America vs The Left – The Patriots Are Winning! Episode 89

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  • Gun owners and American patriots are winning the culture and rights battle for our country.  I’ll explain how in this episode of the GunGuyTV Firearms Podcast.

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America vs The Left The Patriots Are Winning! Episode 89

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Praise the lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the gun guy. Tv podcast this is joel persinger. I am the gun guy. Thank you very much for all of your support of gun guy. Tv end the gun guy tv firearms. Podcast that’s what this is. And i’m grateful for the fact that you listened to it and the fact that you support me the way you do. I urge you to continue doing that. I’m gonna talk about a few things today in this podcast as usual. This podcast is one hour long. Essentially the first half an hour is available on your favorite podcast player and it’s publicly available for free. You’ll also find video copies of it sort of on youtube and the other video players rumble bitch. Shoot the utah gun exchange guns streamer and so on and for that matter so you can also consume it there but the second half is gonna be available on patriot only for my gun guy tv crew so if you would like to join the gun guy tv crew please do that. There is a link in the description. You can easily go. If you’d like to gun guy tv crew dot com or you can go to gun guy tv crew dot tv or anything else for that matter and it will take you right to the patriots. Sign up page for the gun guy. Tv crew or you’ll find exclusive content. You can’t get anywhere else. Okay let’s get going with the podcast here. Because what i want to address is the fact that i believe. We are in the middle of a civil war without one single shot being fired and no guns being used. And i’m going to explain exactly what i mean. Here’s step by step because what we’re seeing think is a war for our country a war for our culture certainly a war for our constitution. The war for the bill of rights the for the second amendment and all of it is being fought right now right before our eyes and some of us are involved in some of us are not but no deaths are being recorded. because it’s not that kind of war and no shots are being fired because again. It’s not that kind of war. Let me give you an idea. A very famous quote from sons. Who who wrote the art of war is that the supreme art of war subdue the enemy without fighting. And we’ve been told depending on which commentators wanna listen to that. The left has been doing that to us for a long time. That the whole saul alinsky theory was to win without fighting and do so incrementally and so incrementally we’ve lauch parts of our country is founded we certain of our rights as founded. But i submit to you that we’re fighting back so let me give you some examples here and hopefully those will encourage you. That is my goal with the podcast. Right now is to be encouraging to help you. Walk away from listening to this. Podcast with a lift in your shoe feeling better about the country feeling better about the battle feeling better about life and hopefully engaging in the battle a bit more than you do right now perhaps engaging at all in case. You’re not engaged. I i suspect that you are engaged. Because you’re listening to this podcast and you wouldn’t be if you weren’t engaged but let me go through the battle here first of all. The battle is being fought on a whole lot of different levels in different ways in different places. One example is between the federal government and the states. The states in many ways are taking back their authority from the federal government and are battling it out for example we’re seeing more and more second amendment sanctuaries throughout the country fact. I’ve got a bunch of stories here in my hot little paw. This one is on amland says. Nearly half of all us counties are now second amendment sanctuaries. That story was published on. May six and i’ll put a link to it in the description if i remember to do it. But a county by county count. I mean kind of sounds funny. But a county by county basis there are nearly half of the counties in the country are now second amendment counties in addition to that many states have become second amendment station. It seems like every time. I look at the news. There’s another one legis. Here’s just some headlines for you. This is from the saint george news. Legislators tried to make utah a second amendment sanctuary. This is another story. Bill making tennessee. A second amendment sanctuary state passes their state house. This one from. I’m trying to see where this is. wish publication is one is from but those governor abbot again tout second amendment sanctuary state legislation as biden unveils action against guns. And let’s see oklahoma now second amendment sanctuary state arizona. Were we have property. My wife and i is a second amendment sanctuary state. That happened very recently and they’ll just seemed to be moving rapidly across the country. There’s this incredible movement. it’s not just happening serendipitous.

