ATF Supervisor Resigns In Protest

If our leaders are unwilling to educate politicians as to why their policies are flawed or that it is impossible to rationalize with irrational people (i.e., de-escalation) or that their naivety makes them sound completely ignorant, how will they ever know? Or…. they do know, they don’t care, and our job no longer matters.

There’s GREAT News! And The Best Defensive Rifle – Episode 100

Topics in this podcast:

– Part 1 Of my interview with Cam Edwards from
– Which fighting rifle is the best for civilian ownership in the United States?

Some Gun Owners Do Nothing As Biden Destroys 2A Rights – Episode 92

Many gun owners are sitting on the sidelines expecting others to fight the battle for them as Joe Biden and the Left seek to destroy the Second Amendment and the rights of law abiding Americans.  It’s time for gun owners to wake up!