What is Trump doing? What happens if Biden is elected? – Episode 83

Topics in this episode:

  • Trump is still fighting for re-election. But what exactly is he doing? What happens to gun owners if Biden is elected? I break it all down for you in this podcast episode.

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What is Trump doing? What happens if Biden is elected? Episode 83

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Praise the lord and pass the munition. It’s time for the gun guide. Tv podcast i shoul- persinger the gun. Guy thank you very much for all of you. Support of gun guy. Tv and for your support of this. Podcast i have a lot to talk about here. My papers here. I got stacked up and stuff on the computer screen and everything else to talk with you about in this podcast today but before i do let me remind you. Podcast is in two parts. The first half an hour is syndicated on your favorite podcast player and we do post a version on the various video distribution points including youtube bit. Shoot facebook gun. Streamer the utah gun exchange and so on There’s no video to at. It’s just a thumbnail but you’ll be able to listen to and consume the podcast. There are a lot of people like to do that. Or you can also do so on your favorite podcast player in your phone on your way to work or home. If you want to listen to the second half hour the podcast on patriot on only or my patriot on patrons which i sometimes have trouble saying so if you would like to listen to the second half then please do. Join us on patriot now. Most the time. I try to do this in two separate subject so that there’s a subject matter for the patriots folks it’s only unpatriotic and there’s a subject matter that i conclude in the first half of the podcast that you’ll miss anything. I don’t know if i’m going to be able to do that today. Although i’m gonna try i actually. It was going to talk about some other things but given the election staff and the concerns about the runoff in georgia and people worrying about what happens if biden actually does become president and the number of emails have gotten in conversations. I’ve gotten. I thought i would cover some of that and hopefully encourage you so i’ve done some detail on it and i’m going to go through it with you. Hopefully it will be encouraging. That is my goal. I realized that in twenty twenty a lot of things are discouraging but if we let that get to us. We don’t get anywhere at all so i’m going to get started here in just a second before. I let me remind you that you can support to podcast by using our amazon link. It will cost you absolutely nothing. If you’d like to shop amazon. I know amazon is not gun friendly. And it’s a big tech company that people don’t want to support. I totally get it. And i feel that way too but i also recognize that people honestly shop amazon anyway. And if you’re going to do that then you might as well do it through our amazon link and pick their pocket a little bit and helped gun guy. tv survive and helps keep this podcast going. You can do that by going to gun. Guide dot tv. You can also wrote a gun guy. Tv dot com or gun guy tv dot net. It’ll take you to the same place and then on the top of the website. There’s a little banner for amazon. If you click on that it will take you to amazon through our amazon link. You’ll actually be at the amazon page. Then bookmark that amazon. Page every time you go to amazon. If you go to that bookmark and you start from that point than anything you buy at amazon will get credit for. It doesn’t cost you a dime but it does afford is a little bit of a marketing fee and it helps out quite a bit all right onto the stuff that we need to talk about here with my my stack of paper and what got on my computer screen. There’s a whole lot of stuff going on right now and wanted to break it down for your first. Let’s talk about talk first about what trump is doing in the trump campaign is doing to fight for the election. Because truthfully it’s not over until it’s over. Then i’ll talk about the reality of the government actually being able to take your guns and then we’ll talk about what we should be doing and what we can do to fight for our rights. So let’s take it one step at a time first things first. What is the trump campaign actually doing. I’m seeing them do. And this is you know. I’m obviously not a A phd in this or that. I’m just an average guy. But i’ve been watching the news a lot and keeping track of what i’m seeing them do is take essentially two tracks to fight for the president’s reelection again as i said it’s not over till it’s over. Certainly the mainstream media has declared biden the winner. But he isn’t until he is and so in the meantime they’re taking two tracks one is political and one is legal. So let me go over the political one i there. Obviously if you’ve been watching the news holding hearings before state legislatures because what they’re hoping to do is get the state legislatures to take back their control of the electoral college and essentially overturned the election. That’s a very political thing to get legislators to do and they’re more interested in their own legislative agenda. They’re more interested in their own political careers than they are anything else a lot of the time and so trying to get enough of them to agree to do. That’s pretty tough. But that’s nevertheless one of the tracks are working on. So you see rudy giuliani and his team. Going from state to state talking to those legislatures some of which have been very interested in the subject matter. Some of which have kind of bagged him. I think the pennsylvania legislature did that the other day but truthfully winning in that arena is a very. It’s tough it really really is tough. But it’s worth trianon. So that’s what they’re doing. I can’t say that i blame you. Gotta pull out all the stops now. They’re also lobbying the stomach. The state governors so far. That hasn’t been successful but they’re trying a part of this by the way at least got the georgia governor.

