Dave Weiner of Secure-Measures LLC talks with the GunGuy about disaster preparedness – EPISODE 49

Guns and ammo are not enough! Food, water, medical supplies, communications and most of all, a solid plan are all extremely important. Dave Weiner, retired Chief of Police and founder of Secure-Measures, LLC talks with GunGuyTV’s Joel Persinger about what it takes to truly be prepared.

Should Training Be Required for Firearms Ownership? – Episode 48

Should Americans be required to complete government specified training before they can own or carry a gun?

The Gun Rights Genie is Out of the Bottle – Episode 47

…with some recent court victories, like the victory over the California magazine ban, the gun rights genie has been let out of the bottle and there is no way that anti-gunners can force him back in.

Valinda Rowe of IllinoisCarry.com talks Gun Control in the Land of Lincoln – Episode 46

Valinda Rowe of IllinoisCarry.com talks with the GunGuyTV about the second amendment battle gun owners are fighting in Illinois.

GunGuyTV Talks With Frank Johnson From The Liberty First Foundation – Episode 45

All politics are local. Frank Johnson explains how the Liberty First Foundation is taking the fight for the Second Amendment to a local area near you.


Topics in this episode: California Sheriffs in 48 Counties Band Together. More CCW permits issued in California. New Second Amendment

Red flag laws & fighting the good fight – Episode 41

Topics in this episode: Red flag laws are false flags. And: Does it help to bash the NRA?