to criminal prosecution you’re quite likely in many states to face a lawsuit brought by the person you shot or the family of the person who shot if the person who shot didn’t survive. We’ve seen that over and over again and certainly in states where it’s highly political. You’re going to see things happen to gun owners likes happening to kyle rittenhouse right now Or the mccloskey’s or mccloskey’s i can never get that right in saint louis when they really didn’t do anything illegal at all but they’re being prosecuted because of politics so once you actually involve a firearm in a self defense situation you’ve got to have some financial backing to defend yourself in court if you’re well heeled and you’ve got tons of money and you don’t care we’ll that’s That’s a whole different proposition.

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But most of us don’t don’t don’t have that. I don’t have that and so i looked to companies like second call to fench and ccw safe to make sure that i’ve got coverage for that. And i have two companies to do that. Because i follow the military mantra that too is one and one is none so knowing that plan a can fail. I always want to have a plan b. So my plan a well first of all my plan is not to get in that situation in the first place but sometimes it finds you whether you like it or not. Then we’ve seen that over and over again in this goofy year of two thousand twenty but plan a then with coverage would be for me is ccw safe the incredible coverage that they have incredible service that they offer incredible in fact when i researched them. Ccw safe was by far the best period and so my plan a is ccw safe. My plan b is then second call defense and the reason why you second call defenses. I like certain aspects of their service. But i also just really liked the people in the company. I’ve spoken to them a lot Been on the phone with the owner and the founder a lot and I’ve discovered they’re really great company. And i like them. And both of those companies have a track record of getting behind people who are their members and defending them in fact as far as i know she she w safe is the only one that has a a history of actually defending somebody against a first degree murder charge and winning. So i would investigate. Cw safe and second call defense for your coverage now. If you’re going to do that i do ask you to do this. They do support gun guy. Tv we have what’s called an affiliate relationship with them. So if you’re going to sign up will either one. I would really appreciate it if you’d go to our website at gun guide dot tv and look at the banner ad on the rights of you. Scroll down on the website. You’ll find them. That’ll take you to their website through our affiliate links. So when you sign up we actually get a little marketing fee because we support them and then they support us so check them out see. Cw safe and second call defense. You’ll find them on the gun. Guy dot tv website. Podcast needs your help. Send your entire wallet to the gun. Thirteen thirteen mockingbird lane. Translate all right. Let’s get back to what i was talking about before. Which is what the media is doing and how people vote. i went over. What happens when people vote that they vote and then the electoral college takes over from there and they submit their electoral votes based upon how people voted in each state. And in this way these folks get a voice. Because like i said if you’re in a state without a big population you wouldn’t have a voice really if it was simply an issue of popular vote as a microcosm of that you look at me and if you think about counties like you would stage i live in southern california so i live in san diego county well even though the city that i live closest to in the area where i live close as very conservative we get overwhelmed by the big population of california which is very leftie liberal show when it comes to presidential politics. Our coach absolutely nothing. I vote my family votes but it never. I have not voted for a president in the state of california and had that president. actually carry california in my lifetime. And i’m in my sixties unless reagan carried california. I don’t remember. I don’t think he did but if he did. That’s the one time that’s it. Every other time my vote has been drowned out by the lefty liberals in the state of california. Well now take that and realize that if you because of the popular vote in california and then the electors from california. Elect the president. If you do away with the electoral just imagine that popular. Vote feel across the country. And that’s what would happen to you. No matter where you are you’re gonna get drowned out by california and new york and these states with huge populations that vote very left leaning and very socialist. So that’s what we want to avoid all right Going back to what. I was talking about though once. That vote happens if for some reason. There’s some problem with the vote either. The it’s a razor thin result. Which is what happened in. Florida in two thousand or there’s some suspicion about sketchy ballads sore maybe fraud. Or whatever. what you’re going to see you see recounts and lawsuits initially. That’s what you see. And in florida in two thousand. They had a bunch of recounts. in fact. You may remember if you’re around the whole issue over the hanging chad because back then you took a little pointer and you poked out the whole for the person that you wanted to vote for. There was little like an old. Ibm reader card. From when i was in school. I know i’m old. Okay but That’s that was the hanging. Chad deal went on for a while. So you have recounts and then you’ll also have lawsuits what you’re seeing right now. Is president trump requesting recounts and filing lawsuits lawsuits supposedly going to be filed today. There were lawsuits filed. The other day and the supreme court has already got involved in the state of pennsylvania.

