The Bright Side of 2020 – Episode 84

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  • The year of 2020 has been the most challenging of my life. Still, there have been some very bright moments. I’ll tell you what they are and encourage you about 2021 in this podcast.


The Bright Side of 2020 Episode 84

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Get ready for certified. Usda prime gun stuff on the gun guy tv test. Hi this is joel singer. I’m the gun guy. Thank you very much for all of your support of gun guy tv. I’m very grateful for everything you do. So please don’t stop this. Podcast is yet another installment of the gun guy. Tv firearms podcasts. And as usual it is one hour long or roughly hour long. I don’t seem to ever hit the mark. Exactly the first half an hour will be available on your favorite podcast player. It’s free and we’ll also put up some video versions on various youtube and other video platforms and then the second half hour is available on patriot. Only so if you’d like to hear the second half hour. I do urge you to join gun guide. Tv on patriae. Now another way that you can support gun guy. Tv feud you’d like without caution yourself. One read is his shop amazon using our amazon link. Yes i know. Amazon is an unfriendly company. Where the second amendment is concerned. And i get it but still i recognize it. A lot of people shop amazon anyway. I find myself doing it from time to time to so. If you’re going to shop amazon anyway you might as well pick their pocket and help out gun guy. Tv a little bit so that we can keep this thing going. The easiest way to do that is to go to our website at gun guide dot tv and look for the amazon banner on the top. It’s just a little rectangular banner you can click on it. It will take you to amazon using our amazon link. And once you get there. You’re looking at the amazon page. Go ahead and bookmark that page and every time you shop amazon. If you go back to that bookmark i than anything you buy on amazon will be as if you had purchased it through our website. And we’ll give credit for it doesn’t cost you a dime but it does help outgun guy tv because we get a little marketing fee so please shop amazon using our amazon link. Now onto the podcast okay. So i sat around yesterday. I while yesterday it was kind of a cool day. We had a great time with our bible group. Which i’ll talk about here in a minute. And then we finally got the christmas tree up and got the lights on it. We haven’t decorated it yet. We’re gonna do that today because we weren’t all together as a family last night to put up the various and sundry decorations but we did get some decorations up outside. Some lights up outside will finish those today and now finally it feels like christmas. I was telling my wife today. We’re going for a walk. I don’t feel like it’s christmas. So many of the houses are not decorated. Some are but an awful lot or not and people just didn’t seem to be in the christmas spirit but putting the tree up getting the lights up and putting some things out really made christmas. Come alive for me and i think for the rest of my family yesterday so i started thinking last night about the positive things that have happened in the year. Twenty twenty. oh sure. I could spend the entire hour talking about negative stuff but frankly you get enough that from the news and from youtube and other things anyway. So let’s talk about the things that went well. I can acknowledge the fact that we had some difficulties this year. Certainly the loss of my stepdad to a heart attack was a difficulty. Certainly some health challenges at some members of my family have faced have been difficulties and then we just found out that my wife’s favorite aunt passed away yesterday. She wasn’t her nineties and no she didn’t pass away from. Kovic is passed away from old age and so those things are challenging but at the same time some very good things have happened this year too and i thought this is the last audio podcast. I’m going to do for twenty twenty. I would try to accentuate the positive as the old song from bing crosby says. Let’s talk about that just a little bit. Shall we obviously with covid. It’s been tough to maintain friendships and relationships. Because you can’t go see each other or for the longest time you couldn’t now tests point of care anymore and a lot of people feel the same way and so we go see our friends and get it over with and they do the same but there for a long time. We couldn’t do that so while some relationships have grown a little bit more distant amazingly some others have become much closer. I’m very grateful for those one of which have to highlight. Is our bible study group. We call it a bible talk and we get together once a week now. It moves around because jim one of our members his job our tend to change about once every four months or three months or something. And so we move it around to accommodate jim and laura however that group has just stayed together and been vibrant and exciting and getting deep into the bible every week. It really has been a light throughout this very difficult time. New people that i’ve invited or other people have invited have come into the group and the group has actually grown so we just do it over zoom once we can start in person.