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I think yesterday to ask for a signature verification count or audit of the vote there and so sometimes this political stuff works. it just doesn’t necessarily give you or yield exactly what you want. But if it can move the needle a little bit. That’s a good thing and that’s one of the things that we’re seeing happen. The other thing they’re doing is lobbying the us congress and if you watch the news you can see that there are some people in congress saying that they will not vote for certification of final certification. Congress will fight if they’re in the united states congress and they’re continuing to fight for the senate because right now. The senate is still up for grabs because of the runoff in georgia. Where senators purdue and kelly low flir are running for election in a run off those are key fights because if we lose one or both of those then the senate swings in biden’s favor of biden becomes president because it’ll end up being essentially a fifty fifty senate but remember as vice president. If she ends up vice president would be the tie breaking vote and that would really screw us up. There would be very little resistance or strong resistance capable in the congress for the first couple of years because both the house and the senate would essentially be in some level of control of the democratic party. So it’s important that we win those elections in georgia and that david purdue and kelly flir win at least one of them and hopefully bowl so that’s the political agenda and you’re going to see i think president trump going out there today or tomorrow at a rally to try to get people to vote for purdue and low floor and you saw vice president out there and others who are doing that you’re also saying obama and other people go out there and try to fight for the other side but that’s an area where we’ve got to win and at the same time we’ve got to make sure they don’t do the same thing in the senate election pulling the shenanigans that they did in the presidential one all right then. In addition to the political you’ll also see the legal part which is urging the state legislatures. As i mentioned before to exercise their power under the constitution to take back their authority and appoint electors as they wish so. There’s been an effort to get the legislatures to put pressure. On the governor’s that’s a political lever. If you wanna call it that and then there’s been the of trying to get the legislatures to actually move and use their own power which they’re very hesitant to do. Essentially they’re cowards. Let’s just call it what it is and we knew that and so. I’m not particularly surprised at that. Doesn’t seem to be getting as much traction as we might like. Then there is the court proceeding and they have multiple court proceedings so some of those are happening in the state court within the state and then at some point or other. If they’re not already there they’ll move to the federal court remember in the two thousand election with bush. V gore that bush lost repeatedly in the courts if memory serves me correctly until he finally one show the fact that some of these cases are being tossed well some of the cases that are being tossed or not cases brought by the trump campaign brought by other people and then they’re attributed to the trump campaign even though the trump campaign didn’t bring those cases are brought by other parties. Some of them are being tossed regardless of who brings them but they’re essentially moving through the court system rather rapidly because time is running very very short and some point or other. This is going to end up. I suspect in the federal court system. Remember that there are both criminal courts and the civil courts now. A lot of folks early some anyway in the news at showed that the trump campaign should be pursuing criminal charges against these people rather than suing in civil court. In fact some of the judges. I think have even pointed in that direction. There’s a problem with that. And i think there’s a logical reason why the trump campaign is not doing that and i will try to explain that show that it should least understandable me and hopefully you as well in just a minute. Thank you very much for all of your support of gun guy tv. I’m very grateful. I wanna give you another way that you can do that if you are interested if you’re in california and you’re looking for a part time job or you’re out of a job because are crazy. Governor governor gavin newsom. Gavin gruesome gruesome nuisance. Whatever you wanna call him as restricted a so much and shut down so many jobs. If you’re looking for a job there are plenty of jobs in the security industry and the reason for that is that security is considered part of public safety. And so they are essential. You’d like to get started insecurity. I urge you to checkout pd. S clashes dot com. That’s practical defense systems where you can actually take the courses and complete them on line. You don’t even have to leave your house. Check them out. Pd s classes dot com. Get started insecurity today. You’re listening to the gun guy. Tv podcast please. No attention to the man behind the curtain now back to what i was talking about with criminal versus civil court. There is a difference.