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And you can read more about that. i’ll find it. Put a link of the description for you and you can see what’s happening with that so far. But the united states supreme court has already issued an order to the state of pennsylvania with regard to the vote to separate any votes that were cast after the closing of the poll so if they were cast after eight pm they have to be counted separately because the law in that state refer that and the supreme court wants to look at that. I have a sneaking suspicion that all of those middle of the night votes that went for biden are going to be removed because they’re unlawful. So this is stuff that happens. Lawsuits recounts and so now. If that doesn’t resolve it it can go to congress and these are all legal remedies to resolve a conflict within a presidential election so the illegal remedies are there. What trump is doing is not illegal and it’s not wrong. It’s not immoral. It’s not unethical. He has seen some irregularities in a lot of them actually throughout different states. And so he’s requesting recounts and filing lawsuits and that’s exactly what he should do. If the role was reversed and people were declaring trump the winner and the biden team saw these same irregularities. I would expect that they would file lawsuits and asked for recounts. That’s precisely what they should do. And at the end of the day. The idea is to have every legal vote counted and every illegal vote or fraudulent vote removed. And then once you count them up and you sort it out then. Whoever wins wins. And that’s how that works. Which is a fairly straightforward process. But it does take a lot of time for example in the year two thousand. Al gore did not concede the election until december thirteenth. No i did not say november december thirteenth in other words. The recount went on for a month and a half. Almost the whole thing went on for a long time. And that’s okay. At the end of the day. The united states supreme court in bush versus gore. Again we get to recounts and lawsuits right. This was a lawsuit. Bush versus gore went to the supreme court and at that point the supreme court put a stop to the couch. Even though the florida supreme court had ordered them to continue and what they did that once. The supreme court put a stop to the recount on december twelfth albor who stated on the thirteenth and. He didn’t agree with the court’s decision but that he would abide by it and he stepped out of the race and conceded the election to george bush. Well that’s how it’s supposed to work. There are legal remedies and watch remedies or exhausted. Whoever wins wins and whoever loses loses so in this instance donald trump is not doing anything he shouldn’t be doing. He’s doing precisely what he should be doing. He is seeing every and he’s using the legal process to exhaust every legal remedy available to him to see if he can prove that either he won or biden one without all the risk of fraud and illegal votes and those kinds of things which are apparent at this point That is fairly widespread so when the media steps forward and says in spite of the fact that there is a legal process in our constitution set by our laws. Established by our founders. That doesn’t matter what matters is. The media has decided who’s going to be president. Then the media has become the enemy of the people and the enemy of the united states. They want what they want. They think they’re powerful enough to do it. Well i’m here to say they’re not today. There was a story in the news I think it’s in breitbart news and we’re gonna talk about alternative places to actually get news in just a minute but in breitbart there a story that says trump campaign seeks public records in clark county nevada as part of election challenge. You know that that story does not appear anywhere that i could find in mainstream media. Nothing about trump’s challenge to these. Things appears in mainstream media. That i could find not not on fox not on cnbc nbc cnn. Abc cbs nbc. None of them. Now if you find it let me know. But i could not find it this morning when i was looking and so as a result president trump is having to go back to the way. He’s gotten the news out in the past. Twitter has been absolutely banning many of his tweets. They’ve been censoring them by erasing them entirely and putting up a little notice that this tweet was taken down because it violates their policy against fake news. Well it’s not fake news. I’ve seen tweets. That have come out. And they’ve said essentially that he’s announcing a lawsuit on monday and then that tweet will go away because that’s fake news fake news. It’s monday guess. What by the end of the day there’s gonna be lawsuits in pennsylvania and a few others places because that’s actual news but they don’t want to talk about it and so as a result team trump is doing what they need to do to do that. There’s a story in breitbart. Today’s says team trump plans campaign rallies to contest the election results president donald trump’s presidential campaign plans a series of campaign rallies the boost attached to his legal challenge of the two thousand twenty election.