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We’ll start start doing that but some of us will well. We just won’t be able to because we have members of our bible group are in other countries and other parts of the country and so on so that has been a real highlight of two thousand twenty. And i don’t think it would have come together quite the way it did if it weren’t for the pandemic bill there’s an example of god’s taking all things and somehow making them good for the people who love him and he did that with our bible group. Every sunday is joy getting together with those people and from sunday to sunday. I look to the next sunday. And i’m very excited to be part of it again. Every one of us in the person or household has grown closer to each other. We were a close knit family anyway but certainly kovic has helped us grow closer not farther apart. I credit that to god. But i also credited to having a close family in the first place. My wife is of mexican and spanish descent. I’m half italian. My son is half filipino. These are all cultures that come together and have tight knit families and so our is very close. And i’m extremely grateful for that when difficulties come. It seems that rather than pull us apart. It drives us closer together and we’ve come closer together as a family as a result so that has been a great thing this year as well and then of course we’ve had to improvise with Some of our friends to grow closer to them. I think pete. Elmore who you’ve seen on gun guy tv and i have become closer friends much closer friends this last year than we were before and i’m grateful for peach friendship. I know i’ve become closer much closer. Friends with rick travis. Rpa and much. Closer friends with sam peres at gun owners california. At first we started out just people who were helping each other in a second amendment. ’cause but we’ve become good friends and i’m grateful for their friendship. I mean all three of those guys just mentioned are very faithful and very great men. I’m grateful for them. You know the it was yesterday. I think i my wife. And i found a picture. I’d like to claim that. I found it but i didn’t. She did but she found a picture from a long long time ago. I look at it. And i see myself in it and i think oh my gosh. I was young once and i was thin once not anymore. But it’s a picture of a couple of guys. I worked with alan scott. Who’s one. Alan and i are incredibly close friends. I met alan back in his channel. Ten news days. We worked together for a long time. I can’t express how grateful i am for allen’s friendship he is easily one of the most straightforward no nonsense honest and loyal people. I’ve ever had the privilege to know. And then there’s alberto i don’t know of. Alberta would want me to say his last name so i’m not gonna do it without asking him first but he actually does live that far from me. Emmys most talented photographer. I’ve ever known. And certainly one of the most energetic people i’ve ever known and one thing i love about him he’s incredibly talented. He’s a go getter and yet he’s got zero ego archie people. The generally aren’t like that. And i used to run into alberto a lot while hiking a local mountain here that he likes to hike. And so do i. But cova kind of put an end to hiking there. And i’m hoping to start again in january and perhaps i’ll run into alberto again however now think i might gimme call. Today i posted the picture by the way. If you’d like to see it on patriots on the skies are really terrific people but what that does illustrate because alan and i’ve had to connect using technology and we’ve had our bible talk connecting using technology and we basically had to change the way in which we get together as friends that has been an interesting exercise because we’ve learned a lot about not only how to maintain friendships in australia circumstances and situations but also how to maintain friendships over great distances. Were very close friends. With some people in england and we’ve drawn closer. I think as a result of covid than we were before because we’ve made the extra effort to go the extra mile and use technology to be able to stay connected with them a very dear friend of mine and his wife live in alaska and we don’t see them that often but martin. I have spoken very regularly. And we’re we stay close because we’re used technology to do it so cove it i think in some ways has caused us to follow. Leave we do as a marines do improvise adapt and overcome. And we’ve done that all year and as a result when i look back on the year i realize there’s so many difficult things that we’ve faced and i know you have to. But at the same time we’ve come through them by simply hanging onto god hanging onto one another and improvising adapting and coming and that in itself has been a very positive experience. and then we’ve been privileged to witness the kindness and generosity of other people as well an example of that which really struck me was yesterday a gentleman named scott. I won’t mention his last name. Because i don’t know if he would want me to or his wife’s name. You might not want me to.