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I mean there’s a movement to turn states particularly the red state in the second amendment sanctuaries. And you might ask. What does that mean. Well what that means is that state is not going to help the federal government enforce constitutionally invalid attacks on your second amendment rights. Now there’s also the constitutional carry movement and that is sweeping across the country. But before i even mentioned that let me let you know that needles california believe it or not in the crazy wack job leftist state the blue state of california where my wife and i live needles california declared itself a second amendment sanctuary a long time ago and in san clemente california. Just a little north of san diego. The city council did they didn’t declare themselves a second amendment sanctuary instead they called it a second amendment freedoms city. I’m not sure what the differences but that happened just very recently and you can tell. Just how much is rattling the left when you look at stories like on the brady campaign website. That is entitled so called. Love the so-called so-called quote second amendment sanctuaries unquote are troubling attacks on gun safety laws across the country and this thing just goes on and pitches a two year old fifth through the entire article over the idea that states and counties and localities across the country literally half the nation have declared themselves and has declared itself a second amendment sanctuary. Well this is a battle going on between the states and certain municipalities and the federal government’s desire and in some cases like in california the state government’s desire to destroy your second amendment rights. You’re listening to the gun guy. Tv podcast look at the constitutional carry movement rematch screaming across the country. I remember when ronald reagan was president. And i think there was exactly one one may issue state was it. That was at one the rest of them. Many of them didn’t issue at all as i permits. Were concern and many of them like california issued only on a very restrictive shall issue basis. But since then may issue went away and shall issue streaked across. The country started in florida. And that really became the norm and the allies were places like california new york that had the may issue policy and now constitutional carey is ripping across the country. I’m reading an article. Here that appeared in. Hang on a second. Let me look. This one is in legal. Defense for self defense. I guess assoc- us lawshield website and it lists of following states has constitutional carry states as of the time of the printing of this particular article which was march thirty first. Twenty twenty one so it may have changed a little bit since. then here they are alaska arizona. Arkansas idaho iowa which will be effective july first twenty twenty one. Kansas kentucky maine mississippi missouri. Montana new hampshire north dakota south dakota tennessee again. Effective july one. Twenty twenty one. Utah vermont west virginia and wyoming in addition while they’re not considered casual carry in every respect six stage delaware louisiana nevada new mexico north carolina and virginia all allow permit lewis carry of handguns openly for open carry and then texas. It looks like an. I know governor. Abbott has said he will sign it. Both the my understanding is both houses of the state. Legislature have passed a constitutional carry law and now it is going to. The governor’s desk for signature. That has another one. A lot of these states were not constitutional. Carry before but it has just really taken off the ticket in light of joe biden’s desire to further and further restrict your second amendment rights so even the constitutional carry movement shows that we are winning and it is again many many people in youtubers and so on have talked about the fact that there may be a civil war while i must tell you that. It’s not brewing. It’s happening. It’s just not civil war in the way that we think of it and frankly i’m grateful for that i don’t i don’t want to see a shooting war in our country. I mean i don’t know anybody who does asian if they do. I think they might be a little cracked that’s nuts. You don’t know what you’re wishing for that said having a civil war in this fashion. I think is more effective and i think we’re going to win it. I’m encouraged by that. A dozen states. I mean this is not fires related but but it’s part of the whole deal part of the whole cultural deal. A dozen states are actually maybe a more than a dozen right now are working on banning critical race theory.