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Now why would he need to boost attention to it if the news was covering it he wouldn’t because everybody would know but right. Now we have a concerted effort by the mainstream media. And i’m gonna call the marxist media because that’s what they are the mainstream media to keep you the american citizen to keep you voter from knowing what’s happening with the election and to convince you that joe biden is the president elect. Now let me pause right here and just say that joe biden may be the president-elect i don’t know and he doesn’t either and the media and you know what donald trump may be continuing as president for another four years. I don’t know and he doesn’t either and neither does the media and until the process is completed nobody will know so we have to get through the process and as. I said it doesn’t necessarily happen quickly. I know we live in the instant generation. We used to call the microwave generation. I guess now we call it the twitter generation where everybody wants to know right now with the answer is and nobody has any patients but unfortunately the wheels of justice often moves slowly so we have to be patient and if you voted for trump support him support him. i am voted for trump. And show. What am i doing. I’m part of the alternative media. Admittedly i’m a very small part but nevertheless i’m part of the alternative media so i’m making sure people are aware of the fact that there is a fight going on over this election because of irregularities and obvious examples of fraud in the voting process and because this is obviously being twisted and bent by the media to go the direction that they want while the media does not get to do that the media and the members of the media are like every other citizen in the united states each one of them gets one vote and that’s it and they don’t get to twist the election into what they want so hang in there and stay with it. People are upset about this. I get it but what you’re seeing now is the pro-trump folks are having little rallies and they’re starting to come out and do things to support. The president urge you to do that. So if you live in a city where you guys have had maybe gone out and you had a A boat rally or something do it again or maybe you’ve had. I don’t know some sort of a caravan with cars. Or whatever what trump’s i’d do it again it out and do it again. Let the president see that. You support what he’s doing in fighting the fight to see who actually won. Because i just got to venture personal opinion here. I think by did not win. I think trump won. And i think they pulled shenanigans and cheated in order to dump a bunch of ocean there at the last minute to get biden over the hump and if that’s the case then trump is our president now at the same time if it’s proven after you get through all of this process and all the illegal votes and fraudulent voter thrown out and only the legal ones are counted. If it’s proven that joe biden was elected president then. Joe biden is the president of the united states. And i’ll respect that. But i wanna know as a us citizen. I want to know that the security and sanctity of our elections are protected. And right now. I don’t know that and personally i don’t trust the media and i don’t trust that the vote has been counted accurately and until it has been. I don’t believe it. So i’m going to act on it as i am by getting the news out as best i can now. I do want to mention to you real quick. I’m super duper long. There’s other ways that you can help support gun guy. Tv one of those ways which is the easiest to use amazon as our us our amazon link. When you’re shopping. Amazon amazon is by far unfriendly to guns. I get it. I totally do but no matter how many times i’ve said in the past you might wanna stop shopping amazon. Everybody does when i catch myself doing it. Okay so people shopping amazon. Because it’s convenient. I get it i understand all right so i’m not gonna take issue with that what i am going to say. If you want to. You can pick amazon’s pocket for some money and help out gun guy. Tv by using our amazon link the easiest way to do it is go to our website at gun. Guide dot tv and click on the banner on the top. There’s a rectangular banner in the top that says amazon or shop with amazon. Or whatever you click on that. It will take you to amazon’s page actual amazon website. But it’ll do it through our amazon affiliate link and then once you’re on that amazon page after you clicked on that banner. Bookmark that page. And whenever you shop amazon go back to that. Bookmark and that way. Anything you by amazon. At that time we’ll get credit for it doesn’t cost you a dime it it It’s the same so you’re amazon. Prime works everything. Works exactly the same. It’s just that amazon. Pays us marketing fees. So please help outgun guy. Tv abuse our amazon link saving the second amendment one episode at a time. This is the gun guy tv pot now. I do want you to hang in air through this entire process but there one thing you should understand is that in two thousand supreme court decision which effectively ended the recount and handed the victory to bush was seen as a very controversial thing by the gore people now gore conceded but they never seemed to accept the legitimacy of bushes victory.