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But i used to work with him caso n years and years and years ago. They stumbled on me on youtube and came by the house. It’s been some time ago was very nice to see them unexpectedly. They dropped off a letter about what’s been going on with them this year and a christmas card which they signed and a bunch of cookies. Which if you’re listening scott if your wife baked those are you make those. I gotta tell you those things did not last very long they were gone in a flash in fact my wife said what are we making. I guess cookies are dinner tonight as it turned out it wasn’t our son. Nick made a fabulous dinner and we sat and had dinner but we ate the cookies and wipe them out. There are still some of the The pumpkin bread and other things that they dropped with them but the incredible effort they went to to come by and drop that off just to encourage us was in was just amazing. I was very grateful for that kind of and we’ve seen examples of that kind of kindness from one person to another in this difficult time all year long. Yeah like i said we can focus on the election and we can focus on the news and we can see all the negative things and and scary things that are happening in our lives and yes. I’ve talked about those on this show. I just produced a video the other day talking about those but at the same time if we forget to look at the bright side then we think that the world is coming to an end. I’ve talked about this many times. We’ve got to take a few minutes as they say the smell the roses to look at the the gentleness kindness and grace around us to experience the grace of god if we have it. I hope that we do and at the same time. I think to see the good in people around us. If we don’t do that. Then what have. We got quite frankly. We don’t have much. So i encourage you to do that. And i’m gonna talk more about that in just a minute. It is a strange fact. Well maybe it’s not so strange. It’s an obvious fact. I think that so many guns have been sold in twenty nine hundred that it sort of boggles the mind. I think we’ve sold almost twenty million of first six months of this year and then it’s gone on since then and now people are still buying guns as fast as they can produce them and buying ammunition as fast as it can be made. I see that is very positive. Because more and more people in the united states have taken their own safety and their own security seriously and they’ve taken responsibility for themselves rather than laying that off on law enforcement and the government to take care of them to protect them. They’ve decided to take that as their own responsibility. I can’t say that that’s anything other than positive. However it does put you in a unique position once you do that and that is that if you have to god forbid you have to actually defend yourself you could find yourself some legal trouble so i do urge you to prepare for that by not only having a firearm and ammunition that also having some legal coverage company. I use his second call defense. I’ve used them for many years. And i do suggest to my students and so i’m going to suggest to you as well. I’ll put a link in the description but if you’re listening to this on a podcast player while you’re driving to work you can’t exactly find that so i would urge you then to go to our website at gun guy dot tv and look for the cw coverage tab on the top or just scroll down the website a little bit and you’ll find a banner ad for second call defense. I strongly suggest you sign up today shooting straight and always right on target. This is a gun guy. He podcast back to what we were talking about. I think the other thing that this has done for us. This year is giving us a lot of time to do stuff around the house. we otherwise wouldn’t ever have gotten done. I mean we’ve had so much stuff around our house. We’ve been wanting to clear out for so long and never seem to have the time to do it. Well twenty twenty is certainly giving us the time for crying out loud. We couldn’t go to the beach for the longest time. We couldn’t go to the mountains. You can’t go get something to eat at the restaurant. You can’t go to the movies. I mean you start running out of things that you can actually do and so at some point you stay home you start looking around thinking kalu. We got a lot of junk. Let’s purge some of this stuff so this year honestly like many people. We’ve done a lot of purging a lot of planning so. Let me just share with you. Some of the pershing we’ve done and you’ll go good grief gun guy. What did you have at your house. For example. we got rid of three now. One not two but three junk cars. Now you’d say to yourself what in the world were three junk cars doing at your house. I can tell you what they were doing. Nothing gathering rats. That’s what they call a rat rod. You know if you leave the hot rods sitting out there long enough and you don’t do anything it becomes a home for vermin and they are calling it. A rat rod. Well we had three rat rods and we got rid of all three of those we have one left and it does run. The other ones did not the but this one does ron and it runs pretty well. But we’re going to sell it and that will be the last of the mohicans when it comes to the junk cars we had around our house.