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So here’s biden sitting in the white house wanting to push this hateful ideology into all of our schools and state after state after state is now banning it at the state level within the state school system so the feds may wanna push that on your statement if your state one allowed. It isn’t going to get pushed there. And that’s the battle between the stage and the federal government forty seven states currently are working on election integrity bills. Now that’s huge because we know there’s a lot of questions about the presidential election that just occurred and probably rightfully so. So we have the audits and mira copa county arizona. Going on we’ve got audits apparently going on in georgia and those are sparking. More audits. Perhaps in other states. And then you’ve got guys like mike lindell. The my pillow guy started. his own. website is on social media thing. And he’s just he’s holding rallies and spending a lot of money and run around all over the place and putting together a very informative. And i think frankly very accurate videos and documentaries about the things that he’s uncovered. Those are just taking the country by storm. You have borders states. I mean we’re just looking at. We’re just looking at the battle between the states and the feds right now. You’ve got border stage. Declaring states of emergency on the southern border again not gun related but still. It’s an indicator of the kind of battle that’s going on right now. Arizona governor ducey declared a state of emergency awhile ago and sent the arizona national guard to the border now. There is some dispute by some of the democrat. More lefty sheriff. Shen i think one or two of them don’t really want the national guard there but the other sheriffs are certainly happy about it. Then you’ve got all county sheriff. Mark lamb who started entire website and a group called protect america. Now you find it at protect america now dot com and it should collection of sheriff’s not just on the southern border but from around the country who are eager to defend your rights and defend the border and fight for the country and these are your county sheriff’s and the nice thing about county sheriff’s there’s their elected officials. They’re not beholden to the federal government for much of anything and these folks are eager to defend the united states. So you might want to check that out. Check it out at protect america. Now dot com. Now if you’re a sheriff. I urge you to join texas governor. Abbot just declared a state of emergency in texas and has declared that texas authorities will arrest illegal immigrants when they commit crimes for among other things aggravated trespass because they are trespassing upon ranches and private property and their breaking things and stealing things and assaulting people for property damage for child endangerment. Certainly when you take a child and you throw them into the rio grande so that the child’s life is at risk and that forces border patrol and other authorities to go. Save the child so that you can run away and get away that is considered child endangerment when you drop a child off a forty foot fence or border wall down to somebody else. You’ve endangered that child. There’s also drug trafficking weapons violations weapons trafficking all these things that can and should be prosecuted through state and local laws are going to be prosecuted in the state of texas. I hope that the other border states will follow suit. We’ll have to see what happens. But even texas are working toward the effort to perhaps finish building. The border wall that president trump started and since biden has come to office. He’s stopped building. Well the texans are about to start building it back again. This is all this stuff. That’s happening in this in this rather bizarre war between the states and the federal government but like they say in the weird commercials in the middle of the night but wait. There’s more and i’m going to tell you about it in just a second. I mentioned the gun guy. Tv crew a few moments ago and i want to mention it to you again. That is where you can support gun guy. Tv if you’d like to do that and this podcast by joining the gun guy. Tv crew on patriotic. That’s where you’re going to find. Livestreams exclusive videos exclusive post. I try to make a post every day. Monday through friday some days. I miss as i did yesterday. Because i was up in orange county visiting with the california rifle and pistol association. But i try to post something every day post videos and some of things. Some of them are educational videos training videos. Some other behind the scene videos and that kind of stuff. We also have guests coming up for live streams where you can ask the guest the questions you want to ask and a whole lot of other things going to happen on gun. Guide tv crew. I urge you to join me over there and help support gun guy. Tv by becoming part of our crew. You can find it at gun guy. Tv crew dot com. You’re listening to the good night.

