Americans will not sit by quietly and watch their country be stolen from them.

The evidence of fraud, corruption, and foreign interference in the presidential election piles higher every day. Yet the left continues to act as if nothing has happened and expects that freedom loving Americans are going to do nothing. I wouldn’t count on that.

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Host: Joel Persinger – The GunGuy
– Co-Founder & CEO of Practical Defense Systems
– NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
Video & Audio Production: Nick Persinger – The Camera Guy
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  1. Hi Joel, love the sentiment. I completely agree the election was stolen and I hope you are correct that the American people will stand and fight against tyranny, but I have doubts. Specifically California your home state. How long have the Democrats stolen rights and elections there? Yet no Californians are watering the Tree of Liberty with those Democrat leaders. Why not?

    I think this will come to bloodshed in the end, I just hope there are enough patriots left to matter.
    Keep spreading the message.

  2. Hi Scooter:
    Here are some things you can do about it.
    1. We need at least one U.S. Senator and one U.S. Congressmember to object to the electoral votes in congress. Contact your senators and congressmember and tell them you want them to object to the electoral college votes from the contested states.
    2. Use your voice on social media and within your own circle of friends. Ask others to do what I explained in number 1. Encourage others to stay informed through news sites like OANN, NTD News, Epoch Times, etc.
    3. Attend and donate. Attend a Trump or Stop The Steal event. Donate to help republicans hold the senate by winning the runoff in Georgia.
    I hope this helps.

  3. I notice nobody has any suggestions regarding the action we can take to right these wrongs. Lots of people shouting about how “this isn’t right”, but I don’t know what to do about it.
    Will you be attending Patriot Day in DC on January 6th?

  4. Excellent! Like you, I hope it won’t come to an armed response. Hope for the best – prepare for the worst.

  5. Well said, Joel… we will not allow the statist liars and corruptocrats to steal the country. Hope it can be done peacefully , but I took the oath you mentioned when I joined the army years ago and consider it still in force.

  6. Great video Joel?? I appreciate your calm thoughtful insight. I believe the Insurrection Act can be used without implementing Martial Law or suspension of the constitution. Im not even sure where the concept of Martial Law or suspension of constitutional Rights originated, but I do not believe either are written in the Constitution itself. It is not in the Insurrection Act either. Extreme? Absolutely. But these are unprecedented times. This is Trumps Washington/Lincoln moment. The act also gives the president the the power to “use any other means” not just deploy the military or militia.

    Powers of the PRESIDENT ONLY, under the Insurrection Act…..

    USC Title 10 Sections 332 and 333 (1)(2) were made for this election coup. “WHENEVER the PRESIDENT considers”…..”SHALL take such measures as HE considers necessary” No corrupt Supreme Court or Congress needed.
    Pay special attention to Section 333 (1) and the clause at the bottom of Section 333

    10 USC 331 –
    Whenever there is an insurrection in any State against its government, the President may, upon the request of its legislature or of its governor if the legislature cannot be convened, call into Federal service such of the militia of the other States, in the number requested by that State, and use such of the armed forces, as he considers necessary to suppress the insurrection.

    10 USC 332 –
    Whenever the President considers that unlawful obstructions, combinations, or assemblages, or rebellion against the authority of the United States, make it impracticable to enforce the laws of the United States in any State by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, he may call into Federal service such of the militia of any State, and use such of the armed forces, as he considers necessary to enforce those laws or to suppress the rebellion.

    10 USC 333 –
    The President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy, if it–

    (1)  so hinders the execution of the laws of that State, and of the United States within the State, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law, and the constituted authorities of that State are unable, fail, or refuse to protect that right, privilege, or immunity, or to give that protection;  or

    (2)  opposes or obstructs the execution of the laws of the United States or impedes the course of justice under those laws.

    In any situation covered by clause (1), the State shall be considered to have denied the equal protection of the laws secured by the Constitution.

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