Paying Sponsors

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring GunGuyTV. Here’s some information that you’ll need.

What Does GunGuyTV Consist Of:

There are multiple platforms associated with GunGuyTV. Here they are:

Videos appearing on the following platforms:

Audio Podcasts syndicated twice per month on the following players (plus many, many more):

This Blog:

The website is growing fast! It is a great place to promote your product or service.

Other Social Media:

Big tech giants have not been friendly to firearms related content creators. As a result, we have added some alternative platforms you might wish to know about, in addition to our Facebook presence.

Types of Sponsorships:

To date, there are two types of sponsors I have received.

  • Companies that pay to sponsor a dedicated video, podcast, or article.
  • Affiliate sponsors.

I’ll cover these individually.

Paying to Sponsor a Dedicated Video, Podcast, or Article:


This sponsorship includes a 15 second product promotional message at both the beginning and end of a video. The message includes a call to action (buy, join, etc.) and a link to your product/service page in the video’s description.


Note: Podcast episodes appear on YouTube and all other video platforms in addition to the syndicated podcast players (iHeart, Spodify, etc.).

  • Ad placement:
    • 30 second product promotional message within a half hour syndicated podcast episode.
    • Includes a call to action (buy, join, etc.)
    • Includes a link to your product/service page in the podcast’s description.
  • Interview:
    • A dedicated podcast interview with a representative of your company to discuss the products / services you provide.
    • Includes a call to action (buy, join, etc.)
    • Includes a link to your product/service page in the podcast’s description.


A dedicated article about your product or service published on the GunGuyTV blog. The article includes a link to your product or service.

Contact me for rates and availabilities.

Affiliate Relationship:

Affiliate relationships are the most common offers I receive. If that is what you wish to propose, I am happy to consider it. However, you should keep the following in mind. Number one, I only do these deals with quality companies that produce outstanding products or services. I’ve tried dozens of affiliate deals. Here are the results I can report thus far:

  • 2 produce consistent income for GunGuyTV
  • 3 produce small amounts of income on rare occasions
  • 2 produced a small amount of income once and then stopped.
  • The rest never produced anything.

In short, other than the two that have been a success, I have found affiliate deals to be largely a waste of time. That having been made clear, if your affiliate deal is with a major brand in the shooting, hunting, outdoor industry, I will be happy to discuss it with you. Just please understand that I’m rather selective about these as a result of the track record above. You can contact me directly to discuss it if you wish.

Thanks Again.

My media kit has platform metrics and prices. If you would like to review it, please contact me for a password. Thanks again for your consideration.


Joel Persinger – The GunGuy