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And i’m not an attorney so i can’t get too deep into the weeds here but i do urge you to look it up and search it out and look at the difference so that you understand what they may be doing for example in criminal court. You have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person that you’re or persons that you’re accusing of some criminal behavior committed that crime. That’s a pretty high bar to reach and it’s very difficult. It requires a lot of evidence. And it’s a lengthy challenging procedure because the bar to reach that beyond a reasonable doubt is very very high. Where in a civil lawsuit. That bar is much lower it simply is basically the preponderance of the evidence. The preponderance of the evidence shows that an action occurred that was violation. Then you’ve reached that threshold in the burden of proof now. Burden of proof is much more complex than that. I’ve whittled it down to just very simple stuff but if you look up beyond a reasonable doubt preponderance of evidence and burden of proof in a search engine. You’re going to be able to read a lot more about that. And i think once you’ve done show you’ll understand why the trump campaign is going the civil suit route rather than the criminal route. It might also explain why the department of justice and the f. b. I haven’t done anything now. I’m of the opinion that the reason why they haven’t done anything is purely political. Because i don’t trust the department of justice in the fbi. As i could throw my house but nevertheless it may also be that. In order for them to do something criminally they have to have absolute proof because they have to prove that those individuals did what they did with criminal intent beyond a reasonable doubt and that takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and a lot of evidence gathering likewise one of the other reasons. Trump campaign may be pursuing the civil suit arena. Is that again it’s quicker and the preponderance of evidence threshold is lower and they don’t have to prove as much they don’t have to get they don’t have to get names and catch them with with their hands on the cookie jar. Whatever the huge number of depositions taken under the penalty of perjury under oath are a tremendous amount of evidence that can be used. I think more effectively in a civil proceeding than they could be used in a criminal proceeding would require more so watch those cases. I have a feeling that’s going to bubble up to the united states supreme court and then when it does remember that in the federal court system we have a lot more conservative construction s originalist judges and we used to. And i’ll talk about that here in just a minute. But that’s that’s where it’s going through that system. I would say don’t get discouraged by the losses in the lower courts. Those are actually something i think. The trump team expected likewise. I wouldn’t get too discouraged by the legislatures refusing to take their power back at a their own electors. That was a long shot deal in the first place but at the same time doing that. Also got the information out to the public. So there’s the public arena as well which is very very important and that information was not getting out because big tech was not letting it get out when you go to a legislature and they hold a hearing that information is gonna get out and it’s getting out all over the place so people are seeing the evidence. They saw the video from georgia the other day which was quite compelling and that is as a result of the trump campaign legal team having these hearings. So there’s a multifaceted kind of approach. Which i find actually kind of interesting to be honest with you if we just take the worst case scenario and say all right now. After all of this trump loses and biden becomes president and kamala harris becomes vice. President let me ask the question. Do you think they’ve biden can effectively take away all of our guns well. I’m gonna say that. I don’t think it’s actually. It’s not impossible but it’s very improbable. Almost impossible particularly in a single four-year term. So let’s talk about that. I did a little research today. According to the brookings institute there are more guns than people in the united states four hundred million are in circulation for a population of about three hundred and twenty seven million people. That’s that’s a lot of guns. Okay and i am going to tell you. I think that number is conservative. I think there are more guns out there than four hundred million because they really can’t track them because they really don’t know where they are. Who has them in just a first six months of twenty twenty around nineteen million firearms were sold. Didn’t include the ones that were already in circulation are already known in the united states. That’s nineteen million that were sold in just the first six months of two thousand twenty that doesn’t include what was sold in the next six months of twenty twenty holy smoke.