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We also got rid of a ton of what i call it. S other people’s stuff. It’s amazing when you own a home. How much stuff other people leave at your house. Hey broken i leave such and such in your garages for a couple of days. And then i’ll come pick it up. Because i don’t have a space for it and we’re moving and blah blah blah. And the next thing you know that thing has been sitting there for two and a half years that cat moved to texas or someplace you haven’t heard from him the whole time and that thing is still sitting in there. You don’t want it need it in half the time you don’t even know what it is at some point or other your gotten so tired of tripping over the darn thing that you just want to get rid of it well. We have purged an enormous amount of other people’s stuff. Another ton of stuff we just never used and so we got rid of that as well and most of it went to the dump and if it was in any kind of usable shape it went to the thrift store. We figured we’d help them out. But the purge going all year and quite frankly it isn’t over yet we’re still purging some of our own stuff but some other people’s stuff as well the one nice thing about it is this year has focused us on that and so we’ve actually gotten rid of a lot of things and matter of fact in the middle of our living room right over by where my wife’s desk is we’ve for quite some time. Something she’s affectionately called the heap. We took all this stuff that we wanted to purge and we piled it there so it was this obnoxious heap of stuff in our living room which is finally gone because we had to get through the heap in order to put up the christmas tree. So pershing has been a very good thing and then we’ve also worked on some plans in our life. This may sound like your household. Am i describing you by any chance. Maybe i am. I don’t know but we worked on some plans as well. We’ve planned some things to do at our house. We want to build a fire pit in the back yard. We’d like very much to build what my wife quaintly calls. A cabana like the copa cabana. I never liked the song very much. But i’ve been humming it lately because we want to put up a cabana. We have a really nice covered porch there. But it’s got all kinds of stuff in my workout equipment and all kinds of things want to move that to the other side of the house and build a cabana so out there will put some great furniture. We’ll put a grill out there. maybe we’ll put a smoker there for nick and he loves to smoke steaks and other stuff and i’d like to have the guys from church. Come over for fight night. And whatever i do like to watch boxing matches and stuff and like that so that’d be kind of cool and or whatever but also for other things movie night and that kind of stuff in the backyard. We’re also going to hopefully solar on it this year. That’ll help us with our electric bill. So we’ve been able to sit around and plan that stuff. And then in the process we purchased a property zona roughly forty acres and We have been sitting around planning a lot of stuff. We want to do with that when you say joel. You said you’re not moving out of california. Well we’re not there you are. Although i have friends who are predicting that we’re gonna be gone. We’re moving to arizona. We’re gonna move out on that forty acre property. So you wouldn’t want to be get out now probably not we live here. We love living in san diego. California can be a nuisance in a lot of ways. I’m seeing california. Move read and we’ll talk about that here in a couple of minutes as well. So chances are we probably won’t move out of california entirely but we do have a lot of plans for that property but for us it will be a second home of sorts a place to escape the hustle and bustle of work and city life or suburban life. Really we don’t really live in the city as much as we live in the suburbs but That’s going to be what we’re gonna do some camping there initially and eventually build things out there so that we can be out there for vacations and hunting and outdoors stuff and disturbed. Enjoy that property while we have it and then you know obviously at some point or other to belong to our kids and they can do with it as they please. If they wanna move out there and i i’m not saying we’ll never move out there. We might but that isn’t the plan at the moment but we do have some great plans for that property and among those plans are to do some things that will do that will be on gun guide. Tv for you. So we’ll talk about that here in just a minute as well. We’ve also learned a lot of stuff. I’m grateful for all the things that we’ve learned because you know when you’re stuck at home well you start learning stuff. Either that or you vegetate and vegetating just never really a bit appealing to me. So i’ll tell you a little bit about the things that we’ve learned in just a minute. I mentioned a few ways that you can support gun guy. Tv one of the ways that you can do that and get access to the exclusive content that you’ll only find their things like the second half of this podcast for example. Just fun stuff. I stick up there every day. You’ll find all that stuff on patriot. So i urge you to check out gun guide. Tv on patriotic and support us over there. While put a link in the description for you but you’ll also find it and our website at gun guy dot tv or for that matter you can just go on patriots and search for gun guy.