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Tv podcast please. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. All have touched on at this point is the war between the states and the federal government as the states back against this leftist socialist marxist assault upon our country not just second amendment but every amendment in the bill of rights our entire constitution our country is founded and yet these states are picking up this fight but there are other places where this is being fought. Frankly it’s being fought between gun owners and their government. I’m going to submit to you right now. That gun control is dead. Now they try to destroy cody wilson. He made some stupid mistakes. That’s for sure but they tried to destroy him. But that did not destroy defense distributed they are still producing a building producing selling the ghost garner three now on the third version of their cnc machine. That makes your gun for you. Have you don’t wanna do that. You don’t have the money to do that there still. The eighty percent lowers for both rifles and handguns. And yes biden has asked atf to do something about that to change those rules. But you’d have to be a civics failure in school to think that. Atf can make law. They can’t fifth biden launch. Atf to go back and change the definition of a firearm. What causes a firearm. To be a firearm. What makes a receiver receiver. He has to go back to congress and do it now will try to do it. Because they’re told by the commander in chief to do it but it’s gonna fail in court and we all know that in the meantime because he’s asked them to do that. These things are flying off the shelves so fast that the manufacturers can’t make them quick enough if you have already tried go see if you can find. Eighty percent lowers for a glock or a nineteen eleven or an. Ar see if you can find even stripped uppers or hard to get see if you can find a jig find that most of these things in most places are sold out. You’ll find some that are available. And that’s because those companies are making them at warp speed if you think about it. Here’s the thing to think about. How many millions of those has joe biden effectively soul been the best salesman for eighty perset lowers and for cnc machines like the ghost hunter three that has ever walked the earth which means even if changes the rules. There are people who are going to make their own guns. And they’re not telling anybody and there are going to be millions and millions and millions of law abiding citizens making their own eras making their own handguns and so on and the federal government. The state government is not going to know where those are gun. control is effectively dead. Look at this. I found an article was published in it. Doesn’t i printed it out now. I don’t know but this article was entitled more than twenty three million firearms sold in twenty twenty over twenty one million gun. Background checks were conducted and almost ten million new gun owners. Such twenty three million firearms almost ten million new gun owners and that was in two thousand twenty. That doesn’t count from january. To june of twenty twenty one. How many guns have been sold in that time if it was twenty. Three million during covid. You know they’ve added another ten or twelve million since then. All those guns are out there. There’s ten million or so more new gun owners and if you watch the news you find that nationally biden’s push to control guns and create more gun control is becoming ever less popular in fac to put it the other way. It’s becoming ever un popular even in blue states like california. The politicians are beginning to feel the heat just very recently the anti gutters in the california legislature tried to pass a tax on gun sales and failed. Now they’re going to bring it back and try again but one of the reasons had failed even though they have a supermajority is because some of those. Legislators are in districts where they’re concerned that if they pass a tax they might not get reelected. You know. Sam parodies is right when he talks about these folks. Number one concern is being reelected staying off. They don’t care about anything else. They care about staying in office. That’s their thing that’s all they care about so when it looks like they might not be elected they choke and they don’t vote in lockstep with the rest of the anti-gun crazies even in the legislature. California look at the sheriff of los angeles who recently announced that because the murder rate and violent crime rate in los angeles had gone up so drastically five per cent that he was going to issue more concealed.

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Carry permits to los angelinos. Now he’s also said that he’s going to have them prove that they need it through this good ’cause process rather than doing shall issue and i will tell you that she’s not good enough and you’ll agree. That’s not good enough but but what i would point out to you is that that is an enormous pendulum swing in the right direction. The chance of getting permitted all in los angeles has been nil for a very very long time. As long as i can remember. I had an employee lived up in that area lived in torrance and i tried to get him a permit at one point for business purposes and while he could get a permit easily in orange county san diego county riverside county or any of those counties for business purposes. He had no chance in la because they wouldn’t even issue it. If you could provide good ’cause now at least the needle has moved a little bit to where if you have a business case. You’re probably going to get a permit. And why the case is this because sheriff villanueva’s such a great guy. No it’s because he wants to stay sheriff and he’s worried about not being elected if he doesn’t do this because people in los angeles are tired of dealing with the violent crime and the fact. That police can’t do anything about it. So the pressure is on even in blue states like california. Believe me they’re feeling the heat. There’s another magical place. This battle is being fought. And i’m going to share that in just a moment if you’d like to support gun guy tv and do it without causing yourself. Red sent the easiest way to do. It is to shop amazon using our amazon link. Actually we have so many affiliate links. Now you can buy everything. You can buy things from amazon whether it’s toilet paper toothpaste or anything else. You by amazon. For that matter. You can buy targets from caldwell shooting. You can buy various different accessories. From smith and wesson accessories you can buy lights and lasers and laser grips from crimson trace. You can buy reloading stuff from frankford armory. All those companies share their profits with us when you buy through them and it costs you absolutely nothing. Some of them leave and give you a ten percent discount. The easiest way to find that is to go to gun guide dot tv and look at the little selection of the top discounts on gear when you click on that it’ll take it to the list of companies that support gun guide. Tv and you can shop them all if you want or any one particular one and no matter what you buy through any of those links it will cost you not one red cent but you buy those companies will pay gun guy tv a little marketing fee. It helps us. Keep the lights on so please do shop. They’re shooting straight always right on target. This is the gun guy podcast. I wasn’t kidding. When i said there are many other places where this battle is being fought. Most notably one of them is within the federal court system. President trump did a masterful job of getting more and more conservative. Constitutional construction est. I guess you would call them judges on the federal court system everywhere from the lowest of federal courts to the supreme court and everything in between no sooner had i finished recording the podcast. Then judge bananas. And san diego california issued his decision in the assault weapons ban on californian and struck it down constitutionally so i do want to include in our victories that were having yet another victorious case for the second amendment so i wanted to make sure i mentioned it here. Sampras will be on with me on sunday. And i’m already talking about Talking with chuck michelle to get him on the show to go through the case with me as well so we’ll have some future videos and just an extra day or two on the brand new case that down the california assault weapons ban. I don’t go change your rifle right away. Because that’s going to go obviously to the ninth circuit more than likely in the night circuit may make a change. We don’t know and so if you change your rifle now you’re going to have to change it back later. Additionally it appears that judge benitez put a thirty day. Stay on the decision. So the assault weapons ban is still in effect right. Now as far as i know don’t race out. Change your rifle. for example. The lower courts are deciding in favor of gun owners quite a bit. We have. I guess the gentleman we call saint bananas. Judge benitez here in san diego. County has helped us a number of times and our other judges even in this crazy state of california. And you’re gonna see more and more of those types of victories. Even the ninth circuit court of appeals out here in the west is not nearly the nutty nine at ever was before now it has swung completely into our favor but right now about a fifty fifty court.