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We could easily have added forty or fifty million guns to the circulation in the year. Twenty twenty because the truth. Is that all of this nonsense with nancy. Pelosi in the house impeachment nonsense and russia russia russia and the election and everything else and the pandemic and the civil unrest and the rioting and all these other things have driven gun sales through the roof and ammunition sales through the roof. And that’s why you can’t get him. You are defined primers and reloading components and all that kind of stuff so there are a tremendous number of guns in circulation in the united states and remember that most states that i’m aware of do not register firearms if you’re in california. Yeah when you buy. A gun is registered in california. It’s not registered in the fbi database. It’s register if they have one which i’m sure they do. It’s registered in the state of california. That’s where it’s registered nephew. Leave california and move to another state. Those guns can be sold in a private sale. They can be. I mean other states don’t require you to do much. you can sell them in a private sale. You can do all these things that you cannot do in states like california which means once you’ve moved into another state. Nobody knows were those guns. Are they know you used to have them. But they don’t know if you still do and they can’t prove whether you do or you don’t and in some places it’s not required for you to prove that one way or the other so there you are that being the case there are so many guns in the united states that it’s an on impossible for the government to ban them particularly in one single for year presidential term. Like i said where are those guns. Well unless you live in a state where the guns are registered. The truth is nobody actually knows. And if you leave that state or you have friends in another state were those guns might be. They still don’t know even in states. That register guns. The truth is nobody actually knows what guns are in those states like california who has them or where they are they know about some but the some they know about truthfully is the minority even in the state of california remember that long guns shotguns and rifles. As far as i remember. I think the law changed in two thousand fourteen but prior to that anything you bought as a long gun was not registered. Now those records are required by federal ought to be kept by the dealer for twenty years. But they’re kept and housed in the dealers location. Which means if the government wants to know about the guns they have to go to each and every dealer to get those records. Well they don’t have the manpower to do that or the money to do that. That’s not in. Those records are paper in many respects. I mean they’re getting to the point where now they’re more more technologically advanced but a lot of those records for paper and after twenty years. The gun store can destroy those so if you bought a gun more than twenty years ago there is no record of it period unless you bought it in a state that registered at the time if you bought a handgun twenty years ago in the state of california. Yeah that’s probably registered but if you bought a long gun twenty years ago there’s no record of that at all so they don’t really know where those are the idea that they could just come. Knocking on doors are taking. Guns is just not realistic. It’s possible i suppose but it’s not realistic. In fact i’ll tell you what let’s look at that real quick. Who is going to actually confiscate those guns. I found a website that holds a lot of statistics called statistics. Statistics dot com s. T. a. t. i s. t. a. dot com. And they say that there are roughly six hundred ninety eight thousand sworn law enforcement officers in the united states. Now that includes all of them. That’s the fbi the da. The park police all the federal law enforcement folks. Ncis the campus police at your local college. Your local city. Police your local sheriff. Your state police. All of those are all included in those everybody from the cop. Who’s right you. A ticket to the fbi agent investigating terrorism six hundred ninety eight thousand sworn law enforcement officers in the united states and by the way there are areas wanting to defend them which means that in some cases that number is shrinking and certainly in some cases. Their budgets are shrinking. Now the nearest town to me is a town called el cajon an alcohol. And i think there’s one hundred and ten thousand people and there are one hundred and five. I think one hundred five police officers. That’s kinda typical. Okay now if we look at that six hundred gonna do a little math here. Hope you don’t mind we look at that. Six hundred ninety thousand sworn law enforcement officers in the united states. If i did my math right. That is roughly point. Two one four. That’s a little over point. Two percent not two percent point two percent of the united states population which means for every one hundred thousand. Us residents there are two hundred and fourteen cops that includes the local police state police.

