The Latest in my battle with YouTube!!!

YouTube has been going after a video I did on the protest shooting in Albuquerque New Mexico. First they demonetized it. Then they flagged it as offensive and inappropriate. Then they placed an age restriction on it. Then they deleted it. I appealed each time. Finally, they agreed that it does not violate their guidelines and restored it. However, they have left the age restrictions and the “offensive and inappropriate” flag on the video. Essentially, YouTube has been trying to censor this video since the day I posted it.

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  1. Hi Joel,
    great content as always. Some thought on why YouTube took the actions it did, unjustified to be sure, but I believe somewhere close to the 20 minute mark of the original video, you make a very reasonable comment about Antifa and BLM may find themselves facing similar action if they continue their recent activity. That position, I’m sure, rankles their narrative of pushing the racial divide, in which they’re heavily vested… Just a thought that I don’t believe I’ve seen mentioned. Best wishes to you and yours.

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