American Society is a wreck and gun owners are among the victims

Our society is a wreck. Violence, loud mouthed behavior, foul mouthed insults, destructive riots and every depravity known to man all have become accepted as normal human behavior. Hard work, honest living, self-reliance, responsibility, self-defense and most other things that were once acceptable are now treated like rubbish. Criminals are lifted up for their criminal acts, politicians commit major felonies and walk free and yet, honest citizens who defend themselves are prosecuted and vilified. I expressed my frustration with this in a recent video podcast. Here’s a short sample. The entire podcast is available on Patreon.

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Host: Joel Persinger – The GunGuy
– Co-Founder & CEO of Practical Defense Systems
– NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
Video & Audio Production: Nick Persinger – The Camera Guy
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