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Federal police campus cops. Everybody so as i said in the little town of it’s not that little one hundred and ten thousand. I think they have local police officers. They have a hundred and five. I think are one hundred and seven or something that doesn’t include again. Federal or campus cops at the local community. College is a community college in the city of alcohol. And i think or the police have happened to be the campus cops at the high school if they have them. Or whatever doesn’t include. Those san diego unified school district. Has its own police. Department for example doesn’t include those guys the park police campus police. And those folks are not going to show up at your door taking your guns which means there’s only a subset of those which are going to be enforcing these laws. Most of those cops are busy with other duties. They don’t have the bandwidth to go door to door. Enforcing firearms restrictions. The number of cops that they’re going to have do that. It’s just a handful of cops. So what exactly does that mean. Well it would seem to mean to me that any organized enforcement is going to be on a relatively small basis because they only have so many officers to do it. But it’s going to happen mostly in major city centres because that’s where the cops are the majority of the cops that we’re talking about are in major cities. They’re not in rural areas. I mean for example. My wife and i have a roughly forty acre rural property in arizona the only law enforcement and that enormous county is a county sheriff and the county. Sheriff doesn’t have a whole lot of deputies. So who’s gonna come out traversing the twenty some odd miles from the nearest little cattle town. Where my property is to come out there and knock on my door and asked me if i have an ar fifteen first of all. I don’t think county sheriff in that county would be willing to do it anyway because he probably wouldn’t get reelected if he did so. I just don’t think that’s going to happen. And the fbi certainly is going to go out there to do at the gonna go out there to do what they’re going to focus on the major cities. We’ll talk more about this. In just a second given the fact that the police departments are being funded in some parts of the country and the riots continue. It seems and we look at. Who’s going to be president. And i don’t and either way half the country is gonna be mad. There is a chance for continued violence in major cities in particular. Now i live in san diego. I don’t see a lot of that here but if you live in la as possible or if you live in You know another big city like chicago or whatever they have violence anyway regardless and detroit. Same way if you have a gun or you purchased a gun to defend your home or defend yourself. You certainly want to have some legal coverage for that. I encourage checkout second. Call defense now. I want to say up front that we have an affiliate relationship was second call. Defensive actually used them for years. Before i got that affiliate relationship and recommended him during that time i still recommend them and i still use them. If you’d like to check them out you can look for a link in the description for second call defense and if you can’t find it there i would appreciate it if you’d go to our website at gun guide dot tv and usually second call defense menu item or if you like on the side of the website if you scroll down a little bit. There’s a banner ad for second call defense since we haven’t affiliate relationship with them if you choose to use them as your concealed carry and self defense coverage that would benefit us and so i would very much appreciate you using our link or our banner ad on the gun guide dot tv website. Checkout second call defense shooting straight and always right on target. This is a gun guy t podcast all right back to. Who’s gonna come get these things like. I said they don’t have the bandwidth or the officers to go door to door to do this stuff. Any organization force meets probably going to happen in major cities. It’s not gonna happen in rural areas or even an extra was probably the folks that live between the rural areas and the suburbs. Chances are they’re not going to go out there too much either. Honestly given the small number of officers who actually have the time energy and money to focus on this stuff more than likely they’re gonna go after low hanging fruit and they’re going to do what they do in california in california they really just look at prohibited persons. They compare the registration database with the prohibited persons list. And if they see a nexus between the two brads. Smith is a prohibited person and he also is registered as having a firearm. They go when they knock on fred smith’s door that’s what they can do with the resources that they have. They really can’t do more than that. Match in the state of california which is heavily restricted. Anything that biden does is certainly not going to what is already done in the state of california. So if you wanna look and see what happens with those confiscation efforts. Look at states like california. And you’re gonna find out that really. There’s only so much law enforcement can do. And that’s because they don’t have the manpower they don’t have the money and they just don’t have the bandwidth they have other crimes they have to go after and the federal agencies.

