Product Review Policy

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Review Policy

First, let me say that I am very grateful that you are considering sending a product for me to review.  I’ve always thought that product reviews should be constructive.  So, if you are kind enough to send me a product to review, I’ll follow these simple guidelines.

I Always…

  1. I always review a product for what it is.  I do not expect it to be what it is not.  For example: I will not slam an inexpensive gun because it does not have the features or style of an expensive gun.
  2. I always review a product from at least these two points of view:
    • Do I like it and would I use it?
    • Regardless of whether I like it, would the product get the job done for the folks it is intend to serve?
  3. I always give constructive feedback.  If I think something about a product isn’t as good as it could be, I’ll say so.  Then I will give some constructive suggestions that I think might make the product better.
  4. I always tell the truth and shoot straight.  I don’t lie, cheat or do favors.  If you send me a product to review, I will give you an honest review and I will provide honest, respectful and constructive feedback.
  5. I always endeavor to produce videos that are interesting and engaging.  Unfortunately, not every product qualifies as interesting or engaging to a video audience.  If, after receiving your product, I don’t feel that I can produce a sufficiently interesting video about it, I will not review it.
  6. I always post video reviews on YouTube and Vidme, as well as a written review on GunGuy.TV at a later date.

I Never…

  1. I never use profanity on my YouTube channel or on this website and I will never use it in a review of a product.
  2. I never make insulting comments about a product or a manufacturer.
  3. I never post harsh, completely negative or derogatory reviews.  As stated above, if I think a product could be better, I’ll say so and I will explain how and why.  If I can’t say something constructive about a product, I won’t post anything at all.
  4. I never review internal gun parts. If your product is an internal gun part that requires gunsmith level skill or the disassembly and reassembly of a firearm’s action or moving parts, I will not review it.  The only exceptions are simple things like grips, stocks, muzzle brakes and other simple parts that can be easily installed by an average person.
  5. I never charge a fee to review a product.  A review is quite different from a paid promotional video.  If you want me to produce a paid promotional video for your product to run on my channel, I will be happy to do so with the following provisions:
    1. Paid promotional videos obviously require the payment of a fee.
    2. All promotional videos are labeled as such.  My viewers trust my product reviews because they know that I don’t receive a fee for doing them.  In order to maintain that level of trust, I label paid promotional videos accordingly.
  6. I never review incomplete or non-functional products.  If your product arrives without instructions for it’s use or if the product does not function properly out of the box for any reason, I will not review it. Please keep in mind that I cannot act as your free product development department.  If I cannot make your product work as advertised, it is your responsibility to figure out why.  If you want me to provide pictures and detailed explanations regarding why a product did not function, I will be happy to do so for a fee.
  7. I never pay to return products.  If you want your product returned, you must send me a pre-paid return shipping label within 120 days of my having received the product.  If I do not receive a pre-paid shipping label within that time period, the product will not be returned to you.
  8. I never bow to pressure regarding reviews.  I schedule reviews based upon the following considerations:
    1. Content flow and variation:  For example:  I will not review similar products one right after another.  Likewise, I do not produce a constant stream of product reviews.  My channel is not the “all reviews all the time” channel.  I must produce other content as well.
    2. Financial considerations:  Some reviews require a financial investment on my part to hire additional crew.  Such reviews may be postponed until both the finances and manpower are available.
    3. Available time:  Producing quality videos and writing quality articles takes time.  As a result, production happens as quickly as possible given the available amount of time.  No amount of pestering can change that.  So please resist the temptation to pester.
    4. Order received:  To the greatest degree possible, while taking the items listed above into consideration, I try to complete reviews in the order that products are received.  When I have a backlog of products to review, which is often, it may take a while for me to get to yours.  Please be patient.

If you would like me to review something, please send me a note and then send your product to one of two places:

If it’s a gun:

If it’s a firearm, please send it to San Diego Gun Broker directly, as they are a FFL and can receive firearms.  Once I’ve completed the review, San Diego Gun Broker will ship the gun back to you.  Please do NOT send fully automatic firearms, as neither San Diego Gun Broker nor GunGuyTV are licensed to possess them.

To ship guns, please do the following:

  • Contact us directly for shipping instructions and a copy of the FFL.
  • Include a pre-paid return shipping label, if you want the gun back. I cannot return it to you without a pre-paid shipping label.
  • Include a brief description of the gun’s intended customer base.
  • Provide any web links that you want included in the review.

If it’s NOT a gun:

To ship products other than firearms, send them directly to us.  Please use the contact form on this website to request the shipping address.

Include the following:

  • Pre-paid return shipping label if you want the product back.  I cannot return it to you without a pre-paid shipping label.
  • Instructions for use.
  • Brief description of the product’s intended customers.
  • Provide any web links that you want included in the review.