Why so few gun channels in Commiefornia? – Episode 61

How to start a gun related YouTube channel.
Why there are so few firearms focused YouTube channels in restrictive states.

Bad things only happen to other people… NOT! EP 60

The resent killing of a group of Mormon women and children in Mexico reminds us that bad things sometimes happen to people who least expect it.

Should I Stay or Should I go? EP 59

Should I Stay or Should I go? Exploring the arguments for staying and fighting and/or leaving for a gun friendly state.

Impeachment & Red Flag Laws – EP 58

The similarity between the current impeachment drive and red flag laws

Shooting Straight to Save the Second Amendment – EP 57

The Left is freaking out as they watch their plans to destroy the second amendment unravel.
There is a new “plain speaking” style among those in government who support the second amendment. That’s a good thing, but will they do what they say?


San Francisco declared NRA a terrorist organization. It is? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!