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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring GunGuyTV / Practical Defense Systems. Here’s some information that you’ll need.

What Does GunGuyTV Consist Of:

GunGuyTV has three platforms focused on shooting and second amendment advocacy:

  • A video channel
  • A syndicated audio podcast
  • A blog.

Videos appearing on the following platforms:

Audio Podcast episodes are syndicated twice per month on the following players (plus many more):

This Blog:

The website is growing fast! It is a great place to promote your product or service.

Other Social Media:

Big tech giants have not been friendly to firearms related content creators. As a result, we have added some alternative platforms you might wish to know about, in addition to our Facebook presence.

What Does Practical Defense Systems Consist Of:

Practical Defense Systems is a California security officer training center with over 22,000 active students throughout the state and spread across the country. In addition to training security officers, we provide California concealed carry licensing courses for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. As part of our student outreach, we produce videos for public consumption on our video channel.

Security Officer Training Center:

Years in business: 14

Number of active students: Over 22K

Website: PDSclasses

  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors: 8,900
  • Average Monthly Page Views: 16,700

Videos appearing on the following platforms:



Types of Sponsorships:

To date, there are three types of sponsors I have received.

  • Monthly sponsors: Companies that pay monthly to sponsor GunGuyTV. (These sponsors have ads, product placements, interviews, etc. on GunGuyTV every month.)
  • One time sponsors: Companies that pay once to sponsor a dedicated video, podcast, or article. (These sponsors return periodically to promote a specific marketing campaign)
  • Affiliate Relationship: Companies that wish to “partner” with us to market their product or service, but only pay if they make sales. I do NOT accept these kinds of deals.

I’ll cover these individually.

Monthly Sponsor:

This sponsorship includes everything listed below under “One Time Sponsor.” The difference is that a Monthly Sponsor has agreed to pay a fee to sponsor GunGuyTV for a minimum of six months.

One Time Sponsor:


This sponsorship includes a 15 second product promotional message at either the beginning or end of a video. The message includes a call to action (buy, join, etc.) and a link to your product/service page in the video’s description.


Note: Podcast episodes are syndicated on most podcast players including: iHeart, Spodify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Rumble, etc.

  • Ad placement:
    • 30 second product promotional message within a half hour syndicated podcast episode.
    • Includes a call to action (buy, join, etc.)
    • Includes a link to your product/service page in the podcast’s description.
  • Interview:
    • A dedicated podcast interview with a representative of your company to discuss the products / services you provide.
    • Includes a call to action (buy, join, etc.)
    • Includes a link to your product/service page in the podcast’s description.


  • A dedicated article about your product or service published on the GunGuyTV blog and/or the Practical Defense Systems website. The article includes a link to your product or service.
  • Website Ad Placement: You’re graphic ad placed on both the and Practical Defense Systems websites.

Contact me for rates and availabilities.

Affiliate Relationship:

Affiliate relationships are the most common offers I receive. I have found affiliate relationships to be a complete waste of time. Consequently, I do not accept affiliate relationship deals.

More Information:

My media kit has platform metrics and prices. If you would like to review it, please contact me for a password. Thanks again for your consideration.


Joel Persinger

The GunGuy