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Tv and join us. There is podcast. Needs your help. Send your entire wallet to the gun guy. Thirteen thirteen mockingbird lane. Translate all kinds of things during the covid times some of which is work related in some of it’s personal. I mean for example. My wife has been sort of forced into doing tele therapy which she wanted to learn anyway but the learning curve was fairly steep still. She’s gotten very good at it. And i gotta tell you that i. It seemed a little bit like a curse but now it’s become a bit of a blessing and it’s actually i think shaped some of our goals and some of her goals were their career to move maybe more of her practice online particularly as we get closer and closer to wanting to retire and do a little traveling and and spend a little time on our property out there in arizona. It’s going to be easier if we’re working primarily online well. Kobe has forced that nothing. Like having your arm tuition into doing something you were planning on doing but didn’t wanna do quite quickly. I’ve also played guitar more this year. I should say have played with it more this year. I still can’t play the darn thing. But i do play with it and that has been fun. The learning curve is fun to deal with because it’s an enjoyable activity not something. I’m being forced to do at the same time. I’ve learned an awful lot of more about wire. Cast which is a software we used to do the interviews for gun guy. Tv where cash is outstanding. It does some amazing things but it is a convoluted piece of spaghetti. And if you change one tiny little thing in one place at seems to affect everything else and why sometimes. My interview sort of blew up. There’s because it’s not wire cast. Obviously it’s the knucklehead using it and that would be me but i have learned an awful lot more about it and i’m getting better at it as time goes by. I think the other thing. I’ve enjoyed and i i haven’t been doing much about it and with it lately as i would like to but certainly pete has are going to get together today and chat a little bit. He’s been doing a lot more. And that is woodworking. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to purchase some additional tools. So i can spend more time doing that. I have some furniture. I’d like to build and some other things. I’d like to make and hopefully will be able to have more time to do that. Going forward as i do more and more online work and less physical work. Because i did retire from teaching. I’m not teaching on the range anymore except for the one class. I teach for the sheriff’s department Once a month. And that’s it and then there’s also the second amendment stuff which is actually pretty positive coming out of twenty twenty now. What twenty twenty one will bring. I don’t know that all depends on who becomes president and we still have that kind of up in the air. We talked about that on a couple of different podcasts. Here and certainly. I talked about it in the video that i produced the day. But in the meantime during two thousand twenty and during his presidency trump has changed. The federal court system dramatically. Those changes will affect the second amendment positively in court cases for decades. At least that’s my prediction. And that’s certainly the hope of second amendment advocates. All around the country. I think it will be very positive for the second amendment to wait and see but i’ll obviously be surprised if that’s not the case and the work that president trump and mitch mcconnell have done with the federal court system cannot be undone by biden and harris administration at least not very easily. You can’t un appoint judges and the idea of packing. The supreme court is a lot harder to do than people. Make it out so. I don’t think that’s likely to happen either. Although it is a possibility so that’s one of the reasons why we have to win the senate races in georgia and to continue. I think the The battle for the election but moving on the silent majority is no longer silent rallies are still happening. Trump rallies are still happening second amendment rallies are still happening. The silent majority which has been silent for so so long. And i think feeling is if they didn’t have a voice as finally decided to speak out and speak out publicly. Speak out powerfully. And you begin to see these politicians who have been factly and weak-kneed for a very long time step up and start speaking out for their constituents because they’re afraid they’re going to be unelected if they don’t well that’s a very positive turn of events if you ask me and so i think that’s something very positive that honestly donald trump is pretty much single handedly caused to do with his trump supporters and his rallies. It’s also something. I think it will carry on long after president. Trump is no longer president whether that’s in twenty twenty one or four years from now the silent majority is no longer silent. And if you’re part of that group as i am i urge you never to be silent again. Populism is taking hold around the world real people have finally had enough of globalist elites robbing us of our money jobs rights and freedom.

