Master and Servant: Which is Which? Episode 65

The government is instituted to serve the people. Not the other way around.
Gun owners are best served when we fight for each other and not with each other.

EP 64 Buying Ammo a Better Way

Buying Ammo a Better Way – Episode 64 has created a new and innovative way to buy ammunition. Dan Morton, the owner of AmmoSquared gives me the inside scoop on this podcast episode.

Second Amendment Sanctuaries – Episode 63

Is the second amendment sanctuary movement a good thing and if so, why?

Is Old School Firearms Training Still Good? – Episode 62

Are the old school ways of combat shooting still functional and what can we learn from them?

Why so few gun channels in Commiefornia? – Episode 61

How to start a gun related YouTube channel.
Why there are so few firearms focused YouTube channels in restrictive states.

Bad things only happen to other people… NOT! EP 60

The resent killing of a group of Mormon women and children in Mexico reminds us that bad things sometimes happen to people who least expect it.

Should I Stay or Should I go? EP 59

Should I Stay or Should I go? Exploring the arguments for staying and fighting and/or leaving for a gun friendly state.

Impeachment & Red Flag Laws – EP 58

The similarity between the current impeachment drive and red flag laws

Shooting Straight to Save the Second Amendment – EP 57

The Left is freaking out as they watch their plans to destroy the second amendment unravel.
There is a new “plain speaking” style among those in government who support the second amendment. That’s a good thing, but will they do what they say?


San Francisco declared NRA a terrorist organization. It is? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!