wide angle image of Gun Guy with a Mosin Nagant 91-30


My name is Joel Persinger and I’m the Gun Guy. My son and I make gun videos of all kinds and I often post articles to go with them.  This is a fun project that he and I get to do together.  Sometimes we get a little punchy after a long day of shooting, so I hope your sense of humor is intact.

We love to do outdoor things (hunt, shoot, hike, camp, etc.), so I do a Vlog about this stuff as we go.  I am also clear about my thoughts regarding the 2nd Amendment, my liberty and my country’s leaders.  So, I post an occasional video opinion, which my son calls my Road Rants. DSCF1240 Our videos aren’t perfect and we don’t edit out every goof.  We’re not trying to win any awards.  We’re just regular folks having some fun doing what we like to do.

That said, I should probably warn you that we’re not politically correct.  We have guns and we carry guns every day.  We’re church going, Bible reading Christian American gun owners and we don’t apologize for any of it.  We love God first, we love each other and we love our country.  We don’t back down and we don’t back up.  As a result, we never learned to be politically correct.  So, if political correctness is what you’re expecting, you’re probably in the wrong place.

This blog and our Youtube channel are open places.  If you have a subject you’d like us to cover, a gun you’d like us to review or a questions you’d like answers to, drop us a comment or a message.  We’ll do our best.  If you like this blog and you want to know more about our production crew, just click the blue link.