ATF Is Ready To Ban 80% Lowers, Braces, & AR/AK Pistols – Episode 94

Dan O’Kelly (ATF Ret) joined me to bring us up to date on Biden’s effort to weaponize ATF against gun owners by banning 80% lowers, AR pistols, AK pistols, and pistol braces.

The Law of Self Defense – An Attorney Tells The Truth Episode 93

Attorney Sean Maloney joins me to explain the laws of self defense so that Americans know what to do if they ever have to use a firearm, knife, or other weapon to defend themselves against a criminal.

Gun-Control’s Popularity Crumbles as Liberals Embrace Their Gun Rights

Not only do the national polls and gun purchase statistics show that formerly anti-gun liberals have changed their views on gun-control, but my experience with CCW students and our dinner last night point clearly to the fact that gun-control’s popularity is fading fast.