U.S. Senators Send Letter to ATF, DOJ Requesting Clarification on AR-Styled Pistols and Arm Braces

Back on November 23rd several U.S. Senators sent a letter to ATF and to the Department of Justice critical of ATF’s new stance on AR-styled pistols and arm braces. While it may be questionable as to how much effect this letter may have on ATF’s current position on AR pistols, the fact that the letter was sent is significant. In fact, my friend Dan O’Kelly from the International Firearms Specialist Academy at GunLearn.com, who is himself a retired ATF Special Agent, quickly sent me an email when the letter was sent. He was very encouraged by this development. It would seem that a regulatory agency can’t just give everyone a different answer on a tech question, after all.

Rather than simply tell you about the letter, I thought it might be better to post a link to it here. This illustrates yet another reason why the U.S. Senate is important. We may all be focused on the battle for the presidency for good reason. Still, the Georgia Senate runoff election is vitally important to the future of our rights. This letter gives us a clear view as to why.

Here is the link. I encourage you to check it out. https://www.cruz.senate.gov/files/documents/Letters/2020.11.24%20-%201123%20ATF%20DOJ%20Letter.pdf

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