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And you start seeing that all around the world. Not just the united states it’s an actual movement that has gripped the entire planet. I think and if you want to know more about why and how all the details of that from the standpoint of of a scientist looking at it you can always watch. Steve turley show on youtube or other places. I suppose i don’t know. I watch it periodically. I think he does a couple of videos a day which. I don’t know if i could do that but i do. Watch it periodically. And i learned a lot. Because he’s got the academic background to explain the wise on wherefores which i don’t i just observed happening and i’m frankly very encouraged. I think you should be too. Even in california people are speaking up and things are changing. Citizens have become fed up with the oppressive government in california and gavin newsom or a gruesome nuisance or gavin nuisance. Whatever you wanna call. The guy faces a very strong and very real recall now. The truth is i think he only has a year left in his term. So it might end up symbolic more than anything else. By the time that it’s done but the fact that people are standing up and protesting at the capital of california and standing up to recall. This obnoxious governor. I think is very positive. People are sick of the lockdowns. They’re sick of the over arching overreaching government control and you’re starting to see that sheriffs mayors city councils. Police chiefs are refusing to enforce lockdowns in california. I think that’s phenomenal. It’s not something i would have predicted. But we’re seeing it now. Because their constituents their citizens are fed up. Well what i’m saying is when people get fed up they actually take action so once again. This is another example of the silent majority speaking out and another example of people who have been on the progressive side now being forced to live with the results of what they voted for and not liking it re travis talked about the est. Sam peretti talk about it and others some of these folks who have voted for these strong gun controls for years and supported them. Now wanna go out and get a gun and can’t believe they have to wait ten days or can’t believe they have to have a double background check one for munition. One forgotten can’t believe this that and the other thing why is this and can’t believe they can’t get a concealed carry permit and now they’re discovering that the fruits of their labor are that they don’t like and now they want them change and to that end. We’re starting to see in california’s sheriffs around the state issuing more and more and more concealed carry permits. Now you can say we shouldn’t have to get a permit. We should just be able to carry because it’s a constitutional right and i agree with you. One hundred percent nevertheless. I’m happy. Whenever i see things moving in the right direction and what i’m describing to you is california moving in the right direction of the fifty eight counties in the state i think fifty six are now issuing and that includes los angeles county now los angeles counties not issuing a bunch because they don’t really have the system in place to do it but the sheriff wants to issue a bunch and just that desire and from what i hear from the california rifle and pistol association. Not only the desire but the action to put the processes in place to install the software to hire the people to sign the budget and all the things they need to do to start issuing concealed carry permits residents of los angeles. County is really cool. I mean i would not have predicted that happening in the next ten years and yet it’s happening i think in large part because of covid and because of the fact that people have been forced to wake up to the fact that californians are not free. They thought they were but they’re not and now they would like to enjoy their freedom. People have every political mindset of chosen to buy guns and are now fighting for their second amendment rights rather than against them and that is again. Something that has happened. I think as a result of covid and as a result of the political stuff that we’ve seen happening in our country and in our state and as a result of the populism is hold around the world also in the united states. I’m not sure that a biden win. If it happens is really going to have the ability to squelch that. I think that’s going to continue regardless now. Certainly if it’s a trump win that drives that even farther and harder and better. But i think either way people are fed up and they’re going to make noise they’re not going to be quiet and i think that’s very positive. Then there’s the other piece to which is big tech and the plans that we have for gun guy tv. And all those things. And i’m gonna talk about those two. But unfortunately i’ve run out of time in the public part of the podcast so i’m going to get to those on patriotic. If you’d like to hear the second part of the podcast we’ll talk about the big tech staff. The mainstream media staff and the plans.

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We have who the future of gun guide tv on patriotic. If you’re on the public podcast player your favorite podcast player. Or you’re watching the video version on youtube or one of the other video distribution centers that. I hope you have a wonderful merry christmas and a great new year. If you’re unpatriotic stick with me we’ll start the next half here in just a minute in the meantime wherever you go whatever you do. You’ve been listening to the gun. Guy tv podcast.

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