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So we’re winning a lot. You’ll see more and more three judge. Panel’s vote on the side of the constitution and decide on the part of gun owners. Now they do go to the panel and sometimes that gets thrown out but when that happens worse ago well hopefully to the supreme court and while we have been frustrated that the supreme court has turned away a lot of cases most recently they decided to take a case out of new york that will shuttle what it means to bear. Arms in the second amendment. Now inhaler they settled what it meant to keep that. The right to keep arms is an individual right that is part of each and every american’s rights it’s not a corporate rights a militias an individual right. But they really. They touched on bear a little bit but they really didn’t decide it this time they will. I think the other thing. Hopefully they will decide is how these cases are to be approached in the lower courts. My hope is they’ll get rid of these balancing crazy. Balancing tests and scrutiny levels and instruct the courts to look at the text history and tradition of the law in if that happens. You’re going to see a british sizable flurry of lawsuits. To overturn the vast majority of the crazy gun control. We experience particularly in states like california. You’ll also notice that in many places. Taxpayers are voting with their feet. In other words. They’re packing up. They’re taking their money and out the door they’re going. they’re just going someplace else. There’s an article that appeared the time so that was interesting. The headline reach taxpayers fleeing california. Take eight point eight billion dollars in gross income to other states. That’s right that was billion with a b. that has dinged the state tax revenue significantly in california. Now is seeing more people leaving. The state then are coming in so our population california has been shrinking for a number of years now and as people leave their taking their money with them when they go and surprisingly. I have read this in a number of stories. Surprisingly the fear that people will leave california and take their liberal crazy leftist politics with them when they go and go to a red state vote. Blue is not coming to pass. These folks are leaving these crazy states moving to red states were. They’re free and voting for freedom pie. I hope that continues. I really really do well. There’s a lot more fighting going on. There’s fighting in congress or is fighting in the media. There’s fighting his social media. But unfortunately i’m out of time for the public portion of it so the rash you’ll be able to hear if you’re a member of the gun guy tv crew only on patriot if you haven’t already signed up. Follow the lake in the description or go to gun guy. Tv crew dot com to do so today in the meantime. If you’re listening on your favorite podcasts player to the public part of the podcast have a wonderful week. Thank you for all of your support and wherever you go whatever you do stay. You’ve been listening to the gun guy. Tv podcast.

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