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I have always been in favor of joining and supporting smaller regional groups.  Still, membership in the worlds largest and most powerful firearms rights group is imperative, if we are to protect and expand our 2nd Amendment freedoms.  No matter what local or regional 2nd Amendment group you support, be sure to lend your support to the National Rifle Association as well.

Among other things, the NRA is the largest and most powerful 2nd Amendment group in the Nation.  It is the only 2nd Amendment group fighting for freedom in all 50 states all at the same time.  In the short bullet point list that follows, you’ll find that NRA:

  • has a fully funded and full-time lobbying group called the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (
  • has affiliate groups in all 50 states, like the California Rifle and Pistol Association.
  • sponsors and funds 2nd Amendment legal battles nation wide.
  • takes the fight to the United Nations as an internationally recognized “Non-Government Organization.”
  • established its own news organization (
  • publishes industry leading firearms magazines (NRApublications)
  • has a national radio show (Cam & Company) on iHeartRadio.

I am grateful to be a member of the NRA.  I think you should be a member to.

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