Defending the Second Amendment as An American Tradition – Episode 90

Topics in this episode:The Second Amendment is an American tradition and a family tradition. I’ll give you examples of how that applies in my family in this podcast.

A Rainy Day Shooting Steel Is Better Than Any Other Day!

Any day on the range shooting or out in the field hunting is better than any other day, as far as I’m concerned. This day the rain was falling, the bullets were flying, and the steel was sounding the gong! We had steel rifle targets from Caldwell Shooting Accessories to test, and we did!

2A Logjam At The 9th Circuit! What’s Up? – Interview With Chuck Michel

Chuck Michel of the California Rifle Association, Michel & Associates, and the Second Amendment Law Center joined me to clear up the mysteries surrounding the Miller vs Bonta assault weapons ban case and the apparent logjam at the 9th Circuit court of appeals. You don’t want to miss this interview!

America vs The Left – The Patriots Are Winning! Episode 89

Gun owners and American patriots are winning the culture and rights battle for our country. I’ll explain how in this episode of the GunGuyTV Firearms Podcast.