Trump’s Gun Rights, NRA’s Victory, And More…

Chuck Michel from CRPA joined me to talk about the NRA’s victory in court, the expected decisions from SCOTUS in United States v. Rahimi, the SCOTUS bump stock case, and what happens to Trumps gun rights following his conviction on bogus felony charges.

Have you tried this?

Shooting is a martial art like any other martial art. It must be practiced in order to be performed well. If you don’t practice it, you can’t do it. Your mind might tell that you can, but it’s lying to you. Here is a way for you to practice the fighting art of shooting in your own back yard.

SCOTUS Turned Down “Assault Weapon Case” – Don’t Worry. It’s OK.

While this looks like a loss, it’s really nothing more than the court being selective in the cases that it accepts. There are several “assault weapon” cases working their way through the federal court system. SCOTUS will definitely take one of them.

When Danger Threatens And Police Are Absent

The changes that have unfolded in California’s legal landscape, coupled with the real results of police defunding, the refusal by some District Attorneys to prosecute crimes, growing homelessness, rampant public drug abuse, and the exponential increase in the illegal immigrant population have prompted a critical examination of personal safety among citizens in the state.

Everything with California CCWs Changes on January 1st

California’s Senate Bill 2 (SB2) has thrown a giant monkey wrench into the concealed carry permitting process in the state. Sheriffs and police chiefs who issue the permits are scrambling to comply with the complex and convoluted requirements of the law. This video explains how the San Diego sheriff is dealing with it.