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Certainly don’t have the the money time or band with the run around the country and confiscate these things so if you get caught with it as a criminal or if you are prohibited person and you have it then yeah are they gonna come knock on your door probably beyond that as long as you stay under the radar with. You’re probably not going to get taken away. And frankly most people in the united states gun owners are not going to comply with those laws anyway. And that’s minister typically shown in states like california if you tell californians that magazine say previously owned reliable. They’re not gonna go in and they’re not registered to how you’re gonna find him while you’re not if you tell them that guns. They’ve had for twenty or thirty years or now illegal and they know that you don’t know that they have them they’re not gonna tell you so they’re not gonna comply or they’re going to take them out of state or are they going to do whatever they’re not going to comply so typically what we’ve seen is that law abiding gun owners do not in mash. At least they don’t comply with these laws that make them instant criminals. Some of them do but the vast majority don’t it’s important to remember too and this is the other part. I want to encourage you with regard lois. Even if biden becomes president. Remember that every unconstitutional law regulation regardless of whether it’s firearms related or not is going to be challenged by some organization or group of people in federal court. That’s very positive. Because president trump has already appointed hundreds and hundreds of constitutional conservative originalist judges to the federal court system. And he’s still doing it and mitch. Mcconnell is still approving them he’s still confirming them in the senate in fact mitch. Mcconnell has said they’re going to run through the tape. That’s a quote. They’re going to keep working doing that. And approving judges in the senate until the last possible minute just like running a fifty yard dash. They’re going to keep running all the way through the tape. They’re not going to slow down. Which means the three hundred judges or whatever that have already been appointed are not the limit. Trump is still appointing those judges and the senate is still confirming them. Which means there’s a very strong possibility that that court case is going to land a construction est conservative federal court. And even if it doesn’t if it moves up trump has already changed the face of the circuit courts the ninth circuit court which i sit under. Unfortunately in the state of california used to be called the nutty ninth or the kangaroo court or whatever and at this point it has been changed dramatically. It is now pretty much a fifty fifty court. So when you go to the ninth circuit you got a fifty fifty shot of winning if you are taking an unconstitutional law before that court were before. It was pretty much a rubber stamp for every unconstitutional. Anti-gun law that they ever wanted to bring before them. That’s not the case anymore. And even if you do lose their if the supreme court will hear it. I just looking at what the supreme court’s doing now. I’m very encouraged by the kinds of things. What they’re doing if the supreme court hears it you now have a five to four court now. Some people are calling it a six to three court. It isn’t chief justice roberts to quote sampras around that court on a pogo stick bouncing from one side to the other. He’s totally unreliable. He does whatever he does. And so you got to say that guy’s gonna vote with the liberal anti-gun as just is so now we have a five to four very strong conservative court and our chances are very good there. So anything that joe biden does if joe biden actually becomes president anything that he does whether it’s a regulation that he changed or some law that the house and senate passed that he signed. Anything that’s even remotely unconstitutional is going to be dragged before the court system and the court system may overturn those. I have a feeling that the biden presidency is going to see the same kind of resistance from our side that the trump presidency saw from the other side. The difference would be that we don’t have the swamp in washington dc on our side and we don’t have the mainstream media on our side. And i’m going to talk about those things and i’m going to encourage you about that as well but unfortunately i’m out of time for the public part of the podcast because we burn up our first half of it so that we’re going to have to do on patriot’s only if you’d like to listen to that. Please do join us on patriots. Now if you’re listening on your podcast player thank you very much for all of your support. Thank you for listening and i. I really hope you have a wonderful christmas. And please keep a good attitude stain. Courage stay in the fight. Stay informed there’s lots of different ways to do that now that you didn’t have before we’ll talk about that on patriots you’re patriots stick with me otherwise wherever you go whatever you do stay safe. You’ve been listening to the gun. Guy td podcast.

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