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I think the same thing is happening here. In fact i think the media’s efforts are because they know that joe biden didn’t win or they strongly suspected so they hope that by doing what they’re doing they’ll force trump to stop fighting or they’ll force republicans to abandon him or they’ll force americans who abandoned him so that they can install into a presidency. He did not win. Now is a plan. B for them if that doesn’t work out if bush. I’m sorry if trump won’t give up if trump keeps fighting and we know trump’s fighter because we wouldn’t have four hundred and some odd miles wall just southern border if he wasn’t trump keeps on fighting and it ends up being settled and they find out that trump one then they will use all this media. And all this stuff. They’re doing to spend the next four years claiming that trump is an illegitimate president who stole the presidency. I think that’s their goal. And since i think that’s their goal i’m to keep beating this drum and hopefully you will help me so i do ask you also share. The podcast share the video. If it’s on a video share it With with french cinema link for my heart or sicher whatever so that they actually get the news to and i will put in the links to in the description. A list of some websites. You might look at if you want to actually get the news. But first and foremost i would say Mac is a good one one. America news is another good one. Breitbart is another good one and then for social media. Look at parlor. It’s not nearly as robust as twitter is. But you’re seeing more and more people move that direction because parlor is not censoring and they started it for the sole reason to not censor because it’s not as established or as fully built out as twitter or facebook. It is a little clunky. What twitter and facebook. You used to be Very clunky but nevertheless it’s there and so we are at gun guy. Tvm posting on parlor. But i’m not posting quite as much. Because i can’t schedule them. I’m just posting the things that are key. We will post links to every video and that we put up so if you wanna just subscribe to that system. Then even if youtube goes away. We’re producing videos. I’m always going to post a link to the video and where it is on parlor for you. Okay so there you are well anyway that hopefully that covers a little bit of the election. I’m not an analyst. I can’t do the political analyst Stuff for you. But i can tell you that it ain’t over till it’s over and It has no over. Trump is still fighting. Look at these alternative places and you’ll find out what he’s doing and you’ll find some truth in the news which you’re not gonna get from fox news or any of the other mainstream outlets unfortunately so you gotta go look elsewhere to get the actual news and like i said newsmax one. America news breitbart. They’re all gonna have things on there that you don’t see anywhere else so i would check those out as well. Well i have gone long. I apologize for that. I’m gonna get started with the second part of the podcast. If you’re listening on your favorite podcast player. I do thank you very much for for listening And consuming the podcast. Whether it’s on iheart or youtube or whatever and i do encourage you to get the rest of the podcast on patriot on you just have to sign up and you can check it out. At the lincoln the description you can go to our website at gun guy. Tv and click on the big banner. That says patriots. All right so we’re going to head over to the patriot folks and finish up the second. Half of the podcast. If you’re listening on your favorite podcast player thank you very much all of your attention for all of us support wherever you go. Whatever you do please be safe. You’ve been listening to the gun. Guy tv podcast.

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  1. This is the first time I have tried to leave a comment about anything on you tube please bear with me. I just happened to see your video about the M1 Garand and some old guy who had some comments about the M1. I had one in Vietnam ( was an incorrigible gun trader, especially then and there) but it was an M1 D model, complete except for the flash hider. It did the job it was built for. Any sins from then have been settled by the Savior. That was 53 years ago. The M1 definitely did have a winter trigger and it was not only for the milled trigger guard; a sheet metal formed clip was also provided for the stamped trigger guard. Yes the handguard was for protection of the operating rod and also for protection from a red hot barrel. The rounds do indeed belong right-side first in the clip. When you load the rifle with right-side loaded clips you do not have to reach across the receiver with your thumb to depress the en bloc clip.
    I had the M1 during my stay in the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne LRRP platoon. Mostly I carried and used an M1 Thompson in the Battalion recon platoon. That was what I had on the cover of my book. I heartily enjoy your work and I’ll try to watch you from now on.

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